Surah 5
The Throbbing Tree

1. O ye who believe, honour the ties [of your Covenant], [what is] untied to you: the ambiguities [of the teaching] of the Bounties [the messengers], except what is announced to you; not legalising seizure [of teaching not meant for you, as in teaching upon which God’s Summum is not written] while you are in detachment [in seclusion, on the Way, having abandoned the affairs of the low life], God rules whatever He will.

2. O ye who believe, legitimise not God’s rituals, and neither the forbidden month, and neither the offerings and the traditions, and nor gravitate to the forbidden house; [those who do] they require giving from God and blessings; and if you untie, then do seize [go by their laws], and let not the hatred of [some] people overtake you: that they barred you from the forbidden house: that you may not transgress; and cooperate [with one another] not about sin and transgression, and refuge to God, God has a severe punishment.

3. It has been forbidden to you : [to let yourselves fall in such predicament:] the dead [soul], the humiliation, the flesh of the pig, and what is dedicated not to God [of self-indulgence and worldly aims], and the strangled [ ... soul in narrow-mindedness], and the diseased [in the heart and mind, of fear, hatred, lust, greed, irrationality...], and the regressing one [along the journey of knowledge], and the horned [by the bull: Satan], and what the beast [Satan] has eaten [of his share of the Book], except what you have enkindled [by your correct reading], and what is slaughtered on the alters [those who practise rituals], and that you make not one another swear by the small men [dark prophets and their descendants], this is diversion; today those who have darkened have despaired of your religion, fear them not and fear Me; today I completed for you your Religion and perfected My Providence upon you, and satisfied you with the Religion of Islam; so, for those of you who are coerced by famine [lack of knowledge], not deviant to sin: God is Forgiving Compassionate.

 4. They ask you [the messenger] what is let to them; say: “it has been let to you: The Good, and what you have trained, of your organs [of action] in restraint; you train them in what God has trained you; so do consume what they have restricted to you and remember God’s Summum upon it, and refuge to God, God has swift accountableness”.

5. Today, Good has been let to you, and the aliment [teaching] of those who were given The Book is allowed to you, and your aliment is allowed to them, also the fortressed of the believing females [the same ruling applies to them], and the fortressed females of those who were given The Book before you [the same ruling applies to them], if you have given them their rewards [of your teaching], fortressing and not incestuous [as the marriage between members of a community who have lived as one family is forbidden, as we have proven in a previous Surah], and not taking lovers; and those who darken to faith, their deed is aborted, and in the hereafter they are of the losers.

6. O ye who believe, if you stand to the prayers, wash your faces, while your hands [are pointed to] the Sources, touch with your heads, while your legs [are pointed to] the two cubes [two houses where pagan ritual used to be carried out]; and if you are deviant, cleanse yourselves [by abandoning your attachments and illnesses], also if you were ill or on travel, or you have come from the feculence [dark communities and their customs and beliefs]; or, if you have touched women and found no [seminal] water: bathe in the Good Substance, touch with your faces and hands from it, God wants you not to be in narrowness, but he wants to emancipate you and perfect His providence upon you, may you be thankful.

[And as we open those verses, their light brightens, so they are now an aliment to the believers, and no longer an ambiguity to them.

Although, it was only the Seven Twos (al-sab3 al-mathaany) which were allowed to them, but now, also those verses are.

And in a future writing, The Lord willing, we will inform you of the Seven Twos and why they are, and why some are not Seven Twos.

Those who forbid The Lord’s teaching, because of fear of themselves, they bar it from the people, they will be contrite, when they will see that this is the teaching that was given to them, conforming to what is in their hands of The Book and The Sacred Philosophy.

Those want The Teaching to conform to their understanding, they make a grave error; we warn them, may they straighten.

God’s verses are spheres of light of various colours and shades, if one sphere glows in one verse in one Book, it glows in another verse in another Book, perhaps better, it is said in the Book.

And in this age, there is famine, so come onto The Repast, God’s Providence runs not out, and look: the branches of the Tree are throbbing, and chant along with Salman and Sharhabeel:

God has grand-shown, God has grand-shone,

All and all is only God,

He has saluted upon your prayer,

He has saluted upon your arrival,

God has grand-shown, God has grand-shone,

All and all is only God.

And why celebrate victory over the pagans if their rituals are to be preserved?

If these rituals are of any benefit to mankind, why does it not show, somewhere, somehow in some form?

But no, humanity’s suffering has indeed multiplied, and they think they will be falling down to hell, but they will find out that they are in it, said the Book.

