Surah 3
The House of Imran

1. Alef  Lam Meem

2. God, there is no god but He, The Alive The Ubiquitous.

3. He descended The Book upon you [the messenger] by The Law, conforming to what is between his [the dark one’s] hands, and He descended The Torah and The Gospel

4. Before, guidance to the people, and He descended the partition: those who darkened to God’s verses, they have severe suffering, God is Exalted and has vengeance.

5. Nothing is obscured to God in the earth, and neither in the heavens.

6. It is He, Who apiculates (shapes) you in the wombs however He will, there is no god but He, The Exalted The Sovereign.

7. It is He, Who descended The Book onto you [the messenger], in it are verses definite, they are the core of The Book, and others similar (alluding); as for those who have confusion in their hearts, they follow what is similar of it, in pursuit of allurement and in pursuit of interpretation of it, and no one knows its interpretation (original) except God and the well-established in knowledge, they say: “we have believed in it, all is from our Lord”, and those who have hearts do remember.

8. “Our Lord, confuse not our hearts after that Thou didst guide us and didst bestow on us Compassion from Thee, it is Thou The Bestower,

9. “Our Lord, Thou art gathering the people for a day unquestionable”, God breaks not a promise.

10. Those who have darkened, neither their possessions, nor their offspring will make them self-sufficient in anything from God; those are the fuel of hell.

11. Like the labour of the people of the Pharaoh, and the ones before them, they falsified Our verses, so God took them by their sins, God has a severe punishment.

12. Say to those who darkened: “you will be conquered, and you will be gathered in the inferno and worst abode”.

13. You [the believers] have had a paragon in two groups who met, one group fights in the way of God, and the other is darkened, they [the former] see them [the latter] an inferior like by the looking eye, and God holds up by His Triumph whomever He will, indeed in this is a moral for those who are endowed with vision.

14. The love of lusts has been embellished for the people, of women and sons, and heaps upon heaps of gold and silver, and the well-bred stallions, and the cattle and the produce, these are the pleasures of the low lives, and God has the radiant return.

15. Say: “shall I inform you of better than that? For those who took  refuge in their  lord are gardens, the days stream underneath them, eternal in it, and pairs pure, and contentment from God, and God is All Seer by the abiders.

16. Those who say: “our Lord, we are amen (believers), forgive our trespasses; and shelter us from the suffering of hell”.

17. The forbearing, the honest, the contemplative, the expending, and the seekers of forgiveness at the sounds of dawn.

18. God witnessed that there is no god but He, and so did the angels and those endowed with knowledge, The Holder of The Balance, there is no god but He, The Exalted The Sovereign.

[It is not aimlessly that the verses which mention the garden come immediately after those which describe the pleasures of the low world, so the garden translates to them to a holiday resort, where those same pleasures are plentiful.

Thus the people fall to a low station of existence: dense and opaque, people’s stations are the earnings of their own turnings, and this is accountability, frogs are born in the swamps, eagles on the heights, because frogs mainly nag, and eagles enjoy a fly.

And the people were segregated when the sea was parted, the dark ones bear the features of the beast which only the believers can see by the looking eye; and this is not a mark made by the people on their own person, in some ritual of some kind, and neither is it their colour, race, language or religious creed, and nor is it physical beauty, size or strength: water takes the shape of the container, pebbles do only roughly.

And not only the physique is inferior, but indeed the mind: it is the fly which cannot find its way out of the window glass, it thinks but it is stupid, it sees but it is blind, it hears but it is deaf, this is hell, this is the low world.

And when the doors of the gardens will be opened, those cannot step in, because their physique cannot, the physical laws guard the Gardens.]

19. Religion in God is Islam, and those who were given The Book did not differ until information came to them, in an incitement between one another, and he who darkens to God’s verses: God has immediate accountableness.

20. So if they dispute with you [the messenger], say: “I have surrendered my countenance to God, and so did those who followed me” and say to those who were given The Book and to the heathen ones: “have you surrendered?” if they have, they are guided, and if they turn away, you only have to deliver, and God is Seer of the people.

21. Those who darken to God’s verses and kill the prophets by lawlessness, and kill those who command by justice: give them the tidings of painful suffering.

22. Those are them whose deeds are frustrated in the low lives and the hereafter, and they have no supporters.

23. Have you not seen those who were given a share of The Book, they call to God’s Book to judge between themselves; then a group of them turn away rebelliously.

24. That because they say: “the fire will not touch us but for a few days”, they are deluded about their religion by what they fretted.

25. So how about when We gather them to a day unquestionable, and every self is redeemed what she has earned, and they are not wronged.

26. Say: “Allahum, The Monarch of the Monarchy, Thou doest bestow the Monarchy on whomever Thou will, Thou doest honour whomever Thou will and demean whomever Thou will, in Thy Hand in The Good, Capable of all things art Thee,

27. “Thou hast inset the night in the day, and inset the day in the night, Thou bring out the living from the dead, and bring out the dead from the living, and bestow Thy providence upon whomever Thou will infinitely”.

[And unless the mind rises by religion above place and time, to the horizon of reality: religion is not.

Call it what you will then, in any language you may choose, in any connotation it goes.

And if you have embraced God’s Religion, you will have no objection to it being named: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Baha’ism, Hinduism or Buddhism... God’s Religion is one, and those who wage tribal wars against one another would not do if it were God’s Religion.

So it is said in The Mighty Book that they were given a share of The Book, it is what they do not understand of The Book.]

28. The believers take no darkened people as patrons aside from the believers, and he who does is not of God in anyway, until you refuge from them in the Refuge, and God cautions you of his [the dark one’s] self, and God is The Destiny.

29. Say: “if you hide what is in your chests or disclose it God knows it, and He knows what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and God is Capable of all things.”

30. The Day, when every self finds what she has done of good present, and the bad she has done: she wishes if between her and it were a far distance, and God cautions you of his [the dark one’s] self, and God is All caring of the people.

31.Say: “if you truly love God then follow me, God will love you and forgive your trespasses, God is All Forgiving Compassionate”.

32. Say: “obey God and the messenger”, and if they turn away, God loves not the darkened ones.

33. God has selected Adam and Noah, and the people of Abraham and the people of Imran over the worlds.

34. Seed of one another, and God is Hearing and knowing,

35. When Imran woman said: “my Lord, I have dedicated to Thee what is inside me, freed, please accept from me, it is Thou, The Hearer The Knower”

36. So when she laid (delivered) her, said she: “my Lord, I have laid her, omega (female)” and God is The Knower of what she laid, and alpha (male) is not like omega (female), “and I raised (named) her: Mary, and I shelter her and her offspring in Thee from the damned Satan”.

37. So God accepted her in a radiant acceptance and fostered her in a radiant fosterage, and entrusted her to Zakaraya, every time Zakaraya entered her isolation he found providence with her, said he: “O Mary, how do you get this?” said she: “it is from God, God provides whomever He will infinitely”.

