Surah 7
The Peaks

1. Alef lam meem saad (A L M S)

2. A Book that We descended to you [the messenger]; let there be no embarrassment in your chest from it, so you warn by it, and reminiscence to the believers.

[For, every time a new message is delivered, a correction of misconception and abolishment of falsehood, and a reminder to the believers of Existence, so they return to The Law:

The messenger is thought to be insane, they say to him: “you are but human like us; how know you better?” this grand Surah witnesses.]

3. Follow [addressing the people] what was descended to you from your Lord, and follow no sponsors below Him, little is what you remember.

4. Many a country have We destroyed, Our Might came to them in their lodgement or during their nap.

5. Their declaration, when Our Might came to them, was but to say: “indeed we have darkened.”

6. So let Us ask those to whom We have messaged, and let us ask the messengers.

7. So let Us recount to them of knowledge, for We were not absent.

8. The weight is thence the truth; those whose weights are heavy are the achievers.

9. And those whose weights are light are those who have lost their selves: in what they were in Our verses wrong-doing.

10. We have placed you [the people] in the earth and made for you a living in it, little do you appreciate.

11. We have created you then We made you apiculated, then We said to the angels: “bow you to Adam”, and they bowed, except Iblis, he was not a bower.

12. Said He: “what prevented you not to bow as I commanded you?” he said: “I am good from him (better than him), Thou created me of fire, and of Substance Thou created him.”

13. Said He: “fall you down from it, you are not to be prideful in it, exit; you are belittled.”

14. Said he: “await me to the day they are remitted.”

15. Said He: “you are awaited.”

16. Said he: “with what Thou lured me I will sit before them on Thy straight path,

17. “Then I will reach them between their hands and from behind them, by their alphas and by their omegas, and Thou will find most of them appreciative.”

18. Said He: “exit from it expelled and outcast, whosoever follow you of them I will fill the low world of you all,

19. “And you Adam dwell and your pair in the Garden, eat whatever you will from it and approach not this tree or you will be wrong-doers.”

20. So Satan murmured to them to expose to them what was wrapped of them of their spots and said: “your Lord deterred you not of this tree except that you be angels or be eternal.”

21. And he made a pledge to them: “I am to you but an advisor.”

22. So he dangled them with a lure, when they tasted the tree their spots seemed, and they began sticking leaves from the Garden on themselves, and their Lord called them: “did I not forbid you of this tree and say to you that Satan is your certain enemy?”

23.  They said: “Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, if Thou forgive us not and mercify us not, we will indeed be amongst the losers.”

24. Said He: “fall you down, some preceding some, and you have in the earth a stay and leisure for a term.”

25. Said He: “in it you live, and in it you die, and from it you will be taken out.”

26. O children of Adam, We have descended upon you a dress wrapping your spots, and fullness; and a dress of shelter: this is good; this is of God’s paragons, may they remember.

27. O children of Adam, let not Satan lure you like he drove your Parents out of the Garden, he takes their dress off their selves to expose their spots, he sees you he and his kind from where you cannot see them, We have made the demons sponsors of the non-believers.

[Every soul has a dark spot that has to express itself as a projection downward, this miracle of the creation has been alluded to in all the messages, it can be remembered, for its existence is in the apex of every soul;

In duality, there is a viewer and a view; hence a tree branches off from the heaven downward to the potentialities of low existence;

Thus in the body, the genitals are the body.

In your stages of development every time, from conception: you repeat those stages of existence and awareness of existence, and the marks on your body of physical strength and puberty and maturity.

 As for Adam, he is the First Being; The Lord said to him: “be” thus he became, after and within the Image of His Lord, in The Mirror: Cognizance Cognition Cognisor, before the Image was created.

He is the Aim of the creation, the prayers be by him, he is the Guidance to mankind and their Way to their Lord.

As for his Pair, this is the Self, The Peace, Compassion which The Lord wrote on His Self,

He is the conception of the Love of Adam of His Lord.

And Satan is the embodiment of the Base that is the dark spot, in a self-conscious self; in early moments of Existence he is vague unknowness, and a rock of nothingness in the pursuit of self-knowledge, in self-perception in Existence.

As for Iblis, his darkness is his choice, by The Law of Existence; he is thus the speaker of Satan

And every soul, a ray of Existence, holds her mirror and looks herself; when He says “be” the image is set free, and in love with herself she falls, the love is expressed in the body projected downward: that is the alpha and the omega.

For, before time began, self-knowledge was immediate, hence The Lord said: “I was an oblivion oublié”, hence The Lord set the distance for the creation to return in the Joy of all the joys, of knowledge of the truth of existence of sublimeness,

For the soul to hold her mirror again, farewell him, and return to her Lord content in Contentment.

As for those who prefer the distance, they are distracted by the wonders of this Grand Creation, and satisfied by its pleasures, for pleasure is the nature of existence,

The distance, the cost of which is suffering and agony: for, distance is contrary to the nature of existence.

