The Present

I took quite a bit of time to figure out what I should say before wrapping up the episode of the present cycle.


No, and what is the point.

Although, a lot of religions, political systems, and indeed wars, have been driven by supposedly historic events. And if one reads the Books, while keeping their available interpretations out of one's sight, one can pretty easily conclude that those events did not take place in the way interpreters and theologians would like us to believe, and some did not take place at all.

And why, one has to ask? Why did historians and theologians across the ages distort and fabricate things? Is there a universal conspiracy or conspiracies behind their intentions? 

The way I see it, is that a lot of people, in the intent of doing good to their communities, be they tribes, countries, race... whatever, they gave a recount of events to favour their peoples, and disfavour their enemies.

From their point of view they were doing good.

Thus, by disregarding the good of the whole humanity, they might have benefited their people temporarily, but they have created a situation which can no longer be resolved by another pack of lies or a propaganda campaign.

And to type up an argument to disqualify each and every argument or theory of history which I find fallacious, is beyond the scope of those posts, so I'll leave that to another place perhaps.

So I have decided to tell you briefly how the religions went wrong, without naming names, and I'll leave it to the astute reader to figure out in what shape or form those wrongs were done in every, yes every religion, so let's give it a go:

Firstly, religions were meant to abolish the worship of stones, or things, or symbols, or objects or places or humans, or anything that is incidental or manmade. Because religions say that there is One God, and that He created all, and that it is only He Who is worthy of worship,

Yet, all religions worship one or more of those things mentioned above.

Secondly, the Books as descended to the prophets, whomever they may be, are God's Word, in the eyes of those who believe them. It is God's Word to mankind. Mankind that is endowed with the reasoning mind. The reasoning mind which discriminates between falsehood and truth. For example: to say that there is one God is truth, because it does not make sense to have a few of them, otherwise there will be chaos in the world. And the fact that we can point our telescopes to the farthest stars and galaxies and are able to see them with our technology that is built by physical laws here: proves that the physical laws are universal, and hence the "concept" of one creator is true to those who believe it.

If follows that it is the reasoning mind which judges what is true and what is not, even in the context of one belief in one Book.

An honest mind should be able, hence, to say: well, this is what I believe, and it seems that the other guys believe pretty much the same, in their own way. 

And this honest mind should be able to continue on saying: it seems to me that both of us have this same power of reasoning, which we can deploy in different ways, and use it in different contexts, to come up with conclusions that may be strikingly contradictory, while we are using this same power of reasoning. This power of reasoning makes me and these guys agree on a whole lot of things, however: logic, mathematics, science.... and we may even enjoy the same music, and appreciate the same works of art...

So one should be able to say: it is really this power of reasoning that I hold most dearly and in a high esteem in me and every human, because it is it really that make us human, without any barriers.

Thirdly, religions across the ages have introduced the 'concept' of God in many different ways. So for example: in one religion they may say that He is so far, unreachable, and you would be shocked if you saw a spark of His Light; while in another they may say: that He loves humanity and cares about it and has a desire to help it, so much so that He sometimes comes down to the earth for us to see Him and believe Him so He can salvage us.

The mind would say: true, He is High above all. Yet He is the maker of the world. This world, hence would have to be in Him, otherwise, if it is not: if it is not in Him: so where is it then?

The  mind would hence say: if you say that this world is not in God, you are saying that there is something else, other than God, contradicting your belief that only He rules the world.

Thus, the mind, if it wants to adopt the concept of a God, it does not see God except as .................. the tongue gets tied up, and fails to find the words to express what it sees.

So without getting into much detail, as you can see, the religions of the world have failed their basic task, and that is to make everyone believe in One God,

What they have done instead, they have created a doubt in God, the doubt which gave momentum to the ideologies of materialism.

And this is not as innocent a belief as it may seem: this is the belief which tells you that you are an accident of matter, and all this that you are reading now, and all your thoughts and emotions and passions .... are just a result of the wiring of your brain, in the way it tangled up accidentally some few million years ago.

This my friend, gives you a licence to do anything you want: by the principle of the "survival of the fittest", because nothing else matters.

Thus my friends, the world is headed towards self-destruction, not unlike previous worlds that we mentioned in earlier posts,

Torn between the wars of the gods of religions, on one hand, and the wars of the beasts of the jungles on the other hand,

With everyone trying to bite the biggest bite of everyone else, nothing of anyone is going to be left.

Until the reason in the man prevails.


The End of Days

It is alluded to in almost all the Books, The Torah, The Gospel, The Qur'an, The Hikmeh.

And the Ghita mentions that it has happened or will happen many times, so does the Dharma, when it talks about the death and the reincarnation of the universe.

But religions have been busy fighting with one another, or simply contradicting one another. It has been consequently suitable for them to interpret the "end of days" as the day when they will triumph, militarily and/or ideologically, and will hence be salvaged: i.e. risen to heaven, in whichever way they believe this will happen.

The reasoning mind cannot accept such an argument. Especially when it sees that the warring tribes of the world are only different faces of the same illnesses: of narrow-mindedness, selfishness, greed, misinterpretation of religion ...

The reasoning mind cannot see that God takes sides in human feuds, arbitrarily. And being The Justice of all justice, His rule cannot be subject to human judgment.

Thus the reasoning mind finds comfort in knowing that this world is ruled by Justice, however chaotic the surface may look. (By the way, the chaos theory in mathematics is not based on "chaos", but indeed on order).

And the promises that the warring tribes of the world have promised themselves, will prove to be wishful thinking and political rhetoric that politicians and religious leaders have used to enflame wars and passions.

They will all be remorseful. And all they have to do is to consult their Book which they say they believe, to come this conclusion that we put them.

It is not by a supernatural gift that I am able to say these things. Anyone of you could have said it, and none of us are supernatural beings or descendants of some special people or deity.

So to cut a long story short, the world will witness more wars and natural disasters, and the island of the pointed mountain will drown,

And famine and poverty are caused by the greed of a few. Those, one day they will see that the billions they have amassed are useless, and cannot even be sold as paper.

And your Lord The Messiah is coming back, He is coming back, have no doubt in your minds. Pave the way in your hearts for his comeback.

And the giant countries will be broken up into smaller states, their size served only one purpose: to create massive economies and gigantic armies in order to rule and slave the world.

The world cannot be ruled by a few, the world can be ruled by the world, following the principles of democracy, if they are honest about their passion for democracy. 

And a new world order will begin, where all the states of the world will be states of a republic of the world, which is ruled by the principles that your Lord will set, so that no one give themselves any privileges or any rights which others cannot have. And the states will rule themselves by whichever system they choose for themselves, in accordance with their belief and culture.

And the armies will be dismantled, and war machines will be put on display for the children to play with them.

And the first meeting of the representatives of the world states will be held in this century, and the last member walks in: the head of his tribe of a small group of people, he walks in dressed in his traditional dress as a head of a tribe, with a stick in his hand, the entire council will give him a standing ovation, and welcome him to the family of the earth.

But this is not the End of Days, but it is the start of new days, when the world will live in peace and will prosper, and science and technology will advance so quickly, due to the philosophical and ethical advance of humanity,

               So in the next two episodes I shall tell two stories from future times, not because I know the unseen, but because these things exist, and only God permits for them to be seen, whether in actuality or in potentiality.


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