Surah 6
The Bounties

1. The homage is to God Who created the heavens and the earth, and made darkness and light, then those who darkened to their Lord: they repel [themselves].

2. It is He, Who created you of Substance, then He determined a term, and an allotted term is in Him, [but] then you break off.

3. And He is God, in the heavens and in the earth, knows your secret and your disclosure, and knows what you earn.

4. Not a Paragon came to them from their Lord’s Paragons that they did not decline.

5. They have falsified The Law when it came to them, so the tidings of what they derided will come to them.

6. Did they not see how many eras before them We have destroyed? We set them up in the earth [in a way] We did not set up for you, and We sent the heaven onto them profusely, and We made the days stream underneath them, then We destroyed them by their own faults, and We constructed after them other eras.

7. And if We descended a book to you [the messenger] and they were able to touch it with their hands, those who have darkened would say: “this is but obvious wizardry”.

8. And they said: “if only an angel descended to him [the messenger]”, and if an angel did descend the matter would have been settled, and then they do not look.

9. And if We made an angel, We would have made him human, then We would have confused them in their confusion.

10. Many messengers were derided before you; those who derided them became surrounded by what they derided.

11. Say: “walk the earth, and see what the consequence was for the liars”.

12. Say: “to whom is all in the heavens and the earth?” say: “to God, He wrote on His Self: Compassion, will gather you to the Day of the Uprise unquestionably”, those who lost their selves are not amen.

13. He has also what rests in the night and the day; He is The Knower The Hearer.

14. Say: “would I take a sponsor other than God? The Illustrator of the heavens and the earth, He feeds and is not fed”; say: “I am commanded to be the first Muslim (surrenderer)”, be not of the affixers.

15. Say: “I fear if I disobey my Lord the suffering of a great day”.

16. He who is cast off Him thence: He has Compassion for him, this is a distancing accomplishment.

17. And if God touches you by blindness, no one [can] uncover Him, except Him, and if He touches you by the Good, Capable of all things is He.

18. He is Dominant over His abiders; He is The Sovereign The All Informed.

19. Say: “which thing is a greater witness?” say: “God is Witness between me and you, He inspired to me this Qur’an to warn you by it, and [to warn] those who proclaimed that you witness other deity with God”; say: “I do not witness”, say: “that so, He is One, and I am free from what you affix.”

20. Those, whom We have given the Book know Him as they know their children, those who lost themselves are not amen.

[Existential declarations are a hefty say indeed on the ears of those who have confined their vision to their physicality.

Their witness, firstly, is a say, not a witness; this reduces it to an assumption or a conviction, which, no matter how passionate and sincere, it falls in the context of intellectual arguments, which, by their nature, have inherent in them their antithesis.

Secondly, it starts by negating the existence of all deity (laa ilaaha), which is so far fine; then it goes on to affirm the existence of God, transcends He - using the glorious word Allah - by exception (illaa Allah):

Firstly, this equates God with other deity in the mind, for the exception to occur;

Secondly, the use of the word of Allah equates the name with the Creator, transcends He;

And hence their insistence on using the word, in all languages, and as though God, Dieu, Deus, Brahman … are other deity, not other words.

It is those statements, seemingly simple, that set the mind frame of those who take them.

And the believer says in his or her heart: “there is no god but Thou” (laa ilaaha, illaa Anta), when He witnesses.

Such is the bewilderment of all monotheists: they are convinced of one god in the spotlight of their creed, hence their knowledge of Him, transcends He, is similar to their knowledge of their children, as said the glorious Book.

 And those who believe that some human was god, whether it was Jesus or Ali or al-Haakim bi Amr Allah or whomever else: are in a worse predicament, they worship matter, and by matter they measure;

Thus Darwinism was conceived.

So the messenger is commanded to refuse to say their witness, because his witness is truth.

And we say to all the believers, by whichever Book they know The Lord The Sovereign (al-Haakim), and by whichever coming of his messenger: your witness of Him is yours, so you do not give it to any institute or any individual in any form, or under the auspices of any ritual, it is yours, it is the Lord’s, so we have freed you from their witness.]

21. Who is darker than those who fretted lies on God, or falsified His verses, darkened ones will not achieve.

22. The Day We gather them, and We say to those who affixed [things and people to God]: “where are your affixes that you have professed?”

23. And their delusion is only that they say: “we swear by God our Lord, we were not affixers.”

24. Look how they lied to themselves and what they fretted has escaped them.

25. And some of them do listen to you [the messenger], and We made an encasement over their hearts that they (do not) comprehend it, and in their ears a block; and if they see every Paragon they do not believe it, thereafter they come to you arguing: those who have darkened say: “this is but the legends of the ancientry”.

26. And they restrain from Him, and remove from Him and they devastate only themselves, while they realise not.

27. And if you could see, as they are made to stand on hell, they say: “if only we could be returned, and we falsify not our Lord’s verses and we be amen.”

28. Nay, what they concealed before has become apparent to them, and if they were returned they would revert to that from which they are restrained, they are liars.

29. And they say: “it is but our low life, we are not remitted (reincarnated).”

30. If you could see, when they are made to stand up before their Lord, He says: “is this not The Law?” they say: “yea, [we swear] by our Lord”, He says: “experience the suffering of what you disbelieved.”

31. They have lost, those who refuted their encounter with God, until the Hour comes unexpectedly, they say: “alas of what we have incurred in it”, they carry their burdens on their backs, low-down is what they carry.

32. And the low life is but play and distractions, and the final abode is better for those who refuge, discern you [the people] not?

33. We truly know that what they say saddens you [the messenger]: they do not falsify you: but the darkened ones: it is God’s Paragons that they repudiate.