So we recount to you stories which do not exist in a linear fashion, and from different experiences they are recounted perhaps differently, for you have to reach those magnamoments of Existence yourself, via your Aim, God’s messengers;

As for those who have reduced knowledge to fairy tales and information, they know not what they say, listen not to them, they say but lies;

As for Satan, Iblis and their seed and henchmen, they want to trap you forever in the trap of the distance, so they have a share of the creation to play with, and many people, including some radiant souls, follow them happily, of stupidity.]

28. And when they committed and obscenity they said: “we have found our ancestors on it and god ordained it”, say: “God ordains not obscenities, do you say of God what you know not?”

29. Say: “God commanded by the Balance, and to rise up your faces upon every bow, and call Him faithfully in redemption (religion), as He began you, you will return.”

30. A group He guided; and a group: bewilderment precipitated on them, that they took the demons as patrons below God, and they think they are guided.

31. O children of Adam, take your ornaments upon every bow, and eat and drink, and be not extravagant, God loves not the extravagant ones.

32. Say: “who forbade God’s ornaments that He produced for His abiders, and the good of the providence”, say: “it is for those who believed in the low lives, dedicated [to them] the day of the Uprise”, thus We section the verses for the people who know.

33. Say: “that so, my Lord forbade obscenities, what is blatant of them and covert, also sin and disturbance by lawlessness, and that you affix to God that to which He descended no authority, and that you say about God what you know not.”

34. And every nation has a term; when their term has come, not a single hour do they regress, nor do they advance.

 35. O children of Adam, that so, messengers come to you from amongst you recounting to you My verses, so those who have taken refuge and reformed, no fear takes them and they grieve not.

36. And those who falsified our Paragons and repudiated them pridefully, those are the dwellers of hell, they are in it eternally.

 37. Who is darker than the one who has fretted falsehood on God, or falsified His Paragons, those have their share of the Book, until Our messengers come to redeem them, they say: “where are those you invoked below God?” they say: “they have abandoned us”, and they witness themselves that they were darkened.

38. He said: “enter in nations that have passed before you, of the Gone people and the people, in hell”, every time a nation entered she cursed her predecessor, until they all reached one another, the last said to the first: “Lord, those bewildered us, so do bring the suffering to them one fold of fire”, He said: “each gets one fold, but you know not.”

39. And the first said to the last: “so no benefit is due upon us from you; so feel the sufferings of what you have earned.”

40. Those who falsified our Paragons and repudiated them pridefully, the doors of the heavens open not to them, and they enter not the Garden, until the camel has perforated a needle’s eye, thus we sanction the criminals.

41. They have [of] the inferno repose, and above them are screens, thus We sanction the wrong-doers.

42. And those who believed and did good - We assign not to a self except her capacity - those are the dwellers of the Garden, they are in it eternally.

43. And We eradicated what is in their chest of agony, the days stream underneath them, and they said: “gratitude is to God who guided us to this, and we could not have been guided if it was not for God’s Guidance, God’s messenger came with The Law”, and they are called upon, that this is the Garden you have inherited, of what you were doing.

44. And the dwellers of the Garden call upon the dwellers of hell, that we have found true what God promised us, “have you found what God promised you true?” They said: “yes”, then a crier amongst them cried that God’s damnation falls upon the darkened ones.

45. Those who decline from the way of God and desire it crooked: and they are in the hereafter disbelievers.

46. And between them [the two worlds] is a veil, and upon the peaks are men who know everyone by their radiance, they called upon the dwellers of the Garden that Peace be on you, they entered it not greedy.

47. And if their vision drifts towards the dwellers of hell they say: “God, mix us not with dark people.”

48. And the ones on the peaks called upon men they know them by their radiance, they said: “your sums made you not needless [of The Law], and prideful you were not;

49. [Addressing the darkened ones] “Are these the ones you swore that God would not embrace in Compassion? [Addressing the radiant ones] Enter the Garden, no fear takes you and you grieve not.”

50. And the dwellers of hell cried out to the dwellers of the Garden that flow to us some water or some of God’s Providence; they said: “God forbade it to the darkened ones.”

 51. Those who took their religion as entertainment and play, the low lives have lured them, so today We forget them like they forgot facing this Day of theirs, and what of Our verses they repudiated.

52. And We have brought to them a Book that We sectioned of Knowledge, Guidance and Compassion to the people who believe.

53. Do they wait but its original? When its original comes those who have forgotten it say: “messengers came previously by The Law, have we intercessors to intercede for us, or shall we be returned so we do differently to what we did?” they have lost their selves and what they fabricated has escaped them.

54. That your Lord is God Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days then surmounted The Throne, veils He the day the night demands it persuasively, and the sun and the moon and the stars consecrated to His Aim; hail, to Him the Creation and the Aim, Bountiful is God, the Lord of the two worlds.

55. Invoke your Lord humbly and privately, He likes not transgressors.

56. Spoil not in the earth after it has been reformed, invoke Him fearfully and greedily, God’s Mercy is proximate to the radiant.

57. And He sends breeze of glad tidings between the hands of His Mercy, so when it conveyed loaded clouds We drove them to a dead country, so we dropped the water by them and We produced of all the fruit, thus We bring out the dead, may you remember.

