Surah 39
The Crowds

1. The descent of The Book from God, The Glorious The Sovereign.

2. We have descended The Book to you [the messenger] by The Law, do abide in God, in faithful Religion.

3. Hail, to God the Religion faithful; those who have taken sponsors below Him, [they say:] “we only abide in them may they approach us to God close”, God judges between them in their disputes, God guides not those who are dishonest and darkened.

4. Had God wanted to take children, He would have selected of what He created whatever He will, transcends He, He is God, The One The Dominant.

5. Created He the heavens and the earth by The Law, rounds He the night over the day, rounds He the day over the night, consecrated He The Sun and The Moon, all travel to an allotted term, hail, He The Glorious All Over.

6. He created you from one Self and made her pair from her, descended to you of The Bounties Eight of pairs, creates you in your mothers’ wombs, creation after creation, in three darknesses [the darkness of the physical body, the darkness of ignorance, the darkness of the Sunset of the Existential Sun], that indeed is your Lord, to Him The Kingdom, there is no god but He, so to where turn you?

7. Should you darken, God is needless of you, He ordains not darkness to His abiders; and should you appreciate [His Creation], He ordains it to you; and no self is burdened by the burdens of another, then to your Lord is your return, He advises you of what you were doing, He is The Knower of the self in the chest.

8. When man is touched by adversity, he invokes God in repentance, then when He entrusts providence to him, he forgets what he invoked before, and makes equals of God to divert from His path; say: “rejoice little in your darkness; you are a dweller of hell.”

9. Is he who contemplates through the extremities of the night, prostrate and up-standing, aware of the other life, earnest to his Lord’s Compassion… say: “are they equal, those who have knowledge and those who have none?” Verily, those who have a heart do remember.

10. Say: “O my abiders who believe, refuge in your Lord, Good is for those who have done good in the lower life, God’s Earth is expansive, and the forbearing ones will be redeemed unencumbered.”

11. Say: “I am commanded to abide in God in faithful Religion;

12. “And I am commanded to be the first Muslim.”

13. Say: “I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the suffering of a great Day.”

14. Say: “it is in God that I abide, in faithful Religion;

15. “Abide in whatever you will below Him.” Say: “the losers are those who lose their selves and their Parents the Day of the Uprise”, verily this is the distancing loss.

16. Above them are the shadows of hell, and below them are shadows, God frightens His abiders of this, “O My abiders, abide in Me.”

17. Those who evaded the Tyrannum, [of fear] that they might abide in it, they resolve to God, to them is the glad tidings, pass the glad tidings on to My abiders.

18. Those who listen to the uttering to follow its radiance, those are the ones which God has guided, those are the ones who have a kernel.

19. So, he upon whom the judgement of suffering is due… do you rescue those who are in hell?

20. But those who took refuge in their Lord, they have chambers, above it [hell] are chambers constructed, the days stream underneath it, God’s Promise, God breaks not a promise.

[When humanity finds out how the two worlds are constructed and separated by opposite gravities: between them is a tract so they overstep not: humanity will be stunned. No science, no religion, no fairy tale could tell.

The Chamber in The Good World, not subject to the cycle of the day and the night, hence birth, aging and death, it is in the Capable Hands of The Law, where only Peace and Joy are experienced.

Even the chambers in it and the tilings of the allies and the furniture are of matter, perhaps nanotechnology can create something similar in the future, that perish not: constructed millions of years ago in human reckoning,

Those who are blessed are remitted there, they wake up, they say: “this is my chamber, this is my dress, this is my village, these are my brothers and sisters, these are my fathers and mothers, these are our gardens, this is what we ate before”, and the iterations add joy to the joy, for no iteration is like its predecessor, the miracle of the Creation, and The Lord is Capable of all things,

The only guidance they need is to transcend higher of the Joy of Existence.

The people of the Book have described what they covet in the low world of a holiday resort of sensual pleasures, unaware of The Law Who creates all the pleasures, low and high.

Hence they return to what they covet, to suffer more: a dear price indeed for a few moments of fake pleasure.]

21. Have you not seen that God dropped water from the sky, then He streamed it in springs in the earth, then He produced by it vegetation various in colour, then it heaved and you saw it turning yellow, then He rendered it ruin, verily in this is memory to those who have a kernel.