34. Messengers were falsified before you, they forbore their falsification, they were harmed, until Our Triumph came to them, and no one is to alter God’s Words, messengers have brought to you [the messenger] My Announcement.

35. And if their declination exasperates you [the messenger]: if you could get to a tunnel in the earth or a ladder to the heavens to bring them evidence… if God wished He could gather them to the Beacon, so be not ignorant.

[And in a time, not in a far future, metaphor will be no more, only Reality, and the intellect will be rendered helpless.]

36. That so, those who respond are those who hear, and the dead: God remits (reincarnates) them, then to Him they will be returned.

37. And they said: if only a miracle descended to him [the messenger] from his Lord, say: “God is Capable of descending a miracle”, but most of them know none.

38. And, no beast in the earth, nor a bird flying by its wings: but nations like you [the people]; We have dropped nothing out in the Book, then to their Lord they will be summoned.

[And nay, this is not an accountant’s statement of the accuracy of his stock count, this is The Creator’s Declaration of the oneness of the creation in Him, did He not create all from One Self? said this very Book.

The respect of all forms of life of all physical manifestation is of God’s Teaching in all His Messages, but the people of the Book do not believe.]

39. And those who falsified Our verses are deaf and dumb in the dark, whomever God wants to bewilder He bewilders him and whomever He wants He sets him on a straight path.

40. Say: “have you seen, if suffering from God comes to you, or the Hour has come? Is it other than God that you will call, if you were honest?”

41. Yea, it is Him that you call, so He reveals to you what you call of Him, if He will, and you, hence, forget what you have affixed.

42. And We sent to nations before you [the messenger], We took them in hardship and calamity, may they beg.

43. If only they beg, not when Our Might comes to them, but their hearts have hardened, and Satan has embellished what they do.

44. So when they forgot what they were reminded, We opened the doors of everything, until they became ecstatic with what they were given, We took them unexpectedly, hence they became astray.

45. Thus eradicated were the people who darkened, and The Homage is to God, The Lord of the two worlds.

46. Say: “do you see: if God took your hearing and your eyesight, and sealed off your hearts, which deity other than God come to you by Him?” look how We articulate the verses then they break off.

47. Say: “have you seen if God’s suffering comes to you unexpectedly, or conspicuously, who would be devastated except the darkened people?”

48. And We send no messengers except as carriers of glad tidings and a warning, those who believes and reform: no fear takes them and they grieve not.

49. And those who falsified Our verses the suffering touches them, of their aberration.

50. Say: “I do not say to you [the people] that I have God’s Records, neither do I know the unseen, nor do I say that I am a king; I only follow what is inspired to me;” say: “does the blind equal the seeing? Think you not?

51. “And to warn by it [the inspiration] those who fear to be summoned to their Lord, they have no sponsor below him, and no intercessor”, may they refuge.

52. [Addressing the messenger] and dismiss not those who invoke their Lord in the morns and evenings; they travel [in] His Countenance; their judgement is not up to you in anything, and neither is your judgement up to them in anything, if you dismiss them you would be a wrong-doer.

[For those who love Him, their love is His Favour, which they will exchange for none; as for those who invoke, they want favours, and favours are what they get.]

53. Thus We delude some of them by some of them, so they may say: “is it those amongst us that God has lavished? Does He not know better the thankful ones?”

54. And when those who believe in Our Paragons come to you [the messenger], say: “The Peace be upon you, your Lord has written onto His Self: Compassion, that whoever of you does bad, of ignorance, then repents after and reforms, He is Forgiving Compassionate.”

55. Thus We specify the verses, so you [the messenger] may recognise the methods of the criminals.

56. Say: “I have been restrained from worshipping what you invoke below God”, say: “I follow not your passions; I would bewilder then, and would not be guided.”

57. Say: “I am in Certainty about my Lord, and you disbelieve Him, I have not what you hasten to, judgement is to God, He speaks The Law, He is The Good of all the determinants.”

58. Say: “if I had what you hasten to, the matter would have been settled between me and you”, and God is The Knower of the wrong-doers.

59. “He has the keys to the unseen, only He knows them, He knows what is in the land and the waters, no leaf breaks off unless He knows it, and not a seed in the dark of the earth, nor moisture or dryness that is not in a written specificity;

60. “He, Who redeems you in the night, and knows what you have affected in the day then He remits you in it, until an allotted term is over, then to Him is your return, then He announces to you what you have been doing.”

61. He is The Dominant over His abiders, He sends guards to them, so that when death comes to one of you, Our messengers redeem him, they do not miss.

62. Then they [the abiders in God] are returned to God, their Master, The Law, To Him is the judgement, He is the Immediate Judge.

63. Say: “who rescues you from the darks of the land and the waters? You invoke Him begging and intimately: if He rescues us from this one, we would be thankful”.

64. Say: “it is God Who rescues you from it and from every mischief, and then you affix”.

65. Say: “He is Capable of sending suffering to you, from above you and below your feet, or cast you in factions, to make you experience the wrath of one another”, look how We articulate the verses, may they comprehend.

66. Your people have disbelieved him, and he is The Law [the messenger, Gabriel], say: “I am not your sponsor”.

67. For every announcement there is a setting, and you [the people] will know.

68. And when you [the messenger] see those who dare in Our verses, turn away from them, until they engage in another conversation; or else, Satan makes you forget, so sit not - after remembrance - with the darkened people.

69. And those who refuge from their [darkened people] penalty are not accountable for anything [about darkened people], but a reminder, may they refuge.

