Surah 4
The Women

1. O people, refuge in your Lord, Who created you from one Self, and created from her: her pair, and disseminated from them many men and women; and refuge in God, by Whom you question, and in the compassionate ones [the messengers], God is over you Guardian.

[We quote from footnote 506 of “The Holy Qur’an, Text Translation and Commentary”, by Abdullah Yousuf Ali:

“... Sex, which governs so much of our physical life, and has so much influence on our emotional and higher nature, deserves – not our fear or our contempt, or our amused indulgence, but – our reverence in the highest sense of the term”

So, his statement explains why he and others who subscribe to such an ideology read verse 1 of this Surah as follows: (quote from the same reference)

“O mankind! Reverence your Guardian Lord, Who created you from a single Person, created, [of like nature] his mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women – Fear Allah, through Whom ye demand [your mutual rights] and (reverence) the wombs (that bore you): for Allah ever watches over you”

The parenthesis () are his, indicating his additions to the original text; the brackets [] are ours, indicating his additions which he did not indicate.

So, in his reading: god is to be feared, and the wombs must be “reverenced”, side-by-side.]

2. And approach the detached ones by their side, and exchange not the top by the rot, and consume not their money in addition to your money, this is a major detriment.

[So we quote from the same source the translation of the same verse:

“To the orphans, restore their property (when they reach their age) nor substitute (your) worthless [things] for (their) good [ones], and devour not their substance (by mixing it up) with your own, for this is indeed a great sin”.

The word which we translated to “detached” is the word yataamaa, which in its root yatama points to being isolated and detached, being orphaned included; hence the two layers of the verse,

And hence a commandment of closeness to the detached ones, who have abandoned their possessions and their hankering after worldly aims, and have lived in isolation, translates at the low level to a commandment of being just and compassionate to orphaned children: a commandment which a human being finds self-evident; one would have to have a heart of stone to even contemplate the contrary, and to require a book that descends from the sky to deter one from committing such a crime,

Some animals adopt orphaned animals willingly, even if not of their own kind, of a natural sense of compassion, only hearts of stone need reminders of the basic laws of nature.]

3. And if you fear that you may not have a part in the detachment [as in becoming detached], then copulate whomever you fancy of the women, twice, thrice or four times; and if you fear you may not abstain, then once, or your right hands [your souls or alphas] may not conquer, this is closer: that you do not indulge.

[So this is commanding that those who still have weakness and fear of abstinence, but have heard the call, should marry and copulate a few times, and if they fear that frequent sexual encounters may have them attached, then one encounter only, or they cannot conquer their egos (omegas), this is better than indulgence, as the verse terminates.

Married couples who wish to abstain should follow the commandments of Surah of The Cow, and follow in the light of it their good and honest nature.

Abstinence is not a compulsory thing in Religion; it is a path that one can take voluntarily, and if one decides not to take it, it does not make one less virtuous or furthers one from knowledge.

However, there is a stage of awareness where the soul shuns from sensual pleasures naturally, as she beams back to her beginning, that is her alpha, this is true abstinence.

Love and Beauty are of God’s Miracle of looking oneself in one’s mirror. One cannot help falling in love with one:

However, Beauty is untouchable, once touched it is ugliness.

It is this breakdown that only the very firm in knowledge, and the very powerful in faith can avoid, and verse 3 is a kind of discipline to those who feel they are close to jumping the high wall,

And if one cannot, one should not submit oneself to torturous disciplines, they cause ill mental and physical health, the Ghita as well as the Qur’an discourage pretentious abstinence,

Worst is when one pretends to be abstinent, in exhibition to the people of false holiness, better that they hold normal lives openly in the light of religious commandments, not being indulgent and nor being dishonest.

As for the “techniques” taught by the Gurus of India and in some Buddhist traditions: they achieve little: they are like one amputating one’s own arm to force one to refrain from action: they will be surprised, that the arm will not disappear in the next life, and the urge for action will not go, whether there is an arm or not: it is only the truth that can erase the illusions, otherwise it is an illusion erasing an illusion,

Hence, if one is not capable of Way, one should live a virtuous life happily, abiding by the commandments as we read them, and increase in knowledge as much as one can, until one is ready, if not in this life perhaps the next one: the call will be heard. 

And thus the three first verses of this Surah are coherent, they do not legitimise heathen traditions, and nor do they command the people to revere the woman’s womb or its content, in any way.

And even by their reading, if this verse is taken as a legitimisation of polygamy, it is overridden by verse 129 of this same Surah, which states unequivocally, that people cannot be just to multiple wives, therefore should go by verse 3 and have one only.

So we quote their understanding of verse 3, from the same source:

“If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or a (captive) that your right hands possess. That will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice”

In their reading, if they fear being unjust to the orphans, “by not restoring their property”, or by “devouring their substance”, all they have to do is to marry them, or marry their mothers, in the case they are males; then all that is unjust becomes just, and can be carried out without any qualms.

And further, if they fear they cannot be just between their women – their step-children not being a factor in the equation – then, “only one”, or “a captive”: a very grave statement indeed, to anyone with basic human decency.

“What your right hands possess” has been interpreted as: captives of war, slaves, and even paying money for sex, where there is no limit on the number of mistresses,

 We say this to deter the believers from falling down such traps, God’s Book was descended, the Torah, the Gospel and the Qur’an, to destroy heathen traditions and obscenity, and to elevate man to his humanity above the animal,

And perhaps it is too late for those who have lost their humanity altogether, those, they remain in their animal, whether they are given laws or not.