On a slide wide and slippery, no end is in sight: for, the slide curves steeper; except a solid wall: high to the heavens in the far horizon, that must be the terminus, whereupon everything is destined to crash,

To halt the hurl of a helpless roll, of people and things, of shapes and sizes different, in gravity too strong to resist, the stampede cannot be stopped, in a race from nowhere to nowhere, overlooking which:

My Lord looked My Lord, smiled and said: “stand to My Right-Hand, and You are Safe from this detriment”.]

7. And remember God’s Providence on you and His Covenant by which He covenanted you, when you said: “we listened and obeyed” and refuge in God, God is The Knower of the Soul in the chests.

8. O ye who believe, rise up to God, witness The Balance, and let not the hatred of some people overtake you: that you should not abstain [from worldly pleasures]; do abstain, it is closer to the refuge, and refuge in God, God is The Knower of what you do.

9. God has promised those who believe and do good, for them is forgiveness and a great reward.

10. And those who darkened and falsified Our verses, these are the dwellers of hell.

11. O ye who believe, remember God’s Providence upon you, when a people came forward to extend their hands to you, so He withdrew their hands from you, and refuge in God, upon God the believers rely.

12. And God took the Covenant of the people of Israel, and We sent from them twelve advisors, and God said: “I am with you, if you hold the prayers and perform the purification and trust the messengers and honour them and credit God a good credit: I will cover your sins and enter you in gardens, the days stream beneath them”; so, those of you who darkened after that, they have lost the righteous way.

13. So by their contravening their Covenant We damned them and made their hearts hard: they edge the word about its locations, and they forgot the good fortune of what they were reminded, and you [the messenger] are still regarding a betraying group of them? Except a few: so forgive them and forget: God loves the radiant ones.

14. And of those who say: “we are Nazareens” (Christians)”, We took their covenant, they forgot the good fortune of what they were reminded, so We glued enmity between them and hatred, until the Day of the Uprise, and God will announce to them what they haven doing.

15. O people of the Book, Our messenger has come to you, to uncover much of what you have hidden of The Book, and to pardon much, here is a light that has come to you form God, and a Lucid Book.

16. He guides by it those who seek His Contentment, to the Ways of The Peace, He brings them out from darkness to the Light by His Leave, and guides them to a straight path.

17. They have darkened: those who said that God is The Messiah the son of Mary; say: “who possesses anything of God? If He will destroy the Messiah the son of Mary and his mother and all that is on the earth? God has the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, He creates what He will, God is Capable of all things”.

18. And the Jews and the Nazareens say: “we are God’s children and His loved ones”, say: “so why does He make you suffer by your wrongs?”; nay, you are people of what He created, He forgives whomever He will, and makes suffer whomever He will, to God is the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, to Him is the Destiny.

[So the Muslims see themselves exempt from this declaration, they forget that God’s Word is timeless, they forget that they too did all the wrongs the people of the Book did before.

Thus no Book has suffered more edging of its words about their locations than the Mighty Qur’an, we have demonstrated to you, by the very Book they say they believe,

And as we read those verses and we uncover their light, some are still reading the content of their own hearts; they can only see bewilderment and heathen belief,

If you looked them, their mouths stretch, their eyes squint, their heads turn, of arrogance and ignorance, they think they know better and they know none,

They think they are god’s chosen people and his beloved children by some criteria of their own, and the Book tells them, and The Sacred Philosophy, that it is the content of the hearts and minds that sets the good believers above the world.

And some believe that if they descended from some prophets they have a guaranteed residence in paradise, no matter how they lived their lives, and those who believe them beg them to intercede for them and to enter them along,

They give themselves grand titles of saintliness, while their lives are in their organs, and their paradise is a holiday resort,

They legalise polygamy, and pleasures of the lowest form, they spread fallacies, irrationality, fear, neediness... following them the soul is in a trap,

And the Book tells them plainly, not to take people as their sponsors and their lords.

So we ask all the people of the Book, the Jews, the Christian and the Muslims, in all their sects and creeds: by which part of the Book do you go? There is not one single evil that your Book has deterred you from that you have not committed, so by which part, we ask, of your Book do you go?]

19. O people of the Book, Our messenger has come to you to clarify to you, with leniency, after the messengers, lest you say: “no bringer of glad tidings or warning has come to us”, a bringer of glad tidings and warning has just come to you, and God is Capable of all things.

20. And when Moses said to his people: “O people, remember God’s Providence upon you, when He sent prophets amongst you and made you monarchs, and brought to you what He did not bring to any [member] of the two worlds.

21. “O people, enter the Holy Land that God has written to you, and reverse not to your rears, or you will turn losers”.

22. They said: “O Moses, there are mighty people in it, we shall enter it not until they exit from it, and if they do then we entre”.

