The Quickening

Those words we bring to you,

We gain nothing and lose even less.

The religions of the world of ancient times and the present are all in us, all the believers.

Many a people were warned before, and many bewildered and took the wrong track which has led them to hell, and exactly as they were warned.

Every say that was said was true, and their rewards and punishment fitted their beliefs and convictions, and no self is charged over its capacity, testified the Books.

Humanity's road to self-knowledge is long and has not terminated, those few who have martyred in the past came back to us: "O ye equanimous self, return to your Lord content in contentment, enter in My Garden, enter with the My abiders".

And those who have chosen to stay, they have a rough road ahead, every time the discus turns they have to turn, or they are looking in the past.

Your triumph is your Lord's triumph in the earth, when you reach your summum and you say: "I am to Thee, and to Thee I return",

In the body of clay the spirit triumphs and sheds off the clay,

On the altar of the truth she offers her blood, the sword of compassions sacrifices her, and you carry her dead to the Feet of Him,

Where life is freedom from the cycle of agony of death and rebirth.

Thus your Lord triumphs in the abiders in Him, and thus He walks the earth and eats food, hiding His secret from those who see none and hear none,

And when Mary of Imran was told: "what you see of a human is The One" (ma tarayn min basharin a7adan),

And when the people of Muhammed asked about Salman: "is he The Law?" (hal huwa al-7aqq?), they were told: "by God he is",

Both testimonies from the Qur'an, and there has been no Book that is more esoteric than the Grand Qur'an, fifteen hundred years have gone by and those who were given knowledge are still unable to read it, and as we give it them on a silver platter they turn away arrogantly.

And since you were liberated to become, you looked Him and recognised your-selves, and you said: "I am to Thee and to Thee I return",

For, your Lord needs not a physical existence to manifest,

He created physical existence, and transcends He all.

He manifested to you and you recognised Him.

And He manifested to you in the Chamber, and He taught what you could not have known.

And He manifested to the Mount in early times of your existence in a physical world, and this was a trying event,

How could a non-physical Mount be seen? and then, when it was seen, how can your Lord be seen?

And in this present cycle of human history, your Lord manifested again to the Mount, and as the Qur'an testified: "by the fig and olive trees, by this Sanctuary",

For, the fig and olive trees bowed by His Will to His Will, and the memories of this have been passed down to you from many generations,

And those who were unable to see that effulgence were frightened,

Their master was told: "hit the rock with your staff", testified the Qur'an,

So twelve springs of God's Word effulged from that incident,

They were the Word in the esoterikos, and the lowest projection (al-3arad al-2adnaa) is for those who are trapped in the rock.

Then the Messiah came again,

Once to build His Temple and call all the people to God's Religion,

And once to begin a New Testament,

And your Lord manifested to him and his brothers, and we were witness to that grand event,

And your Lord was not a physical presence, but the Exuberant Light of The Truth, and He spoke to them, and transcends He all.

Then came the Qur'an, The Lectrum Articulate (qur'an 3arabyy),

To tell the people of the near day, when they will encounter Him,

And those who have forgotten Him and have not taken refuge in Him will be oblivious, and their oblivion will sink them deeper in hell,

This is a law that many still do not understand,

Those who think that god is an arbitrary ruler who punishes and rewards because he can, those have not understood the purpose of their lives,

They took their lives playfully, they ate and worked and produced, they followed the passions of the low world, they saw their god in those passions, they listened to lies and ate dross, to no avail is their labour, and vain are all their causes and pursuits.

And your Lord did manifest to the entire of humanity,

In their homes, in their towns in their gatherings, and wherever they turned, His human image looked them to bring them close to Him, and you do not know, and neither do you have any records of who witnessed Him and who did not, this is His Knowledge, His knowledge that He shares with no one.

Your Lord does not need what He creates, and all need Him,

Your Lord is capable of all things, and His Will is Law,

Your Lord needs not a physical body to manifest, all the physical bodies are His, if you know,

Your Lord is untouchable, neither born to anything nor does He give birth to anything, said your Books,

No womb of a woman's can carry Him Who carries the entire creation,

Your Lords submits not to the laws of nature of birth and growth,

So if He is untouchable as you admit, explain to us if you are honest,

And neither does He wear material clothing to vanish out of it, or leave a stain of blood,

Where have your logical minds gone? Or is faith in the surrender of your logical minds?