[What is happening here has proven to be beyond the understanding of interpreters: it is the deliverance of a woman, in freedom from her physical self (omega), to raise her countenance to her Lord and witness her Summum (alpha), this is the loftiest achievement that any human can aspire to.

So the Imran woman named herself Mary when she arrived to her summum: a tradition the Israelites had, was preserved later by the Christians, but its significance forgotten.

“O people, contribution is prescribed to you in the killed ones” said The Book, so she was entrusted to Zakaraya, but the Providence she had was something else: something Zakaraya could not provide.

Transcend high O Mary, the miracle of life,

And the inhibitions of luckiness and glorious ceremony

You, the ambivalence in naked redundance

Has sung to your glory in voices orotund,

To resound in the heavens from past time and present,

Blessed are you, blessed are you, blessed is your son.]

38. There, Zakaraya invoked his Lord, said he: “my Lord, bestow on me from Thy good offspring, Thou art The hearer of invocations”

39. So the angels called him while praying in isolation, that God gives you the glad tidings of John, confirming God’s Word, and a master, abstinent, and a prophet of the righteous ones.

40. Said he: “my Lord, and how can I have a boy, and old age has reached me, and my wife is unproductive”, said he [the angel]: “thus God doeth what He willeth”.

41. Said he: “my Lord, make for me a paragon”, said He: “your paragon is that you speak not to the people for three days, except in signals, and remember your Lord much, and transcend in the evening and the early morns”.

[Having witnessed Mary’s holiness, Zakaraya re-lived a moment from a past life, wishing to have a holy person in his household: as Abraham, Zimran was bestowed on him, and as Zakaraya, John was bestowed on him.

While both were conceived without a sexual union, they were not conceived by women of a stature such as Mary’s, conception without a sexual union is a natural phenomenon, and there was once a time when conception happened always without sex.

And the Lord remits his messengers in the deep dark caves, to cover their knowledge, so by The Law, by His Will, with His Bare Hands they dig their way out, from the clay, by the clay, to witness the truth, and to guide those who want guidance.

And the angel, who spoke to Mary and to Zakaraya, who was that angel?

Forgotten in the dust of time, Michael The Peace, this is John The Christ, The Anointed one, consult The Gospel if you were honest. It was him, peace upon him, the first teacher of Christianity, and it was him who first foretold of the grand-coming of the Messiah, by him are the prayers to The Lord.


He spoke to Mary, of what he saw, he spoke to Abraham too.

John the child, sat many times on his lap and he taught him too.

But in the bright sun light the moon shies, and becomes barely seen.

John The Christ died when both John and the Messiah were still young, his Red Effulgence was seen by many believers, it was spoken of as the blood of life that he spilt to bestow joy on those who saw, to be reborn again as Matthew, this was the good young man who followed them and documented those events, and the events after their death, in his Gospel.

But the dark ones confused the names, and erased the messengers, so their words came out of the son-of-man’s mouth.

As a young man, John the child abandoned the passions of the low life and lived in the wild, away from the dark world of the Pharisees and the Israelites who had apostatised and followed them.

He was inspired and enthused at an early age, by the vision of his Master’s radiant countenance in his sky, and by the words John The Christ had said to him, giving him the glad tidings of the grand-coming of The Messiah, to call the believers to the straight path, and to burn the covers which the monotheists had woven over the truth.

The Qur’an mentions not the baptism, and John did not baptise the people by physical water, and nor did the Messiah baptise them by physical fire or a supernatural spirit, but this was an allusion to The Lord’s Dimensions.

But one day, Jesus the son of Joseph came to where John used to stay with his disciples by the Jordan River, accompanied by some people who followed him, to challenge, and to claim John’s prophecy of the coming of the Messiah, desirous of self-justification, since he disobeyed his Lord and refused to submit to the Messiah, The Holy Spirit.

A fight between good and evil thus took place, which left John convinced that the dark Jesus was resourceful, and had a mission of delusion and falsehood, which was not easy to counter in weak people’s minds, dazzled by the vision of a mosaic physical existence.

And The Lord’s Will is to materialise, so the selves try their faith, and the faithful ones are selected above the worlds, this is their earned station, and the existential experiment is fulfilled.

And the ritual of baptism was born when Jesus the son of Joseph bathed in the river, and asked John, derisively, to bless him, and ritualistic Christianity was thus born.]

42. And when the angels said: “O Mary, God has selected you and purified you and selected you over the women of the worlds,

43. “O Mary, contemplate in your Lord, bow and prostrate yourself with those who prostrate themselves.”

44. This is of the history unseen, We inspire it to you [the messenger]; for, you were not amongst them when they cast their sticks as to who would be entrusted with Mary, and you were not amongst them when they disputed,

45. As the angels said to Mary: “O Mary, God gives you the glad tidings of a Word from Him, His Summum, The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, of a Grand Countenance, in the low life and the hereafter, and of the close ones,

46. “And he speaks to the people in the land (cradle); and a revered and of the righteous ones”.

47. Said she: “my Lord, how am I to have a child and no human has touched me?” said He: “thus God creates whatever He will, when He rules an Aim, that so, He says to it ‘be’, and it becomes,

48.”And He will educate him in The Book and The Philosophy, and the Torah and the Gospel,

 49. “And a messenger to the people of Israel, that I have come to you with a paragon from your Lord, I create for you from the clay, in readiness for flying, so I inspire in it, so it becomes a flyer by God’s leave, I heal the blind and the leper, I enliven the dead by God’s leave, and I tell you what you consume and what you have hoarded in your homes, in this is indeed a paragon for your, if you were amen (believers),

50.” And conforming with what I have between my hands of the Torah, and to legitimise to you some of the things forbidden to you, and I have come to you with a paragon from your  Lord, so refuge in God and obey me,

51. “God is my Lord and your Lord, abide in Him, this is the straight path”.

[Thus The Messiah came to the world,

Though he had never left,

His Glory is here, the cosmos manifest,

His Spirit is The Law, seen and unseen,

Thus The Messiah is the world.


The Lord created all in past and present,

And in the future to come, and man’s thought and hankering,

The Holder of The Balance, the walker in two slippers,

The quadrants of the circle, the symbol in the deed,

Thus The Messiah is The Truth.


The cosmos of the atom, and the galaxies that waltz,

The pettiness of the infinite, the grandeur of the mote,

The love of all too, of the merciful hearts,

Come on all, bow, and his glory contemplate,

Thus The Messiah is us all.


And if one cannot see the miracle of The Lord’s Law,

Then no breaking of The Lord’s law will make one do.


The Messiah’s Miracle is His Summum,

Of his abiding in His Lord,

So he is The Lord’s Law, he says:

“My Father in the heavens”, he says:

“Our Father in the heavens”, and so he

Captured the son of man, for he

Is the embodiment of The Lord’s Will,

Adam, The Whole Mind.