22. So he, whose heart is made receptive of Islam by God, and who is in his Lord’s Light… woe to those whose hearts are hardened to the memory of God, those are in distancing bewilderment.

23. God has descended the most radiant Discourse, a Book in ambivalent fold (similar twos) [alluding to the two layers of its wording]; goose-skin have those who are awed by their Lord of it, then their skins soften, as do their hearts to the memory of God; this is God’s Guidance, He guides by it whomever He will, and he whom God has bewildered has no guide.

24. So he who takes refuge in His Countenance from the worst of suffering the Day of the Uprise… and it is said to the darkened ones: “experience what you have earned.”

25. They have flawed those who were before them, the suffering came to them from where they could not detect.

26. God made them experience humiliation in the low lives, and the suffering of the other one is greater, if only they know.

27. We have drawn every model to mankind in this Lectrum (Qur’an), may they remember.

28. A Lectrum Articulate (a Qur’an Arabic), of no crookedness, may they take refuge.

29. God has drawn a model: a man has partners in disaccord, and a man Salman (in peace) to man, do they equal as a model? The Gratitude is to God, but most of them know not.

30. You [the messenger] are dead [of physical ego] and they are dead [of spirit].

31. Then the Day of the Uprise, in your Lord, you [the people] will dispute.

32. Who is darker than he who falsified to God, and falsified the truth when it came to him, is not the inferno the dwelling of the darkened ones?

33. And He Who came by the Truth, and believed in Him, those are them who took refuge.

34. They have what they will in their Lord, this is the reward of the radiant ones.

35. So God will cast away the worst of their deeds, and reward them of their reward, better than they did.

[Every deed is mingled with error, and flaw is the nature of the low world, says the Ghita;

And any action, however righteous it may look to some, sinful to others it may seem.

And man, in a physical body of flesh and bone, errs by every breath he breathes,

Until he ceases to act of the low world that He acts in Him, this is their secret reward.]

36. Is God not Sufficient Provider to His abiders? And they warn you of those below him! He whom God bewildered has no guide.

37. And he whom God has guided bewilders not, is God not Glorious Retributive?

38. If you asked them: “who created the heavens and the earth?” they say: “God”, say: “see you not? If God wanted adversity upon me, are they [the people they follow] deflectors of His adversity? Or if He bestowed His Compassion onto me, are they holders back of His Compassion?” say: “God is my Provider; on Him do rely those who rely.”

39. Say: “O people, do whatever you may to affirm yourselves, and I am Doer, and you shall know.”

[The open-endedness highlights the content of the readers’ hearts; those can see the Doer as a policeman or The Law.]

40. To whom the humiliating suffering comes, and everlasting suffering takes whom over?

41. We descended the Book to mankind by The Law, he who has been guided, it is for his self, and he who has been bewildered, his bewilderment is on her [his self], and you [the messenger] are not in charge of them.

42. God redeems the self at her death [of physicality], and that which has not died [of spirit] during her sleep [in the illusion]; so He captures the one destroyed by death [of physicality], and sends the other one to an allotted term, in this is a paragon to those who reflect.

[And the word yatawaffaa (to redeem) has not been understood by those who do not understand their life, death and mortality; so they use it to point to the death of the physical body, believing it is the end of their stay in the low world,

The allusions to death and life and resurrection, in the Qur’an and the Bible, have by far been confused and misunderstood;

And although they all would like to think otherwise, all the people of the Book still have a primitive conception of life, death and mortality; they all believe that the spirit resides in the grave, or in some mysterious place, until the day when those remains are resurrected: despite logical and scientific affirmation to the absurdity of such belief, and despite the incoherence and vagueness of their reading of God’s Books.

This Grand Book was descended: humanity has proven to be inept for it, so it has been covered by fallacies,

Until al-Hallaj read correctly, and he was persecuted;

Then the Lofty Muss-haf of The Solitary That was descended,

Many rejected The Lord’s Call to the truth, so that too has been covered and made aloof to those who are not fit;

And as we open the Grand Qur’an, we wonder: is humanity now ready? For if not, the Qur’an and the Muss-haff can be lifted and made an oblivion, as quickly as they were descended, to God this is all too facile.]

