The Meeting

 "And when your Lord said to the angels: 'I am Maker in the earth of a descendant', they said: 'dost Thou make one who despoils in it and sheds blood? and we transcend in Thy worship and sanctify to Thee', He said: 'I know what you know not.'

"And Adam educated all the Summa (plural of Summum, as: the highest thing), and when He (ie the Lord) manifested them (the Summa) to the angels, He said: 'inform me of the names of these if you are honest', they said: 'Thy Transcendence, we only know what Thou hast taught us, Thou art The Most Knowledgeable The Sovereign',

"He said: 'O Adam, inform them of their names', and when he (Adam) informed them of their names, He (the Lord) said: 'did I not tell you that I know the unseen of the heavens and the earth, and what you secret and what you disclose?'"

The quote is from Surah of "The Cow" of the glorious Qur'an.

And an allusion and a clarification of those verses is also in the Muss7aff al-Munfarid, of the Sacred Philosophy of the Druze,

I see the Qur'an as the Crown of all the Books , and I see the Muss7af as the Jewel of that crown. In it the Qur'an is elucidated, and a correct reading is initiated.

And this story tells of a meeting which took place in Earth Interior, where the good souls reside, and after the disastrous end of the previous Cycle, in which Atlantis was sunk.

I will leave it to the reader to draw his/her own conclusions from the subtleties of those words, because, like all words of truth, they have different projections in different people's minds, depending on their closeness to the truth and their level of awareness.

The interpreters of the Quran, ancient and modern, took them as the story of God teaching Adam the dictionary of all languages,

This leaves huge logical holes in the whole thing, the major one is this: if the angels did not know the 'names' of things, how come they were able to understand what their Lord was talking and were able to respond, using 'names'?

If they interpreted the 'names' as being the names of the Prophets, they would've come closer to the true meaning. But in their minds the Prophets are individuals, indentified by their individual lives on earth, not by their Souls which are projected many times on earth in many different incarnations.

Anyway, the angels were unable to recognise the Prophets, because the Prophets were manifested to them in a human form they were unfamiliar with,

And perhaps it was the case in previous cycles that the prophets were always manifested with signs of their prophethood, in their physique and appearance, as I mentioned in earlier posts.

This makes this current cycle the toughest trial of the human consciousness, whether of a dark or a radiant nature:

Firstly, all people now are of the same genesis, and no one is superior to anyone in their physical form or mental capabilities,

Secondly, all the prophets will be incarnated as ordinary people,

Thirdly, and as it is hinted in the Philosophy of the Druze, this Cycle will summarise all the previous ones, so the human consciousness is submitted to all the tests to which it was submitted before, to make a 'final' choice,

Forthly, in this cycle, there is what the Hikmeh calls "jeem al-3aql", which I cannot translate to English. The closest thing to it is perhaps what some religions call the G of the Geometer, i.e. the laws of nature and the universe.

But the way I see it, it refers to the "analytical mind", or simply the "intellect", or simply as some of you have been saying "the mind", as opposed to Universal Mind.

I personally prefer to use "intellect", in order to allow many different levels of awareness to the word: mind. Levels of awareness which differ from one person to another. The advantage is that it gives the individual a preliminary sense of "mind", however rudimentary, so that one does not feel that one is so far from the "mind", but indeed in its midst, and there is no separation from one's mind and the Universal Mind, and all one has to do is to delve deeper in it, if this makes sense. 

So in our new genesis, this world can be 'understood' by the analytical mind, and this is indeed what the Greek Philosophy epitomised, and this is indeed the teaching that the Renaissance in Europe followed, and was hence able to develop the scientific disciplines and technology of today's.

And although previous civilisations in previous Cycles were able to develop "technology", I believe that it was not done by the empirical methods of today's, i.e: experimentation, trial and error and so on. The knowledge was achieved directly by the good prophets, and given to the people, to help them with their lives and with understanding the world.

An example of such knowledge can be seen in the ancient health and medical disciplines of the past in the Far East.

Such knowledge cannot be acquired by experimentation and trial and error, but directly.

But bear in mind that this has suffered a lot of misunderstanding today, and if you want to follow any of those disciplines, take your own mind as your guide, and not the words of those gurus, most of them know very little.