 58. The virtuous country, its vegetation produces by its Lord’s leave; and the one that is bad produces but ominously, thus We compose the verses to those who are thankful.

59. We sent Noah to his people, he said: “O people, worship God, you have no god but He, I fear for you the suffering of a great day.”

60. Those in command of his people said: “we find you in obvious bewilderment.”

61. Said he: “O people, I am not in bewilderment, but I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds,

62. “I deliver to you my Lord’s message and counsel you, and I know from God what you know not;

63. “Or are you surprised that remembrance from your Lord has become to a man amongst you to warn you, so you take refuge, and that you may be redeemed?”

64. They falsified him, so we delivered him and those with him in the planet, and We drowned those who disbelieved Our verses, they were blinded people.

[This is alluding to the first drowning of humanity in denseness, after humanity was still floating in the Okeanos, on islands of land which turned to spherical planets, in the low world rounded over itself,

To mark the beginning of new orbs of human existence, and the two worlds were separated by a tract so they did not overswell (baynhumaa barzakhon falaa yabghiyaan);

The memories of the drowning come to humanity in dreams; fearful of the downfall in the dense world up-side-down by the law of reflection;

And this tragedy is happening again, but humanity is oblivious of it and does not want to know;

Events reincarnate, and everything does;

Time is a spiral: take a straight line from its centre; all those intersections are one moment of existence, yet they spread in different events;

What can be perceived by the senses and their extensions of technology and intellectual vision are confined to the world thus rounded over itself: there is no escape from the laws of nature by the laws of nature: it is logically not feasible;

Only the mind can break off and take the straight path from the surface of the sphere to its centre, where everything is summed.

As for the name of Noah, this is not the prophet known to have been at the start of this present orb of human existence; names by which the people know their prophets are often symbolic, only Adam and his Brothers know by their Lord’s leave, and they can only allude to them;

 When Noah said to the people: “O people, can you not see that there is a new sky forming in the horizon; if you look in it you turn up-side-down, the world there is an inferno, frightening, far; knowledge and providence there are a far reach;”

For, during this orb, humanity was to learn, amongst other things, the concept of up and down;

Some planets were tilted; the sun occupied the middle horizon, not too early, and not too late: or: whichever way else one would like to direct oneself, when gravity is a matter of the mind;

The sun was symbolism of Providence; and the radiant ones were easily capable of closing their eyes and looking inside to reality; and often their consciousness was in multiple horizons, simultaneously;

In the sombre of their dreams the inferno nagged them, they had to investigate that dark spot of their being and the oppositeness that it brings out;

As for those who had darkened, they quickly hurled themselves in the inferno; their baseness fits best in a base world, and continues to look deeper for a baser one; with their posture being totally up-side-down, they perceive baseness as highness, thus they continue to sink, and they follow the model of their dark prophets;

And today, and as The Sacred Philosophy foretold: the least of the sins they sin is when they say: “let us transgress what the Book commanded”; for where they are happily headed is way below human;

: Thus their abidance by their laws which they read in their Book is indeed their biggest sin;

The marks are on their bodies, you will see them turn to low beings of their choosing, so they indulge in their physicality they covet: not being wrongful and not being wronged;

And many a beast you look nowadays were once human, they preferred the beast and beast they have become.

And there in a far horizon a mountain started to rise, of the planet of salvation, and the people then had sight unlike today, those who leaned to darkness could not see the mount;

Noah new this was The Lord’s call to the believers to summon them on the mount;

For the first time, the believers had to perform a task as one group, communicating across the Helium; Noah called his Lord’s call, to gather at the mount;

The mount arose higher and higher until it seemed to touch the heavens;

After a long time of fight with the elements and the obstacles of darkness and the distance, deciphering every symbol that landed in their attention: of the elements and of life and its sounds, aromas and imagery… and the knowledge they had acquired:

The believers arrived at the mount, each group on their planet, their arks thus docked and the mount swayed of joy, to their amazement, as though the entire cosmos rejoiced:

The believers have arrived; their arks have landed on The Joodyy;

And Noah, unrecognised, was ecstatic of the victory of his brethren, they all returned home: those are the first ones: al-awwaloon,

And the world was thus devoured by physical gravity of the dark matter which surrounded it,

The cosmos thus dies and reincarnates, not by implosion and explosion, but by reflection of a different orientation, and Time and Space are reflected simultaneously,

History to which the Book alluded; and The Sacred Philosophy reminded,

And we have reminded the believers may they remember, for if they do, it will be a good achievement, and will energise them for their grand battle against the darkness of their selves that has become.

 Liberty from darkness has to occur first in the mind, and only then the physical obstacles, of whatever kind, will be overcome, and thus Arjuna conquered the mighty armies by his Lord’s Leave.

Legends, fairy tales and science fiction have been inspired by scattered memories of the first orb of human existence; many are in books and feature films of modern times; those who wrote them had no idea what they were writing, except to believe that the stories were so vivid in their minds.

As for the end of the last orb when Noah built an ark to be saved from a flood, we shall bring you that history in a future writing, The Lord willing.]