People who subscribe to such ideologies, in the East as well as the West, cannot see women except as an object of their pleasure, they are too quick to see the wrongs of other creeds, but fail to see their own, they see themselves morally superior to other creeds, only because their laws are different: but the content of their hearts and minds is same.

And it is false to assume that the Arabs of that time were all savages who needed such basic teaching; one has to read the pre-Islamic poetry of Antarah Ibn Shaddad and of Zuhair Ibn Abi-Salma, to see that there were believing Arab tribes in Arabia, prior to Islam,

Antara boasts of his fidelity to his only love Ablah, and turns his eyes away if his unwary neighbour is in his sight.

He also shuns from taking booty after battle.

As for Zuhair, he teaches a system of morality that is not driven by the carrot and the stick, and speaks of the One God, Allah, there is no God but He.

But when the great Egyptian writer Taha Hussein noted this and spoke out, he was silenced and accused of heresy.

And should this be surprising or blasphemous, as some scholars suggest? Islam was not the first message, and the Qur’an was conforming to what many Arab tribes had of the Torah and the Gospel, said the Qur’an.

So when we call on you, O believers, to reject their interpretations and the ideology therewith, it is to affirm your faith in God’s Teaching, and to free yourselves from the tyranny of narrow-mindedness, so you can be guided by the Grand Qur’an, The Book unquestionably.

Dark preachers will tell you that man is created weak and sinful, and hence the laws and the rituals.

We say: it is their own nature that is weak and sinful, and the laws and the rituals have taught them little.

People are indeed weak, but also mindful, and their mindfulness is stronger than any weakness they believe they have, and The Lord would not have sent his revered messengers or taught them His Word, had He not endowed them with the Power of the mind, the Power to discern His Teaching.

It is their own making whether their hearts are of stone and minds dead, or whether they are alive and conscious.

Those who have covered God’s Teaching by falsehood, and barred from the Way of God, should go back to The Grand Book they say they believe, to find out, what is the punishment of anyone who does that? For, they will be questioned, unquestionably, said The Book.]

4. And give women their dower gratuitously, and if you fancy them about a matter of self-gratification, then consume it happily agreeably.

5. And give not to the fools your side which God made upright for you, and provide them in it and protect them, and say to them a say of a High Standard.

[So those who want to marry (verse 4), should have no guilt if they cannot live a life of celibacy and contemplation,

And those who cannot understand such teaching (verse 4), they are happier in ignorance, they are not fit for knowledge, the believers are commanded in the Gospel: give not your sacred things to the dogs and offer not your jewels to the pigs; and in the Ghita when Arjuna is told not give Krishna’s teaching to those who cannot understand it and are derisive of it; and here in the Qur’an,

This is the esoteric path which all believers all around the world have trodden, they have the guardian-ship of The Sacred Philosophy, they are commanded to guide the people and demonstrate to them the Highest Standard.

So shall we recount to you part of the story of Prophet Joseph, in the peak of his youth and manhood, he was tempted by a young lady of legendary beauty, in a scene resembling a sensual paradise, in the palaces of the biggest empire of that time, he saw The Proof: as told The Qur’an: he was killed, and tears of joy poured out of his godly eyes, of repentance, submission and gratitude to his Lord for saving him from drowning, and asked the king to isolate him from the commotion of the palace, he spent his life learning and teaching.

Or shall we tell you part of the story of the Indian man, after he was married and had two children, he remembered Prophet Joseph’s triumph, he learned The Ghita and The Qur’an, and taught his Disciples that there is only One, and that He sends one teaching to mankind, far from pagan rituals.]

[We are happy with the different interpretations of the verses which we will not read of this Surah; those are legislative. And if people choose to adopt any one of those interpretations it is entirely their choice.

But we do remind all, that hoarding of money and possessions of any kind is forbidden in our reading, and hence the law of inheritance becomes superfluous, for those who choose to take the straight path,

We see that laws of any kind are meant to manage human interaction in place and time, and the virtue of God’s Teaching inspires righteous behaviour in every respect, this is true abidance by God’s Law.

Moreover, we see that the passing down of massive fortunes and business empires to one’s descendants deepen the financial and hence the social divisions between people, and entrenches the cast system of ancient heathen time, which, needless to say, is still a major vice of today’s.

If one has to pass down some money or possessions to one’s descendants, in today’s world which is still ruled by money, it should be cut down to a bare minimum.

And undoubtedly, it is better, if young people are left to struggle alone, to learn and earn by their own hard work, in every respect.]


15. And those of your women who commit an obscenity, have four witnesses of them from you, and if they do give witness, then hold them in the house until death redeems them, or that God may make a way for them.

16. And the two of you who commit it, bother them, so if they repent and reform disregard them, God is The Acceptor of Repentance, The Compassionate.

17. That so, repentance before God is for those who do wrong out of ignorance, then repent soon after, those, God accepts repentance from them and God is The Knower The Sovereign.

18. And repentance is not from those who do wrong until death is present to them: they say: “I repent now”; and neither is it for those who die darkened, those We have arranged for them severe suffering.


[The word which we translated to “bother” of verse 16 is of the root of adhaa, covers a range of actions, so our choice is meant to show that corporal or excessive psychological harm are not prescribed, and the ‘holding’ of women in the house until ‘death redeems’ them is not a life sentence, and as the verse continues, it is supervision, until they have matured and found their own way, as in marriage.