And so David said: “The Lord said

To my Lord: ‘sit on my right

Hand side, and all the opposites

Are the dust of your feet’”,

So who told who?


And so the Qur’an says: “God witnessed

That there is not god but He”,

So who witnessed who?


Thus The Messiah makes the soul in the clay

Break off and fly, in the joy of deliverance,

Thus he heals the blind so he can

See more than his fleshy eye can,

Thus he heals the ills of the skin,

So the attachment to low pleasures fades.


Thus he knows what people consume of thoughts,

Feelings and desires, and what they harbour in their chest.


For, of what benefit is it to man

To heal his body, when

It is his soul that is ill?


An ill soul is in hell,

In whichever body she resides,

An ill soul is bound to come back

To hell, in a new body, to suffer

Again, until ill she is no more.


But it is the dark one, beware the dark one,

And his evil servants, and their charlatanry,

And illusions: lawlessness and irrational talk.


They have desperate and ignorant people

Surrender to their images and false

Authority; they say to them obey us

So you obey God; they say only lies.


So how does one judge whom one should,

And whom one should not obey?

If irrationality is the way all doors are open

To conflicting arguments, were not God’s

Messengers sent to man with the mind?


Bodies are ill, whether healthy or not,

They grow, they decline, they submit

To physical laws, even the Messiah’s

Body does: thus the Messiah experiences

The suffering of man; thus God sends

His First Creation to free the world

From the shackles of physicality.


Since man fell down the branches

Of the evil tree, driven by curiosity

To experience duality, distant

From his soul; he needed guidance

To cleanse his soul from the dust

Of nullity, and the illusions

Of the laws in their low projection.


But it is the dark one, beware the dark one,

He tells you that man’s created sinful;

In his ignorance, he sees arbitrariness:

A human trait, and The Lord is

Compassion The Compassionate.


Thus the Messiah is sent to the world

To remind them of Reality, free

From the evils of the distance,

So the omega beams to the alpha,

Where everything began.


This is everyman’s worship,

This is abiding in The Lord,

For, if I wash my dirty hands

With water, will my action

Cleanse yours?


And if I walk the straight path

Will your body move along?


Salvation is earned by one’s

Own hard work and fight,

By the soul, the heart and the mind,

Salvation is the fruit of

The Philosophy, and freedom from

Sin: the sin of abiding in

Incidental things.


And when Satan tempted John,

What did John do? Did he

Jump off the rock? Did he

Turn the rock to bread? What did

He do? He answered by reason,

For reason is true; man’s mind

Is God’s mind, this is the Messiah,

This is the true faith in Him.


O Messiah my love, the jewel of the world,

And the light effulgent, before the dense was seen,

The simple truth is all the truth enciphered,

In a multitude of components, yet all of One sheen,


You hold them all in double ambivalence,

The Four Pillars, upon which your loft rests atop,

In your compassion nothing is wrong

So the ratios equal, and the mind’s serene.


The surrender of the mind creates illusions,

For, it is the mind and only the mind which

Distinguishes between fact and fallacy,

Reality and null, by reasoning and practice

Of reasoning,


And how did the Messiah teach?

How did he approach the minds

Of simple people? did he not speak

 To their hearts and minds by reason

 And parables he told? Such is the power

 Of The truth: The Holy Spirit in all,

Awaiting to awaken to the essence

Of the Word unmistaken.


But it is the evil ones, beware the evil ones,

They want you to turn your vision

 Away from the Holy Spirit, and submit

To their facades and institutes, and

Surrender to their rhetoric, to perform

Their rituals of bodily gestures

Of no avail, in attires of silk in colours

And jewellery engraved and glitters,

To numb your minds and spirits,

And glare your vision with imagery

And sound devoid of truth,

Far from Christianity, far it is

O believers, O lovers of the Christ.


Watch a bird flying, it is better,

Watch the waters pile up in the sky,

Watch the mountains’ rise, and a child’s

Play, and his early talk, The Spirit

Of the Christ is there and everywhere

Longing to be seen.

Shame on modern man of modern time

He has flown rockets to the moon, and

To rendez-vous with the planets,

He has taken photos of Saturn’s shadow

Cast on its rings, by laws

Eternal of physics and mathematics

Yet, he cannot see The Spirit!


Call it what you may: Tao, Tor, Logos,

Messiah or The Christ, it is One Truth

Of all, above all, in all, it is

The Lord’s Will, The Lord’s Will is all.


So which soul and which spirit do they

Believe, as they say? Is it that

Invisible ghost the dark one

Told them to assume?


What kind of spirit is this?

If the mind cannot discern it,

It does not exist.

 Spirit is Existence, the Cause of all the causes,

The sun from which the rays emanate,

All that exists, in abstract though and perception,

Also the laws and the Dimensions

Are below it, therefore Holy and

As conspicuous to the faithful eye

As the midday sun of a clear blue sky.


A believer surrenders to such beauty

And magnificence, in certainty and assuredness,

And submits to its Sovereignty thus: The Christ

The Carrier of the Discus and the Mace,

The holder of the Balance, the first walker

Of the straight path, transcends he

Man’s thought which he directs

And the history which he writes,

The One with the quill and the guarded

Tablet, transcends he,

This is God’s Will.]

52. So when Jesus sensed from them the darkness said he: “who are my consorts to God?”, the Hawareens said: “We are God’s consorts, we have believed in God, do witness that we are surrenderers,

53. “Our Lord, we believe what you have descended and we have followed the messenger, do write us with those who witnessed”.

[So it is the Hwawreens who were the believers and not the Nazareens. The word Hawreens does not mean “disciples” by any stretch of the Arabic language; it is a proper name, referring to the inhabitants of Hawran, to the east of Galilee.

And who are the Hawareens today? They are a people of the Highest Standard (al-ma3roof), they have no houses of rituals, they bow not to stones, they believe in The One and have witnessed and have kept their covenant; they believed all the messages and the Books as they were commanded, they have kept The Sacred Philosophy.

The people of the Book have been derisive of the believers since ancient times, they ask them: “so what do you worship, how do you pray, which laws are your laws, which book is your book?”

And the believers reply: “we worship The Lord, our prayers are in our hearts, our law is honesty, and all the Books are our Books”.

Because this is what the Christ has taught them, and this is what they have learned from the Christ.

Darkened people say: “rituals are ordained by God, to convey His Word to the people”

We say: rituals steal God’s Word and cover it by the ritual.

How easy it is for darkened people to chant away God’s Word, had they visioned a spark of its light, the earth they stand on would have shuddered before any Word is uttered.

The people of the Book do not believe that there is any good in the world, they surrender to that they are weak and wicked, and to the ritual, they say, which washes off their innate sin.

The good they say they believe in is far, and far, they say and cannot be reached.

Therefore they precipitate in the good of their place and time, the good dictated by physical laws of survival and need.

