The People

Those who drum up their belief and rituals and way of life, they think they are most pious and most religious,

Of all the creeds and sects of the people of the Book,

Those who have made of their piety a show to the world, those who have taken their religion as a licence to shed blood and despoil the earth,

Those who have been told by their masters that they will lead them to their residence in heaven if they followed their way,

Their deeds have been made ornate for them, so we see how far their madness will take them.

They will find out that they are the people they did not want to be, and their trade has not profited,

So those warnings are not repeated aimlessly in the Book, may everyone hearken.

The people have not a faint idea how the people are judged, and no human can have such knowledge,

Some, appearing lost to you are only in love; and many appearing pious and wise are snakes in disguise,

Tell them not to make an exhibition of their piety, they only make it to the people; we know what their hearts conceal: have they read the Book?

Those who tell you they have the perfect recipe for salvation are deceiving you, and they cannot salvage their own miserable selves,

They say their own fears and blindness, and they feel victorious if they drag others down their abyss.

Humanity has to end the farce of irrationality dressed as the way for salvation and the poison offered as food to the people: since paganism started thousands of years ago: she has to end it,

Or humanity will precipitate deeper in the animal, and will be impossible to pull out,

And what we give you in our discourse is not a recipe for salvation, what we give you is pure wholesome aliment, for you to eat and enjoy:

It is nutritious, healing and pleasurable, and your salvation is your own hard work,

You have to free yourself, fearlessly,

The Creator of this grand creation created light and darkness, and all your fears and doubts, so how can He be of them? Think you not?

Transcends He Who is High above the pettiness in man.

And if you surrender to this or to any other message, your surrender can help you only if you help yourself.


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