Yet the biggest challenge has been to see the truth behind/above all this. The intellect can only conceptualise things, and can be convinced or not convinced of things. But the mind witnesses, and when it does witness, the intellect steps aside.

Different 'methods' have been taught to humanity to help us transcend the intellect and its observations, dilemmas, contradictions, agonies of confusion, helplessness ....

Far Eastern techniques teach transcendental meditation, and various disciplines of yoga and martial arts that we just spoke about, all aimed at freeing the minds from the tyranny of the intellect, where it witnesses itself and realises that it is the 'boss',

Greek philosophy treads the road of logic. Socrates, inspired by the teaching of Pythagoras, was able to demonstrate to his debaters, that those roads in his mind are also in their minds. Hence  those logical routes were supposed to help us take a glance at the Logos, The Law of all things, in our minds.

But the sophists were stuck in intellectual arguments, they kept twisting words, and tricking their followers by their rhetorical skills, to keep them trapped in the world of lawlessness: the world of illusion: the world that is not real. And he often got frustrated with them and insulted them by telling them that they were liars and evil in nature. He was only being frank and honest with them.

Middle Eastern religions inflame the love of the truth by their prayers and their Books, whose words take the mind to its beginning,

People have taken them lightly, at the intellectual level. They were thus reduced to information about the world and its history, often seen as fairytales. And let us not forget that they were reduced to laws of activity, setting the limits of behaviour in place and time. Here is an example:

The Qur'an says: "approach not the prayers while you are drunk, so you may understand what you say",

The drunkenness does not refer to the drinking of alcohol. It is most self-evident for those who believe not to approach a prayer if they have been drinking alcohol. Their good instinct deters them naturally from drinking alcohol, whether they want to pray or not.

But the drunkenness refers metaphorically to being dazzled by the world, and forgetting its truth. When one is in such a low state of awareness, one cannot understand what the Books say. And this is why the Druze and all the believers in the past wherever they were, kept their prayers and the Books secret, and did not give them to those who were ignorant, and "drunk" or "dormant", as some say.

It is not easy to avoid falling in such mental "traps", where the word of truth translates to rules of activity, when one's level of awareness is limited to the physical world.

So I will dedicate the next post to The Present, to talk briefly about the journey of the human consciousness therein, and where it has brought itself at the present: a decisive moment indeed in the history of mankind, after that, and before going back to episode 0 and before, I will tell two stories from the future, to give a hint of what the future potentially holds.

And thanks for your encouragement Good Soul,

You're absolutely right about "the past.... the tomorrow" and the now.

And when we remember, it is not to dig up old sorrows or grudges... or to revive mummies!!!

But because it helps us understand the "now" as you said, so we stop blaming some "third party" of whatever kind, and hence try to move forward to a better understanding of ourselves and our lives.

So if I may, I shall continue writing this saga, I hope it continues helping you and others who have found some knowledge in it.

I feel that it was not for nothing that I was made to remember all this stuff, but indeed to share it with someone who would benefit from it. Even if it was just one person. But now I see that there are many who are following it, it gives me pleasure to see that.

So we have left the last post in what I call Earth Interior, which I occasionally call The Chamber, as it is mentioned in the Qur'an (al-ghurfah).

The Chamber, however, has a higher location in our minds, although it can indicate Earth Interior.

The Chamber, my friend, is a "place" of a holiest location, in our minds. There, although we are, we are not liberated, and karma and activity and inertia do not exist, unless by The Law, and for the purpose of installing Truth in us.

There we were taught what we could not have learned.

And between the successive Cycles of human existence, we are retrieved, to meet in The Chamber, to be told of things.

This is beyond time, and its memory is here, and does not fit in the linear progression of time. And I shall come to that in a little more detail, in future posts.

And when a new Cycle resumes, it ... kind of picks up from where the previous has left.

Big Bang theory has only a linear understanding of time, but time begins and ends, and there is Existence which projects time, I shall also come to that in a future post.