They say that human nature is evil, they do not realise that it their own nature that is so, reflected onto the whole world; the dark one has installed this daunting view in their minds, they trust nothing and no one, they trust not the world and nor any laws, they do not even trust the god they say they believe.

In such a house of horrors everything is permissible for the sake of survival, and so long as rituals are being performed to wash away the incurred sin, and so long as a visible abidance by some law can be observed.

And when they look at their dark prophets they see models of baseness, ignorance, sinfulness, and they see that as holiness, hence they dwindle deeper in hell.

They see The Holy Spirit as supernatural, so it cannot be in their hearts and minds.

Iblis was the first to darken and exhibit ugliness, to the horror of his brothers and the entire humanity, the moon eclipsed and turned brown, and the eyes died.

One soul became frightened of her own existence, and lost her faith in the light, felt sorry for Iblis, she became dark Eve, and had a desire to foster him wherever he was remitted.

In a scene of the first sunset she created, of icons, in her heavens, of sadness and absurdity, fear and insecurity, turning darker as she regressed, and as she wept over her kin.

Of images of daunting colours, enciphered in them were dark civilisations and their ideologies of oppositeness to the light.

And God is Compassion The Compassionate, in His Compassion no one is wronged, in His Might nothing is feigned, and the existential experiment is to be fulfilled by His Will, so knowledge after ignorance, sunrise after darkness, and encounter across the distance: light and thunder and do become, unquestionably, in joy, in the bliss of which all the joys of the low world faint, God is Capable of all things.]

54. And they plotted and God plotted, and God is The Good of all the plotters,

55. As God said: “O Jesus, I am redeeming you and lifting you to Me, and purifying you from those who darkened, and I am making those who followed you above those who darkened till the Day of the Uprise, then to Me is your [all] return, to judge between you in what you have disputed.

56. “As for those who darkened, I make them suffer a severe suffering, in the low life and the hereafter, and they have no supporters”.

57. As for those who believed and did correct things, He returns to them their rewards, and God loves not dark people.


58. This We announce to you of the verses of the discourse of Philosophy:

59. The model of Jesus in God is like the model of Adam, He created him of Substance (clay), then He said to him: ‘be’, so he becomes,

60 The Law is from your Lord, so be not one of the outcast.

61. So whosoever disputes you about him after the message has come to you, say: “come on, we will call your children and our children, your women and our women, and your selves and our selves, and we will celebrate and invoke God’s damnation upon the liars”.

62. This is the just outcome, and there is no god but God, God is The Exalted The Sovereign,

63. And if they turn away, God is the knower of the despoilers.

[So let it be known, he who hung the land on the water, he in whose hands the cosmos is strung like pearls on a string, he who is God’s Will: dies not on a cross, and neither does he get harmed by darkness,

So what has happened to your discerning minds? Is it the guilt of your darkness wanting to see the world punished for your own guilt? Is it the helplessness of your own ignorance wanting to see the world helpless in the world?

For, the Christ would not have been had he not conquered the cross of the physical body: did he not say: carry your cross and follow me?

So did he want the believers to carry wooden crosses, in readiness for their physical death?

Behold him who carries the cross of his body, he is the one who is free from it, the Christ is the way to freedom from agony and death, the Christ is not a promise of death.

And they tell you it is sacrifice? And the Christ’s physical existence is in itself the sacrifice: for, the Christ’s life begins before time and ends not, it is, in certainty, the life from which everything emanated: incidentalness and human concepts based upon it included, and much so physical life, death and sacrifice: so let it be known,

The Lord created all, The Lord needs not what he creates; The Lord creates all.

So can you now, O people with hearts and minds, can you see the significance of the Christ’s life, and the insignificance of the physical death of the Christ?

Behold the Saviour of the world, on top of the world, triumphant, his Lord summoned him and his four brothers, behold them, they surrounded their Lord’s Throne, by their Lord’s leave, God witnessed that there is not God but He,

A time for humanity to ponder: our Father in the heavens, holy is Thy Summum, let Thy Kingdom be on earth as in the heavens, God is Capable of all things.

Has anyone not heard his outcry, when he was freed from the limits of his physicality? The Christ is free, God’s Mind is unconquerable, come on O Dimensions and Prophets, come on O Cosmii and Elements, bow at his lotus feet, the Christ has risen from death, to witness the Truth, to guide humanity to the straight path, to demonstrate that man can set himself free from the cross: the body of the three layers of darkness: ignorance, blindness and remoteness from the Existential Sun.

So what better miracle than this does a wise man demand?

Thus he was the glad tidings to mankind, the Caller to God’s Religion, and an Incandescent Lamp; and your Lord manifested to His Dimensions and said: “tell of what you witness, teach of what you learn and remind of what you have been reminded, this is The Truth that you love and the reward that you have earned, the Truth of Knowledge of Existence of Sublimeness”, your Lord is One.]

64. Say: “O people of the Book, let us come to a word of equal grounds between us and you, that we abide in nothing except God, and we affix nothing to Him, and that none of us take one another as lords apart from God”, and if they turn away, say [to them]: “witness that we are surrenderers”  

65. O people of the Book, why do you defend by Abraham, and the Torah and the Gospel were not descended until after him, discern you not?

66. Here you are those: defending by what you know not; so why do you defend by what you do not know? And God knows and you know not.

67. Abraham was not Jewish and neither Nazareen, but he was a curved surrenderer, and what he was of the affixers.

68. The best representative of Abraham amongst the people are those who followed him, and this prophet; and those who believe: and God is The Patron of the believers.

[Each creed of the people of the Book, pride themselves in their laws and belief and see them as the remedy for human misery, and their way to salvation in the world and the hereafter.

They see the laws and belief of the other creed of the people of the Book as evil and corrupt, and a cause of misery in the world and the hereafter.

They can see others’ faults but not their own, because the people of the Book do not know the Good; the good that they know is the one which can be seen only upon comparison with some evil.

In the infinite nuances of The Lord’s creation, the monotheists cling desperately to their creed; they want to freeze time and place for their laws and rituals to make sense and be practicable; but time and place cannot be captured: it is, on the contrary, time and place that grip the world and spin it constantly, and if you want to stay in the shade of a tree, can you pin it down where you are situated?]

69. A sect of the people of the Book wished they bewildered you [the believers], they bewilder only themselves, and they sense not.

70. O people of the Book, why do you darken to God’s verses while you witness?

71. O people of the Book, why do you disguise The Law by falsehood and conceal the truth knowingly?

72. And a sect of the people of the Book said: “believe in what was descended to the believers at the rise (face) of the day, and darken at its end, may they return,

[... To the world, to guide again]

73. “And trust no one except those who followed your religion”; say: “guidance is God’s Guidance”, only wishfully that anyone is given like you were given, or that they dispute you in your Lord; say: “elevation is in God’s Hand, He gives it to whomever He will”, and God is Vast and knower of all.

