Surah 57
The Psalmist

1. Transcends in God what is in the heavens and the earth, is He Exalted Sovereign,

2. To Him The Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, He enlivens He deadens, Capable of all things is He.

3. He is The Former and The Latter, The Manifest and the Esoterikos, Knower of all is He,

4. Created He the heavens and the earth in six Days, then surmounted The Throne; knows He what sets in the earth and what detaches from it and what oscillates to it, and He is with you wherever you are, God is of what you do All Seer;

5. To Him The Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, to God all the aims are referred;

6. Lodges He the night in the day, lodges He the day in the night, Knower is He of That of the highs,

7. Believe in God and His messenger, expend of what He made you, turning back in Him; those who believed of you and expended, those have a great reward.

[Everything you are given is for one Aim only, and the other aims are all vain.]

8. And why would you not believe in God and His messenger calls you to believe in your Lord, and he took your Covenant, if you were believers.

9. ‘T is He who descends unto His Abider verses decisive; to bring you out of darkness to the light, God of you is Caring Compassionate.

10. And why would you not expend in the Way of God, and God has the inheritance of the heavens and the earth? Unequal amongst you are those who expended before The Opener and fought; those are of a higher rank than those who expended after and fought; and God promised both the radiance, God is of what you do All informed.

11. Whoever credits God a good credit, He multiplies it for him, and he has an elevated reward.

[And this Book is indeed open today, and what we read to you is the present, and those who believe might have taken notice, and they do not fall in the traps of place and time,

And it is written in the Book and in The Sacred Philosophy, if they understand.]

12. The Day you see the believing men and women: their radiance is vivid between their hands and their alphas; the glad tidings are to you today: gardens, the days stream underneath them, eternal in it, this is the greatest success.

13.The Day the hypocrites say to those who believed: “look us, so we are enlightened by your light;” it is said: “retreat, and sens the light;” a fence erected between them has a door: its inside is compassion, and its front is of suffering before Him,

14.They call them: “were we not with you?” They say: “yea, but you dazzled yourselves, and you waylaid [us], and you had suspicions and were deluded by hopes, until God’s Aim did come, and delusion deluded you about God;

15. “Today no ransom can be taken from you and neither from those who darkened; your shelter is hell, it is your master: the worst destiny;”

16. Is it not time for the hearts of those who believed that they are awed by the remembrance of God and what descended from The Law? That they may not be like those where were given the Book before, but time went long, hence their hearts hardened and many of them are aberrant?

17. Know that God enlivens the earth after its death, We have showed you the paragons, may you discern.

18. The believing men and women: and they credited God a good credit: He multiplies for them; for them is a reward elevated.

19. And those who believed in God and His messengers, those are the Zadokite and the witnesses of their Lord, they have their reward and their light; and those who darkened and falsified Our Paragons, those are the owners of hell.

20. Know that the low lives are play and entertainment, and an ornament and pridefulness between one another, and multiplication in money and offspring; such as rain: the darkened ones like its produce, then it heaves and you see it turning yellow, then it is rendered ruin, and in the hereafter is suffering severe, also Forgiveness from God and Contentment; the low lives are none but effects of conceit.

21. Run to God’s Forgiveness, and a garden, its breadth is the breadth of the sky and the land, ready for those who believed in God and His messengers, this is elevation that God forwards to whomever He will, God has the highest elevation.

[When it becomes common knowledge, those who disbelieved, and those who thought they believed will be awed of the Might of their Lord and will say: God is Capable of all things,

They will prostrate themselves despite themselves, of what they witness by their looking eyes,

The demons, the dark prophets and their agents, the arrogant and the conceit, will all fall down to their grounds and beg forgiveness, but at one time it will be too late,

The sciences they gathered of the cosmic manifest and the Book, they will see, is none but delusion on the surface of the earth, and the knowledge that we hand to them is all true,

So they may distinguish their selves in real existence, and the mazes of matter: that they create,

And The Lord begins the creation and iterates it, a promise due on us, in the Torah, in the Gospel and in the Qur’an,

And The Lord creates worlds inside worlds of opposite gravities, and He separates them by a tract so they do not overstep; one is esoteric and one is manifest, and the esoteric rules the manifest, although it is unseen,

And those who are given the elevation to the esoteric world will see, by their looking eyes, the world that is self-luminous, the days stream underneath it, the breadth of the sky and the land, and God’s Eye looks and lights, as they have acquainted their eyes with Him in their sky, of their hard work and dedication, God’s Providence cannot be hidden,

And the fallacies and their counter fallacies will burn in the bright light of the truth.]  

22. No calamity strikes you in the earth or in your selves but in a book before We liberated it, to God this is all too facile;

23. So you may have no regrets over what you missed, and cheer not over what you got, God likes not any haughty conceited.

24. Those who are parsimonious and command the people of parsimony, and those who turn away: God is needless and Homage-worthy.

[Those who glorify what they have been given in the low life, and are fearful of losing it, those have already lost themselves, and this is the biggest loss,

Those who preach hoarding and the tricks of money making and say it is legitimate in God’s Book, they say falsehood, those are the abiders in matter, and matter is their only hope,

Those who make inequality between the people, they amass their fortunes on the sweat and the tears of the weak and the helpless, then they want the world to know the charities they give, they have got their reward in the low world, bad is such a reward, base is such a destiny,

Those who make their material possessions an exhibition and pridefulness, to set themselves a class above: those will be humiliated by their exhibition and pridefulness, and will be contrite.]

25. We have descended Our messengers with evidence, We descended with them The Book and The Balance, so that people hold up Justice; and We descended the Psalmist, he has strong might and benefits for the people, and so that God knows who supports Him and His messengers while Unseen, God is  Strong Exalted.

26. And We sent Noah and Abraham, and We made in their seed the prophethood and the Book, some have been guided, and many of them are aberrant.

27. And We trailed their legacy by Our messengers, and We trailed Jesus the son Mary, and We gave him the Gospel, and We made in the hearts of those who followed him amity and compassion; and monasticism they contrived: God prescribed it not to them, except to request God’s Contentment, they guarded it not its true guard, se We bestowed on those of them who believed their rewards, and many of them are aberrant.    

28. O ye who believe, if you take refuge in God and believe in His messenger, He brings you two sponsors of His Compassion, and makes for you light to walk by, and forgives for you, God is Forgiving Compassionate.

29. For, the people of the Book do not know; are they not fit for anything of God’s Elevation? Elevation is in God’s Hand, He brings it to whomever He will, God has the Highest Elevation.

[And it is the Covenant the believers took across the orbs and the ages, to be His eyes, ears and helping hands in the low world and His Sayers of the truth, for the people of the world do not know, and some of them do want to know,

It is the Virtue in their hearts that sets them in modesty; they are the meek in the earth,

But it is this Virtue that guides them to the Highest Standard (al-ma3roof), to guide themselves and those who want to be guided, that sets them on top of the world, the Book calls them: the highest people (al-mala’u al-a3laa).

And as we repeat our call to them, we know that their mountains are under a cast of ice, as was shown to us,

Wherever they have been remitted in the world, from farthest East to the farthest West,

And unless their hearts warm up with life, and their minds light up, the ice will not melt,

And this Call will be trailed in a near future like all the previous Calls, and all the prophecies will be fulfilled,

And the believers are the forerunners to their Lord.]


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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