The Rain



Woe to those who pray and who are distracted in their prayers, those who are exhibitionists, and they block off the rain,

Said the Grand Book.

Those are the ones who pray to collect a reward, and while their brains are reciting God’s Word, their minds dwell on their worries and demands: of good health and offspring, wealth and food, and victory over their enemies, in the low world in their hereafter,

And as if the heavens are an agency of stock brokers, and their god’s word is a shopping list.

Those, their trade profits not, said the Grand Book, their gain is petty and will be blown away before their own eyes, and as if it was never earned.

The heavens cannot be bought by human activity,

The heavens are your knowledge of the essence of all things, big and small; so God shies not to draw a model of a mosquito: what is above it?

Those who bewildered shied of the mosquito and wondered: what model does god want to draw?

Those cannot see any essence, and thousands of years have passed, and now as we point to the Essence again, they will be derisive, and they will say: we follow the footsteps of our fathers, who are you to challenge our laws?

We say: We gave you the laws before, may you be guided to The Law.

And when Azara said to his son Abraham: who are you to challenge our gods?

Abraham said: those are the gods that you made, I worship the Lord of the two worlds.

And when Azara: Serpent said to Abraham: the time of prayer is due, you should pray now;

Abraham said: I look His Grand Creation and admire, this is my prayer;

Azara said: he will punish you, he said in the Book;

Abraham said: God is Compassion the Compassionate, He created the heavens and the earth, and your god is a scarecrow.

We witnessed their conversation before and now, and it is not for nothing that our messengers are remitted amongst the people.

And the Book said, that He comes with His Angels in arrayed arrays,

And when He did come, your were dormant about His Scene,

Some saw a human: the Seal (al-khaatam), who covers the prophets and the messengers,

And some saw nothing, as did al-Darazy, of repudiation, and he refused to bow to the Seal, and the Seal ordered his execution, and ruled the bewildered people by God’s Aim.

O people, your Lord manifests so you are straightened upon His Manifestation, and as long as you are adjacent to Him, said the Glorious Book.

But those who seal God’s Word by falsehood want you to be frightened from the scarecrow of their ignorance.

The witness of The Lord is an Existential, Cognizant, Spiritual rank, that is you,

It is the Providence that is bestowed on you, upon your abidance in Him,

And the phantoms of the physical world are none but bewilderment and an ornament for those who dwell in them,

And the witness of the Lord is not a verbal statement, nor is it a ritual or an irrational admission that you make.

The Truth manifested to all humanity, but humanity was dormant,

This was an Event of a Magnitude, if you had the smallest grain of a human mind;

They said: who is this man attired in such attire? What is he doing here, where did he come from?

And those who did witness, or at least admitted their shortcoming and asked to be guided: those covenanted their Lord, and we named them: al-Muwahhideen,

They are the people of the Highest Standard, they practise no rituals, they bow not to symbols, places or objects near or far of any form, and they take no lords or intercessors from the people as the Qur’an and The Sacred Philosophy taught them, and they believe all the messages and all the Books,

Their guide is The Law, The Messiah in all his comings, the prayers to The Lord are by him;

But the people of the Book were derisive, like they were derisive of every message before.

And some are Muwahhideen at heart, and some are not Muwahhideen although they think they are.

Tawheed is not the surrender of the mind to a concept that can neither be proven and nor disproven, in the hope of a reward or salvation,

Tawheed is the Knowledge of The Proof (al-hajj), that is The Witness of The Truth in one’s heart and vision,

Thus Existence and Sublimeness are known in The One, hence the word: Tawheed, from the etymon of woo 7aa’ daal: to be one.

Your Lord is not a physical thing, and His Glorious Countenance is everywhere: around, within and above everything, said the Book:

He is The One The Unity, Manifestus Ubiquitous, The Numberless Oneness,

He begets none, is begotten by none, and no description can describe Him.

And when this child woke up to golden light, saw the attire hung in the corner of room, wondered: this is my grandfather’s fez,

Then he said: I am the witness of God and the abider in Him and His servant,

The Peace be me, the day I die and the day I live.

And when he saw Abraham bowing to a cube, he stood before him and wetted the floor,

And he asked him: what did you do?

Said he: I delivered to you a sign as I was instructed.

And the vision came again: and one night: he felt the love and the attraction to the red fez, the black collarless jacket with kashmiri designs, a white woollen shirt, a sharwal and a pair of slippers on the floor,

He got up, and went towards it to touch it,

It disappeared, and the light went out,

To tell the believers, that the attire is also a vision in one’s mind, and it is not material;

And the manifestation is Symbol, by which The Truth manifests,

To Humanity, in human form in place and time, that it cannot be told by language or any say,

So those who looked before look again, it is all that we can say.

And The Philosophy did say: that manifestation is not tangible.

But it is your awareness that coincides with the manifestation; joy to those whose awareness comes close.

As for those who saw a stain of blood on material clothing, and took it as a sign of the divine: they only saw the clothing of the Seal that was physical,

For the Seal was killed by the Angels, and every time he claims divinity or prophethood.

And when Jesus the son of Joseph died on the cross of his body and on the cross his physical body died, his mother was devastated and was in disbelief,

She took his body and wrapped it, and waited and hoped that he should come back to life,

Her suffering was so severe, she often saw the mummy looking her at night, of her delusion, and those who had chosen to live in suffering with her believed her and wept endlessly with her,

And Thomas told her that he did see John The Christ alive, because he did not die on the cross,

But a man, made to wear John’s dress, was crucified alongside with Jesus;

He told her to submit to the will of The Lord, but she repudiated The Christ,

She took the mummy wherever she went, and one day the crows found it and tore a hole in the top and ate from it,

And Prophet Joseph’s prophecy of the jail-guard being crucified, and his head being eaten by the birds, eventuated,

And Time is none but the space of The Mind.

Your Lord becomes not and vanishes not, and His Self is the Red Blood that runs His Entire Creation, and transcends He, high above the physical perception of mankind,

And your way to awareness is still very long ahead, blessed are those who have taken their first steps, as we bring them closer herein,

The manifestation of The Truth is an Event of a Magnitude, and humanity will talk about it and argue about it for thousands of years to come.

And Abraham quit his orientation to the cube, and now he faces nothing,

He will be titled the Guided one, and a prophecy will materialise, to guide the people of the Book and those who followed Baha’u’llah, who are ready to be guided.


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