74. He privileges by His Compassion whomever He will, and God has the great elevation.

75. And of the people of the Book are those who: if you entrusted him with a heap, he would return it to you; and of them are those who: if you entrusted him with one Dinar he would not return it to you, unless you have authority over him, that because they said: “we have not in the aiming ones [the believers, the ones of the Highest Standard] a way”, and they say lies about God, and they know.

76. Yea, he who kept his covenant and took refuge, that so, God loves the ones who take refuge.

77. Those who exchanged God’s covenant and their faith for petty gain, those will have no rainy clouds in the hereafter, God speaks not to them and looks them not the Day of the Uprise, and emancipates them not, and they have a severe suffering.

78. And a group twist their tongues by The Book, so you may think it is from The Book, and it is not from The Book, and they say it is from God and it is not from God , they say lies about God and they know.  

[The believers believe all the descents of The Book, and all the sacred discourses, they follow the teaching of all the messengers, they differ not between them, as the Book has commanded them.

It takes an honest believer to see the golden thread of God’s messages across place and time and beyond the barriers of human languages, God’s languages.

And it takes an arrogant, ignorant, virulent character to see difference, and to trench division.

The non-believers of the Muslims see themselves excluded from verse 78, and one has only to watch and listen to them reciting the verses of the Mighty Book, thinking that a particular method of pronunciation is the correct reading, and they are told to read in their hearts, where the verses belong, but the hearts of stone can only echo.

They have turned the verses up-side-down, we have demonstrated to you, they take God’s  Book as an embellishment of heathen laws and traditions, and to stir up tribal wars, and they say they believe in God? And they have passed by His Mighty Pronoun many times, but blinked not to the Lightening, and ducked not to the Thunder,

They say that the other Books are “edged” (mu7arraf), but all one has to do is to read their interpretations, and one will realise that no Book has been “edged” more than the Mighty Qur’an.

“The edging of the words about their location” does not refer to physical tampering with the words only: the locations of the words are in your mind, it is those locations that the servants of darkness have edged, so they read and say: “it is from God”, but it is not from God.

If there was a shimmer of light in their minds, or a faint pulse of life in their hearts, they would tremble of awe of the Mighty Words of the Qur’an in the Gospel and the Ghita, God’s Book is one Book, His Mighty Word is in every honest believer’s heart, “it can be altered by no one”, let it be known,

It is ignorance which takes different forms and colours, and the Summing Knowledge is one,

It is the ideologies born in duality that create their opposites, and God’s Religion is one religion,

Call it whatever you may in your language; if asked: are you Muslims? The believers are happy to answer: yes; if asked: are you Christians? The believers are happy to answer: yes; if asked: are you Jews? The believers are happy to answer: yes; if asked: what is your religion? The believers answer: our religion is God’s Religion.

The Qur’an calls if Islam in Arabic, a word which did not exist in the times and places prior to the message of Islam; interpreters of the Qur’an want to have us believe that long before Arabic evolved to its present form, and in places far from Arabia, the believers were called “Muslims”, for the intent of disseminating bigotry and enmity.

And they use God’s Glorious Names to set their god aside from the gods of other sects; it will be too late when they find out that the divisions they have insinuated have only distanced them further, and made their hearts darker,

All His Radiant Names, in all His languages: God, Deus, Allah, Hu, Brahman, Birru, Compassion The Compassionate, The Light of the worlds, The Holder of The Balance, The Beginner The Terminator, The Peace over all.]

79. No human was to be given The Book and The Law by God, and the prophethood, to say then to the people: “abide in me apart from God”, rather: “be godly by what you were teaching of the Book, and by what you were learning”.

80. And neither does He command you to take the angels and the prophets as your lords, would He command you of darkness after that you have become Muslims?

81. And when God took the prophets’ oath: “what I have given you of The Book and The Philosophy, and the messenger came to you conforming to what you have, so you may believe in him, and so he conquers by you”, said He: “have you acceded and taken on that My Oath?”, they said: “we have acceded”, said He: “do witness, We are with you amongst the witnesses”.

82. So he who turns back after this, those are the foolhardy ones.

83. So do they require a religion other than God’s? And to Him surrender all in the heavens and the earth, willingly and despitefully, to Him they will be returned.

84. Say: “we have believed in God, and what was descended onto us, and what was descended onto Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, and what was given to Moses, and Jesus and the prophets from their Lord, we differ not between any of them, and to Him we are surrenderers”.

85. And he who requires a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted of him, and in the hereafter he is of the losers.

86. How is God to guide a people who darkened after believing, and they witnessed that the messenger is The Law, and he came to them with evidence, and God guides not darkened people.

87. Those, their punishment is that on them is God’s damnation and the angels’, and all the peoples’ together.

88. They are eternally in it, the suffering is not mitigated for them and they are not looked.

89. Except those who repented after, and reformed, God is Forgiving Compassionate.

 90. Those who darkened after believing, then increased in darkness, their repentance will not accepted, those are the bewildered ones.

91. Those who believed and died as darkened, not an earth full of gold will be accepted from them, if they ransomed themselves by it; those have a severe suffering, they have no one to support them.

[So you may understand: ideology, whether religious or other, consists of concepts derived from observation of activity and inertia in place and time.

Yet, there is an underlying abstract for each concept, this abstract is not subject to change, it is its projections which are, in place and time,

And this is what Aristotle refers to as the horizon of The Moon, as being above the physical world, ruled by cause and effect.

Dark ideologies are based on the concept that concepts and their abstracts are built from the bottom to the top, as in physical observation; in reality they are projected from the top to the bottom, and so too are physical observations, although, the contrary is demonstrated, this is God’s paragon of the physical world.

A radiant mind knows the spirit, and has no difficulty in accepting this fact; the radiant mind is made of reality naturally.

So, if an ideology revolves around the concept of physical survival, for example, it is hence dark, and in one place and time the concept of survival of the group may be argued as “the good”, and the group can have a multitude of basis, drawn from different observations, based, perhaps, on other ideologies... so a spectrum of nationalism, racism, god’s-chosen-peopleism... is mapped, the various nuances of which are viewed as similar or opposing,  within themselves and between one another: all from the one abstract projected from the reality of oneness and permanence.

Those who are blinded to reality will abide by the ideologies fitting their observations in their place and time, and people are attracted to their own nature, be it dark or radiant.

The Qur’an says, in the broadest context: “they took the lowest projection of this, and if a projection similar comes to them they would take it” (akhadhoo 3arada haadhaa al-adnaa, wa in ya’tihem 3aradon mithluhu ya’khudhooho).

From this stand point, it is the image that is the measure, and not the spirit.