And this is not an uncommon practice in conservative societies around the world and throughout the ages, when teenage boys or girls, are not allowed to live a life without limits, so they do not fall victims to people who prey on naive and vulnerable people, the consequences of which can be devastating for a life time.

God’s Book does not condone preoccupation with sensual pleasures of any kind, even in the context of marriage: marriage is not a licence to indulge in sensuality, as verse 223 of Surah of The Cow points to those who understand.

And honour crimes which are committed in the world, in the name of religion, are thus a heathen tradition, and scholars and people of influence watch and remain silent, believing it is god’s will,

 And God’s Book was descended to break heathen traditions, and never to ratify them.

Conception, delivery, nursing and raising of children, as a natural consequence of sexual encounters is a karmic law, a karmic law which complements the joy of sensual love by the experience of a higher love, free from sexual expression, and a reminiscent of early days of existence.

By tampering with the sequence of natural events, the foolish reckon they can pick events and evade events: of dire consequences: karma is the restoration of balance.

The pleasures of the skin torment the heart and blind the mind, and love is the peace of the heart and the mind.

And people have weakness and will err, but this makes them not evil, but this is what dark preachers have told the world, so by their penal systems they subdue the crowds.

People cannot punish people justly, karma can.

People are driven by their own passions and fear; their ideologies revolve around their definitions of right and wrong, upon which they set their laws, to unleash their spite and subdue their fear.

Honest people do not expect to be rewarded or dignified for vilifying or punishing people, honest people have an urge to protect others and guide them, as the Book commands.

Not only have the laws failed to rekindle virtue in dark people’s hearts, but they also have failed to make the world a safer place for the weak and the vulnerable.

Those who prey on the weak and vulnerable must be barred, must be barred, so they cannot harm anyone as long as they are alive,

But the revengeful penal systems, of the past and the present, have afforded reason today to excuse crime,

And in the pursuit of wealth and fame: some will criminate people like themselves; and some will help criminals like themselves, get away with hideous crime.

And in the pursuit of wealth and fame: some will study and research the chemical indicators of criminal tendencies in criminals’ bodies, to conclude that it is them: the culprit, so they can brew the counter chemicals,

But no penal system, no medical treatment will curb criminal behaviour:

Medical science may be able to correlate criminal behaviour with certain chemicals occurring naturally in the brain, but it will not be able to determine which triggers which:

The fact that chemicals, introduced or controlled, in one’s body do alter one’s emotions and state of mind, and hence one’s behaviour: does not prove that emotions, thoughts and actions are bi-products of the chemistry of one’s body.

Those who subscribe to the ideologies founded on empirical science, think it is the only instrument man has to understand what man has: they will panic, if we tell them that thoughts and emotions exist, not as a bi-product of chemicals, but as a potential or actual existence: because they do not have a gadget which can detect them,

Technology will detect whatever a discretionary, willing, self-conscious mind instructs it to detect, and however it designs it to detect it, and detection or the shortage of it are in the mind.

So, as soon as the subject of justice and punishment, and perception and prevention of crime, is brought up, the doors of heaven and hell open wide,

And the questioning of oneself takes over one’s self in intelligent and honest people’s minds, those who do not take what they have chanced upon from their fathers for absolute.

Criminal tendencies in people are the result of many lives, and many factors in each life, that are near impossible to identify and count,

What societies can do is to provide the environment that does not exacerbate criminal tendencies or even host them, and we will, The Lord willing, give you some direction, in a future writing.]


22. And copulate not with the ones with whom your fathers have copulated, except what has passed, this is an obscenity abhorred, and a bad custom.

[Anyone with a descent human mind will see no condition under which one can marry his step-mother, after his father’s death, hence the verse is unequivocal.

So “what has passed” must refer to such marriages which were committed by heathen people before Islam.

The physical death of a person and his or her absence from a scene does not take away the values which make up the scene: values remain and images come and go; but this is too difficult a hint for the people whose values are materialistic, they measure by matter, it is their only hope, and their paradise is a holiday resort.

What God forbids, He forbids it because it demeans man and increases his suffering, and what Satan legitimises, he legitimises it to pull man down the breaches of hell.]

23. Those prohibited to you [all] are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your paternal aunts, your maternal aunts, your fraternal nieces, your sororal nieces, your foster mothers who have nursed you, your sisters by nursing, your wives’ mothers, your foster-daughters in your households from your women (in whose households) you have entered, so if you have not entered them (in their households) then you are not in error, the (women) legitimate to your sons which are from your loins, and that you combine between two sisters, except what has passed, God is Forgiving Compassionate.

[While most of these prohibitions are self-evident to anyone with a grain of human decency, two of them are there to test the content of one’s heart:

The first being the prohibition of your “foster-daughters”, a term which includes step-daughters in Arabic, of the women “you have entered”, and that if you have “not entered” them, then you are not in error.

So, if you write your marriage (an Arabic expression which means to perform the formal marriage agreement by Islamic law) to a woman who has a daughter: before copulating with her you can write your marriage to her daughter, by their reading, and thus you settle with a woman and her daughter, both being your wives, in this legal farce.

All the verses of Surah of The Women legislating marriage were given to the prophet to extend one’s family, so that it engulfs as many people that one interacts with as possible, so that the virtues of fraternity and parenthood overwhelm one, and sex does not: the flesh of the pig is prohibited to the believers.

