The Beacon

My dear M, your journey describes everyone's on this website, and wherever they are spread in this world. Those are the people that the Hikmeh describes as: "those who are not shackled by physicality (al-2aadamyyah) and its daughters: the ideologies of religious interpretations".

This is the Good in you my friend that has veered you away from falling down such traps. It is people's nature that attracts them to one way or another. It is that intuition that they cannot explain that guides them. And thank you for sharing your experience with us.

So let's move on with our saga,

And let me emphasize again, that the future things that I'm telling are not prophecies as such. But as I explained before, I find myself very often on the crossroads of time which allows me a peak into potentialities and possibilities, past, present and future. And what makes me know that my vision is true is the physical signs that I see in the "present", which come as a material evidence.

So as humanity recovers from the age of darkness, and has progressed philosophically and ethically, and as the old forces of darkness have been defeated, and the ideologies of physicality have been killed in people's minds, and no one talks of them anymore, the world takes a different path of inquisition, and a new journey of humanity begins, which I often name: the human experiment. Because in a way it is an experiment of the mind in apparent duality in the distance.

As a result of that, science and technology progress in a new direction.

Professor Steven Hawking recently told the media that philosophy was no more relevant and only empirical science was. But he has forgotten that it is philosophy that has allowed empirical science to be where it is now: it all started with Pythagoras who set the fundamentals of logical reasoning, and the geometry was developed by his disciples, namely Thales, to demonstrate beyond doubt the power of the reasoning mind.

It is this that gave birth to empirical science, which aims at convincing the mind of physical facts, as opposed to the dogmas of religions which demand of you to relinquish your mind and surrender to some assumptions that can never be proven or disproven.

But empirical science my friend M has limitations. It has made the physical phenomena its subject of inquisition. And this is fine. It has allowed the development of the amazing technology that we are using right now.

The problem is that sciences have not been able to see the reality above logical reasoning and above physical phenomena:

Thus there is now those two opposing views:

One says: it is God who makes the sun rise.

The other says: the sunrise is a physical phenomenon and can be explained.

A truth seeker sees both arguments as correct, yet he/she sees that none of them is the truth.

So what is the truth?

The problem is that if you try to put it in words and lock it up in definitions, it stops being "truth", because truth creates everything, even the attempts of defining it, if this makes sense.

This is what religions were meant to teach, but the people ended up being stuck in one of those two opposing views, and moreover, on each side now you have a myriad of opposing views within one view!

The Greek Philosophy made this clear, although in a subtle way. The Qur'an later alluded to it big time. And eventually the Hikmeh put it clearly, when it said that there is Wujood, Tanzeeh and Tawheed, being Existence, Sublimeness and ...  I can't find a word in English to translate Tawheed,

Although many will hasten to say it is: monotheism. I disagree totally with such a translation. Because monotheism refers to a concept of one god who is the creator of everything. Not that the Tawheed disagrees with that,

But it is a different level of awareness that makes a true believer a true believer. Hence the Qur'an says: you are surrenderers (Muslims) but not believers.

Unfortunately, this state of awareness has to be acquired or reached by one, if one has known it at one's beginning, and cannot be relayed by teaching, although it can be hinted to and pointed to. 

So anyway, Isaac Newton will come back in the Far East to set the principles of a new mathematics which will stun the human mind, and will shed light on many philosophical and physical facts. He will be able to shed light on the true structure of space, and explain many physical phenomena and how the gravities in Earth Interior and on earth are reversed.

He will also discover the "corridors" of the space, and what was once science fiction will become science fact.

This will make space travel in the future possible, and the General Relativity of Albert Einstein, with all due respect, will be thrown in the trash bin of history.

And Stephen Hawking, a great admirer of Einstein, was saying recently on a documentary that was produced by the BBC world service, that in the future mankind will be able to extend their lives to hundreds of years, and will use dark matter as fuel to travel in space,

That my friend, because in their understanding: the speed of light is the highest speed any material object can travel in space. And considering that the closest galaxy to us, Andromeda, is around thirty light years away, you can imagine that in one life time one will not be able to complete any trip to anywhere in this vast universe, and come back to tell us about it.

In their understanding, the universe is really a big jail from which you can never get out.

But in the future space travel will be as easy as air travel today.

Also artificial intelligence (AI) will be developed to its full extent. A thinking engine will be devised by a good prophet and will be used as a "brain" that can be applied to any body of information that you can feed into it, so it can make its own inferences and conclusions about this information.

The purpose of doing this will be to prove that the human mind is not just a thinking engine, as some evolutionists will still be "thinking", by showing the limitations of AI.

It is always the case that new sciences and theories which are initiated by the good prophets, it is always the case that their purpose is to help the mind free itself from the narrowness of its physical limitations, be they brain, body, sense organs etc..