The world as we see it, although it has its own presence, is a projection of truths in matter, it is also a mirror of ourselves. Because, remember that "ourselves" are also projections of truth. This is a two-way street: outward and inward,

It is not easy to envisage this intellectually, I can only use what I call the "fiber optic tree" to help you conceptualise that. But for the moment, let's stick to the topic of time.

So when time was first begun, the world looked as what we call today a "garden": of trees, plants, animals of all kinds and shapes, waters, rivers, mountains, clouds etc...and their sounds and their colours and aromas... their textures, their temperatures.....

All that, because this was the "content" of our minds, which had been taught the "models" or the "ideals", in The Chamber. So, things could only look this beautiful way.

But in subsequent beginnings of time, our minds had other things: memories of past experiences,

Those have to manifest too, because they are now a part of our being.

Hence the angels said: "dost Thou make one who despoils in it and sheds blood?"

So when time restarts, it would have to pick up from where it has left before.

I am only trying to make it sound "logical" why time resumes from a past "moment", and does not re-start "all over again", and I hope my attempt was somehow successful. 

So when we are liberated again, i.e. told "to be" again, we become, and as if we are only "resuming time",

And knowledgeable people are fully aware of this when it happens, but time accumulates dust on things, and their memories start to fade, and a new "hindsight" of history is thus generated.

So if we followed "Noah's" arks and the people who boarded on them, we would go through an ordeal of darkness, storms, high swells in the ocean...

To come finally to a "time", when a shimmer of light was seen in the horizon, and the clouds broke, indicating the end of the day of the "umbra" (yaom al-dhillah) as the Qur'an calls it: when the skies were covered by clouds for many years.

And dry land is finally spotted, and as the sun rose, a rainbow was seen, as The Bible tells, telling those on board that these were the colours by which they would perceive the world.

I probably forgot to tell you, that some lower humans, in the past, were colour-blind. And some humans started to lose their ability to see colour. They had to concentrate to see them. And colour vision was a test that people used, to check if someone was of a good human origin or more Neanderthal.

So now all can see colour, and vision is more focused outward than inward, to put it simply.

And today, some people have not an appreciation of colour and can name and distinguish colours with difficulty. This is a consequence of their previous experiences and origins.

 So where was that land where they landed? Perhaps Egypt.

But the earth was not completely drowned as the legend goes. Although water levels do go up and down, from the water that is pumped up or down from Earth Interior.

All these grand phenomena happen spontaneously by their laws, and no one presses any buttons at their discretion to make them happen.

The map of the world had changed, and some new islands emerged.

In my reckoning, which can be wrong, this was around 10,000 years ago.

I only base it on the Qur'an and the Hikmeh: "wa shshaf3i wa l-watri, wa llayaaly l-3ashri" (by the duality, by the unity, by the ten nights),

This is describing what I attempted to elaborate in this post: and that is the "retrieval", and the "liberation", which goes on for 10 nights, that is ten millennia of "darkness", in the distance. 

But there were other humans which survived, and they were spread in various parts of the world, where the climate was still hospitable to human life.

But I have a clear memory of something else, an "exodus" from Earth Interior to earth, of new "races" of humans, which carried knowledge: of how the new world worked, and basic rules of human interaction, between all those different races, which looked different, but were in fact of the same genesis. 

There are I think seven gates or tunnels between Earth Interior and earth, as hinted in the Qur'an, perhaps reaching the major continents. They are closed now and will be reopened in the future cycle.

Those immigrants had to go and spread, and mix, if they wanted, with the, now, original inhabitants, many of whom were still simple people,

So here you are with the people on board of the arks, the original inhabitants, and the new immigrants from Earth Interior.

On top of those, I have a feeling, that a group of people came from another planet, not from our solar system, but most likely from a planet of wise people in our closest neighbouring galaxy of Andromeda.

This quagmire of people, of different looks, different "minds", different belief systems... makes this present cycle most interesting. How will humanity emerge from it? Will the human inside all these different "samples" prevail and triumph as a human? or will it dwindle in the beast?

These are questions that everyone of us has to answer individually,

Because, no matter where our ancestry was 10,000 years ago, it is now that everyone of us has the power to decide where they want to head in the future cycle:

                Will they be elevated or will they precipitate in a denser world, or will they be in between?


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