If so, ask the people of the Book before you, they have more experience than you in that.

And when He sends His messengers, He remits them in the wombs wherever He will, so He is God on earth and God in the heavens, if you are, by His eyes, witnessing the world, and their word is His word.

But every time messengers were sent to you, the opposites were there,

This is their world and they want a share of it, testified the Qur'an,

They insert their rhetoric in some Books where they  are allowed, to call their people and to delude the people, and for the people to test their faith,

And if hell was empty their kingdoms would vanish,

And they want to claim as much as they can, because they know that their days are numbered, so they can affirm their rule,

They will do anything and everything they can to perpetuate their lies, they will resist the opening of the Books, they will defend their dark prophets in every forum, they  will even get the atheists to take their side,

Hell without their lies frightens them, and gives them no room for their leisure, they will not be short of tricks,

And in this time the two waters of humanity have been mingling again, and you see the people being born amongst strangers, and you see the dark ones being born to those who believe,

And when we are given leave we will name names, so those who have been masking are revealed, if you believed.

We have told you nothing that contradicts your faith, and we have told you of every reminder,

Your faith is not in the say of those who do not discern, your faith is in your own luminous minds and warm hearts, if you have not abandoned them,

And those words we bring to you from the highest heaven where everything became before it was conceived, too far to the reach of those sunk in their physicality and little they discern,

Their rhetoric frightens us not, but will burden them forever, every time they are given a chance to rectify past mistakes they do worse,

Hell is their destiny, and their masters cheer as they falter again.

There is only one Criterion which is the measure of everything, that is your own luminous minds and your own warm hearts, if you have turned away you will resort to the criteria that are set by those who offer plenty of rhetoric bearing no truth or spirit,

Look where the minds of some of the Muwahhedeen are now, some have followed the politicians, some have followed Freud and Darwin, some have followed New Age prophets, some have followed the one who stole the title of Dalai Lama, some have followed the one who calls himself Sai Baba, and many, simply, do not know what they should or should not believe...

And very few that we have noticed have benefited from their faith,

All because they have confused Their Creator with what He created, and the sins of the people of the Book before them have been repeated in a new dress and a new form,

And the philosophy (al-Hikmah) is being turned to intellectual arguments, and the words of transcendence to some formula for salvation.

We say this to set you on your straight path again, this is where your belief heads,

We do not want the people to forsake their people, and they cannot,

But we guide the people to the truth that is in every belief, every belief has truth in it, and truth is its source,

We favour not one religion over another, and neither do we promote a new religion,

Only God's Religion that is in all the Books that we remind the people, and as we remind them they  should all convene.

Those who are doubtful will be resentful of us.

The manifestation of your Lord was not meant to be a secret to be hidden from the world, and He did manifest to the whole world, and the Qur'an foretold,

But those who discern little and have only doubts in their minds are frightened from the Truth, even the talk about the Truth frightens them,

Hence their share of the Book has been fallacies and ghost stories.

Many a group of believing people witnessed their Lord all around the world, in Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East, the witness of your Lord was not the privilege of a self-proclaimed chosen few in place and time,

 And now this remembrance, so you realise that your Lord did manifest to humanity in a human image, and that His Manifestation is Ubiquitous (samadaanyy),

So if you acknowledge this, where is the spirit, is it in the logistics or is it in your own hearts and minds?

For, if you take the logistics as a criterion of your belief, you have fallen in the traps of the people of the Book before you, each group of which have their own criteria and logistics, and the spirit has escaped you, so think about it.

So we append what we said before, we have not taken any word back or added any new, and we only say truth, and we cannot say anything else.

And we do not append their comments because they are incomplete, history will not be forgiving,  and this is the time of the quickening, we have said it on this page a while ago, and no sooner is a lie told than it is exposed, but those who prefer the illusion will never stop hoping that their illusion will work, until they are brought down to their knees and foreheads before the might of Him and transcends He all.