So the people who abide by such ideologies find themselves supporting one cause in one life, and its opposite in another: a shocking eventuality, to which they remain blinded, until the apex is blown into, and their cosmic memory is opened, and they look around and recognise their enemies which were once their friends, and their friends which were once their enemies]

92. You will not attain constancy until you expend what you love, and whatever you expend, God is The Knower of it all.

93. All food was legitimate to the people of Israel, except what Israel forbade for herself, before The Torah was descended, say: “bring The Torah and announce it, if you were honest”.

94. So whoever frets falsehood on God, after this, those are the darkened ones.

95. Say: “God said the truth”, so they followed Abraham’s creed curved, and what he was of the affixers.

[Our reading of verse 95 is consistent with verses of other Surahs, namely The Cow.]

96. The first House which was put for the people is the one in Bakkah, blessed, and guidance to the peoples.

97. In it are signs showing Abraham’s station, he who enters it is secure, and God demands of the people the Proof (Pilgrimage) of The House, whoever is capable of a way to Him, and he who darkens, God is needless of the two worlds.

[In their bewilderment, the interpreters of verse 92 take it as a call to be charitable, by which doing they condone the love of material possessions: they say they are required to give away what they love, for god’s sake, and the stronger their love, the stronger their demonstration of charitableness.

So the verse, in their interpretation, is turned up-side-down, and the call to abandon all attachments to material possessions turns into condoning of attachment.

Attachment does not wane if its objects disappeared; attachment is an illness of the heart, did not The Christ say: “you can worship only one god”? It is either that one worships money, or that one worships God; but in all their creeds, the people of the Book have worshipped money, stubbornly and proudly: money is what they call “providence” (rizq) and money is what they offer to their gods in the hope of getting more.

And God’s House is in Bakkah, and Bakkah is not Makkah, and in future writings, in The Book of David, we shall recount to you the forbidden history of the forbidden house and of God’s House, so you are not in doubt, and the proof will be shown in the future, so the world witness, and we witness like we witnessed before.

God’s Houses, a few in the world, have been covered during the millennia of darkness, because humanity proved unfit to enter them, only those who are capable of a way to Him can enter them, to prove, consult your Arabic dictionaries if in doubt of our reading.

But those who surrender to irrationality do not require any proof for anything, surrender is absence of mind, did not the Mighty Book say to them: “you are surrenderers, but not believers”?

So do they want to say that they have reached Surrender (Islam)? Tell them: “Surrender is the coincidence of the minds, so activity and inertia are redundant, to the mature”, will they understand?

Tell them: “Surrender is the believer’s certainty of his mind” to the young, will they understand”?

So they must realise, if they can, that the word Surrender or Islam has many projections on the human mind; a grand word indeed, of the root of “salama”: to deliver, to be safe, to be free from illness, to be engulfed in peace... so it is not arbitrarily that God’s Religion is called Islam in Arabic, O Muslims, O journeyers of the straight path.

And they took the call to the pilgrimage to the House as an invitation exclusive to the wealthy, so what kind of worship is this to which only the wealthy are entitled? Material inequality in the world is dark people’s making, The Lord created people equal and provides equally, The Holder of The Balance, Compassion The Compassionate.

God elevates those who are capable of a way to Him, this is their earned station, God’s journey is existence and His Encounter in existence are God’s Miracle, only the believers return, and the darkened ones remain in the inferno, consult your Book.] 

98. Say: “O people of the Book, why do you darken to God’s Paragons?” And God is witness of what you do.

99. Say: “O people of the Book, why do you bar from the way of God those who believed, you want it crooked, while you witness, God is not oblivious of what you do.”

 100. O people who believe, if you obey a group of those who were given The Book, they will turn you apostates after you have believed, and darkened.

101. And how can you darken, while God’s verse are being announced  to  you, and His messenger is in you, and he who takes asylum in God is indeed guided to the straight path.

102. O people who believe, refuge to God an integral refuge, and die not except when you are Muslims.

103. Take asylum in God’s Rope altogether, dispense not, and remember God’s Providence to you, as you were transgressors and He affiliated your hearts, so you became in His Providence brethren, and you were on the brim of a crater of hell, and He rescued you from it, thus God demonstrates His Paragons to you, may you be guided.

104. So that a nation is born of you, calling to The Good, commanding by the High Standard, deterring from vice, those are the achievers.

105. Be not like those who dispersed and differed after the dividers came to them, those have a great suffering.

106. The Day when some faces whiten and some faces blacken, as for those whose faces blackened: have you darkened after believing? Experience the suffering of what you have darkened.

107. As for those whose faces whitened: they are in God’s Compassion, they are in it eternally.

108. These are God’s verses, We announce them to you by The Law, God wants no injustice by the two worlds.

109. To God what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and to God all the aims are returned.

110. You [the believers] were the best nation brought to the people, commanding by the High Standard and deterring from vice, and believing in God, and had the people of the Book believed, it would have been better for them, some of them are believers, but most are foolhardy.

111. They will cause no ill to you, but harm, and if they fight you they turn their backs to you, and they do not triumph,

112. Humility struck them wherever they were seen severing the Rope from God, and (clinging) to a rope from the people, and they have attained wrath from God, humility struck them, that they were darkening to God’s verses and killing the prophets by lawlessness, that is of what they disobeyed and were aggressors.

113. They are not equal to the people of the Book: a nation upright, announcing God’s verses the extremities of the night while bowing.

114. They believe in God and the Last Day, they command by the Highest Standard, they deter from vice, they are quick to do good, those are the righteous ones.

115. And if they do good they will not be covered from it, and God is The Knower of the ones who refuge.

116. Those who have darkened, neither their possessions and nor their offspring will make them self-sufficient from God, they are the dwellers of hell, they are in it eternally.

117. The model of what they expend in the low lives is like the model of wind of frost, it hit the produce of a people who wronged themselves, and it destroyed it, God wronged them not, but is was them who wronged themselves.

118. O people who believe, take no intimates from your inferiors, they spare you no corruption, they wish you ruin, rancour comes out of their mouths and what their chests conceal is greater, We have demonstrated the verses for you, if you discern.

 119. Here you like them and they do not like you, and you believe the entire Book; when they meet up with you they say: “we have believed”, and in their privacy they bite their fingers of anger of you; say: “die in your anger”, God is The knower of what is in the chests.

120. If good touches you it hurts them, and if hardship strikes you they rejoice by it, and if you forbear and refuge their plots harm you none, God is around what they do.

121. And when you [the messenger] departed in the morning from your Family, to settle the believers on the seats of fight, and God is All Knowing and All Hearing.

122. As two Hoverers of you embarked, [fearing] that they might fail, and upon God the believers should rely.

123. And God made you [the believers] triumph by a Full Moon, when you were humiliated, so refuge to God, may you be thankful.

124. When you [the messenger] say to the believers: “will it not be sufficient for you that God extends to you three Wholes (thousands) of Angels descended?”.

125. “Yea, if you forbear and refuge, and they come to you from this burst of theirs, God will extend to you Five Wholes of Angels, enriching (you)”.

