The Dinosaur

O people, if you find that what we tell you is not provable, blame only yourselves, for what we bring to you is only truth,

And this hand is not capable of writing falsehood, but falsehood can be in yourselves,

And when we contradict your convictions it is for your information,

For, the information you have gathered from your ancestry is misconception and misinterpretation of scripture and the physical world.

It is your misconception and misinterpretation of scripture and the physical world that have led you to a world of darkness upon darkness, and misery upon misery,

But those of you who have followed the light of their minds, bowed not to stones or things incidental, ghosts or any manmade concept or things, those will believe us, and they did believe us before.

The journey of the human consciousness has not ended, and still has a long way to go, and if you believe that what you have gleaned of information over a life time is the ultimate truth, rejoice not, for you will be very disappointed;

As for those who know, their hearts intimate to them, and they believe us, they say: this is Godís Word unquestionably.

 What we have brought to you, not only does it conform to what you have of your Book and Philosophy, but it is it indeed,

God has only one Word, His Word is projected in place and time, it is your perception in place and time that has suffered change.

So, consult not your ancestry and what you have learned by hearsay, and consult only your hearts and minds,

If your hearts and minds still have life and light in them, you will find us and we shall find you.

The world is now inundated with manmade stuff: of concepts, of things and passions,

All to distract you from the purpose of your life on this earth, the life down to which you have fallen, so you make your journey back home,

Else, the low world will be your residence eternally, and so long as the day and the night roll over one another.

It was on the Sand Dunes, millions of years ago, that we walked, and contemplated mankindís destiny, and we were saddened, testified the Grand Book,

Saddened of the fate that mankind had brought upon itself and the entire planet,

The planet that was called Eden, carried in the capable hands of Atlas, of lush gardens and trees greeting the skies,

And gentile giants, on whose backs people rode, some moved on the land, some flew in the air,

They transported people across continents, happily,

Wherever there were humans, they came, with a smile on their beautiful faces, offering their help, greeting the people with a purr-like sound,

They were Godís Elegance, as said the Book (naaqatu llaah),

And our messengers said to the people: O people, this is Godís she-camel, let her graze in the earth, this is a bounty to you, to enjoy riding her, and her beauty and warm temper are a gift to you.

But the people had other plans on their minds: the urbanisation of the world, and construction of skyscrapers, the weapons of mass-destruction, the greed, the selfishness, the short-mindednessÖ

This was an orb of human existence which lasted for over a million earth years, and the earth was turned by mankind from a garden of abundance to a desert of desolation;

And the gentile giants that you now call dinosaurs became extinct by mankindís savagery and heartlessness,

And now they have come up with theories of their extinction, blaming meteors and climatic change,

But it was mankindís deliberate cruelty that made them extinct;

And they say about them that they were brainless eating machines, and frightening beasts,

But it is indeed mankind, then and now, that is a brainless eating machine, and the most frightening of all the beasts;

And it is not the size of the brain that determines where a living beingís consciousness resides, but the corridors in it,

And many a species in the world look stupid to humans, only because it is the humans who truly are,

Some butterflies and small crickets and insects are tuned into the Cosmos, and are aware of their place in it, while humans are generally deaf and blind;

So is it their shaven beards and silk neckties that make them civil and intelligent? Or is it the buttons they press to launch their strikes?

Mankindís disguise cannot hide mankindís nature from us, they can only deceive themselves, and their deception will expire by the laws of this nature they say they admire;

But our messenger was there amongst them many times to tell them, and one day they invaded his land, they killed many of his people, they cut their trees in the stems of which he sheltered, they killed their animals, they shot him in his shoulder,

All to tile up the land for their machinery of noise and destruction,

Mankind learns little from its mistakes,

And it is this very earth that we walk again, and again we are saddened,

Because this orb of human existence is headed to a bad destiny, and our warning seems to fall on deaf ears.

The earth has been turned to an incubator, for the consumption crime,

They have taken life and death in their hands, they think they can play god;

The animal was not created to fill up the guts of humans, to boast their Freudo-Darwinian desires,

The animal is not a chemical reaction which you can activate or deactivate at will,

And the Grand Book told you: the animals are nations like you,

But those who eat the food upon which Godís name was not written eat their own sins,

And the animals hatched in your factories, deprived of the world they are meant to enjoy, to be pumped up by your toxins to grow the dollars, to shed their blood, in rituals of trade and religion, on the alters of money and before the stones of pagan gods, those will come to you to haunt you, whether you believe it or not,

And the Grand Book told you, they will all be gathered like you,

So do you still believe that you go by the Book?

But like the extinction of the dinosaur still burdens the human conscience, the treatment of animals today will burden the human conscience for millions of years to come.



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