70. And desert those who took their religion as a play and a distraction, the low lives have deluded them, and remind of Him, may the self not be sacrificed by what she has earned, she has no sponsor below God, and nor an intercessor, and even if she acts justly, all justly, it will not be taken from her; those are the ones who have been sacrificed by what they earned, they have a beverage of mud, and painful suffering, of what they disbelieved.

71. Say: “would we invoke below God what benefits us not and harms us not, and be turned up-side-down, after that God guided us? Like the one who was enchanted by the devils, in the earth a wanderer, he has friends; they call him to the guidance: ‘join us’”; say: “God’s Guidance is the guidance, and we are commanded to surrender to The Lord of the two worlds”.

72. And that hold up the prayers and refuge in Him, He is The One to Whom you will be summoned.

73. He, Who created the heavens and the earth by The Law, the Day He says: “be” it [The Law] becomes, His Say is The Law; He has The Monarchy the Day the apex is blown into, The Knower of the unseen and the witness, He is The Sovereign The All Informed.

[So we have read to you those grand declarations, and if you read what the people of the Book have read, you may be guided.

This is the miracle of this Grand Book, if you have noticed.]

74. And when Abraham said to his father: “Azara, do you take totems as deity? I see you and your people in bewilderment outright”.

75. For We show Abraham the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, so he may become of those of certainty.

76. So when the Night set on him, he saw a star, said he: “this is my lord”, so when it faded said he: “I do not like fading [things]”.

77. So when he saw the moon bursting, said he: “this is my lord” and when it faded said he: “if my lord does not guide me, I will be of the bewildered people”.

78. So when he saw the sun bursting, said he: “this is my lord, this is bigger”, and when it faded said he: “O people, I am at liberty from what you affix,

79. “I have faced my face to Him Who illustrated the heavens and the earth, curvedly, and I am not of the affixers”,

80. And his people argued with him, said he: “do you argue with me about God? And He has guided me, I fear not what you affix to Him, until my Lord will [His] Will, my Lord’s Knowledge encompasses everything, do you not remember?

81. “And why would I fear what you affix, and you fear not that you affixed [things] to God, by which He did not descend [any] authority onto you? Which of the two parties [his Lord and their deity] is more worthy of faith, if you were knowledgeable?”

82. Those who believe and do not mingle their belief with darkness, those have the faith, and they are guided.

83. And this is Our reasoning that We gave to Abraham against his people, We raise the grades of whomever We will, your Lord is Sovereign and all knowing.

[It is to our amazement that those verses have not been the subject of philosophical scrutiny at any time, since they were delivered.

Neither the born Muslims, and nor the orientalists who attempted translating the Qur’an have given them their due consideration.

Firstly, Abraham rejected the ideology of paganism;

Secondly, it is announced that Abraham was shown “the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth”, so he might become a man of certainty.

The Vision/Knowledge that Abraham was given should have sufficed as a reminder of Reality, so he could be in certainty.

But, thirdly, and as the verses continue, Abraham was out, looking for his Lord in tangibility, when he was left alone, at “night”.

So, by logical reasoning, and a process of elimination, he concluded that his Lord should be “bigger” than all the perceivable objects, and must be the knower of all and the sovereign over all.

This is the tenet of monotheism, which has inherent in it its antithesis of atheism and the theory of the evolution of life in matter.

And the monotheists hail those verses as a testimony of Abraham’s faith in his lord, and see no reason to delve them.

And when one fails to look straight, one follows curved routes. And remember that the minutest deviation at the start will take you miles off the target.

This is the Existential Experiment that has to be fulfilled once it has started, and The Lord wrote Compassion on His Self, said the Book.

And this calls upon the modes of nature as articulated in the Ghita, namely: the natures of Tamas (inertia) and Rajas (activity).

Paganism is an ideology in the nature of Tamas, as the adherent takes it without questioning, falling in the traps of superstition and irrationality.

So by introducing irrefutable arguments at that time, Abraham introduced logical reasoning to his people; this was enlightenment at that time, and a glimpse of reality: certainty cannot be refuted, although it cannot be physically grasped;

At that time, Abraham’s ideology was in the nature of Rajas; it was guidance to those who refused to take what they chanced upon from their fathers without questioning;

Thousands of years have passed, and monotheism has become the ideology that people inherit from their fathers and embrace without questioning; thus monotheism itself has become the ideology in the nature of Tamas.

And as science in the last centuries began to shed light on physical phenomena, the theory of evolution of the universe and life became the logical explanation, and this is in the nature of Rajas;

And still is, albeit, to a much lesser degree; for, materialism nowadays has become dogmatic, and goes often contrary to its spirit of inquisitiveness and open-mindedness.

Both monotheism and atheism were meant to be stepping-stones to Reality, if people looked straight in their own minds where certainty resides.

In our discourse we have guided you to override those high barriers which the monotheists and the atheists alike have set up in your minds, so you can be free in Reality.

In the book of “Points and Circles” of The Sacred Philosophy of the Druze, the two natures of deviation (tal7eed) are articulated from another perspective:

In the nature of Sublimeness (tanzeeh), God is a third party of the trinity of: God, the world, man;

In the high heavens, whether physically or by the metaphor, He is Unreachable, whether by the mind or the senses;

In the nature of Existence (wujood), He is perceivable in His presumed human births (transcends He);

Hence, in the former, God’s message is believed to be descended from Him by some supernatural agent,

And in the latter, God’s message is delivered directly by Him, manifest as human in the world (transcends He);

Hence, in the former, the adherence to the literality of the messages, and in the latter: the admittance of human interpretation:

It is the starting point which determines the track of thought.