65. And to Aad, their [the messengers’] Brother Hood, said he: “O people worship God, you have no god but He, do you not take refuge?”

66. Said those of his people who were in command: “we find you in idiocy, and we suspect you are one the liars.”

67. Said he: “O people, no idiocy do I have, but I am a messenger from The Lord of the worlds,

68. “I deliver to you my Lord’s message, and I am for you a faithful counsellor;

69. “Or are you surprised that a remembrance from your Lord has become to a man amongst you to warn you, and remember when He made you descendents after Noah’s people and increased your stature in the creation, so remember God’s benefits, may you flourish.”

70. Said they: “so you have come to us so we may worship God only and forsake what our ancestors worshipped? So do produce what you promised if you were truthful.”

71. Said he: “damnation and wrath have befallen you from your Lord, argue you with me names that you and your ancestors have named? God descended no authority to them, so wait; I am alongside with you waiting.”

72. So We rescued him and those with him by Our Mercy, and We eradicated those who falsified Our verses and were disbelievers.

73. And to Thamood, their [the messengers’] Brother Saleh, said he: “O people, worship God, you have no god but He, evidence has become to you from your Lord, this is God’s Elegance, a paragon for you, free it to graze in God’s earth, inflict no harm on it, or you will be taken by a severe suffering;

74. “And remember when He made you descendants after Aad, He returned you to the earth to dwell, taking its planes as palaces, carving the mountains as your homes, so remember God’s Benefits, ravage not and despoil not the earth.”

75. Said those in command of his people, who were prideful, to those who believed of the meek: “do you know that Saleh is sent by his Lord?” they said: “we are in his message believers.”

76. Those who were prideful said: “disbelievers are we of what you have believed.”

77. So they debilitated the Elegance, and defied their Lord’s command and said they: “Saleh, bring you what you promised about, if you were a messenger.”

78. A tremble took them and they sheltered in their residence still.

79. So he turned about and said: “O people, I have promulgated to you my Lord’s message and counselled you but you like not the counsellors.”

[This history, and what to follow, is history of orbs of human existence which preceded the present,

Human civilisation was started and destroyed by its own sins, a few times,

The earth is thus cleansed by the Elements and reformed, and humanity, dark and radiant, is remitted in the earth, apiculated to a sector of knowledge, within which civilisation is established,

It is hard for you today to understand the intricacies of past times, even if you try to go a few hundred years, and the written history is but a logical prequel of what you make of the present,

This is the grandeur of this mighty Creation, and only in arrogance people think that they are certain of their information,

And that is not to say that one should not try to know; nay, to the contrary, the human experiment is of God’s Paragon’s,

The knowledgeable float above the currents of eventuality, while the ignorant weep.

 God’s Elegance was the projection of the Garden on earth, which sufficed humanity, if humanity was knowledgeable,

They lived in harmony with nature and in nature,

But some developed technology, and the destruction of nature was their way of achieving their mode of life; not unlike the dilemma of modern man,

And Saleh lived with a tribe of believers in the garden, and they were surrounded by a people, who were destroying the garden for the purpose of building their world,

They invaded Saleh’s tribe and shot him in his shoulder, and killed many of his people,

The tunnels to Earth Interior were still open, and radiant people used to go back and forth sometimes,

To help the good people of the inhabitants of the earth, and those who want to be guided of the Gone people,

They used their knowledge to cause a trembling of the earth, to show those who opposed Saleh that they were helpless before God’s Angels.]

80. And Lot, when he said to his people: “you commit an obscenity; no one has preceded you in it in the world,

81. “You take men as objects of your lust apart from women, you are transgressing.”

82. His people had no answer but to say: “drive them out of your country; these are people wanting to be cleansed.”

83. So We delivered him and his kinsmen, except his wife, she was of the stray one.

84. And We rained over them rain, so look what was the consequence to the criminals.

[And Lot was not in the days of Abraham, as interpreters have read in other Surahs and in the Bible,

But this was another human civilisation, which excelled in visual arts and music, which dark prophets used to penetrate people’s hearts, and lock them up in sensuality,

The believers were often told: do not go back to hell, you have seen and have had enough of it,

But many were tempted to stay in it, attracted to adventure in ignorance, and in attachment to its passions,

And many loved the people of hell and found their heedlessness entertaining; many made friendships they felt they could not break,

And this is the challenge of the good people in hell; they get attached to its peoples and its passions and causes, and challenged by that they cannot part with them,

While the people of hell want to cause them all the harm that they can cause, and drag them down to the rock bottom;

Hence the messages always remind them not be attached to anything or anyone in hell, but just to do their duty of guiding themselves and others, and to exit out of hell as quickly as they can.]

85. And to the Medianites, their Brother Shu’eyb, he said: “O people, worship God, you have no God but He, evidence has become to you from your Lord, maintain the Measure and the Balance, diminish not others’ proprieties, despoil not the earth after it has been reformed, this better for you if you were amen;

86. “Obstruct not every path, threatening and barring from the Way of God those who believed in Him, and you desire it crooked, remember when you were a few and He multiplied you, and look what was the consequence to the despoilers,

87. “And if a group of you believed in That by whom I was sent, and a group did not, be patient until God judges between us, He is the Judgement of all the judges.”