126. And God made him [the messenger] only as glad tidings to you, so your hearts may be content by Him, and Triumph is only with God, The Exalted The Sovereign.

 [For, when The Lord manifested the Summa, in the Chamber, the believers did not recognise them, so the Forerunner and the Follower departed from their Family, to guide the believers to acknowledge them, that is The Family of Adam and Eve and The Word, The Forerunner and The Follower that He manifested, and transcends He all.

As they hovered back, in guidance to the believers, the two beasts stopped them, sitting on either side of The Whole Three, their power and the beauty of their beastliness stopped the Two, The Lord looked them and said Words, this was the Power which enabled them to conquer the beasts, and the Whole Self is The Full Moon, embraced the Two and hence the believers who sought guidance,

In His Might, beyond human grasp, The Lord thus is Writer of History of the believers’ journeys in the sombre of the evil tree; for, they were told to migrate from Earth Interior to the earth, where the gravity is reversed, to guide the savages in the low world, ravaged by the two beasts.

God’s Creation is to be admired and celebrated, when you remember how it was begun and how it has become you will fly of joy and succumb in awe of His Might and Majesty,

God’s adventures in existence, in apparent duality in the distance, in the dark world in the stomach of the dragon, is a trial of the soul, which, although long and arduous, will culminate in the Joy of all the joys of the come back to the truth, so waste not your lives clinging to the low lives, and exchange not what is true for what is perishable, by your honest will, The Lord willing, you will not, and triumph you will.]

127. So He cuts off an arm of the darkened ones, or quash them so they turn away frustrated.

128. The matter is not to you [the messenger], in anyway, either He forgives them, or He makes them suffer, for they have darkened.

129. And to God what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, He forgives whomever He will and punishes whomever He will and God is forgiving Compassionate.

130. O people who believe, earn no profit in multiples upon multiples, and refuge in God, may you achieve,

131. And shelter from the fire that is arranged for the darkened ones,

132. And obey God and His messenger, may you be mercified,

133. And hasten to God’s Forgiveness, and a Garden whose breadth is the heavens and the earth, arranged for those who refuge.

134. Those who expend in good fortune and in adversity, the restrainers of anger, who pardon all, God loves the radiant ones.

135. They are them who, if they committed sin or wronged themselves, remember God and beg forgiveness for their errors, and who forgives errors except God? And they do not persist on what they did knowingly.

136. Those, their reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens, the days stream underneath them, in them eternally, eminent is the reward of the hardworking ones.

137. Civilisations have gone by before, walk the earth and look what was the consequence for the liars.

138. This is a declaration to the people, and guidance, and counsel for those who refuge.

139. Feel no humility and grieve not, you are the loftiest if you are believers.

140. If an injury touches you, a similar injury has touched the people, these are the days, we circulate them amongst the people, so God know those who believed, and take of you witnesses, and God loves not the darkened ones.

141. To elicit those who have believed, and quash the darkened ones.

142. Or did you think you would enter the Garden, and God has not known those of you who have strived? And that He knows the forbearing ones.

143. And you had wished for death before you met Him, and now you have seen Him as you look.

144. And what is Mohammad? But a messenger, messengers have (come and) gone before him, so where did he die or get killed? You have turned up-side-down, he who turns up-side-down will harm not God in anything, and God will reward the grateful ones.

145. No self is to die except by God’s leave, in a written destiny, and he who wants the reward of the low life, We bring it to him, and he who wants the reward of the hereafter, We bring it to him, and We will recompense the grateful ones.

146. And how many prophets, and with them fought godly men? Many; and they did not wane of what struck them in God’s Way, and did not weaken, and did not tire, and God loves the forbearing ones.

147. And their say was only to say: “our Lord, forgive our trespasses and our extravagance in our aim, firm our feet, and make us triumphant over the darkened people”.

148. So God brought to them the reward of the low life and the radiant reward of the hereafter, and God loves the radiant ones.

[God’s Triumph is coming, and the Opener, and you will see the people embracing God’s religion by the millions, all around the world, of all races and religions, languages and colours, those who have not bowed to stones, and neither have they to symbols and places, stars, sun or moon or anything that He created, there is truth in their hearts that the Tyrannum could not suppress, and light in their minds that darkness could not put out, the Existential Sun has indeed arisen, we witnessed it before as we witness it now, by His Leave,

In the afternoon of the tenth day of Dhu’l-Hijjah, cut red ripe tomatoes, O believers, and eat them wholesome, there is no call to slaughter innocent life, we were made to cut them and eat them, in time ancient and now, it took centuries for the tomatoes to cross the ocean,

A major event has occurred, rejoice O believers, and celebrate the days of The Festival of The Light (3eed al-da7yyah),

Thus the evil neck has been slaughtered, as it is written in The Glorious Book, to His Sovereignty the cosmii submit, and so do the laws and so do time and place, all submit to Him of awe of His Majesty and Might, willingly and despitefully all submit,

Not a dot escapes His Encompassment, neither a dot of place and nor a dot of time, Bountiful is He, Deus, Allah, Brahman, Compassion The Compassionate, His are the Radian Names and Summa, The Lord of the two worlds.]

149. O people who believe, if you obey those who have darkened, they will turn you backward, and turn your losers.

150. It is God Who is your Master, and He is the Good of all the supporters.

151. We will instil panic in the hearts of those who darkened, of what they affixed to God, upon which He descended no authority, their shelter is hell, low-down is the abode of the darkened ones.

152. And God fulfilled His promise: when you feel them out by His leave, so that if you fail and dispute about the Aim, and disobey after He showed you what you desire, some of you want the low world, and some want the hereafter, then He released you form them to try you, and He forgave you, and God has elevated the believers,

153. As you climb unwavering to The One, and the messenger calls you for your hereafter, so He rewarded you by misfortune upon misfortune, so you may not grieve over what you missed, and neither over what struck you, and God is The Knower of what you do.

154. Then He descended on you amen sleepiness dazing a group of you, and a group: their egos concerned them, they reckon of God lawlessness, a heathen reckoning, they say: “is anything of the aim up to us?” say: “the Aim is all God’s”, they hide in their selves what they do not disclose to you, they say: “if it were up to us we would  be killed right here”, say: “if you were in your homes it would show up”, those upon whom the killing was written, to their bedrooms, and so God try what is in you chests, and elicit what is in your hearts, God is The Knower of the spirit in the chest.

155. Those of you who diverted, the day the two peoples met, it was Satan who made them slip by what they had earned, and God has forgiven them, God is Forgiving Loving.

156. O people who believe, be not like those who darkened and said to their brethren when they [those who darkened] voyaged the earth or were invaders: “if they were with us they would not die or get killed”, so God makes it a regret in their hearts, and God enlivens and deadens, and God is seer of what you do.

157. If you were killed in God’s Way or died: it is forgiveness from God and Compassion, and better than what they collect.