So when we mention atheism, it is the ideology which assumes no Conscious Creator; it takes the laws of nature as the cause of the cosmic manifestation; as such, knowledge can be achieved by an investigative process by mankind, and hence it is in the nature of Rajas by the Indian Philosophy, and in the nature of Existence by The Sacred Philosophy of the Druze.

Although such an ideology has its roots in past times, it is in the modern time that it became prominent, due to the advance of science and technology which gave it weight;

As for the nature which is above those two natures, it is referred to as “Satwa” in the Ghita, which corresponds best to “harmony” in the Greek Philosophy;

And in the “Points and Circles”, it is the nature of Tawheed, which translates roughly to monism; but we have avoided using these words or any alternative ones to point to the faith of the faithful people; faithful people can take any name they see fit;

They are those who can transcend tamas and rajas, and they see sublimeness and existence not in a trinity, but in The One;

It is this nature that can guide one to The Philosophy: the love of The Truth;

They are the people of no religion, although they can assume any religion;

They are the people of the Highest Standard (al-ma3roof),

And that is the people of Virtue, whose good nature transcends the laws, whether heavenly or mundane;

 And that is not a reference to a tribe of people, nor is it a reference to a race or a religion or a group of any human classification;

And although the ocean of humanity was parted in the past, and the fresh water and brine were separated by a tract as said the Book, the two waters are now mingling, as told The Sacred Philosophy, and those who took their oath and covenant lightly, their faith benefited them not, they have drifted afar; and some people of the Book and some atheists want to be guided, and they will be;

This is a declaration we have made on several occasions; may all understand, The Lord’s Call to the people cannot be muted,

Every soul was invited, many times over, those who covenanted their Lord and have kept their Covenant will be the biggest winners, and this is the true win;

And we draw this model: the people are on the inside surface of a sphere, standing or moving, with their heads pointed to the centre;

The monotheists are in different groups, each group aggregate in a particular spot, believing that their Lord will not lift them up to his paradise unless He finds them on this spot;

The atheists wander around relentlessly, searching for happiness therein;

As for the believers, they are those who move or settle anywhere as they wish, capable of looking upward to the centre, knowing that this is the source of themselves and everything else, and they are attracted to it by affinity.

The world is created by The Law in the Qur’an, The Mind in The Sacred Philosophy, the Logos in the Greek Philosophy, Ishwara in Indian mythology, Tao in China,  the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition;

And to those in modern times who have rejected religion and its terminology: it is that certainty of their minds that they see as a universal thing, and the source of good and beauty, within themselves;

It is the certainty that the monotheists and the materialist cannot grasp, and the “unseen” they cannot see,

This is the challenge that humanity has had to take in the distance.

Those who have failed, they have failed to see The Law, and still struggle to do as we make these announcements, they are trapped in their place and time, they assume a spirit that is a lawless invisible thing, that can be perceived when their understanding of the laws of nature is contradicted: illusion cannot be erased by illusion;

It is in The Law that the faithful ones abide, he is their source of knowledge, wisdom and transcendence, and their intermediary to the Uncountable Oneness, Mere Existence, Brahman, The Gestalt of Bountifulness.]

84. And we bestowed on him Isaac and Jacob, both We guided, and Noah We guided before; of his seed is David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron, and thus we sanction the radiant ones.

85. And Zakaraya, Johan, Jesus and Elias, each of the righteous ones.

86. And Ismail, Isaiah, Jones and Lott, and each We elevated above the worlds.

87. And of their fathers and their seed and their siblings, We selected them and guided them to a straight path.

88. This is God’s Guidance, He guides by it whomever He will of His abiders, and if they affix, frustrated will be what they do.

89. Those to which We brought The Book, the rule and the prophethood, so if they disbelieve in it those: We have entrusted it to a people, in it they do not disbelieve.

90. Those whom God has guided, so by their guidance adhere to Him, say: “I ask you not for compensation for it, it is but a remembrance to the two worlds.”

91. And they did not regard God His true regard, when they said: “God did not descend anything onto people”, say: “who descended the Book that Moses came with, light and guidance to the people? you make it scrolls, you show it and hide a lot, and you were taught what you did not know, and neither did you fathers,” say: “[it is] God”, then desert them playful in their commotion.

92. And this Book, We descended it blessed, conforming to what is in his [the dark prophet] hand, and to warn by it the mother of all the nations, and those who believe in the hereafter believe in it, and their prayers they do keep.

[The Book of David was delivered herein, we will open it separately; in it is the history that has been forgotten and covered by lies;

The low world is a world of illusion, nothing seen in it is true except the memories of those who can remember; those say: “God is Capable of all things;”

And those who want to reduce reality to an illusion will suffer of their own illusion; they will be trapped by their own traps;

 And we are to warn you of yet a denser world, in which the illusion will be more convincing, to cast darkened souls further, in a reflection of a reflection, dark matter is building up to host a new world;

But unlike the physical world, in reality the reflection of a reflection is not upright, but rather deeper in physicality;

Those who are content by their interpretations of the Book and The Sacred Philosophy will not be content when they discover that they have missed;

O people, this tragedy has happened before, we are meant to warn you, lest you say you were not warned;

The word as you know it is made up of your passions, they linger in the dark corners to create a lower hell, to satisfy your passions: the low world is made up of your passions; it is self-love that creates the world;

Hence the Book and the Sacred Philosophy have warned you of your passions; yet you preferred the dark path, attracted to immediate satisfaction, forgetful of your existence.

You will say: “O my goodness, what have we done?” this is the time when contrition helps not.

The world is regenerated spontaneously by its laws; nothing is anyone’s discretion, but everyone’s contribution.