The women you have entered are those in whose households you have been as a child or as an adult,

Thus your cousins are your sons and siblings, and so too are all your extended family’s children, their sons and daughters are your sons and daughters and siblings, even your close friends and their children with whom you lived under one roof some times as a child or as an adult, they too are your extended family, and marrying their daughters is forbidden.   

This is God’s holy family, the family of believers who sanctify human relations and human virtue.

Marriage becomes lawful only between complete strangers.

The marriage between cousins, especially if repeated over several generations, has proven to have dire consequences on the physical and mental well-being of the children produced therewith, it leaves them with incurable illnesses and mental retardation, it has all the marks of incest.

And the purpose is not only physical and mental health, but indeed human virtues:

Thus the children of one’s nursing mothers are also forbidden, not because breast milk alters one’s genes, but because it creates human ties between the nursing mother and the nursed child,

These are matters of great importance, they set one on one path or another, we can only hint to them; for, in the beginning all beings were siblings, and the permission given to a couple to copulate is very special,

But those who take things in their own hands, they bring suffering onto themselves, by the laws of nature, not by revengeful gods and their agents in the earth,

Hence the Surah of Multiplication (Suarh 102) was due:

Amused (you have been) by multiplication; until you have visited the tombs; nay, you will realise; and nay, you will realise; nay, if only you realise a realisation of certitude; and you will question (be questioned) then about The Good”.

The people of the Book believe they do their god a favour when they produce; but God created the worlds and what is yet to come, and the world is needless of man’s animality.

The second being the prohibition of the women “legitimate to your sons” which are of your loins:

So they were able to read that they could not share their sons’ women with their sons,

So they interpret the prohibition as a prohibition applicable during the lifetime of their sons which are not of their loins, inapplicable after their death; and a prohibition applicable during and after the lifetime of their sons which are of their loins.

So once again, the human values constituting a family are dropped and substituted by physical ones, and the women which have been, for years, members of their family, and perhaps dwelt with them under the same roof as their own daughters, become potential partners, in the hearts which have no limits to their desires.

So the condition of “of your lions”, what is its real purpose? Is it only to forbid marrying your daughters-in-law who have been widowed? A most self-evident prohibition to anyone with a grain of decency and a discerning mind,

We announce to you why this condition was set, the verses of the Grand Book are not the chattering of an old man pretending to be wise, and neither are they announced to the minds incapacitated by lust, the verses of the Grand Book are God’s Inspiration to His messenger, He created the worlds, and people’s thoughts and hankering,

The expression: “the women legitimate to your sons” (7alaa’il abnaa’ikum), points as it says, to the women which your sons can legitimately marry, but have not necessarily married, in a potential sense.

It is not uncommon in Arabic to use this expression in a potential sense,

Thus, all the women to which your sons of your loins can legitimately be married: are your prohibitions: no woman is excluded,

And subsequently, all the women of the world are prohibited to you, if you have sons of your own,

And this puts an end to the tradition of remarriage: whether men are widowers, or just separated from their wives for whatever reason.

Are childless men, or men who have daughters but no sons, exempt from this ruling? Are widowed men who are left with young children, and who have not a community to support them, exempt from this ruling? Some will probably argue the affirmative, and societies’ perceptions change in place and time, and special circumstances require special ruling, yet the principle is clear: remarriage is not permissible, and values do not change.

Of course, those who think are clever, will also chart Venn Diagram to check the exclusions and the inclusions; but matters of humanity cannot be sorted out by sophists or accountants.]

24. And the fortressed of the women [who have chosen a life of celibacy], excepting what your right hands possess [those who are holding an ordinary righteous life], [are] God’s prescription on you [to support them, without an expectation of a reward], and beyond that, it is legitimate to you that you acquire [things] by your monies, fortressingly and not incestuously, so for what you enjoy of them [of any work they do for you] give them their rewards, obligatorily [as opposed to the fortressed women, who should be supported, unconditionally], and you are not in error if you come to an agreement [of marriage] after the obligation, God is The Knower The Sovereign.

[Those who dedicate their lives to the service of others, and live a selfless life, the verse commands, must be supported, unconditionally. And far from encouraging laziness and dependence on others, this is a choice that believers take, to dedicate their lives to The Lord.

It is when religion is institutionalised that this practice becomes a career choice, and you see different institutes competing with one another, the Qur’an banned this blatantly.]

25. And those of you who are not capable of graciousness: that they cannot copulate with the fortressed believing women, then with what your right hands possess of your believing girls, God is The Knower of your faith, some of you are of some of you, so copulate with them by their family’s permission, and give them their rewards by The Standard, [as they are] fortressed and not incestuous and not taking lovers; and if they are fortressed [in your household] and if they commit an obscenity, due on them: half of what is due on the fortressed ones [who choose a life of celibacy] of the suffering [as in verses 15 and 16], this is for those of you who fear sin, and if you forbear it is better for you, God is Forgiving Compassionate.

26. God wants to distance to you – and to guide you – the customs of those before you, God is All Knowing Sovereign.

27. And God wants to bestow repentance on you, and those who follow lust want to divert you in a major diversion.

 [So those words pointed to different things in people’s minds, but as verses 26 and 27 declared, and every honest believers knows, God’s word was sent to destroy the customs of heathenry,

And if obscenities are perpetrated under new rules, and under the cover of rituals, they will still divert one, and sink one deep in one’s skin.