Information and technology will be the main theme of the future.

So here is the story of this guy who is an engineer in some state (private corporations will be non-existent, and people will be doing things for the love of them only),

And this state has built kind of beacons which it "placed" in parts of the neighboring universe, to guide space travelers.

They notice that one of those beacons has stopped signaling and they wonder what is the cause. Eventually they decide to send him on a mission to find out and to fix it, because they have lost communication with it completely.

So he goes there alone on board of this ship, and heads towards that point where the beacon is supposed to be, but finds nothing.

Not only that, he finds that .. as if some "parts" of the universe there have completely disappeared, and the "maps" which he has do not agree at all with what he is able to observe with his eyes and the detecting devices that he has. So he gets very confused.

What is going on? Is his thinking machine that is wrong? or is the information given to it wrong? but it can't be, it was used many times before and was reliable.

Then he discovers that he can no longer communicate back with earth to share his thoughts with his colleagues,

Not only that, he then discovers that he is totally lost in space, and his clever computer is unable to locate him or direct him anywhere, and all he can do is just wait until his machines run out of energy or just fail completely to bring also the end of his own life.

Thus he feels remorseful that he had such great trust in those machines in the past, and decides to rely on his own mind to find a way out.

So he shuts off all his systems to reduce the consumption of energy and lets his ship drift in the infinite ocean, and takes time to sit down and search in his own mind for the reason of his problem.

And after long "days" of self-searching, he laughs loud at his predicament, when the light of his mind shines to him and kind of says: you have found me at last.

So he remembers a theory that he read in the past that the universe, partly or wholly, can vanish to reappear, as if it has died and reincarnated,

And he links that with his knowledge about the invisible matter of the universe, namely dark matter and dark energy and other stuff, the knowledge of which will be advanced in the future.

And he comes to the conclusion that a part of the universe in which that beacon was, was "swallowed" by dark matter and that it should reappear soon, and so it does, with some changes in the new "map".

So he charts a new map quickly, and sits down and bows of awe to the Maker of this majestic universe, and rediscovers his true belief.

Thus he goes back to earth, with knowledge to share with his people, and to put a final end to the big bang theory.


The Swimming Bird

First I would like to give a concept which I find helpful in understanding how our "perception" works:

Scientists would like us to believe that our brains make everything.

They even go to the extent of saying that your dreams are created by your brains.

And that needs a lot of explanation, which they cannot provide. Yet they do promote their theory as an established fact, although they do not put it explicitly this way. And that's very dishonest, and contrary to the scientific and ethical principles by which they should strictly abide.

Because, the question has to be asked: how can the brain create worlds, physical laws, states of consciousness..... that it has never seen before?

This prompts them to introduce concepts such as: in the process of evolution, the brain had to develop these things,.. or whatever.

Well, whatever explanation they come up with, it will mean that the brain has memory from its past evolutionary process, which is not readily accessible to our wakeful consciousness. Consequently, the brain has memory that is carried from its ancestry.

And this is not to be confused with the memory of its "automatic" functions, such as keeping the body temperature constant, defense mechanism, organ functioning and maintenance etc..

The memory we're talking about is memory, as in images and experiences etc..

But people who practise some form of transcendental meditation or self-hypnosis, and people who have had out-of-body experiences in their lives, or near-death experiences, will tell you a different story.

They will say that what they see is as real as this world is, and perhaps more so.

So another question now arises: how real is this world? is this world also the creation of our brain?

In a way, and by the very scientific knowledge available: it is.

What we see in wakefulness is an illusion,

Firstly, the matter that makes up the world is pretty much void. The atoms and molecules of it occupy a minute fraction of the space. But it is those forces between those molecules and the smaller particles that give this illusion of solidity, fluidity, fire etc..

Secondly,  the texture of matter is a mere impression of matter on our sense of touch, and it is not "real" in any way,

Thirdly, the colours of thing, which scientists have never been able to tell us how we developed them, those colours, simply, correspond to different wave lengths of the electromagnetic radiation that our retinas can interpret. So those colours... exist actually in our "brains", not in nature..

And one can keep going like that with everything that we perceive by our senses or our "brains".

So if we are to go by the available scientific knowledge, we can comfortably assume that all our perception is in our brain, whether our brains are 'convinced' that there is a 'real' world outside them or not.

So are we agreeing with scientists then? are our brains the makers of everything?

The way I see it: our brains do not make anything.

Our brains are only corridors to our minds. It is our minds that do all the work, and the brains simply decode or encode stuff for us to fit in our bodies in place and time.

If you want to say that memory has come down to us from our evolutionary process, you are implying that memory can be passed down in our genes, and we should hence be able to recall the memories of our parents.