Those planets that now seem round and apart were once islands of gardens, mountains, and terrains of many shapes and colours, and Pluto was their moon;

They were homes of creatures and humans and angels, for all to play, learn and enjoy;

Passions overtook them; the world was reflected in the dark matter in the world that you now know; the real world was hid inside; those were the oceans that the Lord separated first: by a tract so they do not mix, said the Book, and the planets were thus rounded.

Thus the solar system was born and Pluto orbited around, and everything that existed before was reflected in it, by the law of symmetry.

But those who do not understand what came in the Book have reduced the history of humanity to fairy tales, and to our disappointed, The Sacred Philosophy is being reduced to intellectual concepts, far from reality;

And New Age prophets have usurped knowledge and wisdom to claim possession of it, in a world they want to create, attractive to the clever and the well-informed, far from knowledge, far from reality.]

93. And who is darker than the one who fretted falsehood on God or said: “He inspired to me”, and He did not inspire anything to him; and the one who said: “I will descend [a book] similar to what God descended”; and if you see the darkened ones, in the deluge of death, while the angels extend their arms [and they say:] “bring yourselves out, today you will be rewarded by the suffering of humiliation, of the lawlessness that you said about God, and about His verses you were pretentious.”

94. Hence you come to Us singularly as We created you the first time, and you have left what We warranted to you behind you, and We see not your intercessors, whom you claimed were by you affixed [to God]; it has been severed, and has escaped you: what you have claimed.

95. God is The Splitter of the seeds and the kernels, He brings out the living from the dead, The Bringer out of the dead from the living, this is God, watch what you fake.

96. The Breaker of the dawns, He made the night restfulness, and the sun and the moon a calculus, this is the destination of the Exalted The Knower.

97. He made for you the stars, so you are guided by them, in the darkness of the land and the sea; we have set the paragons for knowledgeable people.

98. He constructed you from one Self, a settlement and a repository; We have set the verses for the people who discern.

99. And He descended water from the sky, we produced by it the produce of everything, We brought out by it greenery, We bring out from it grains juxtaposed, and of the date-palm, of its yield are clusters pending, and groves of vines, olives and pomegranates, alike and unlike, look its fruit when it fruits, and its fecundation, in this indeed are paragons for the people who believe.

100. And they make partners for Him of the Gone [people], they breached for Him sons and daughters of lack of knowledge, transcends He, Lofty above what they describe.

101. Beginner of the heavens and the earth; afar, that He has a child, never had He a partner, created He everything, and He is The Knower of all.

102. This is God your Lord, there is no deity but He, The Creator of all; abide in Him, is He The Sponsor of all.

103. Vision reaches Him not, He reaches vision, He is The Clear, The All Informed.

104. Vision has come to you from your Lord, he who visions: it is for his self, and he who blinds: it is upon her [his self], I [the messenger] am not over you a protector.

105. Thus We express the verses, so they may say: “I have studied”, and so We distance it [the Book], for the knowledgeable people.

106. Follow what has been inspired to you from your Lord, there is no deity but He, and decline from the affixers.

107. Had it been God’s Will, they would not have affixed, We have not made you [the messenger] a protector over them, and neither are you their sponsor.

108. Curse not those who call to [things] below God, thus they curse God, in aggression and ignorance, We have ornamented the work of every nation’s, then to their Lord is their return, and He briefs them on what they have been doing.

109. And they swore by God solemnly and by their faith, that if a verse comes to them they would believe in it, say: “but all the verses are in God and what He makes you feel:” when they [the verses] come they do not believe.

110. And We turn around their hearts and vision, like when they did not believe in Him the first time, and We desert them in their tyranny astray.

111. And if We descended the angels to them, and the dead spoke to them, and We Summoned everything before them, they would not believe until God Will, but most of them are ignorant.

112. And thus We have made for every prophet a successor (enemy) [from] the demons of the humans and the Gone [people], they inspire to one another eloquent oration, of self-conceit; if God will, they would not do it, desert them and what they fret.

113. So that the hearts of those who believe not in the hereafter listen to it and be satisfied by it, so they perpetrate what they perpetrate.

114. Other than God would I [the messenger] want a Ruler? And it is He Who descended The Book to you [the people] in sections, and those to whom We gave The Book know that it is descended from your Lord by The Law, so be not of the outcast.

115. And your Lord’s Word was accomplished in honesty and justice, no one alters His Words, He is The Hearer The Knower.

116. And if you obey most of those in the earth, they misdirect you from the way of God, they follow none but the doubt, they only speculate.

117. It is your Lord Who is The Knower of those who lose His Way, He is The Knower of those who are guided.

118. So eat of [the things] upon which God’s Summum is remembered, if you are in his verses believers.

119.  And why would you not eat of [the things] upon which God’s Summum is remembered, and He sectioned to you what He forbade for you, except if compelled; and many are misdirected by their passions, unknowingly; and God is The knower of the transgressors.

[This is a reference to the Surahs which were descended to the Summa, God’s messengers, and in the Book of al –Ahqaaf, that is The Book of Hassshaaam by The Lord’s Will, we will inform you of the Seven Twos and the other Surahs upon which God’s Summum was not written; thus The Book has been sectioned by The Lord’s Leave, and distanced to those who discern;

For this was a Call to the prophets to deliver to their people, and laws by which they had to abide;

As for the believers, they abide by them only in the seam; the believers have The Highest Standard, from which darkened ones are deprived, and from the obligations they are thus exempt;

So we say to all the believers, they know themselves in Certainty: we have freed you from the laws of the people of the Book, your faith is your humanity and your honesty is your guide, whatever you do, and humanity and honesty are God’s, He is The Bestower of everything, The Knower of all,

Do guard yourselves from falling down the breaches of hell, your faith and your honesty and the Highest Standard are your protection, and The Lord is Sovereign over all.