88. Said those in command of his people, who were prideful: “we will expel you Shu’eyb and those who believed with you from our country, or you return to our creed”, said he: “even if we despised it?

89. “We would have fabricated lies about God if we returned to your creed, after He has delivered us from it, and we are not to return to it unless God our Lord will; encompasses our Lord everything, of Knowledge, upon God we rely; our Lord may Thou open between us and our people by The Law, and Thou art the Good of all the openers.”

90. Said the people in command of his people who disbelieved: “if you followed Shu’eyb you will then be losers.”

91. A tremble took them and they sheltered in their residence still.

92. Those who falsified Shu’eyb were as though they did not suffice those who falsified Shu’eyb, they were themselves the losers.

93. So he turned about and said: “O my people, I have delivered to you my Lord’s message and counselled you, so how is my sorrow about a darkened people?”

94. And We did not send a prophet to a country until We took its people in adversity and hardship, may they beseech.

95. Then We replaced the bad time by good time, till they elapsed and said: “our ancestors have been touched by adversity and prosperity indeed”, so We took them by surprise while dormant.

96. Had the people of the countries believed and taken refuge We would have opened to them the bounties of the heaves and the earth, but they defected, so We took them by what they earned.

97. Have the people of the countries assurance that Our Might will not become to them in their lodgement while asleep?

98. Or have they assurance that Our Might will not become at day while they play?

99. Have they assurance of God’s plots? No one has assurance of God’s plots except the losers.

100. Did He not convey to those who inherit the earth after its people that: will We, We would strike them [the people] by their own errors, and We mould their hearts so they can hear not.

[And it is by their error that they read these mighty declarations as the arbitrary rule of a god,

That is because they abide in lawlessness, that lawlessness is all they can perceive.

And this and some other Surahs that we shall name were a Section of the Book that the believers were meant to believe, leaving the interpretations and the legislation springing from interpretations for those who want it crooked,

While we are watchful: what have they learned? Have the laws taught the people of the Book any virtue or any good thing?]

101. Those countries We recount to you their history, and their messengers came to them with the evidence, but they would not believe what they had falsified before, thus God moulds the dark people’s hearts.

102. We have found no kept Covenant for most of them, rather We found most aberrant.

103. And after them We sent Moses with Our verses to the Pharaoh and his commanders, but they darkened by it, look what was the consequence of the despoilers.

104. And Moses said: “O Pharaoh, I am a messenger from the Lord of the Worlds,

105. “Entrusted to me that I say none about God except truth, I have come to you with evidence from your Lord; send along with me the people of Israel.”

106. Said he [the Pharaoh]: “if you have come with a miracle show it, if you were honest.”

107. He uncovered his [Moses’] alpha, it was a serpent obvious,

108. He removed his [Moses’] hand, so it was white to the viewers.

109. Said those in command of the Pharaoh’s people: “this is a knowledgeable sorcerer,

110. “Plans he to drive you out of your land, so what do you command?”

111. Said they: “procrastinate him and his brother, and send out callers to the towns,

112. “To bring you every knowledgeable sorcerer.”

113. The sorcerers came to the Pharaoh and said: “we are to be rewarded if we are the conquerors.”

114. Said he: “yes, and your will be distinguished.”

115. They said: “O Moses, either you deliver [your prayers and sermons], or we will deliver.”

116. He said: “you deliver [first]”, and when they delivered they dazzled the people’s eyes and frightened them, and they came with astounding magic [of their ability to overwhelm people’s hearts by their chants and reading of God’s Books to serve their aims, like most clergy and preachers of modern times still do.]

117.  We inspired to Moses that cast your staff, and there it was devouring what they faked.

118. The truth was due, and invalidated was what they did.

119. So they were conquered and turned humble.

120. So the sorcerers supplicated and bowed.

121. Said they: “we have believed in the Lord of the worlds,

122. “The Lord of Moses and Aaron.”

123. Said the Pharaoh: “do you believe and I have not permitted you yet, this is a plot you plotted in the city to drive its people out of it, you will find out,

124. “I will amputate your arms and legs on either sides and I will crucify you all.”

125. Said they: “we have turned to our Lord,

126. “Your only avenge to us that we believed our Lord’s Paragons when they come; Lord, shed forbearance on us, and redeems us as surrenderers (Muslims).”

[They will say: “do you know the unseen? So where is the proof of what you read and say?”

Say: “I know not the unseen; I deliver what my Lord inspires to me. And one day, your apex will be blown into, and you will say: ‘indeed, we have been told only truth’,

“As for the truth, that too you can see, this is the Unseen your Lord commanded you to look, if you were honest.”

So we suggest to all the people of the Book and the people of The Sacred Philosophy, that go back to your Books, God’s Books, read them correctly, and search for the proof of what you have claimed, and you will find indeed only one proof.

For we were not absent in the magnamoments of human history, and never will we be, and many a moment pass seeming trivial, in fact a convergence of time, in God’s Grand Creation, to Him The Creation and The Aim, The Lord of the two worlds.]