The fact that our brains have this HUGE, and I say HUGE repository of "knowledge", tells me that it is not the brain, but some other level of us.

Materialists will jump up quickly to object to the indirect introduction of "spirit" that we have just done.

Far from it. I am not suggesting a supernatural spirit should be the answer.

So let's go back to the point that our brains are just corridors to something higher,

The question now is, what is that higher thing?

I am not saying that it is a supernatural spirit.

This higher thing would have to be the cosmos itself and its physical laws, if we want to follow the logic of evolution,

Because, think about it, this brain is the product of the physical laws of this cosmos, and nothing more and nothing less,

It was conceived here, developed here, it functions here, by these laws, and there is nothing else,

No divine intervention, no gods playing God,

If this sounds acceptable to your mind, my friends, take a pause and think a bit about it before you go on.

So this makes everyone of us, and indeed every living being, a mini-cosmos,

We are the cosmos looking at itself and experiencing itself, and admiring itself, and enjoying itself, and uncovering the 'secret' of itself,

And I am not writing something new here. This was taught a long time ago. The Buddha taught it,

And recently the so called pantheist philosophers such as Spinoza and Descartes and Kant.

This, my friends is a track that heads in the right direction for those of us who love science, and find it hard for them to reconcile science with spirituality,

New Age prophets and chanallers have only one concern, and that is to tell you that you can control your destiny, and all they concentrate on is teaching you techniques of achieving that. But it is self-knowledge that should be the aim, because in self-knowledge destiny and the events of one's life become less relevant. Think about it.

The benefit of such a 'direction' is that now you see yourself as the entire cosmos, 

And the entire cosmos is not its matter,

For, as we saw just a few paragraphs up, the cosmos is really its laws, which create all the potentialities of the eventuation of events, 

And neither is the cosmos  the events of the cosmos.

So if you remember in a previous post the concept of the Alpha and the Omega, think of your alpha as a ray of the cosmos,

This is your mind, this is real you,

And think of your omega as your materialisation in place and time,

And your brain is this vehicle which is the medium between your alpha and your omega,

Hence I see it, as I mentioned before, as a two-way street, and I shall give in another post the model of the "fiber optic tree", to look at this from another perspective, if it may help.

Bearing all this in mind,

The mind can now find it acceptable to see that what it perceives, is not only dictated by perception, and its ability to observe perception, but also by this higher authority: the cosmos.

This makes it easy for me to accept that at different times in one cycle of human existence, and in different cycles of human existence, our minds are 'pointed' to different 'parts' of the cosmos,

This is why human thought and development can go in so many different directions, and the direction were are taking now is not absolute, and there are millions of other possibilities.

So I'll tell you this story from what I see is a far, very far future, perhaps a few millennia:

Humanity on earth is very advanced technologically, yet the fundamentals of philosophy have been lost again, and there is spiritual void and philosophical stagnation, similar to what we have today.

A group of people have sent this probe or robot to a very far planet, millions of light years away, after they noticed that it was a planet buzzing with life and vegetation.

The probe lands there and beams back images which are received almost instantaneously, not along the three-dimensional space, but through the corridors of the space, as we saw in the previous post.

The people notice, amongst other things, a bird which flies without wings and perches without legs. It looks more like a fish, and they are puzzled.

Some start to say that perhaps the gravity is too weak there, and others had different theories.

So an expedition was sent, consisting of 5 people.

One of them, kind of knows what he is about to witness, while the others had no clue.

People there are now aware that our consciousness is dictated by the sky around us. And when they travel to some spots in the universe they notice the effect of the planets, stars, and other celestial objects on their consciousness.

Some of those spots can induce a feeling of happiness and enlightenment, and some can instill horror in your minds.

And it is still not quite clear scientifically how this happens.

So any way, the ship with those scientists lands on this planet,

And by the way, it is also now known scientifically that our bodies can adapt to the climate and the atmosphere of a planet, because it is also the sky of the planet that dictates life on it, and not the chemistry of those planets,

I know that this will sound crazy, but I'll see your there in the future, and I'll tell you: "I told you", ha ha.

So back to our scientists:

The knowledgeable guy feels immediately, when they landed, that his mind has some corridors which are now open to him, which he could go through only in his dreams or in states of meditation,

So after their bodies become adapted to the planet, he steps out, he stands on the ground, he concentrates, and he levitates!

To the amazement of the other guys.

They tried hard but they were unable to do the same.

So they setup their camp there and start their mission of scientific investigation.

But he was convinced of his theory which they did not like, due to their failure to do the same.

He discovers later, as his mind was opening other corridors to him, that they were dark prophets of ancient times, who wanted to witness that by themselves to try to make sense of it, to teach their followers who are very narrow-minded people.



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