23. Two men, of those who revere God’s Providence upon them, said: “enter the Door over them, so if you entre it you are triumphant, and on God you should rely, if you are amen”.

24. They said: “O Moses, we will never enter it, so long as they are in it, so go, you and your Lord, and fight, we are sitting”.

25. Said he: “my Lord, I rule only myself and my brother, so separate us from the aberrant ones”.

26. Said He: “ it is forbidden to them for forty years (centuries), they wander in the earth, feel no sorrow for the aberrant ones”.

[And the people of Moses of modern times, and pretty much after forty lunar centuries, have yet to enter The Door of the Holy Land,

So they have come with military might, and the machinery of destruction and death, still believing that their physical force in the Holy Land is their redemption in the Kingdom of the Heavens,

So the call of the “two men” fell on their deaf ears, and little did they understand,

And their cousins the Muslims, read verse 23 as a lesson in military strategy, conforming to their Jewish cousins; do the people of the Book discern anything at all?]

27. And announce to them the tidings of Adam’s two sons by The Law, when they approached an approach, it was countenanced from one, and not countenanced from the other, said he [Cain]: “I am killing you”, said he [Abel]: “that so, God countenances the ones who refuge [in Him],

28. “If you extend to me your arm to kill me, I am not extending my arm to you to kill you, I fear The Lord of the worlds”.

29. [Cain said:] “I want you to return with my sin and your sin, so you are a dweller of hell, and this is the punishment of the darkened ones.”

30. So his [Cain’s] self allowed to him the killing of his brother, so he killed him and thus became one the losers.

31. So God remitted [Abel] as a stranger searching in the earth, to show him how to avert the evil of his brother, said he [Cain]: “woe to me, I am unable to be like this stranger to avert the evil of my brother”, thus he became contrite.

32. It is for this that We wrote to the Israelites, that whoever kills a selfless or harmless self in the earth, it is as though he kills the entire humanity, and whoever enlivens her, it is as thought he enlivens the entire humanity, and Our messengers have come to them with the discriminants, then many of them, after that, are extravagant in the earth.

33. That so, the consequence of those who oppose God and His messengers, and endeavour to despoil the earth, is to be killed [repeatedly] or be crucified [repeatedly], or that their arms are amputated [repeatedly] and their legs, on both sides, or that they are exiled from the land, this is humiliation to them in the low world, and in the hereafter they have a great suffering.

34. Except those who repented before you [the believers] became capable over them; and be advised that God is Forgiving Compassionate.

[And far from being a fairy tale, this is the story of the two worlds, being the radiant and the dark, on earth, of which we tell you a part,

So after the world was rounded, those who had turned up-side-down could only fit in a world up-side-down, where the gravity is reversed, down the tunnels of hell, where the Gone People (the Jin) lived:

The savages which barely looked human, and of minds of fear and hatred, they could understand nothing.

This was millions upon millions of earth years ago.

Zam Zam and her adoptee Iblis, both had darkened, were once allowed in Earth Interior, and they did not like God’s Providence, they did not enjoy the company of the angels’ and their closeness to The Lord, they did not enjoy the sinless pleasures, they did not want the immaculate food...

Iblis used to go down to hell; he started developing pubic and facial hair, and grew bigger and stronger,

And the apple tree he planted in the earth flourished and bore fruit, also the seeds that he took and many other stems,

 Zam Zam enjoyed the harsh, hard taste of the apple of the earth, which rewards one with a degree of sweetness and aroma: this was a sample of “by the sweat of your face you shall eat bread”, and they liked karmic laws better,

So Zam Zam packed up, and went down with Iblis, and The Lord commanded his messenger Abel to accompany them, he was a child, and grew up to adulthood in the earth, and the story continued in The Book,

Abel became the grain grower, and Cain the cattle breeder, contrary to the legend,

Abel wanted to share the earth and its bounties with everyone including the savages, and Cain developed the ideology of monopoly and the principle of: give only what you need not, if you can get more of what you need.

Those ideologies are still the core ideologies of human politics and morality.

Abel’s approach was accepted by The Lord, and Cain’s was not; and hence Cain’s envy;

But Cain’s thought of killing his brother, to rid of him physically, had not crossed Abel’s mind, it was beyond his imagination: a body bludgeoned would stop, by whose permission? And what about the incurred harm? Hence his answer recounted in those grand verses,

Yet Cain did kill his brother, who raised not a hand in self-defence, and set a precedent to humanity, hence God’s Commandment: thou shalt not kill,

Which darkened people have edged about its location in the mind, for the purpose of twisting it, for the purpose of allowing to themselves to commit hideous crimes: in the name of religion and to pretend to go by God’s Command...