127. Those in command of the Pharaoh’s people said: “will you let Moses and his people despoil the earth, and to abandon you and your gods?” he said: “we will slay their sons and slave their women, and we are above them dominant.”

128. Said Moses to his people: “ask God for His Help and be forbearing, the earth belongs to God, he bequeaths it to whomever He will of His abiders, and the [good] consequence is for those who took refuge.”

129. Said they: “we were harmed before you came to us and after”, said he: “may your Lord vanquish your enemy and make you the descendants in the earth, so He may see what you do.”

130. So We took the Pharaoh’s people by years of hardship and shortage of produce, may they remember.

131. So when prosperity came to them they said: “this is ours”, and when hardship struck them, they became apprehensive of Moses and those with him, that so, assuredly their apprehension is in God, but most of them know not.

132. And they said: “whatever miracle you perform with Him to enchant us by it, we are in you not believers.”

133. So We sent to them the flood and the locust and the lice and the frogs and the blood: paragons set, they were prideful and criminal people.

 134. And the damnation befell them they said: “O Moses, call upon your Lord with that of which He gave you custody, for if you lift the damnation we will trust you and we will send the people of Israel along with you.”

135. So when We lifted the damnation off them to a term that they reached, they broke.

136. So we drowned them in the sea in Our retribution, that they disbelieved Our Paragons, and were of them oblivious.

137. And We bequeathed to the people who were meek the earth’s Sunrises and Sunsets that We blessed, and your Lord’s enlightening ruling on the people of Israel was fulfilled, of what they forbore, and We destroyed what the Pharaoh and his people had made and what they had constructed.

138. And We made the people of Israel traverse the sea, they came to a people worshipping idols, they said: “O Moses, make for us a god like their god”, said he: “you are but ignorant people,

139. “These people are shattered in what they are; false is what they have been doing.”

140. Said he: “a god other than God do I call for you, and He raised you above the worlds?”

141. And when We saved you from the Pharaoh’s people, inflicting on you the worst suffering, slaying your sons and slaving your women, and this is a great calamity from your Lord.

142. And We awaited Moses for thirty nights, and We complemented them by further ten, so his Lord’s Term was fulfilled in forty nights, and Moses said to his brother: “you be my successor in my people, be just and follow not the path of the despoilers.”

143. And when Moses came to Our Term, and his Lord spoke to him, Lord said: “show me [supplication] I look you”, said he [Moses]: “you will not see me”, [his Lord resumed speaking]  but look at the Mount, if He settles in its place you will see Me”, so when his Lord manifested to the Mount He made him [Moses] ruin, and Moses broke down of shock, so when he regained consciousness he said: “Transcendent Thou art, I repent to Thee, I am the first believer.”

[We refer you to other occurrences of rabbyy (my Lord) in the Othmanic script: it is written with a yaa’; hence our reading of “Lord said”, instead of “he [Moses] said: my Lord”;

The inconsistency of their reading renders it narrative and mysterious;

Our reading tells some existential facts:

For, in this very Book, the people are reminded many times that their Lord looks them, if they are honest, and if they “beseech to look”, as the grand Opening announces, in our reading;

For, those who see God as a helper, in their reading, have affixed things to Him, transcends He; and as if it is them who do what they do, and He only helps, transcends He, in the trinity of monotheism: God, the world, man;

So if the Lord looks ordinary people, of Compassion and Mercy, one cannot but wonder: why would not His radiant prophets qualify?

Then the verse goes on to declare that Moses was shocked and then regained consciousness, and this confirms our reading;

For, those who have witnessed their Lord speak of an experience of Existence and Joy, not that of shock of an observer of the observed;

So, we invite all to reflect, may you be guided.

However, Moses did address his Lord at the end of the verse in the second person, transcends He;

For, although he embodies Oppositeness, he does submit to his Lord, albeit despitefully, and his disobedience is but his self-expression of darkness, by the Lord’s Will, and transcends He all.]

144. Said He: “O Moses, I selected you of the people with My message and My word, so take what I gave you and be a thankful one.”

145. And We wrote for him on the tablets of every matter, counsel and detail of every matter, “so take it by Power, and command your people to take it by its radiance, I will show you to the place of the wicked ones,

146. “I will divert from My verses, those who are prideful in the earth by lawlessness, and if they see every Paragon they do not believe it, and if they see the path of righteousness they do not take it as their path, and if they see the path of delusion they do take it as their path, that because they falsified Our Paragons, and were oblivious of them.”

147. And those who disbelieved our verses and the encounter of the hereafter, vane is what they have done, are they rewarded except what they did?

148. And Moses’ people took after him – of their endowments – hastily, a body that lows, did they not see that he spoke not to them and guided them not to a path? They took him and were wrong doers.

[The physical and the symbolic levels are thus articulated.]

149. And when he was failed in their hands and they saw that they were bewildered, they said: “if God should not forgive us and mercify us we shall be of the losers.”

