Surah 43

The Decoration


1. Ha’ Meem,

2. By the Clarifying Book,

3. We have made it a Lectrum Articulate (Qur’an Arabic) may you discern,

4. And it is the Aim of the Book: with Us: of a Lofty Ruler,

5. So shall We withdraw the remembrance, in exclusion of you, if you were a people extravagant?

6. For, how many a prophet have We sent to the early ones?

7. No prophet came to them that they did not deride,

8. So We vanquished those even more striking than them, and pass it did: the example of the early ones.

9. And if you asked them: who created the heavens and the earth? They would certainly say: created them: The Exalted The Knower.

10. He Who made the earth plane for you, and made routes in it for you, may you be guided,

[Place is continuous only by the routes of logic,

Place is themes of mind,

And the first solar system, when the land was plane and mountainous and valeyful, place was announced and unravelled by humanity,

Each place, in its position on the discus, reflects a theme and hence inspires the culture of life and death in it,

And when you are in a place: stand back and look: the theme,

It holds lots of secrets,

And you have seen it before in a different physical manifestation, and in your dreams,

Place lives, dies and reincarnates, by the laws of nature,

Routes are only logical in the mind,

And the verse is alluding to the routes of the mind which lead to salvation.]

11. And He, Who dropped from the sky water measured, so We expressed by it a dead land, thus you are brought out,

12. And He, Who created all the pairs and made for you the orbiting planets and the Bounties, that you do not overtop,

13. So you may straighten upon His Manifestation, then you remember your Lord’s Bounty as you straightened upon Him, and say: “transcends He Who consecrated this to us, and so long as we are to Him adjacent,

14. “And to our Lord we turn.”

15. And they made to Him, of His servants, a part; indeed man is in dividing darkness,

16. Or does He take of what He creates the females, and privileges you with the males?

17. And if one of them is given the glad tidings of what He draws of Compassion of a Model, his face remains black and intimidated.

18. [Is that the same as] the one who is brought up with endowment, while He is in Absentia, Inconspicuous?

[So when we tell you that honest belief is an existential, spiritual, cognizant rank, by now, and if you are believers, you should believe.

Had they been, those mighty words would have taken them to their locations in existence,

Man is made of his belief, truly the Ghita declares,

But the words settled on rocks and dead organic matter, alas, and as we read them correctly they will still argue, across the spectrum of beliefs, old and new.]

19. And they made the angels, who are the abiders in Compassion: females. Have they witnessed their creation? Their witness will be written, and they will be questioned.

[The question is about them, primarily. For those who did not witness their creation, those are the ones who chatter and flutter,

The echo of their commotion is still being heard;

As for those who are believers: those, they looked their Lord the first time the rectilinear was bound in a round and they said: “My Eye is Thy Eye”, then they witnessed Him every time thereafter.]

20. And they said: “had it been Compassion’s Will, we would not have been their inferior”; what knowledge have they of this? They are only dishonest.

21. Or did We give them a book before Him, so they are to it clinging?

22.  Contrarily, they say: “we found our ancestors on an aim, and we are by their footsteps guided.”

23. And similarly, We sent not a warner before you to a country, whose wealthy ones did not say: “we have found our ancestors on an aim, and by their footsteps we are guided.”

24. Say: “even if I bring to you what is better guidance than what you have found your ancestors on?” they said: “we are in what you have conveyed disbelievers.”

25. So We were retributive to them, look what was the consequence for the liars.

26. And when Abraham said to his father and his people: “I am free of what you worship,

27. “Except He Who illustrated me, He will guide me.”

28. And He made it a lasting word in his heirs, may they return.

29. Yea, I gave those and their ancestors pleasure, until The Law came to them and a messenger decisive.

30. And when The Law came to them [Gabriel the messenger] they said: “this is sorcery, we are in him disbelievers.”

31. And they said: “if only this Qur’an was descended to a prominent man of the two cities.”

32. Is it them who divide your Lord’s Compassion? And it is Us who divide between them their livelihoods in the low lives, and We raised some of them above some in degrees, so that some are dedicated to some, and your Lord’s Compassion is better than all they accumulate.