Let the people of the Book who have reverted and those who broke their oath and covenant, repeatedly and deliberately, sink deeper in sin, their sins are theirs, the world they covet will  surround them, in it they will reside forever, thus foretold the Book,

And if in difficulty, do forbear and be content, and be proud that The Lord has tried you by the toughest tries; your will has not waned, your faith has not flickered and you are triumphant by His Will, His Will is unconquerable, let the darkened ones see;

Do read in your hearts the prayers which have been delivered to you by Him, and the prayers we shall deliver, they finetune your senses, they heal your ailments, they send you in a euphoria of Existence, they help you look,

And give no heed to the waffle of dark prophets and their servants, they speak what they do not understand, they preach misery and fash;

The Lord’s Guidance comes to those who love Him, gratuitously; The Lord loves those who seek His Guidance.]

120. And desert the exhibition of sin and the intent of it, those who earn sin will be sanctioned by what they were perpetrating.

121. And eat not of [the things] upon which God’s Summum is not remembered, it is an aberration, the demons inspire to their sponsors to argue with you, if you obey them you would be affixers.

122. Is the one who was dead and We enlivened him and made light for him to walk by it in the people, [is he] like the one in the darkness? He will not exit from it, thus is ornate for the darkened ones what they have been doing.

123. Thus We made in every country its worst criminals to malice it, they malice only themselves, and they feel not.

124. And if a verse comes to them, they say: “we will not believe until we are given like God’s messengers were given”, God [only] knows where He makes His message, those who have committed crime will be belittled in God, and severe suffering will strike them, of their malice.

125. He whom God wants to guide, He opens his chest to Islam, and he whom He wants to bewilder, He makes his chest narrow and constrained, as though he is [attempting] climbing up the sky, thus God makes scum on those who disbelieve.

[And those who say they believe by their say have surrendered their selves to assumption; they thus read in those verses a draconian and arbitrary god, the god of the pagan ancestry,

Their chests harbour malice and ill-intent,

And in dealing with one another, in politics, in business, in personal relations… there is only one objective on their minds: that is to inflict as much harm as they can on one another,

The only law they understand is that of the beast, the only gratification they get is the pain they do not feel;

And when they read those verses they expose their own deception and dishonesty, God’s Word is high, and high above their reach.]

126. This is your Lord’s Path Straight; We have sectioned the verses for the people who remember.

127. They have the Abode of Peace in their Lord; He is their Sponsor in what they were doing.

128. And when He summons them all [He says:] “O gone people, you have multiplied of the humans”, and their masters of the humans say: “we have enjoyed one another, and have come to our term that Thou have termed for us”, says He: “hell is your shelter eternally, except what God will”, God is Sovereign and Knower of all.

[For, the humans who migrated from Earth Interior were not meant to intermarry with the Gone people, but only to befriend them for the purpose of guiding them.]

129. Thus We appoint the darkened ones in charge of one another, of what they have earned.

130. “O people of the Gone and the humans, did not messengers from you come to you reciting My verses and warning you of your encounter of this day of yours?” they say: “we have witnessed ourselves”, the low lives have deluded them, they witnessed themselves that they were wrong-doers.

131. Thus your Lord destroys no countries by [their own] wrong, while their peoples are unconscious.

132. All are in ranks, of what they did; God is not oblivious of what they do.

133. God is needless, He has Compassion, if He will, He would dismiss you and descend [from you] whatever He will after you, like He constructed you from the seed of other people.

134. What you have been promised is coming; you are not thwarting [Us].

135. Say [the messenger]: “firm your position, I am firming [mine], and you will know who will have the bottom of The House, darkened ones cannot achieve.”

136. And they made a share for God of what He proliferated of progeny and the bounties, so they said: “this is Gods”, as they claimed, “and this is our partners’ (masters’)”; what is their partners’ will not reach God, and what is God’s will reach their partners, bad is what they judge.

137. Thus they beautified to many affixers: the killing [of the spirit] of their children: their partners: to turn them [their children] back and confuse them about their religion; if God will, they would not do it, so desert them and what they fret.

138. And they said: “these are Bounties and examination, guarded, no one eats [from] them except whom we choose”, by their claim; and some Bounties: their manifestation was disbelieved (forbidden), and some Bounties: they [darkened ones] do not remember God’s Summum upon them, fretting on Him; He will sanction them by what they were fretting.

139. And they said: “there is nothing discernible to our men in the secrets of those Bounties, and it is forbidden to our women”; but if it was dead [people], they [the dead people] would be partners with Him; He will retribute their description to them, He is Sovereign Knower of all.

 140. They have lost, those who killed their children, of stupidity and ignorance, and forbade what God provided them, fretting on God, they are lost and never guided.

[The humans (al-ins), the angels, the Bounties, and in the Torah: God’s Children: are symbolic names pointing to God’s servants whom He remits in the low world to guide and be His torches and summa.

All those who migrated from Earth Interior were meant to be of such a rank, but some lost their way, as the Book recounts.

The non-believers of the Gone people and the humans did not acknowledge them, and still do not.

In the last millennium they had to isolate themselves or mingle and pretend to be of the people, both were difficult options.

Those who disbelieve follow falsehood and reject God’s Teaching, and hence need laws to forbid them from killing their children in pagan beliefs,

And today, although they all claim to have the best and most correct religion, they all believe that the blood they shed will redeem them and satisfy the hunger of their deity,

Their deeds come back to them, and so do their beliefs and convictions, they can conquer them only when they conquer their own;

This is a natural law they all have failed to understand.