The earth has thus been a bloodbath after a bloodbath, they swap roles, one time they wrong, one time they are wronged, until God’s Justice washes away human sinfulness and insanity, God is Capable of all things.

And Abel had to learn the law of the lions and the hyenas, to help his brothers who migrated after, and his descendants, to survive in the earth and evade harm,

Arjuna’s questions to Krishna were one chapter of his journey, the journey that is yet to end.

And it was not for nothing that the angels said to their Lord: dost Thou make in it one that despoils it and sheds blood? But The Lord is Knower of the unseen of the heavens and the earth.

And Cain’s aim was to capture his brother and the good people in hell, by their own sin of desiring to experience the low world in the distance, and by the sin of karmic entanglements and its entailment of rebirths.

Those who have followed him today race to build the most destructive machines, and the arrows which they shoot deep into the heavens to kill: their arrows return to them smeared with their own blood, and little do they discern,

That the world goes by the laws of cause-and-effect, not by the arbitrary rule of their pagan gods,

And the people often ask earnestly, wherefore? So My Lord answered My Lord,

And, when the animal, hungry in the wild, catches a helpless prey, to spill warm blood and crush frail bones, to satisfy a craving:

I am the eater, I am that is eaten, I have taught.

And when the blossoms, at the end of chilling winter, out of motionlessness display colour and finesse: where does it come from to live, to fruit, to summarise the aromas of the spring, the colours of the heavens, the sweetness of the sap? Of weight significant it breaks off the tree:

I am the apple, I am the gravity, I am the rock upon which I beach.]

35. O ye who believe, refuge in God, demand the course to Him, strive in His Way, may you achieve.

36. Those who have darkened, if they had all that is in the earth - and its like He has - to bail out of the suffering the Day of the Uprise: it will not be accepted from them, they have a painful suffering.

37. They want to exit from hell, and they are not exiting from it, they have a perpetual suffering.

38. And the thief (the disguised one, who preys on vulnerable people, to turn them to the creed of fear and submission to pagan gods), of a male or a female: cut off their hands [bar them from your communities], a consequence of what they earned is exemplariness from God; God is The Exalted The Ruler.

39. And those who have repented after their darkness, and reformed: God bestows Repentance on him, God is Forgiving Compassionate.

40. Did you not know that God has The Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, He makes whomever He will suffer, and forgives whomever He will, God is Capable of all things.

[And let it be known, God permits not the mutilation of His Glorious creation, those who mutilate living beings, or inflict pain onto them intentionally, are the followers of Satan and Iblis, and remember that whatever you do will be returned to you, said the Book, in no uncertain terms.

Those who are not harmed by the sight of harm, they inflict pain and mutilate knowingly: they are sick to the core of their bones, the inferno is their only return: they swap roles repeatedly, and never seem to have enough.

By their own understanding, the punishment of cutting off of a thief’s arm could be taken metaphorically, God has created the metaphor, God’s Word is the Mother of all the metaphors.

But they prefer the instructions of the serpents of the rock bottom of hell, they hiss to justify their presence, they spray their venom of envy and hatred to God’s creation, of their dark and void souls, their only gratification is the suffering they cause to other living creatures.

They have granted themselves godly authority, all God has given them is blindness of their own deeds.

They legalise profit in multiples upon multiples, and hoarding of stacks upon stacks, to give the wealthy few control over the bounties of the earth and the labour of man,

To give of the camel its ears, to look charitable; and they want God and the world to be grateful to them?

They legalise greed, monopoly, bribery, exploitation, their sins are unpardonable.

Let it be known, the earth and its bounties are God’s Property, and if God has entrusted to you a share of His property: then you had better be frightened, this is a responsibility from which the mountains cracked, as has told the Book.

Their laws have made the livelihoods of the poor and the meek a game for the big boys, to play it on their marble floors, and call it off with a strike of their gilt pens,

Sinful are they, every time a child suffers or dies of their harm, every time a man thieves to survive or to feed his children, and every time someone is harmed by their feuds of greed.

So why do they not check the courts of justice, where big boys sue big boys over money taken or demanded unduly, which by all measures can be called theft or an attempt thereof; but dare they amputate the arms of the big boys, physically or by the metaphor?

But no, they will amputate the arms of small men to exercise the authority of the Tyrannum, so go back to your Book, we say to them.]

41. O messenger, be not saddened by those who rush to darkness, of those who say: “we believe”, by their mouths, and their hearts have not believed, and those who reverted, the listeners to lies, listeners to other people who have not come to you; they edge The Word after it has been set: they say: “if you have been given this [their interpretations] then take it, if you have not been given it, then be warned”; he upon whom God wants His bewitchment: you [the messenger] will hand nothing from God to him, those are the ones that God wants not to emancipate their hearts, they have humiliation in the low world, and in the hereafter a great suffering.