150. And when Moses returned to his people angry and sorrowful, said he: “low-down is what you took as my successor after me, have you hastened your Lord’s Aim?” And he found the tablets and grabbed his brother’s head, pulling it towards him, he said [Aaron]: “mother’s son, the people exploited my weakness and all but killed me, do not gratify my enemies, and deposit me not amongst the wrong-doers.”

151. Said he [Moses]: “my Lord, forgive me and my brother, do embrace us by Thy Compassion, Thou art The Compassion of all the compassionate ones.”

152. Those who took the Bull will receive the wrath of their Lord and humiliation in the low lives, thus We sanction those who false.

153. And those who wronged then repented after and believed, indeed your Lord is thereafter Forgiving Compassionate.

154. And when Moses’ anger subsided he took the tablets, and in their transcript is guidance and compassion to those who are awed of their Lord.

155. And Moses chose seventy of his people for Our Term, and when the tremble took them he said: “my Lord, had it been Thy Will, Thou would have destroyed them all previously, me included; destroy Thou us by what the foolish of us have done? It is none but Thy dazzle, Thou bewilder by it whomever Thou will, and guide whomever Thou will, Thou art our Patron, forgive us and mercify us, Thou art the Forgiveness of all the forgivers;

156. “And do determine enlightenment for us in this low world and in the hereafter, we have been guided to Thee”, said He: “I inflict My punishment on whomever I will and My Compassion encompasses all, I will determine it to those who take refuge and perform the purification and those who in Our Paragons are believers;

157. “Those who follow the messenger, the prophet, the Aim, that they find written with them in the Torah and the Gospel, commanding them of righteousness and deterring them from improprieties, ordaining the good for them and forbidding the evil, releasing off them their burdens and the chains that are on them, so those who believed him and honoured him and supported him and followed the light that was descended with him, these are the achievers.”

158. Say: “O people, I am God’s messenger to you all, He Who has the Kingdom of the heavens and earth, there is no god but He, He enlivens He deadens, believe in God and His messenger, the Aim, the prophet who believes in God, and His Word, follow him, may you be guided.”

159. And of Moses’ people are a faithful group, guided by The Law, and by The Law they judge.

160. And We divided them into twelve tribes [according to their] belief, and We inspired to Moses, when his people asked for water, that strike the rock with your staff, so twelve springs effulged from it, each group of people have recognised their Fount, and We shaded them under light clouds and We descended to them the manna and the honey: “eat from the Good that We provided you”, and they did not do wrong to Us, but they only wronged themselves.

161. And when they were told: “dwell this country; eat from it wherever you will, say: ‘abandoned’, enter the door prostrate, We overlook for you your errors and We shall increase for the radiant.”

162. So those who were darkened of them changed to a say other than what was said to them, so We sent to them a damnation from the sky of what they wronged.

163. And ask them about the country that was ashore, when they transgressed on the Sabbath, so their fish would come to them on their idling conspicuously, and on the day they do not idle they do not come, thus We try them with what they falsified.

164. And when a faithful group of them said [addressing the messengers]: “why do you counsel a people God will destroy or inflict upon them the suffering severely?” they said: “a fulfilment of God’s, may they take refuge.”

165. So when they forgot what they were reminded We salvaged those who admonished against evil, and We took those who wronged by severe suffering of what the falsified.

166. And when they shunned of their admonishment, We said to them: “be you apes scorned.”

167. And when your Lord made it well heard, that He will remit for them, till the day of the Uprise, ones who will inflict upon them the worst suffering; that your Lord has the swift punishment, and He is Compassionate and Forgiving.

168. And We split them in the earth as nations, some of them are righteous and some are below this, and We tried them by the good and the bad, may they return.

169. Successors have succeeded them, they inherited the Book, they take the lowest projection of this, and they say: “we will be forgiven”, and if a projection similar becomes to them they would take it; was it not in the Oath of the Book not to say about God except The Law? And they have studied what is in it; and the other Home is better for those who take refuge, discern you not?

[Allusions to history we have told you and history we shall tell in the Book of Isaiah and the Book of David and the Book of Joseph we shall bring forth, by the Lord’s Will,

And if you read thoughtfully, you should notice the cycles of time, for God does indeed enliven and deaden,

And the cycle of time is turning again, and the events have reincarnated, and those who were given God’s Book and The Sacred Philosophy: some of them have been bewildered, and many have drifted afar,

Those who are prideful, they are furious of their pride; the joy of existence is far above their reach;

Had the people had an experience of existence, they would have transcended to every word we delivered to them, they would have recognised the Writer, the Writer who writes time on top of time.

Those who are guided by what we bring them are the heralds of the new orb, and you will see the people embracing God’s Religion by the millions;

As for those who take the lowest projection, they are dazzled by the details: one time they take one side, another time they take the opposite: the smear of Reality upon incidentalness: I am the maker, take whatever you will.]

170. And those who hold on to the Book and they keep up the prayers, We waste not the reward of the reformers.

171. And when We brought out the Mount above them like a canopy, and they thought it was falling upon them, take what We have given you by Power, and remember what is in it, may you take refuge.