So we have read them to you, with appropriate punctuation and explanation to clarify their intimation.

Those who have sunk deep in their skin will be furious, to find out what they legitimised for themselves is the darkness of their own minds,

God’s Book has proven to be high above their reach, they asked for guidance, and when it came they rejected it, they asked for bewilderment, they granted it to themselves,

They will have to stand before their Lord, and The Book will be opened, and they have to answer His Questions, said The Qur’an.]


34. Men are reformers of women: by what God elevated some of them over some, and by what they expended of their possessions; for, the righteous females are contemplative, guardians of the unseen, by what God guards; as for those of whom you fear their deviation, counsel them, abandon them in the bed, strike (boycott) them, so if they obey you be not excessive in means, God is The Lofty The Mighty.

[Opposite to what interpreters have interpreted, this is to abolish the heathen tradition of the superiority of men over women, by the virtue of them being the bread earners and being males, and to cancel the blank cheque for men to commit hideous crimes in the rages of anger, and by the implicit approval of governments and religious authorities.

The word that we translated to “reformers” is qawwaamoon, which does not mean “superior” or “being in charge” by any stretch of the Arabic language; from the etymon of qaama yaqoomo, it is ism faa3il of qawwama, which is qawwaam, which translates precisely and accurately to “reformer”, check your Arabic dictionaries if in doubt.

And how many times have you seen couples, where it is the man who is heedless and irresponsible, and it is the woman who is wise and righteous and intelligent? And the verse hints it clearly, to the honest reader;

And in today’s modern societies, how often have you seen that the woman is also a bread winner, and perhaps is more capable of the man;

But under heathen laws she has to supplicate, because, they tell her it is god’s law; it is not God’s law.

And how many times have you seen the man, betraying the sanctity of marriage, going by the clause “what your right hands possess”, believing it is the right that god gave him, to satisfy an insatiable lust.

But as soon as they decide that a woman has shamed them, and they do not even go by the rule of “four witnesses”, a beating, a disfiguration or a death sentence is carried out, by the justice of the pack.

They call them inappropriately “honour crimes”, we call appropriately “dishonour crimes”.

Tell them: like the female burned alive will be questioned: why was she killed, also every woman who has been, by the pagan laws which God forbade, and after He Forbade them, let it be known,

They will be questioned as said the Mighty Book they say they believe, and much so: the people in charge: of self-proclaimed religious authority and governments, for their acquiescence.

But the verse goes beyond, it is saying that those who spend their possessions, that is their attachments to worldly things, those are the reformers of their spouses, regardless of their gender, as the verse continues.  

So those who want to set on the Way of knowledge, be they the men or the women, must counsel their spouses, abandon them in bed, boycott them if need be, without being excessive in means, because this is not always an easy journey for the partner who is not ready.]

36. And abide in God, affix nothing to Him, radiantly with The Parents, and the ones in nearness, and the ones in seclusion, and the poor, and the neighbour in nearness, and the neighbour deviant, and the companion on the side, and the one on the Way, and so long as your alphas rule, God loves not the vain and arrogant.

37. Those who are parsimonious and command the people of parsimony and conceal what God has brought to them of His Abundance, We have arranged for the darkened ones demeaning suffering.

38. And those who  spend their monies in exhibition to the people, and they believe not in God and neither in the Last Day, he whose compare is Satan, so he is a bad company.

39. And what is on them, if they believed in God and the Last Day, and they expended what God provided them, and God is The Knower of them.

40. God wrongs no one a grain worth, if it is good He multiplies it, and bring from Him a great reward.

41. So how about if We bring from every people a witness, and bring you [the messenger] on those as a witness.

42. Thence, those who darkened and disobeyed the messenger, wish the earth is rectified by them and (that) they conceal not the Discourse of God’s.

43. O people who believe, approach not the prayers drunk, until you know what you say, and neither deviant, except if crossing a road, until you cleanse yourselves, and if you were sick or on travel, and you have come from the feculence; or, [if] you have touched women and found no [seminal] water, bathe in the Good Substance, touch with your faces and hands, God is Forgiving Pardoning.

44. Have you not seen those who were given a part of The Book? The buy bewilderment, and they want that you lose the Way.

45. Of those who reverted, (are those who) edge the word about its locations, and they say: we listened and disobeyed, and “listen (Thou Who is) not listened to, and be lenient with us”, twisting their tongues, stabbing Religion, and if they said: “we have listened and have obeyed” it would be good for them and upright, but God has cursed them in their darkness, they believe only little.

46. And God is The knower of your foes, God is Sufficient Patron, Sufficient Supporter.

47. O people who have been given The Book, believe in what We descended, conforming with what you have, before We plunge faces to reverse them to their rears, or damn them like We damned the ones of the Sabbath, and God’s Aim was accomplished.

48. God pardons not affixing to Him, and He forgives below that for whomever He will, and he who affixes to God has fretted a great sin.

49. Have you net seen those who purify themselves? But it is God who purifies whomever He will, and they are not wronged one iota.

50. Look how they fret lies on God, enough distancing sinfulness to Him.

51. Have you not seen, those who were given a part of the Book, they believe in the clergy and the Tyrannum, they say to those who darkened: “those are better guided than those who are secured on the Way”.

52. Those are the ones which God has damned, and he who is damned by God has no supporter.

53. Or do they have a share of the Kingdom? Hence, do they not give a chip to the people.

54. Or do they envy the people for what God has given them of His Abundance, for We have given the people of Abraham the Book and The Philosophy, and have given them a great Property.