42. The listeners to falsehood, the eaters of dross, if they come to you do rule amongst them, or decline from them; if you decline they will harm you not, and if you rule, do rule by the Balance, God loves those who balance.

43. And how will they give allegiance to you? They have the Torah; in it is God’s Rule: then after that they decline? Those are not believers.

[This is yet another mention of the presence of Jewish tribes in Arabia, at the time of the promulgation of the Message of Islam.]

44. We have descended the Torah, in it is guidance and light, by it the prophets who adopted Islam ruled (for) those who reverted (became Jewish); [as for] the godly ones and the knowledgeable ones: [they rule] by what they were made to retain [in their hearts] of God’s Book, and they were witness of Him; so fear not the people and fear Me, and exchange not My verses for petty gain, and whosoever rules not by what God has descended: those are themselves dark ones.

45. And We wrote to them that the self is in The Self, the eye is in The Eye, the nose is in The Nose, the ear is in The Ear, the tooth is in The Tooth, and the openings [of the body] are a punishment, so he who [strongly] trusts Him, He is The Coverer for him, and he who judges not by what God has descended, those are the darkened ones.

46. And We backed them by Jesus the son of Mary, trusting what he had between his hands of the Torah, and We gave him the Gospel, in it is guidance and light, and conforming to what he had between his hands, of the Torah, and guidance and counsel to those who refuge.

47. So let the people of the Gospel judge with what God descended by Him and he who judges not by what God descended, those are the aberrant ones.

48. And We descended to you [the messenger] The Book by The Law, conforming to what he [Mohammad] has between his hands of the Book, and [The Law] superintending him, so rule amongst them by what God has descended, and follow not their passions about what came to you from The Law; for each of them We have made a law (shariah) and a culture, and if God wanted He would have made you [all] one nation, but to try you in what has come to you, so hasten to The Good, to God is your return altogether, so He announces to you about what you were differing.

49. That you rule amongst them by what God descended, and follow not their passions, and be warned that they distract you from some of what God has descended to you, so if they disobey, know that God wants to strike them by some of their wrongs, and much of the people are aberrant.

50. Is it the rule of heathenry that they want? And who has a better rule than God’s, for a people of certitude.

[Thus The Grand Book became in the hands of interpreters a litmus paper, by which they identify their allies and foes,

And the verses of transcendence a law of vendetta;

So if God wants to ratify heathenry, why does He send His revered messenger, one cannot but ask?

The Hebrew and their Arab cousins, who have reverted, have settled on worshipping stones, they grant themselves a licence to kill by the law of vendetta and a false supremacy, though they have been told unequivocally, that no self should be charged by the burdens of another.

And the Christians, the Christ descended to them his sermons from the loftiest heavens, and told them to throw away all the laws, reverted to those very laws.

The names by which the people of the Book name one another are names of their bigotry and disputation,

So the Qur’an makes no distinction between the Muslims of the Torah, and the Jews (who reverted) of the Qur’an,

The two names are interchangeable, if they notice.]

51. O people who believe: take not the Jews and the Nazareens as sponsors, they are sponsors of one another; and whoever of you makes them their sponsors, they become [of] them, God guides not darkened people.

52. You see those with an illness in their hearts hastening to them, they say: “we fear a Circle might strike us”; so may God come with the Opener (the Forerunner) or the Aim (Gabriel) from Him, so they become, over what they have confided to themselves, contrite.

53. And those who believed say: “is it those who swore by God solemnly and faithfully that they are with you?” Their deeds have been aborted so they became losers.

54. O ye who believe, whosoever of you revert from their religion God will bring a people, He loves them and they love Him, humble with the believers, proud over the darkened ones, they strive in God’s Way, they fear not the intimidation of an intimidator, this is Elevation from God He brings it to whomever He will, God is Vast and Knowing.

55. Your Sponsor is God and His messenger, and those who believe [are] those who hold the prayers and perform the purification prostrate.

56. And he who takes God as a sponsor, and His messenger, and those who believe: God’s Party are the conquerors.

57. O ye who believe, take not those who take your Religion derisively and playfully, of those who were given The Book before you, and the non-believers, [take them not] as sponsors, and refuge in God if you are amen.

58. And if you call to the prayers, they take it derisively and playfully, that because they are a people non-discerning.

59. Say: “O people of the Book, are you not upset from us, just because we believe in God and in what was descended to us, and in what was descended before? Verily most of you are aberrant”.