43. Or have they intercessors below God? Say: “even if they possess nothing and discern none?”

44. Say: “to God is the suffix [in duality] entirely, to Him the Kingdom of the Heavens and the earth, then to Him you are returned.”

45. When God is remembered, The One, the hearts of those who disbelieve in the afterlife are disturbed; and when those below him are mentioned, they rejoice.

46. Say: “Allahum, Illustrator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the Unseen and the Witness, Thou dost judge between Thy abiders in what they dispute.”

47. And if those who darkened had all that is in the earth - and like it is His - they could not ransom themselves from the bad suffering the Day of the Uprise, and from God appears to them what they never anticipated.

48. And appears to them: the evil that they have earned, and surrounds them what they derided.

49. So when adversity touches man he invokes Us; then when We entrust to him providence from Us, he says: “what I have received is my skill”, but it is just a lure, but most of them know not.

50. It was said by those before them, what they had earned made them not needless.

51. The evil of what they had earned returned to them, and the wrong-doers of these will have the evils of their earnings returned to them, they are not unconquerable.

52.  Know they not that God furnishes the provisions to whomever He will, and he judges, in this is a paragon to the people who believe.

53. Say: “O My abiders who have been extravagant to their selves, despair not of God’s Compassion, God forgives all sins, He is Forgiving Compassionate,

54. “Turn to your Lord and surrender to Him before the suffering becomes to you, then you will not be victors,

55.  “Follow the radiance of what was descended to you from your Lord, before the suffering becomes to you unexpectedly, while you are oblivious,

56. “Lest the self says: ‘alas to what I have transgressed in God’s Hands, and I was derisory’,

57. “Or that she says: ‘had God guided me I would have taken refuge’,

58. “Or that she says when she sees the suffering: ‘if only I have another turn, so I be a radiant one’,

59. “Contrarily, My verses have reached you, you falsified it and were prideful and became a darkened one.”

60. And the Day of the Uprise you will see the faces of those who falsified to God: blacken, is not the inferno the dwelling of the arrogant ones?

61. And those who took refuge, God salvage them in their ascendency, no evil comes near them and they grieve not.

62. God is Creator of everything, and in Authority of all things.

63. To Him the Possession of the Heavens and the earth, and those who disbelieved God’s verses those are the losers.

64. Say: “is it other than God that you command me to worship, you ignorant people?”

65. It was inspired to you [the messenger] and to those who preceded you, that if you make affixes to God, vane your deed will be, you will be amongst the losers.

66. Contrarily, it is God that you ought to worship, and be a thankful one.

67. They have not regarded God His True Regard, and the entire Earth is His Hand the Day of the Uprise, and the Heavens folded by His Right, transcends He, Lofty above what they affix.

68. Then it is blown in the Apex, and stunned are all in the heavens and on the earth, except those whomever God will, then it is blown another [time], and up they are, looking.

69. And the earth is lit by her Lord’s Light, and The Book is opened, and the prophets and the witnesses are brought forward, and judgement is carried out between them by The Law, and they are not wronged.

[And we have not personalised things to break the grammar of the language, but to hint, that those things are in fact self-conscious, unlike many men and women of this world.]

70.  And every self is redeemed by what she has done, and He is The Knower of what they do.

71. And those who darkened are walked to the inferno in crowds, until they have reached it, its gates are opened, its guards say to them: “did not messengers amongst you come to you uttering to you your Lord’s verses and warning you about coming to this Day of yours?” they say: “yes”, but the sentence of suffering is due on those who are dark.

72. It is said: “enter the gates of the inferno for eternity; base is the abode of the arrogant ones.”

73. And those who took refuge in their Lord are walked to the Garden in crowds, until they reached it and its gates are opened, its guards say to them: “peace be upon you, good you are, enter it for eternity.”

74. And they say: “gratitude is to God Who honoured His Promise, He bequeathed the earth to us, we sojourn in the Garden wherever we wish, best is the reward of the doers of good.”

[Those can travel between the two worlds, when the earth is ruled by Justice, and the gates of the Garden are opened again, only those who are radiant can survive in it, it is thus forbidden to the low beings by the very laws of nature.]

75. And you see the angels surrounding The Throne, transcending in their worship of their Lord, Judgement is carried out between them by The Law, and it is said: “The Homage is to God, The Lord of the two worlds.”

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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