And the laws of halal eating that they read in those verses of Reality have not made them healthier, neither physically and nor mentally and nor ethically, than other peoples, by any measure,

And neither have the laws of eating of the Hindu, and neither the laws of kosher eating of the Jews,

And neither have those laws humanised those peoples or taught them any good thing at all;

They all have a conviction that by some supernatural method their diet and rituals of slaughter will bring them closer to the heavens,

Nothing we say can help them, until God will, so desert them and what they fret.

And in the world today is an abundance of information on health and nutrition, and the knowledge of physical laws is from God too, if they are honest, while pagan people cling stubbornly to lawlessness and the fallacies of their ancestry.]

141. And it is He, Who constructed gardens, viniferous and non-viniferous, and date-palms, and vegetation of a variety of food, and the olives and the pomegranate alike and unlike; eat its fruit when it fruits, and come to His Law the day of its harvest, and be not extravagant, He likes not extravagant ones.

[Over a thousand years have passed, and all they noticed was the food and a ritual of zakat,

And they are yet to come to the appreciation of the beauty in the nuances of the manifestation of life;

At least the genealogists of modern times have noticed things and classified them logically: this is the miracle of the mind and its inherent curiosity which God bestowed on mankind;

And those who believe, they are elated by the perception of order, and those darkened see only objects for their consumption,

And they still wonder: what is alike and unlike in the olives and the pomegranates? But they can only guess.

The mind that is incapacitated by falsehood is narrowed in its physical senses,

Those see overlapping absolutenesses, and a world created by what the world created in their view; and the ideologies of creationism and evolution emerge therefrom.

But the mind has no difficulty in recognising the olives, although no two olives are identical; nor the pomegranate berries, although no two berries of pomegranate are identical:

The creationists will jump to say: God taught Adam all the names;

If they understand this statement they would recognise the spirit of the “names” and take a glimpse of reality,

But what they see is a mosaic structure, so they miss the spirit; hence they miss the essence of those verses;

And the evolutionists will argue that the “brain” organises information to deduce commonality and similarity,

Goodness! Where do the concepts of commonality and similarity sit? We have to ask.

Artificial Intelligence will be developed in the future, by God’s messengers, not by the sophists,

Only to prove to you that your mind is made of the Cosmos in its entirety,

But the blind will remain blind; this is a war that has been going on since they became, and only The Law can terminate it.

Abstract concepts which apply to myriads of things: whether acquired in one life time or over millions of years of evolution, have to precede observation, logically and hence practically,

 This is a dilemma that the intellect cannot resolve, because the intellect itself is a product of all the abstract concepts.

So the evolutionists miss the spirit too, and the essence of those verses and the essence of their observation entirely are missed.

Only honest people are capable of leaping beyond intellectual concepts to “come to the appreciation of it” (wa’too haqqahu), which could also be read as: “come to His Law”, for those who discern;

But it was translated by interpreters to the giving of zakat (charity), whereby the wealthy give of the camel its ears to the poor,

So by the laws of inheritance and the law of charity the wealthy remain wealthy and the poor remain poor, so the law can be exercised again, in a socio-economic division that they have created and perpetuated by greed and injustice,

Tell them: zakat is purity, consult your Arabic dictionaries. So long as there are poor who need charity, zakat is not achieved: may they discern.]

142. And of the bounties (domestic animals) are [carriers] of loads, and household, eat of what God provided you, follow not the steps of Satan, he is to you a divisive enemy.

[In this context the word “bounties” does refer to domestic animals;

And as the verse mentions the utility of domestic animals, it alludes to the relationship that arises between them and their owners, and the emotional ties,

With this in mind, the commandment of eating what God provided can be read as a commandment of declining from eating household animals, for the aim of preserving them and in respect of  the relationship which develops between their owners and them,

The milk and its derivatives is what the commandment is referring to in our reading,

Even in their reading, there is no reference in the commandment of eating what God provided, to the domestic animals, linguistically;

Such an open statement brings out one’s own belief and convictions, and cannot be taken by the logical mind as a decisive commandment.

Verse 38 is an unequivocal invitation to respect all forms of life, in middle-eastern cultures which lack such a tradition.

It all comes down to the question: what should man eat?

Science tells us that man can eat anything, almost.

Nature dictates to the animals what to eat, does not nature dictate to mankind also what to eat?

Man’s power of choice, mobility and access of things, perhaps fogs what nature – as a combination his physique and environment – invites him to eat.

The purpose of man’s life is not to find the perfect diet and neither is it to abide by a given diet, whoever the giver may be.

It is when eating aims for satisfying one’s ego that it burdens one with scruples: scruples on one’s soul as well as body, and the laws they proclaim;

The wealthy spend time and money to rid of the scruples of indulgence, so they can live longer, so they can continue to indulge, while the poor gasp to stay alive.

For, every activity should have one and only one aim: that is knowledge, this Virtue that is the mother of all the virtues;

Everything else is below this, and a means for this aim;

And if we say that eating the meat of the animals is permissible if circumstances so dictate, we do not condone the inhumane treatment of animals or their hunting for leisure,

The delicate balance between man’s physical needs of nature and the life in it, on one hand, and his regard and respect of nature and the life in it, on the other hand, is man’s on-going moral trial: those who are unaware of it have failed it already.]

143. Eight in pairs, of the sheep two, and of the goats two; say: “is it the two males that he [the dark prophet] forbade or the two females, or what the wombs of the females included? Inform me of knowledge if you were honest.”

144. And of the camels two and of the cattle two; say: “is it the two males that he forbade or the two females, or what the wombs of the females included? Or were you witnesses when God commanded you of this? Who is darker than the one who fretted falsehood on God to delude the people of no knowledge? God guides not darkened people.”