158. And if you died or were killed it is to God that you will be gathered.

159. So it is by God’s Compassion that you [the messenger] are lenient to them, and if you were harsh and hard-hearted they would break from around you, so forgive them and ask for forgiveness for them, consult them about the Aim, and once you are determined rely upon God, God loves those who rely.

160. If you [the believers] triumph by God, no conqueror is of you, and if He fails you, who ever will make you triumphant after Him? Upon God the believers rely.

161. And no prophet was to scoop [take booty at war time], he who scoops will come with what he has scooped the Day of the Uprise, and every self will be paid back what she has earned, and they will not be wronged.

162. Is he who sought God’s Contentment similar to the one who settled on resentment from God? His shelter is the low world, low-down is such a destiny.

163. They are in ranks in God, God is Seer of what they do.

[So if we are being harsh and hard-hearted now, it is because lenience has been exhausted, and time, soon, will be too.

So pray to God and thank Him, be grateful to Him and pay homage to Him, that He gave Leave for His Word to be announced to you, of Compassion and Love, The Bestower of Forgiveness, The Acceptor of Repentance, the worlds are needy of His Providence, they exist in His Sustenance, He surrounds them, in them above them, not of need, but of Bountifulness (Barakah), He spreads them He folds them, not by a Gesture of His Hand, but to the looking eye, Bountiful is He, Allah, Brahman, Compassion The Compassionate, The Lord of all the worlds.]

164. God has outpoured upon the believers, when He remitted amongst them a messenger from their own selves, announcing to them His verses, purifying them, and educating them in The Book and The Philosophy, though they were before in a distancing bewilderment.

165. And when calamity struck you, and you had overcome a smaller similar, you said: “why is this?” say: “it is from your own selves”, God is Capable of all things.

166. And what struck you the day the two peoples met was by God’s Leave, so He knows the believers.

167. And so He knows the hypocrites, who were told: “come on, fight in God’s Way or defend”, they said: “if we knew fighting we would follow you”, they are to darkness thence closer than they are to belief, they say by their mouths what is not in their hearts, and God knows best what they conceal.

168. Those who advised their brethren and sat: had they obeyed us they would not be killed, say: “shield yourselves from death if you were honest”.

169. And think not those killed in God’s Way dead, rather alive in The Providence of their Lord’s,

170. Joyful in what God brought to them of His Loftiness, cheering to those who have not followed them of their descendants: that no fear takes them and they grieve not.

171. Cheering to Goodness from God and Loftiness; and that God wastes not the reward of the believers.

172. Those who responded to God and the messenger after wounds struck them, to those of them who radiated and took refuge: is a great reward.

173. Those who were told by the people: “the people have mustered for you, so fear them”, so He increased their faith, and they said: “God suffices us, and is the True Patron”.

174. So they turned with Good from God and Loftiness, no evil touched them, they followed Contentment of God’s, and God has the Loftiest Grace.

175. But it is Satan who frightens his servants, fear them not, and fear Me, if you are amen (believers).

176. And grieve not over those who hasten to darkness, they will harm God none, God wants not to make a share for them in the hereafter, and they have a great suffering.

177. Those who exchanged faith for darkness will harm God none, they have a painful suffering.

178. Let not those who darkened reckon that what We dictate to them is good for their selves, verily, We dictate to them so they increase in sinfulness, and they have a demeaning suffering.

179. God was not to desert the believers in what you [all the people] are on, until He sorted out the rot from the top, and God was not to reveal to you the unseen, but God brings whomever He will of His messengers, so believe in God and His messengers, and if you believe and take refuge you get a great reward.

180. And let not those who are attached to what God has given them from His Grace think it is good for them; nay, it is evil for them, they will be rounded by what they are attached to the Day of the Uprise, and God has the inheritance of the heavens and the earth, and God is, in what you do, All Informed.

181. God has heard the say of those who said that God is needy and we are wealthy, We will write what they said, and their killing of the prophets by lawlessness, and We will say: “experience the suffering of the fire,

182. “That of what your hands have offered”, and God wrongs not His Creation.

183. Those who said: that God entrusted us not to believe a messenger until he comes to us with a sacrifice consumed by hell, say: “there have come to you messengers before me with evidence and with what you have said, so why did you kill them, if you were honest?”

[The sacrifice of every messenger is his physical life consumed by hell, to live to die, and help live and die.]

184. If they falsify you, many a messenger before you was falsified; they came with the evidence, and the Oracles and the Enlightening Book.

185. Every self is experiencer of death, that so, you are recompensed with your rewards the Day of the Uprise, so he who is removed from hell and made to enter the Garden is the winner, and the low lives are none but the pleasures of illusion.

186. You will be tried by your possessions and your egos, you will hear from those who were given The Book before you, and those who affixed, a lot of harm, and if you forbear and refuge, this is of determination about the Aim.

187. And when God took the Oath of those who were given The Book: that you make it known to the people and you conceal it not, they refuted it behind their backs and exchanged it for petty gain, low-down is what they exchanged.

188. Think not that those who rejoice of what they did, and like to be thanked for what they did not do, think not that they are exempt from suffering, they have a painful suffering.

189. And to God is The Monarchy of the heavens and the earth, and God is Capable of all things.

190. Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the consecution of the day and the night, are paragons for those who have a heart.

191. Those who remember God, up-standing, down-sitting, on their sides [postures of the soul in the early days of Existence], and they contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth: “our Lord, Thou didst not create this by falsehood, Transcendent Thou art, shelter us from the suffering of hell,

192. “Our Lord, he whom Thou submit to the fire, Thou have shamed, the darkened ones have not supporters.

193. “Our Lord, we have heard a caller calling to faith, that believe in your Lord, so we believed, our Lord, so forgive us our trespasses, and cover us from our wrongs, and redeem us with the dear ones,

194. “Our Lord, and bring to us what Thou didst promise us by Thy messengers, make us not grieve the Day of the Uprise, indeed Thou dost not break a promise”.

195. So their Lord responded to them: I waste not the labour of a labourer of you, of an alpha or an omega, those of you from those of you, so those who abandoned and were driven out of their homes and were harmed in My Way, and they fought and got killed, I will cover them from their wrongs, I will enter them in Gardens, the days stream underneath them, a reward from God, God has the most radiant reward.

196. Be not deluded by the returning of those who darkened, in the world.

 197. A little leisure, then their shelter is the low world, and the worst home.

198. As for those who took refuge in their Lord, for them are Gardens, the days stream underneath them, eternal in it, a residence from God, and what God has is Good for the dear ones.

199. And of the people of the Book are those who believe in God, and what was descended onto you [the believers], and what was descended onto them, they are in awe of God, they exchange not God’s verses for petty gain, those, they have their reward in their Lord, God rewards swiftly.

200. O people who have believed, forbear and help others to forbear, and restrain (passion) and refuge in God, may you achieve.


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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