55. So, some have believed it, and some have shunned from it, so the low world (jahannam) is a sufficient hell.

56. Those who darkened to Our verses, We place them in hell, every time their skins mature We exchange them for other skins, to experience the suffering, God is The Exalted The Sovereign.

57. And those who believed and did good, We enter them in Gardens, the days stream underneath them, in it eternally, they have in them pairs immaculate, We enter them in a lasting protection.

[And humanity cannot rise to a higher life until she has realised her humanity.

And man’s morality is not a list of rules of behaviour, but rather, it is morality which dictates the rules of behaviour, in place and time.

For, morality is man’s aspiration to rise to a higher existence.

And those who are attached to the low life cannot comprehend what is being said: the monotheists have laws to which they adhere, of fear of punishment and in the hope of a permanent low life; and the atheists see morality as a mere necessity for survival in the low life.

Little do both realise, that by so believing, they have reduced their humanity to dust; and this is hardly surprising: do they not both believe that man was created from the clay of the earth?

For, morality is also a two-way street: from alpha to omega, and from omega to alpha.

So we tell you once again, you who have discerning minds, and spirit in your hearts, to look around in the world of the past and the present: the world which has been governed by the Tyrannum and the Clergy: and tell us if there is any hope for this world to reform itself and realise its humanity: by those every ideologies and laws which have brought its downfall.

But on the contrary: the Tyrannum and the Clergy tell you that it is because their laws have not been adhered to universally that the world’s peril.

So they continue recycling their same old mistakes, sharper and better.

Thus the cycle of self-destruction is accelerated, it is only a natural law, and they will be questioned.

Little do they understand that the laws of nature and their inspirations of mundane and heavenly laws can only be observed in the light of one’s mind.

But darkened people are attached to variables and the perishable, because this is all there is in darkness,

And those who see the laws as the purpose of their lives have to pretend to be in one place and time for their laws to be practicable, they have lost the low world and will lose the hereafter.

We have told them, and before the beginning of time, when they celebrated Iblis’s rebellion, and when they rushed down the branches of the evil tree, and every time humanity was said to be.

So we are tired of telling, and they are tired of not listening.

If humanity does not realise her humanity, she will not rise to a higher life.

And long times ago, and after the world was rounded, and the two worlds were separated, one is up-side-up and one is up-side-down, The Lord commanded the angels to go down the tunnels of hell, to witness the darkened people;

So the Mighty Qur’an told of the two parties who met: one fights in the Way of God’s, the other is darkened; those who fight in God’s way saw the others as an inferior like: the savages in the earth, of an inferior physique and mind,

The believers felt sorry for their brethren, they thought that perhaps The Lord, transcends He, was Harsh in His Mighty Judgement; The Lord, transcends He, told them to guide them;

When they talked, they had no idea; they could not even understand the working of nature, which the beasts of the wild could, easily,

This is the destiny of those who turned their faces away, when The Lord manifested in His Mighty Will the creation to the creation, to install Knowledge in their minds, and a longing to His Encounter.

Many times over, did they hide in self-imposed darkness: why? We asked them, they had only fear, envy and grudge.

So are you surprised, The Lord asked the believers, of the world they are?

So a few orbs of human existence on the earth have gone, and this is the last, which will end soon, those of the people of hell who have been guided will be victors, they will come back to the family of the believers, and those who were believers and preferred the low life, they will be losers, they will dwindle in lower beings, barred from knowledge, barred from the Gardens and the high planets.

And you can already see the marks on their physique and the capacity of their minds; the words of transcendence mean nothing to them, they take their lowest projection stubbornly and spitefully, this is their share of the Mighty Book,

If you look their faces as they read, an expression of repudiation and arrogance and spite reflects, Satan inspires them, the world will be scornful of them, they belong in its bottom rot.

Sinful are they, every time they wash believing they purify themselves; sinful every time they pray while drunk, for they do not know what they say; sinful every time they rub their hands on stone and dust, believing that stones and dust emancipate them; sinful every time they read what God forbade, and still do it, regardless.

As for the believers who have kept their Covenant and their faith, those are The Lord’s angels, they are not a race of people anymore excepting a scarcity, and neither are they the dwellers of a particular geographic land excepting a scarcity, speakers of a particular language, belonging to specific religions excepting a scarcity,

For, this is the last orb, all people have the same figure, as far as DNA science and the eye can see, the bones have been covered by flesh and skin, so they look human, said the Book and The Sacred Philosophy, so all look alike: the savages which once roamed the earth, and the humans which ruled, and the angels who can hover,

You know them by their radiance, by their High Standard, by the clarity of their minds, and the day will come when their hearts will glow again, like they did before.

And the word that we translated to “reverted” is the word haada, consult your Arabic dictionaries,

And those who “reverted” are all the people of the Book, who were given God’s Book, but reverted to heathen traditions, be they Jews, Christians or Muslims.

It is because the parody of the mosaic law has given rise to the atheistic ideologies, that civil laws have now the power.

The rule of the Clergy and the Tyrannum in the sects of the people of the Book: go hand-in-hand, although they appear to oppose one another at times: the seeming oppositeness fuels both.

The Property which was given to Abraham and his descendants is the Property the greatest of all the properties: of The Book and The Sacred Philosophy, if they had discerning minds.