[Those are rhetorical questions and are not answered by decisive answers, such as the interpreters would like to tell us;

The fact that they read the word “eight” at the start with a fat7ah which makes it grammatically an object, so they can say it must be an object of the verb “eat” of the previous verse: does not make their reading exclusively correct, although it gives weight to their interpretation.

The fat7ah can be referenced to “constructed” of the second previous verse, which removes the weight of their reading.

Linguistic analysis alone cannot point to value; value is in people’s hearts.

The mention of the content of the females’ wombs in those instances brings out the morbidity of their belief, as they see no wrong in slaughtering a pregnant female and they still do not.

So the next verse resumes.]

145. Say: “I find not in what was inspired to me forbidden to an eater who eats it, except if he/she is dead or spilled blood, or a pig’s meat, then it [what is inspired] is scum, or aberration, dedicated not to God; and he who is compelled is not culpable or a transgressor, God is Forgiving Compassionate.”

146. And to those who reverted (the Jews) We forbade the clawed [animals], and from the cattle and the sheep We forbade to them their fat, except what their backs carried, or the entrails, or what intermixed with bone; that, We sanctioned them by their culpability, and We are honest.

[Thus we close off the chapter of halal eating like we closed off the chapter of kosher eating before,

For the believers to realise that their laws are a punishment to those who lost their minds and followed pagan belief.]

147. And if they falsify you [the messenger], say: “your Lord is of Vast Compassion, His Might cannot be turned away from the criminal people.”

148. Those who affixed will say: “if God will we would not affix, neither would our fathers, neither would we forbid anything;” thus too those before them falsified, until they experienced Our Might; say: “do you have any knowledge? So bring it out to us, you follow none but doubt, you are only guessing.”

149. Say: “it is to God The Proof Far Reaching, if He will He would guide you altogether.”

150. Say: “hail your witnesses who witness that God forbade this [the Book, read correctly]”, so if they witness, witness not with them, and follow not the passions of those who falsified Our verses, those who believe not in the hereafter, and in their Lord they break off (they make equals).

[bi rabbihim ya3diloon can be read as both readings.]

151. Say: “come on, recite what your lord has forbidden to you: that you affix nothing to Him, be radiant with the Parents, kill not your offspring of bankruptcy, We provide you and them, approach no impropriety, whether apparent or non-apparent, and kill not the self that God guarded, except in The Law; this is what God commanded you, may you discern;

152. “And approach not the money of the orphan, except by what is better, until he/she reaches maturity, and honour the measure and the scale by the Balance, We charge the self only her capacity; and if you talk: justly, even if it was a relative, and honour God’s Covenant; this is what He commanded you, may you remember;

153. “This is My Path Straight, follow it and follow not the ways, they disperse you off His Path, this is what He commanded you, may you refuge.”

154. Then We gave to Moses the Book, a completion to those who are radiant, and a detail of everything, and a Beacon and Compassion, may they in encountering their Lord believe.

[Thus the knowledge descended to the Prophets is the Summing Knowledge (al-3ilm al-khaamis), that is the essence of the message,

That is the Quintessence: the Fifth Essence, as articulated in the Muss-haff of The Solitary That, of The Sacred Philosophy of the Druze;

That is the Knowledge that is represented in the Greek Philosophy by the Fifth Element that oversees all;

This is not a science, nor is it technical spirituality, nor is it information which frees one once one acquired it, and to call it a science reduces it to such.

As for those who cannot achieve it, the detail is their obligation, until they are apt,

For, the Encounter of the Lord is an existential, spiritual and cognizant rank.]

155. And this Book, We descended it, bountiful, so follow it, and refuge, may you be cherished.

156. Lest you say: “that so, The Book was descended to two groups before us, though we were of their studying inattentive.”

157. Or you say: “if the Book were descended to us we would be better guided than them”, so Evidence has come to you from your Lord, and Guidance and Compassion, so who is darker than him who falsified God’s Paragons and dislodged from them, we will punish those who dislodge from Our Paragons, with bad suffering of their dislodgement.

158. Do they wait, unless the angels come to them or God comes or some of God’s Paragons come? The day when some of God’s Paragons come: it benefits not the self: her faith: that she had no faith before, or earned no good of her faith; say: “wait”, for We are awaiting.

159. Those who dispersed their religion and became factions, you [the messenger] are not one of them in any way, their matter is to God, them He announces to them of what they were doing.

160. He who brings good will have it ten-fold, and he who brings evil will be only retributed by similar [evil], they will not be wronged.

161. Say: “my Lord has guided me to a straight path in Religion, removing (lifting) Abraham’s creed, curved, and what he was of the affixers.”

162. Say: “my prayer and my devotion, my life and my death, is all to God, The Lord of the two worlds,

163. “No partner has He, this is what I am commanded, and I am the first Muslim.”

164. Say: “other that God would I want a Lord, and He is The lord of every thing; what every self earns is only for her, and no self is charged with the charge of another, then to your Lord is your return, and He announces to you all your dissensions.”

165. And it is He, who made you descendants in the earth, He elevated some of you over some of you in ranks, to try you in what He gave you, God has the swift punishment, and He is Forgiving Compassionate.

[Thus we have opened for you the doors of the temples of your hearts (masaajid quloobikum), so you do not approach anymore the doors of the houses of rituals,

The doors which Satan and Iblis and their henchmen have forbidden for thousands of years,

And when al-Hallaj read correctly he was persecuted by them, they dismembered his body and hanged him, while content in Contentment, he laughed at the horror of the deeds of their ignorance,

So he announces to them that their loss is major, they choose death, and death is their destiny.]

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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