60. Say: “shall I advise you of an evil consequence in God of this [referring to the previous verse]: to those whom God has damned and of whom He is indignant, He has made apes of them and pigs; and he [who] worships the Tyrannum: those are in a worse position, and further from the correct path.

61. And they come to you, they say we have believed, and they have just entered in darkness, and they have exited [from God’s Dominium] by it, and God knows what they were secreting.

62. And you see many of them hastening to sin and transgression, and their eating of dross, low-down is what they were doing.

63. Had the godly ones and the knowledgeable ones not been deterring them from blasphemy and their eating of dross, it would have been bad [to the extreme]: what they were doing.

64. And the Jews said: “god’s hand is tight!”, tight be their own hands, damned are they by what they said; nay, God’s Hands are Extended, He expends however He will; and many of them will increase in tyranny and darkness by what has been descended to you [the messenger] from your Lord, and We have installed enmity amongst them and grudge, till the day of the Uprise, every time they set the fire of war God extinguished it, they pursue ruin in the earth, God likes not the ruiners.

65. And if the people of the Book had believed and taken refuge, We would have covered their wrong, and We would have entered them in the Gardens of the Good.

66. And if they had upheld the Torah and the Gospel, and what descend to them from their Lord, they would have eaten from above them and from under their feet; some are unwavering people, and many: bad is what they do.

67. O messenger: convey what was descended to you from your Lord, and if you do not: you have not conveyed His Message: for, God guards you from the people, God guides not darkened people.

 68. Say: “O people of the Gook, you have nothing, until you uphold the Torah and the Gospel, and was descended to you [the people of the Book] from your Lord”, and was descended to you [the messenger] will increase many of them in tyranny and darkness, so feel no sorrow for the darkened people.

69. Those who believed – and those who reverted (became Jewish) are with the Sabians and the Nazareens – are those who believed in God and the Last Day, and did good, no fear takes them and they grieve not.

[While these declarations are thunderous to an honest person, they are barely audible to the dishonest, they translate to enmity and division amongst the people of the Book, and as The Book predicted.

And although the original text of the Gospel and the Torah are in languages now dead, God’s Declarations to humanity cannot be covered or tampered with: those who are honest and who refuge will discern them, through the thick layers of the translations, and despite the edging of the Word about its location in the mind; God’s Light is His Lamp in the niche, it reaches infinite distances unobstructed, only in blindness it remains unseen.

The Qur’an has been mostly preserved in its original text, yet no Word has suffered more edging about its locations in the mind than the Qur’an.

So we ask again: why would God require from the believers to believe all His Books, if they did not have them? Or are they meant to believe something they do not have? If so, belief and the lack of it equal; and hence the interpreters of the Qur’an have falsified all God’s Books: the Torah, the Gospel and indeed the Qur’an, and reverted to heathen traditions and customs.

If they were honest: the Christians can read the Christs Word in the Qur’an, and the Muslims can read the Christs sermons in the Qur’an and the Gospel, and the Jews can read the Torah in the Qur’an, and the Muslims can read the Qur’an in the Torah

: The difference they see is their ignorance.

It is not for nothing that the verses were given to them distantly.

They see the world as they see it, so the Book tells what they see: it is bad for the people of the Book, so is the good of the people of the Book.

God’s Miracle is for those who transcend in His Okeanos, to admire and wonder, and darkness comes from the Light, God is All Around.

The people of the Book make the graves of all the sins of affixing things to God: it is evil, and God is Sovereign over all.

It is He; The Creator of darkness and light, God encompasses all.

It is when radiant souls darken in the distance that they suffer; as for the darkened ones, the distance suffices them, and if they see what they favour, they favour what they see, they have in it leisure for a term, said the Book.

God wrongs no one, and if His message does not reach, it does not reach; and where it reaches He has no remorse, O people and believers, a caller (muezzin) has called, and the bells have jingled, He is here, The Lord of the worlds.]

70. We took the Covenant of the Israelites and We sent messenger to them: every time a messenger came to them with what their selves did not covet: a group they falsified and a group they killed.

71. And they reckon it was not going to be strife, so they were blinded, deafened, then God bestowed His Repentance on them, they blinded and deafened, numerous ones of them, and God is overlooking what they do.

72. They have darkened, those who say that God is the Christ the son of Mary, and the Christ said: “O people of Israel, worship God, my Lord and your Lord [my Father and your Father, if the Gospels are quoted]”, whoever affixes (things or people) to God: God forbids him from the Garden, his dwelling is hell, and the darkened ones have no supporters.

73. They have darkened, those who say that God is the third of a trinity, there is no deity, but One God, and if they do not refrain from what they say, those who have darkened of them, will be taken by a painful suffering.