The property which translated in their meagre minds to borders on the land: of greed and paranoia, bloodshed and cruelty, barbarity and insanity, unparalleled on the earth, the earth has witnessed the sins of buried civilisations’: none are the like sins of the present.]

66. And if We prescribe to them that kill your selves (egos) or come out of your enclaves, they would not do it, except a few of them, and if they did what they are counselled it would be good for them and a stronger affirmation.

67. Thence, We would have brought to them from Us a great reward.

68. And We would have guided them to a straight path.

69. And he who obeys God and the messenger, those are amongst those upon whom God bestowed His Providence, of the prophets, the Zadokite (the honest ones), the witnesses, the righteous ones, and radiant company those are.

70. This is Elevation from God, God is The Sufficient Knower.

71. O believers, be alert, and quit steadily or quit all [at once].

72. And some of you go relenting, and if calamity strikes you he says: “God has bestowed on me, as I was not a witness amongst them.”

73. And if a Bounty from God befalls you, he says – as though there is no Affection between you and Him - : “I wish I was with them, so I would succeed a great success”.

74. That they fight in the Way of God: those who exchange the low life for the hereafter; and he who fights on the Way to God and gets killed or conquers: We bring him a great reward.

75. And why do you not fight in the Way of God, and the meek of the men and women and youths, who say: “our Lord, bring us out of this country of darkened people, and make for us a Sponsor from Thee, and make for us a Supporter from Thee”,

76. Those who believe fight in the Way of God, and those who darkened fight in the way of the Tyrannum, so fight the servants of Satan, Satan’s intrigue is indeed feeble.

77. Have you not seen those who were told: “withdraw your hands, hold up the prayers, perform the purification”, so when the fight was prescribed to them, a group of them were awed of people, as the awe of God, or even a stronger awe, and they said: “our Lord, why didst Thou  prescribe to us to fight, if  only Thou deferred us to a set destiny”, say: “the leisure of  the low one is little, and the hereafter is good for those who refuge, and you will not be wronged one iota.”

78. Wherever you are death reaches you, even if you were (in) clayed celestials, and if good fortune strikes them they say: “this is from God”, and if bad strikes them they say: “this is from You ” [addressing their Lord in the second person], say: “all is from God”, what is it with those people, they barely comprehend any discourse.

79. What strikes you of good it is from God, what strikes you of bad it is from your own self, We have sent you a messenger to the people,  and God is a Sufficient Witness.

80. He who obeys the messenger obeys God, and he who turns away: We did not send you to them as protector.

81. They say: obedience, and if they show to you, a faction of them apprehend something other than they say, and God writes what they apprehend, so eschew them and make God your Sponsor, God is the Sufficient Sponsor.

82. Can they not manage (reading) the Qur’an if it was from other than God they would have found in it many differences.

83. And when a call comes to them – of comfort or apprehension – they disclose it [to the people], and if they referred to the messenger and to those of the Aim amongst them, they would have recognised it: those who make it emanate from them; and if it was not for God’s Elevation to you and Compassion, you would have followed Satan [to any degree] but little.

84. So fight in the Way of God, you are accountable only for yourself, and urge the believers, may God cut out the strife of those who darkened, God has the strongest Strife and the strongest Examplariness.

85. He who suffixes [in duality] a radiant suffix gets a share of it, and he who suffixes a bad suffix gets a load from it, and God is over everything The Sustainer.

86. And if you are saluted (invigorated) by salutation [from the heavens], salute better, or reciprocate it, God is over everything Accounting.

87. God, there is no deity, but He, will gather you to the Day of the Uprise, unquestionably, which discourse is truer than God’s?

88. So what you have of the hypocrites is two groups [the monotheists and the atheists], God has crushed them of what they earned, do you want to guide those whom God has bewildered? He who is bewildered by God: you will find no way for him.

89. They wished you darkened like they darkened, so you are equal (with them): so you take no sponsors of  them until they emigrate in god’s way, so if they refuse take them and kill them wherever you find them and take no sponsor from them and no supporter.

[The last verse and the ones which we will omit are meant to expose the mentality that fuels tribal wars, and they are not prescribing it, we will leave it to the astute reader to read verse 89 correctly, in the light of which the remainder can be read.]


97. Those who are redeemed by the angels and have darkened themselves, they [the ones who are redeemed then darkened] say: “in what were you?”, they [the angels] say : “was not God’s earth vast [enough], so you immigrate in it?” those, their shelter is hell, and the worst destiny.


116. God forgives not affixing to Him and He forgives below that for whomever He will, and he who affixes to God has bewildered a far bewilderment.

117. They invoke below Him nothing but selves, they invoke nothing but a Satan rebellion.

118. God damned him and he said: “I will take of Thy Creation a set share.”

119. “I will bewilder them, I will give them wishfulness, I will command them to sever the calls of The Bounties, I will command them so they change the creation of God’s”, and he who takes Satan as a sponsor below God, he has lost in a distancing loss.

120. He promises them and gives them false hope, Satan promises them only illusions.

121. Those, their shelter is the low world, from there they have no escape.

122. And those who believed and did good, We will enter them in Gardens, the days stream beneath them, they are in it eternally, God’s Promise is Law; and who has a truer say than God?

123. It is neither by your wishes, and nor by the wishes of the people of  the Book, he who does bad will be penalised by it, he finds no one, for himself below God, of a sponsor or a supporter.