The Conversation

Most importantly my friends is that many will be shocked to see that they have been following false prophets. This is the major change I believe that will happen in the next few years. As for the geological changes and the changing of the axis of the earth, that no one can have the knowledge of it.

The age of the son of man will come to an end as the Christ foretold in the Gospel, and the world will know who is the Christ, and who is the Messiah, and who was John the Baptist, and who was the son of man,

And those personalities which have been confused will become known, and the lies which have survived for two millennia will expire.

And the Qur'an will be opened to be read correctly, and its interpretation by which heathenry has been perpetuated will be falsified.

And the temple of Solomon will be known, and the worship and the bowing to physical objects and places and symbols will end, and idolatry will truly end, after it has been practised by many people who have been given a Book to believe in God, The Creator of all the worlds,

That's a major event my friends, and much more important that geological changes. Geological changes happen only to clean up the earth and reform it, as the Qur'an said, to prepare for the next cycle of human existence,

And the human journey will resume, and humanity will be separated, each group in a world and a physical body fitting their rank and their level of awareness,

And the meek will inherit the earth, as the Gospel and the Qur'an have foretold,


When I wrote my earlier comment I had not had a chance to watch the video yet, and i was commenting on your comments, but now that I've seen it there are some remarks that I would like to make.

The video is long and I only got to the point where it talks about the different possible scenarios after the "big event" whatever and whenever it may be.

In those scenarios the narrator suggests that there is a possibility that a new form of tyranny will emerge from this, in the form of a "new world order", where people are micro-chipped and ruled by Big Brother and so no...

Such theories are in the first pages, so to speak, of the book of the "conspiracy theories". There have been talk about them for a while,

And we are already now close to this kind of technology and control, but whether the "new world" will be run by such kind of rule is only a dooms-day scenario.

Some Biblical prophets have spoken of their vision of a far future in which man's life will be controlled by machines and tyrannical governments etc... but their Books are now being used for political and religious aims (by religious I mean serving particular religious institutes).

Prophet Isaiah spoke for example of the "green" and "red" fire by which people are ruled.

The vision of those prophets have been misinterpreted, and it seems to me that the prophets themselves were unable to describe their vision in the language of their times.

The green and red fire that Isaiah mentioned are none but traffic lights, if you want to believe that. Although he did seem to see that this world of today's is materialistic, tyrannical, submissive... you name it. And governments of wealthy country are not exempt from such attributes, except that those countries have the biggest media corporations  and are hence able to portray themselves as the defenders of freedom and human rights.

But this is all beside the point.

There are two points I would like to make:

A: This is the age of revelation, (dawr al-kashf), when every lie will be exposed and every secret will be revealed.  And the forces  of darkness will put every obstacle in the way so the revelation does not occur, because this will insure its continuance in some form in the future.

The obstacles will be put deliberately by individuals who feel that their glory days are coming to an end.

They will also be put by the accidents of nature. Because ... I don't know how to express this..

In the end everything will be revealed, but whether people will be watching and listening or whether they will be isolated by their own stupidity or by the institutes to which they subscribe, is another question.

B: If you've noticed in this video and other videos which are of a similar message, and if you have been following the "documentaries" on some channels which profess to be an accurate and scientific source of information:

The forces of darkness want to entrench the lies of the previous millennia in people's minds, in the hope that dormancy perpetuates, and hence radiant and dark humanities are thrown together once again in hell to suffer another cycle of billions of earth years perhaps,

So they have been trying to dress up the fallacies of the past with a quasi-scientific dress, in order to get the sceptic  leaning to their side, and indeed to give a new facade to those fallacies: a facade of science, so they become gradually accepted as facts.

All those theories and the propaganda associated with them revolve around the commonly accepted interpretation of the Bible and the narrative of the prophets,

Those theories indirectly say that only the Bible, and as they understand it, is God's Book. And as if there is not enough division and religious bigotry in the world,

But they hasten to say: O, we believe in freedom, you worship god however you want and we worship him however we want.

If such if such a policy has ever worked in the known history of this earth. How short-sighted would one have to be to believe that this is the road to knowing God and to living in peace on this earth?