74. Do they not repent to God and ask His Forgiveness? God is Forgiving Compassionate.

75. The Christ, the son of Mary, is but a messenger, messengers have [come and] gone before him, and his mother was a Zadokite, they ate food; look how We clarify the verses for them, then look how they fake.

[They have faked prophets and words,

And they have darkened those who say that god prays on the prophets and their descendants and henchmen, and prayer is a deed that God commanded the prophets and the people to approach to Him, prayers are their connection to Him, He is their Superior and their Provider,

God prays not on people or anything thing, transcends He their falsehood, God is needless of the worlds and the prophets and all that He created,

It is pagan gods which submit to the caprices of the people.

And they have darkened: those who equal their witness of god by their witness of the prophets, they witness God by their tongues only, they witness only people.]

76. Say: “do you worship below God what serves you no harm and no benefit, and God is The Hearer The Knower?”

77. Say: “O people of the Book, promote nothing in your religion except The Law, and follow not the passions of the people who were lost before you, and made many lose [along with them], they lost the correct way”.

78. Damned are those who darkened of the people of Israel, by David’s word and Jesus’ the son of Mary, that of what they disobeyed and were transgressors.

79. They used to not deter each other from the vice they had been committing; low-down is what they were doing.

80. You see many of them sponsoring those who darken, low-down is what their selves have offered them, thus God is Wrathful of them, in the suffering they abide.

81. If they had believed in God – and the prophet: it [the Book] was not descended to him – they would not have taken them as sponsors, but many of them are aberrant.

[So we refer you to your Arabic dictionaries: the word nabyy which is commonly translated to “prophet” has two etymons: nba’a and nbaa: the former means: to announce or deliver news, from which nabyy has been derived to mean prophet; the latter means: to default, to fail or fall short of expectation.

God’s messenger is consistently referred to as al-rassool.

If the mainstream reading is to be adopted, it should be the messenger Gabriel that the reader should have in mind.

So here is the mainstream reading:

81. If they had believed in God and the prophet and what was descended to him, they would not have taken them as sponsors, but many of them are aberrant.]


90. O ye who believe, that so, hoarding, gambling, alters and the dwarfs [charlatans who deceive the weak-minded] are filth, of the work of Satan, avoid them, may you achieve.

91. Satan wants to install enmity amongst you and hatred, by the hoarding and the gambling, and to bar you from the remembrance of God and the prayers, so have you refrained?


94. O ye who believe, God tries you by a share of game that your arms and arrows catch, so God may know those who fear Him Unseen, those who transgress after this have painful suffering.

95. O ye who believe, kill no game while in detachment, those who do intentionally: the penalty is like that of killing men, to be judged by two just people of you: they have guided a goer to the Ka’abah; or a cover: of feeding a poor [for life], or the equal of this: abstinence [from speech and self-indulgence, for life] to experience the consequence of his deed, God forgives what has passed, and those who revert: God will avenge them, God is Exalted Vengeful.

96. It has been let to you: hunting in the Okeanos, and its food is pleasure for you and for those on foot [unable yet to transcend], and it has been forbidden to you: hunting in the land, for as long as you are in detachment, and refuge in God to Whom you will be gathered.

97. God made the Ka’abah the forbidden house: a stand to the people, also the forbidden month, the offerings and the traditions, that so you know that God knows what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, God is the Knower of all things.

98. Know that God has severe punishment, and God is Forgiving Compassionate.

99. The messenger’s mission is only the delivery, and God knows what you disclose and what you conceal.

100. Say: “the good equals not the evil, even if the plenteousness of evil attracts you, so refuge in God O ye who have a kernel, may you achieve”.

[And unless the climate dictates otherwise, or because of physical constraints, the believers, and much so those in detachment, must take a vegetarian diet that is natural, healthy and nutritious.

They must not drink alcohol, use tobacco in any form, or any substance that tampers with the mind.

They must avoid all beverages which are made and bottled by corporations and all food that is packaged by corporations.

The believers do not hunt or fish, and if they have to eat animals they do thankfully, mindful of the life that it was.

Many people today have refrained from hunting and fishing, guided by their compassion and respect for life, except the people of the Book, the sight of blood being spilled and the suffering wakes no feelings in the stones, they look and as though they do not, so all they need is a book that descends from heaven to tell them that it is their entitlement.

And when Abel and Cain went down to the inferno, Cain followed the example of the savages, who killed to survive.

Although they brought with them grains and fruits, Cain preferred the sight and the smell of the blood, if any feeling it woke in him, it was that of the animal, proud of his ability to shed it.