124. And he who does good, of a male or a female, and he is amen, those enter the Garden, they are not wronged one iota.

125. And who has a better religion than he who surrenders his face to God while He is Effulgent, and follows Abraham’s creed veeringly? And God did take Abraham as an intimate.

126. To God what is in the heavens and in the earth, and God is encompassing everything.


153. They ask you, the people of the Book to descend upon them a book from the sky, they asked Moses bigger than this, they said: “show us God conspicuously”, they were taken by a thunderbolt in their darkness, then they took the bull after the distancing [things] came to them, so We pardoned that, and We gave Moses a distancing authority.

154. And We raised the Tor above them, by their covenant, and We said to them enter The Door prostrate, We said to them: “transgress not in the Sabbath” and We took from them a solemn oath.

155. So it is by their contravening of their oath, and their darkening to God’s verses, and their killing of the prophets by the lawlessness, and by their saying: “our hearts are closed off”, rather, it is God Who sealed them by their darkness, they believe only little,

156. And by their darkness and saying great fabrications about Mary.

157. And their saying: “we killed the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, God’s messenger”, and they did not kill him, they did not crucify him, but it was confused to them, and those who differed about him are in doubt about him, they have no knowledge of him, except to follow their suspicion, and they did not kill him as a Certainty.

158. But it was God Who raised him to Him and God is The Exalted The Sovereign.

159. There is none of the people of the Book, but will believe in him before his [the people of the Book, in singular form, as the Arabic grammar allows] death [at the end of the orb, when the point of the compass returns to the start], and the Day of the uprise he [the Messiah] will be over them the witness.

160. So, it is by the darkness of those who reverted that We forbade to them the good which was legitimate to them, and by their barring from God’s Way repeatedly,

161.  And their taking of profit, and they [the profit, which can be plural in Arabic] were prohibited to them, and their consuming of people’s money wrongly – and we have arranged for the darkened ones of them a painful suffering.

162. But the well-established in knowledge of them, and the believers, believe what was descended to you, and what was descended before you, the upholders of the prayers, the performers of the purifications, the believers in God and the Last Day, those We will bring to them a great reward.

163. We inspired to you [the messenger] as We inspired to Moses and the prophets after him, and We inspired to Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, the Tribes, Jesus, Job, Jones, Aaron, Solomon, and We gave David the Oracles.

164. And (there are) messengers We recounted to you before, and messengers We did not recount to you, and God spoke to Moses by speech.

165. Messengers with glad tidings and warnings, lest the people have a plea against God after the messengers, and God is The Exalted The Ruler.

166. But God witnesses by what He descended to you, He descended it by His Knowledge, and the angels witness, God is The Sufficient Witness.

[And we advise those who have discerning minds, not to pass by God’s Word inattentively, in it are Grand Declarations]

167. Those who darkened and barred from God’s Way, they have bewildered a far bewilderment.

168. Those who disbelieved and darkened themselves, God was not to pardon them, and neither to guide them to a path.

169. Except to the path of the low world, eternal in it, forever, to God this is facile.

170. O people, the messenger has come  to you with The Law from your Lord, so believe, it is good for you, and if you disbelieve: God has what is in the heavens and the earth, God is The knower The Sovereign.

171. O people of the Book, be not extravagant in your religion, say not of God except The Law; that so: The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary is God’s messenger and His Word, He bestowed him on Mary, and A Spirit from Him, so believe in God and His messenger, say not: three, refrain, it is good for you, that so: God is One God, transcends He that He has a child, He has what is in the heavens and what is in the earth.

172. The Messiah disdains not being an abider in god, neither do the angels in nearness; he who disdains abiding in Him and is arrogant, He will gather them all to Him.

173. As for those who believed and did good, He redeems to them their rewards, and increases them of His Elevation; as for those who disdain and are arrogant, He makes them suffer a painful suffering, they find for themselves no sponsor below Him and no supporter.

174. O people, a Proof has come to you from your Lord, and We have descended to you an Illuminating Light.

175. As for those who are amen in God, and are restrained to Him He will enter them in Compassion from Him, and an Elevation, and guide them to Him along a straight path.

[Centuries have passed, and how many have managed to read the Qur’an?

It is God’s Miracle that the low world is credible, and His Miracle that only a handful disbelieve.

And those who arrive to the screen and penetrate it: the child’s game is over in pure joy, and the horror deflated: God’s Experiment of Existence.

The Three Suns were vertices of an equilateral triangle dotted in The Book, now collinear dotted in The Book,

And the Sajdah, unlookable Magna Solaris unlookable, to bright exuberant radiance, God’s Truths are indescribable, they eject describableness,

For, God’s messengers have satisfaction in descending Light onto you by their Lord’s Leave, please take and look, it is worth all the lives you have lived, and all the oscillations you have oscillated, for death doth come to you O celestials in clay, and therefrom you ought to be free,

In The Lord’s Compassion, He is Compassion The Compassionate, there is One, That is He.

Those who suffix a radiant suffix, their radius guides them, shooting from their chest to the ocean.

As for the people of the Book, they say their Book descended from the sky, said The book, their god is three dimensional, and not unlike Moses’ people before who wanted to see.

The Mount forgets not but they do, the fig and olive trees bowed, but they did not; they were struck by a thunderbolt, hence were distanced, and spoken to by speech, then teleported from the forbidden bowing to the most remote, where one can even not be spoken to.

While pretending fast still, their organs churn away what they consume, of money and grease and their minds of money and grease.]


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word


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