And continuing on with this comment:

Many times in the past humanity was given a chance of redemption, but humanity failed many times over.

The last time when al-Hakim manifested. And this is not to be confused with al-Hakim bi Amr Allah. The latter was a human, born to a human, and got married and copulated with a woman and had children, and their descendants are here on earth today.

The time before was when the Messiah the son of Mary of Imran (or Omran), and the Christ and their Brothers: John the Baptist, Luke, Mark and later Matthew came, and the Lord manifested to them.

Every time big events like this happen, they are meant to put humanity on a straight path, the path of rationality, because this is the only path that can lead to the Knowledge of who we are and what we are supposed to do on this earth.

And a few do get the message and were redeemed. Some of them choose to come back to guide others. The witness of their Lord protects them from falling in the traps of falsehood.

It all comes down to a very simple question: Martha, you ask for too much, but what is required is only One Thing.

The simple witness of the Truth is the remedy of all the ailments of being in the low world. And at this time it is closer and will get closer than ever. All the Books have foretold that.

But do not panic, and do not be frightened by the theories of the conspiracy theorists, and do not be alarmed by propaganda of all kinds, trying to persuade you to take their side. You do not want to take any side, you want to look straight,

And this cannot be achieved by surrendering your rational mind and accepting some irrational argument and some theory of The-End-of-Days as a basis of faith.

How can faith be based on irrational arguments? and religions were all given humans, who are endowed with thinking minds.

And if you take one irrational argument as a basis of your faith, remember: there are many such arguments  all around, so ask yourself: on what basis do I choose this argument and reject that one?

So every day take a few minutes out of the noise and the rat race,

You do not have to say a prayer from any particular Book, and if you do not understand what it really means it's better not to say it,

You do not have subscribe to any religion, you can be atheist for all the heavens care,

Say your own prayer, if you are honest, it is the Lord who says it, and it is He who hears it and it is He who accepts it.

Your Lord is not a concept or a person.

Your prayer should not ask for any worldly favour, but should seek only nearness to Him,

Look straight, relinquishing everything, everything... behind you, even if it is major problems and difficulties in your life, appearing to threaten your own existence,

Seek your true existence, this is Him.

If you can experience even a few seconds of peace and elation, you have achieved a lot.

This should be done on a daily basis, and you will notice that you are coming closer and closer as your love for Him builds up,

Do not panic and do not expect to achieve improvement in your life, this is not the purpose,

The purpose is to be in His Peace amidst this huge storm.


My dear L, you're very brave to ask this question, and it is proof of your faith. The truly faithful questions everything. Only his own mind is the judge. And of course the words of Mawaleena are guidance, but it is how you understand and interpret those words.

People often take what they have learned by hearsay as truth. But the true believer consults his mind and his own heart only.

Mawlanaa al Haakim manifested in a human form to the entire of humanity, in their homes, in their towns, in their gatherings. Many recognised Him and martyred on the spot, He took them to Him and they are in a3laa 3illiyyeen (the highest highs).

Many recognised Him and stayed in the world, those became Muwahhideen, of which the Druze and the Ismailis are two groups. But there were many such groups of people all around the world, who remained secret, like the druze had to remain secret.

He appeared in a human image, and people saw the inner "content" of their hearts. Some perceived Him as a child, some as king etc...

The secret letters of the Indian king to Mawlanaa Baha'iddeen are about that. To prove that His Manifestation is Ubiquitous.

In Egypt, He summoned all the Hudood and the opposites. A whole contingent of them. For each to witness and tell their people.

Al Hikim bi Amr Allah was a human. I do not know the historic background of his ascension to the throne, but Mawlanaa manifested with al-hakim bi amr allah standing right beside Him,

Some did not see Him, they saw only the human.

And when He went on His tours around the old alleys of Cairo, many saw Him in the image of al-hakim bi amr allah. Because their consciousness was unable to witness Him.

The witness of Him is not a physical experience, as in an image being projected on the retina  of your eye etc... no no no.

The witness of Him is from inside you, and your mind projects it in a form, and transcends He all.