172. And when you Lord took from Adam’s children, since their manifestation, their offspring, and He made them witness themselves, [said He:] “am I not your Lord?” they said: “yea, we have witnessed”, lest you say the day of the Uprise: “we were of this ignorant.”

173. Or say: “it was our ancestors who disbelieved before, we became their offspring thereafter, destroy Thou us by what the erroneous ones have done?”

174. And thus We section the verses, may they return.

175. And announce to them the tidings of the one to whom We delivered our verses and he exuviated them, so Satan directed him and he became a deluder.

176. And were it Our will, We would have elevated him by them, but he precipitated to the earth and followed his passions, his model is like a dog, if you load it, it pants; and if you free it, it pants; this is the model of the people who disbelieved Our Paragons, so do recount the recount, may they reflect.

177. Bad is the example of the people who falsified Our verses and wronged their own selves.

178. He who is guided by God is indeed a guided one, and he who is bewildered: those are the losers.

179. And We seeded in the inferno a lot of the Gone people and the people; they have hearts that discern not, they have eyes that see not, they have ears that hear not; those are like beasts, and even lower, those are the dormant ones.

180. And God has the radiant Summa, invoke Him by them, abandon those who divert about His Summa, they will be awarded what they have been doing.

181. And of those that We have created are a nation, they are guided by The Law, and by The Law they judge.

182. And those who falsified Our Paragons, We will draw them from where they are ignorant.

183. And I prolong to them, My plot is unshakable.

184. Do they not realise that their companion is nothing alien; he is but a Warner absolutely.

185. Do they not look in the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and nothing God created, and that perhaps their time has approached, so in what novelty, after it, will they believe?

[Far from being a declaration of monotheism, this is a declaration of Existence, for those who discern; those will by giddy of existence, they will say: “there is no god but Thou.”]

186. He whom God has bewildered has no guide; He abandons them in their tyranny astray.

187. They ask you [the messenger] about The Hour: “when will it anchor?” Say: “that so, the knowledge thereof is God’s, only He manifests it at its term, it burdens the heavens and the earth, it comes to you only unexpectedly”, they ask you as though you are eager for it, say: “that so, its knowledge is God’s”, but most people know not.

188. Say: “I command for myself neither benefit nor harm, except what God will, and had I known the unseen, I would have increased the good for myself and no evil would have touched me, I am but a Warner and a bringer of glad tidings to the people who believe.”

189. It is He who created you all from one Self, and made her pair from her to retire in her; so when he had himself wrapped by her she carried a light load; so when she burdened, they invoked God their Lord: “if Thou bestowed on us a correct one we would be grateful.”

[For, in early times the love between the alpha and the omega was sinless, until humanity precipitated in dense physicality; then the love which turned sensual resulted in procreation and hence perpetuation of physicality.]

190. So when He bestowed on them a correct one they made affixes to Him in what He bestowed on them, transcends God what they affix.

[As dark prophets and their servants told them that they are self-sufficient, and physical reproduction is the continuation of life in dense matter.]

191. Do they affix [things] which create none, and they are created [things]?

192. And they are incapable of supporting them, neither are they supporting themselves?

[So you realise the scale of human ignorance: reproduction is taken nowadays for granted, and an amusement,

And some even think that they do their god a favour when they multiply;

And nowadays, it is carried out in test tubes in laboratories, to feed the wealthy and the ideologies of Darwinism:

So they think it is chemistry of their making, like they thought before that they were creating by their god’s laws;

But in a not so far future, and you will all witness, when reproduction will be turned off, and we have warned you a few times, and pregnant females, whether human or animal, will not deliver their pregnancy, and the laws of religion and the laws of chemistry will equally be suspended;

So you know that you are not the makers, but only the Lord is The Maker of all.]

193. And if you call them to Guidance they follow you not, it is equal to them whether you called them or stayed silent.

194. That those whom you invoke below God are servants like you, so do invoke them; that they respond to you, if you were honest.

195. Do they have legs to walk with, or hands to bash with, or eyes to see with, or ears to hear with? Say: “invoke your affixes, then plot for Me, so you look Me not.”

196. My Patron is God, who descended The Book, He is the Patron of the righteous ones.

197. And those that you invoke below Him can support you not, neither do they support themselves.

198. If you call them to Guidance they would not hear; you see them looking at you and they see not.

199. Practise pardon, command by Virtue, and avoid the ignorant.

200. And when a discord from Satan discords you, resort to God, He is all listening all knowing.

201. Those who have taken refuge, when a shadow of Satan contacts them, they remember, they hence vision.

202. And their brethren sustain them when in delusion, and they never fall short.

203. And when you do not bring out a paragon they say: “if you brought it out!” say: “that so, I follow what is inspired to me from my Lord, this is Vision from your Lord and Guidance and Compassion for the people who believe.”

204. And when the Qur’an is read out listen to it and be silent, may you [the people] be mercified.

205. And remember your Lord in yourself, beseechingly, privately, apart from loud speech, in the early morns and evenings, and be not a dormant one.

206. Those in your Lord eschew not of His Worship of pride, they transcend in Him, and to Him they bow.

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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