[So they followed a prominent man of the two cities, and they disbelieved the letters of SDQ (Zadok), which brought to them guidance, and reminded them of the conduct and the ethic of the Highest Standard (al-ma3roof), and called them to knowledge,

They followed the Tyrannum and the Tyrannum divides them by lawlessness and politics, by their full consent,

Low-down is their station, their masters do not guarantee their livelihoods they say they guarantee,

Their only guarantee is that they will drag them to the rock bottom of hell, where they came from, and when they see who those masters are they will be contrite.] 

 33. And had the people been of one aim … So We have made for those who have darkened to Compassion rooves of debris and oscillations [between earth and heaven] upon which they manifest.

34. And doors to their homes and beds for them to lie down,

35. And a decoration, and all this is but the pleasure of the low lives, and the hereafter in your Lord is for those who take refuge [in Him].

36. And he who is blinded about the remembrance of Compassion, We assign to him a demon, to be his compare,

37. They bar them from the Way, and they reckon they are guided,

38. Until he comes to Us, he says: “I wish that between me and You is as distant as the two Sun Rises” low-down is such a compare.

39. Your wrong-doing will be of no benefit to you today, you are all partners in the suffering.

40. Can you [the messenger] make yourself heard to the deaf, or guide the blind and those who are in a distancing bewilderment?

41. So as We go by you [the messenger] We are to them retributive,

42. And We shall show you what We promised them, for We are above them Capable,

43. So hold on well to what has been inspired to you, you are on the straight path,

44. And it is remembrance to you and your people, and you [all] will be questioned,

45. And ask those We sent before you, of Our messengers, did We make a god apart from Compassion for them to worship?

46. We sent Moses by Our Paragons to the Pharaoh and his commanders, he said: “I am a messenger from The Lord of the two worlds.”

[During the period of instability and strife over the throne of Egypt towards the end of Amenhotep III’s reign,

There were those who wanted to keep the status quo, of religion and politics, to insure the continuance of their dominance and institutes,

And Moses had visited The Báb (al-Khidre: The Green), at Tel Amarna, where his half-brother Joseph was staying, as we recounted to you in the Book of Joseph, and in other Surahs,

And Moses wanted to claim the throne of Egypt and to teach his Hebrew people a new monotheist religion, to free them from their pagan practices, and to elevate their social status in Egypt, from immigrant slaves to rule,

But it was his half-brother-son Tutankhamum, Aaron who managed to have the backup of the people and their dignitaries to ascend to the throne, at the displeasure of Moses.]

47. So when he came to them with Our Paragons, they could not stop laughing.

48. What We show them of a Paragon, [behold,] it is but bigger than its sister (its predecessor, or its lower companion), so We took them by suffering, may they return.

49. And they said: “O sorcerer, call your Lord for us in what He covenanted us by you, we have been guided.”

50. So when We relieved their suffering they broke at once.

51. And the Pharaoh [Tutankhamun, Aaron] called out to his people and said: “O people, do I not have the kingdom of Egypt, and these rivers flow underneath me, see you not?

52. “Am I not better than this who is humble and is barely seen?

53. “So why golden bracelets were not delivered to him, or came with him the angels adjacent?”

54. So he ridiculed his people, and they obeyed him, indeed they were aberrant people.

55. So when they infuriated us, We were retributive to them, and We drowned them all [in the lows of hell].

56. So We made them a precedent and an example for the others.

[And Egypt, since, has been the hell of dark beliefs and practices, and every time messengers came to set them on the straight path, they reverted to their pagan passions, and prophecies of ancient Egypt foretold.

Not unlike Greece, Persia, Mesopotamia, India, Maya, Arabia, where God’s Religion was first delivered, but heathenry survived.

Those peoples have lost the hereafter, and with their delusion and falsehood they have also lost their low lives.

And people will argue: where is the proof of what you say?

We say: where is the proof of what you say?