And today, and after thousands of years of monotheism, and despite the Qur’an banning the rituals of sacrificial killings at the alters, the people of the Book still do, and every Hajj season is a massacre of a biblical proportion, so by which part of the Book do they go? We have often asked.]

101. O ye who believe, inquire not about things: if shown to you they disturb you, and if you inquire about them when the Qur’an is projected they will be shown to you; God has overruled them, God is Forgiving Loving.

102. People before you have inquired about them; then they became disbelievers thereabout.

103. God has not made a swimming [ghost or spirit], or a loose one, or a guardian angel, but those who have darkened fret lies on God, most of them discern not.

104. And if it is said to them: “come to what God has descended, and to the messenger”, they say: “what we have chanced upon by our fathers suffices us”, and even if their fathers know nothing and are not guided?

105. O ye who believe, bear your selves, those who bewildered harm you not if you are guided, to God you all return, and He announces to you what you have been doing.

[The supernatural is a puff of dust: the people of the Book blow it in your face to blind you when you question them.

They have woven fairy tales in religion, and it is big business now,

There is no such a thing as innocent lies, they trap people in irrationality, if people have a tendency thereto it is the duty of the religious institutes to fight it, but to the contrary, they fuel it and use it to enslave people, their sins are unpardonable.]

106. O ye who believe, your witness in the distance: when death [in physicality] present itself to one of you upon induction [taking the oath]: both [the writer and the witness] are people of justice; or, two of the other ones, if you have trampled the earth, and hence been struck by the calamity of death [in physicality] – you seize them [the latter ones] after the prayers, and they swear by God, if you are suspicious: “we shall not exchange Him for [material] gain, even if it [the gain] is at reach, and we conceal not the witness of God, or we are thence sinners”.

107. And if it is found that they have brought sin upon themselves, then other two replace them, of those who have earned an entitlement [of the fellowship], they swear by God: “our witness is more truthful than their witness, and we have not transgressed, we would hence be of the darkened ones”.

108. This is closer [to honesty], than performing the witness superficially [by saying], or that they are fearful that after their alphas (right hands) are turned back after their oath, and refuge in God and listen, God guides not aberrant people.

109. The Day God gathers the messengers, He says: “What were you answered?”, they say: “we know none, Thou art The Knower of the unseen”.

[Let it be known, God cares little if you divide fortunes you have amassed unevenly between your descendants, your justice thence emancipates you not from the sin of hoarding, if you understand.

Justice is not to perpetuate inequality between the people, God created the people equal, it is by hoarding and by your laws of inheritance that inequality between the people perpetuates, and a handful of the people possess the wealth of the entire earth and the labour of man.

God does not descend laws of inheritance, it is by the laws of the interpreters that such laws were written, but now we have freed the believers from them all.

Those verses were worded to guide the people of the Book to justice, and for the believers to go by them while the age of darkness, and now we have freed the believers, the believers know The Law and in Him they refuge.]

110. When God said: “O Jesus son of Mary, remember My Providence upon you and your mother, when I held your hand by The Holy Spirit, you speak to the people in the land, and a revered one, and when I taught you The Book and The Philosophy, The Torah and Gospel, and when you create from the clay in readiness for flying by My Leave, so you inspire to it, so a flyer it becomes, by My Leave, and you heal the blind and the leper, by My Leave, and you bring out the dead, by My Leave, and when I fenced your from the people of Israel, as you brought to them the discriminants, those who darkened of them said: this is but a distinguished wizard,

111. “And when I inspired to the Hawareens [the people of Hawraan], that believe in Me and in My messenger, they said we have believed, do witness that we are Muslims”.

[We refer the good readers to previous occurrence of those verses and their wording, where the correct reading and meaning are emphasized, in Surah 3, and our discourse blends not with redundancy.]

112. And when the Hawareens said: “O Jesus so of Mary, can your Lord descend to us a Throbbing Tree from the heavens”, said he: “refuge in God if you are amen”.

113. They said: “we want to eat from it. So our hearts may be content, and we may know that you are a truth teller, and by it we will be witness”.

114. Said Jesus the son of Mary: “Allahum, do descend to us a Throbbing Tree, that is a feast for our forerunners and our followers, and a paragon from Thee, and provide us, Thou art The Good of all the providers”.

115. Said God: “I am descending it upon you; those of you who darken after, I will make them suffer a suffering that no one has suffered in the two worlds”.

[Blessed are those who have visioned the Throbbing Tree, which bears the fruit of The Philosophy,

Such are the milestones The Master sets on the Way to Glory, so those who tread it are provided and guided and their hearts are content,

For, the New Testament was a new Covenant, by which the believers covenanted their Lord and His messenger The Messiah, to guard themselves during the millennia of darkness, while the son of man rules the earth.]


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.



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