When He first manifested, He summoned all the Hudood and the opposites to witness His Scene in the desert with an army of angels in arrays, as the Qur'an foretold: "and your Lord came with the angels in arrays" (wa jaa2a rabbuka wa lmalaku saffan saffan).

He rode a horse and the sunlight did not light His Mighty Figure, and there was no shade and light on His Countenance,

And the angels, where did they come from? a huge army of Muwahhideen whom He allowed to come out of Earth Interior to parade with Him and carry out His Will.

This was the first time He manifested in a human form, since much earlier "days" in The Chamber, where He teaches mankind what mankind could not have learned (wa 3allam l2insaan maa lam ya3lam).

But before this manifestation, and in this very cycle of human existence, He, transcends He, manifested to the Mount in al-Quds,

When the sky lit, and a beam of light projected down, and water sprang out from the rock, and His Eye looked those who Knew Him, and many martyred and went back to Him, when they said: tuqburna ya mawlaanaa,

And this was seen also in the whole world, although the projection was in al-Quds.

But those who did not believe were frightened, they were shocked and fell down on the ground unconscious, and the Qur'an testified all that,

He spoke to the hearts of those who recognised Him and they covenanted Him and promised Him to be faithful to Him in their journeys in the low world,

Those, if they revert and adopt religions of rituals and irrationality and mundane laws, they will suffer the most from the agony of their own selves, of contrition and remorse.

I hope it helps,

 Thanks for that C, you have only confirmed what I'm saying.

As for the historic accounts which describe a birth from a woman and marriage and children, and then a disappearance with only a shirt left with a blood stain, all this refers to an opposite who claimed that title, and who was hence killed by the angels.

 The opposite is always a figment of historians imagination. This does not mean that he does not exists physically.

It is still thought that the Messiah was crucified. And the Qur'an said unequivocally: "they did not crucify him, they did not kill him as a Certainty".

Does this mean that the crucifixion was all imagined? No. The crucifixion did take place, but it was the opposite who was crucified, not the Messiah.

I had to draw on the that example, not to divert the discussion, but only to help you see what I am seeing.


My friends, you are both agreeing with what I have said, please go back half a page and re-read,

C, by saying that people are" perplexed over the divinity of al-Hakim" is in itself proof of an opposite that is not recognisable,

You cannot be perplexed over the divinity of the divine unless there is an opposite.

And that opposite does exist and has claimed that title, lookup any book or any reference, and the title al-hakim bi amr allah refers unfortunately to a human who was born and who got married and then vanished and left a stain of blood on his shirt, and his descendants are worshipped by millions, (but not by the Druze thankfully).

We cannot deny the existence of this falsehood. And the confusion in the minds of many Druze results from not dealing with it.

By denying it, we forget the Sublimeness (al-tanzeeh) and lean towards Existence (al-wujood),

Al-Hakim manifested in a human form, there is no doubt about this except in the minds of those who were too doubtful to witness Him,

But His Manifestation is not a physical thing, as in a body outside you that you look at,

If it was, then it is monotheism, and this is wujood, but no tanzeeh.

And if you deny his manifestation altogether because He is above any image, this is also monotheism, and it is tanzeeh and no wujood.


 I can assure you C that I'm not struggling, and I do not need anyone's judgement.

And I never denied the 'objective' presence of al-Hakim, please read my comment carefully. But I wish that you gave me a logical argument instead of telling me that I'm an "insider" who's trying to make you doubt your faith,

I am not an intruder to the Druze my friend; equally I'm not an intruder to the Muslims or the Christians or the Jews or the Hindus or the Buddhists,

Thanks for allowing me to say what I want to say.


Thank you R for the peace,

I never meant that the opposite was an opposite of al-Hakim, subhaanuh, He created the opposites, so how can they be opposites to Him. This is a monotheistic belief, that the devil is the opposite of the creator.

It seems that we are misunderstanding each other, C and me. I read him wrong and I see that he's been reading me wrong.

I have a great respect to your good Tawheedy upbringing C, why would I want to make you doubt any of your beliefs?

If I disagree with you about some terminology that you use or some details, it does not mean that I doubt your tawheed in the least degree.