There is not a shred of logical, philosophical or archaeological evidence of any of their interpretations or the history they recount,

Religious creeds have been established, wars have been waged, countries have been founded, and claims big and small have been made, all not on one shred of evidence,

But rather on theories they built on some supernatural intervention they have assumed and want the world to accede.

Their theories are false, their interpretations of God’s Books are wrong; we have proven to you beyond any doubt, if you are honest.

And as they are all desperate now to find evidence, we offer it to them on a gold platter,

And we say: go back to the old scripts and re-read them, impartially,

They should bring out the old documents they have, and show them to the world,

Then, we assure you, that they will find proof of what we have brought to you, if they are honest.]

57. And when the son of Mary was given as a Model, behold, your [the messenger’s, then and every time] people turn away from him.

58. And they said: “our gods are better”; or is what they whip up for you but argumentation? Nay, they are a people of dissent.

59. He [the son of Mary] is but an abider [in his Lord]; We have bestowed on him and made him a Model for the peoples of Israel.

60. Will We, We would make of you angels in the earth as inheritors.

61. And that is knowledge of the Hour, so be not deniers of it and be guided by Me, this is My Straight Path.

62. And let not Satan bar you, he is for you a dividing enemy.

63. And when Jesus came with the evidence, said he: “I have brought to you the philosophy, and to clarify to you some of that, about which you disputed, take refuge in God and obey me,

64. “God is my Lord and your Lord (my Father and your Father, if the Gospels are quoted), worship Him, this is a Straight Path.”

65. So the sects were in disaccord between one another, woe to those who did wrong from the suffering of a painful day.

66. Do they await but the Hour, that it comes to them unexpectedly, while they are not feeling?

67. The intimate friends are thence enemies of one another, except those who took refuge.

68. O abiders in Me, no fear takes you today, and you grieve not.

69. Those who believed our Paragons and were surrenderers (Muslims),

70. Enter the Garden, you and your pairs (alphas) are complemented.

71. Hovering above them in planes of gold and goblets, in it is what the selves love and the eyes delight in, you are in it for eternity,

72. This is the Garden that you have been bequeathed, of what you have done,

73. In it for you is an abundance of fruit of which you eat.

[Far from being a holiday resort, the world described in those verses and other ones is a world in which only the fit can enter and survive,

Where the station of the mind has to be at a level that can comprehend, can a frog thrown in the air fly?

Darkened people cannot understand the material nature, in which they live,

They see it run by their mosaic laws and supernatural intervention, so what will they do and the entire cosmos is open in their heads?]

74. Verily, the criminals are in the suffering of the low world for eternity.

75. It is not mitigated for them, in it they are cut off.

76. We wronged them not, yea, themselves they did wrong.

77. They call out: “O Monarch, let your Lord finish us”, he says: “you are in it residing,

78. “We have come to you by The Law, but most of you are of The Law hateful.”

79. Or have they contrived an aim [for themselves]? We are the contrivers.

80. Or think they that We hear not their secrets and confides? Yea, and Our messengers with them are reporting.

81. Say: “had Compassion had a child, I would have been the prime worshipper.”

82. Transcends He, The Lord of the heavens and the earth, The Lord of The Throne, what they describe.

83. So leave them in their commotion and play, until they meet their Day that they have been promised.

84. And He is Who is God in the heaven, and God in the earth, He is The Knower The Sovereign.

85. Bountiful is He Who has the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them; has He the knowledge of the Hour, to Him you will be returned.

[And if you have been attempting, you would ask: what is between the heavens and the earth, as has been said many times?

For, when you enter the heavens, while your heart is pounding, you will hang between,

This Grand Book has left neither a major nor a minor thing that it did not remember, O you of a kernel.]

86. And those below Him who are invoked have no intercession, except those who witnessed by The Law in full knowledge.

87. And if you ask them who created them, they would certainly say: God; so why lie?

88. By his say: Lord, these are non-believing people.

89. So overlook them, and say: “Peace” for they will know.

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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