But I can't see how I came across to you as intolerant. My gosh I lived all my life amongst communities which I consider heathen, if I was intolerant I should've died of a heart attack a long time ago ha ha.

You were there and I was there and many of us on this website were there, and many of the historians who fudged stories and wrote falsehood were there...  all the good prophets and the Hudood were there, also all the opposites,

This  was an Event that cannot be fully understood or described or scaled. And perhaps its being subjective and enigmatic is meant to arouse such discussions and points of view.

And while events were unfolding people were differing about what they were seeing, there and then, so imagine how the opinions are after a thousand years!

The witness of al-Hakim is one's spiritual rank. It cannot be described. And as I mentioned in earlier comments, some fell down  upon looking Him and were taken back to Him, and the Qur'an testified to that (I can't remember the exact wording of the verse).

The vision is still alive in our minds, and this is its Ubiquity (samadaanyyah), it cannot be erased by time. And as a child and as a young man the vision came back to me vividly, and long before I heard of the Hikmah. But the Islamic theology that I was familiar with then used to whisper in my ear that I was wrong and that it was my imagination, and that's the opposite's dark spirit my friend.

And the verse of "wa jaa2a rabbuka wa lmalaku saffan saffan" used to send shivers down my spine of awe, because that vision was still alive in me, while I was being taught by religious preachers that only God knew what that meant!!!!! 

There's a lot that I can write about the Manifestation. And  I've already written a bit and I believe I've clarified certain things as I vision them, some of it is on this website, and some is still on my website:

So if I disagree with some details or some wording, I only mean to direct the readers' mind in the direction I see as straight,

In the end, this is everyone's personal experience, and as you said,  we cannot 'convince' one another, because it is beyond conviction,

And the fact that we differ on certain things should not be a cause to bring us apart.



So as always, I say this without a pinch of salt, because the food that I cook is tasty without salt.

[The salt refers to a comment that was made, likening one's ego to the salt on the dining table, to say that a bit of it makes the food tasty, and too much is not good.

But unfortunately, the following was taken literally!]

And if I had it in my kitchen, I would not be allowed to cook, salt is not good for elderly people.

So perhaps a pinch of salt is good for a young man like you C, but not for me, I gave it up a while ago,

And delirious as I am, I really do care how you take this, and I type it up because  my fingers hurt if I do not,

So let me give you those snap shots just today, when many of us were invited many times to the palace, to be hosted and entertained by the host of all,

Firstly, in his presence, you fall down/fly high of awe, and you can look another time with difficulty,

Or, he will overwhelm you with his warmth and friendliness, so you forget/remember in whose presence you are, so you can talk at ... I don't want to say equal... levels.  And if you think you are enjoying this, he is a million times more than you,

And the show goes on through the night, of magic and dazzling stuff. Not to prove anything, and neither to break any known laws, but to teach/entertain, and show the wonders of nature,

And the après midi in the garden, a buffet of sweets, prepared in the kitchens of earth interior, from berries and grains grown there, the taste of which is joy to the mind,

And suddenly he's beside you, telling you stuff you'll be doing the following age,

And the music plays, from no orchestra present. And he changes the mood, and asks for opinions. He never imposes his opinion on anyone, not even on the darkest of his guests,

And sometimes dark ones were invited too you know, just for us to see how they see. Their vision is valid too you know: the stranger in his own home is a miracle of existence, to be understood and cultivated: what will eventuate from it? can it keep going as far as it can see to come back? perhaps the theories about the shape of the universe will offer clues,

Is the universe is spherical? does it have negative or positive curvature? or is it a spiral, ... or indeed any shape that you visualise it, because it is only the tango of the two halves of the seed that has been split: existence and sublimeness,

Only in our minds they unite while split.

So you can take all this with derision, because I'm not supposed to know,

I hence want to be unfettered. No one has been able to shackle me, even as I depart my words are explosive. If you have been contradicted, I'm sorry about that. But wait, some will be a lot a lot more contradicted than you: but about that, I will not be sorry,

You will be a powerful man in the future, so take it easy. The 'objective' view that we differed about is too big for small talk.



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