The Republic

Perhaps you did not know, so let us tell you,

That Platon and Socrates swapped names after Platon died, so that Socrates could spread Platonís teaching by Socratesí name, as he was better accepted in then Greece.

And Socrates edited some of Platonís writings, to make them more palatable to then Greeks;

Hence the confusion in history and the mystery about the two.

As for those who suggest that there was sensual love between them, those are only bringing out what is in their own selves, and the people see what is within themselves reflected in the world.

The names of our messengers matter only in the human recount of linear history, and carry not much significance, and we give not much importance to them, and we differ not between any of His messengers, testified The Book;

It is not for humanity to understand how the messengers split and share their experiences and memories, nor is it for the messengers.

Also Shuíayb and Joseph swapped names;

As for John The Christ, Matta wrote his Gospel after Johnís martyrdom, and mentioned therein the rebirth of Jesus, and it was him who pointed the people to the house where he knew Jesus was reborn as Saul, and he was not a star moving fast in the sky, but indeed a human walking the earth;

And when Saulís parents felt threatened they went to Egypt to hide.

It is the Self that is doomed to forgetfulness in the darkness of an eclipse of the moon that a star becomes more conspicuous, and the onlookers lose their trust in the light of the moon.

But the Self goes through an eclipse for a reason, and a desire to experience the low world to make her journey out of it, as she is destined to be.

As she looks in her sky, she projects the threads of shade in the gushes of light: when she is in harmony with The Law, the threads align, merge and intersect to form patterns of geometric significance; and when she is not, the threads of shade spread chaotically, to cover dim the light.

Those are the early memories of her eclipse.

As for Iblisí darkness, it is the nature of darkness that was taken by Iblis at first look,

So although he might experience attraction to light, he can only express it in a dark world, and thus the light to which he is attracted is in reality the fringes of light that has come to him through pinholes;

And The Self is Compassion, she sympathises with all and knows all their worlds, and despite the harm dark as well as radiant souls want to inflict on her, of their ignorance of her; their ignorance of her is their ignorance of their own selves.

And The Law rotates the worlds and creates new experiences of darkness and light for humanityís knowledge, and this Grand Creation is a Grand Thing.

And when Zam Zam was killed by Iblisí darkness, she was distraught, she hid inside a cardboard box, painted on it skies of doom and gloom,

Then the Self went in that box with her, pushed the walls down and invited her to the Okeanos,

A good and obedient soul adopted her, and she adopted Iblis and had a desire to help him,

And in Satanís First world, Zam Zam found herself locked up in the cupboard again,

Abraham came to her rescue, and her adopting mother helped her out, and the Self looked over, frustrated and disappointed,

For, those events were to materialise times upon times, to recycle the suffering of the early moments of the verb to be of every free alpha which could not look straight.

And when Mary MacKillop dedicated her life to the service of the poor, she was obstructed by the institute,

Now the institute has recognised her and they canonised her.

Yet, she was unable to free herself from the cross and the chain around her neck, which she wore constantly, and as the Grand Book testified: begone, the hands of the lord of the fire, and he: begone; and his woman, the carrier of bale, in her neck is a chain of steel.

It is her desire to save the helpless that perpetuates helplessness, and humanity will have to cognise this reality,

And as if the purpose of the creation is to help the helpless,

But The Lord created all and bestowed Providence unto all, and sent His revered messenger and His Compassion to all,

And it is human ignorance which perceives helplessness, and it is human ignorance that creates helplessness,

And humanity is meant to be one family, and to want for others what one wants for oneself.

And Compassion encompasses all, even those who perceive helplessness, and Godís suffering is more severe.

And when a spider weaves a web, it weaves it of joy, hence a grand work of art that no artist can mimic,

It is creation that is the conception and labour of love of Existence;

Can they not see, that it is a random eventuality, traced by those legs of eight, to reflect its law?

But those models of a magnitude are unnoticed to the blind,

What they notice is their ignorance; and their hearts are of stone, yet the stones are softer.

And the Republic that Platon talks about exists in Earth Interior, and he was only enticing humanity to live up to her humanity here on earth up-side-down,

And the world of peace and tranquillity that John saw in a dream on earth is none but that world.

And the meek will inherit the earth and all that is on it, and the doors of Earth Interior will be opened again, as promised in The Book,

And the angels will hover in the world and the world will be ruled by The Justice and The Compassion of The Law,

Not according to the plans that the people have planned for themselves, and the destruction of others,

Those, all, will be disappointed.

It is not by human judgement that the people are judged; those who have granted themselves the right to judge the people and to punish them according to their laws have wronged, and will be remorseful.

And far from being a place where the privileged live a life of promiscuity, it is a place where conception occurs without physical union, and the children begotten see all the adults around them as their parents, as they remember them from the early days of Existence, and the brotherhood of humanity is lived once again,

This is the greatest achievement that human civilisation can achieve,

And that is, in a physical world, in a physical body, the godliness of mankind comes out triumphant, over physicality and everything else that humanity created in the illusion of the distance,

And the human journey will be thus fulfilled.

Else, humanity suffers constantly, and numbs herself with illusions of all kinds,

Once they took the form of rituals, now they take the form of the magic of technology,

To live short moments of happiness, to be disappointed again, and never learning any lesson,

That permanence in this world is a vain pursuit, and happiness brought upon by the things of this world is short lasting,

And as soon as death approaches those who had an easy life, they say unhesitantly: we wish to do it again; unaware what fate has hidden for them, of their own burdens of their own passions and deeds.

O people, rejoice not when a new is born, for you know not how much suffering he or she might have ahead,

And weep not over the dead because you have lost them, you have not lost them, but it is your own selves that you have lost.

Life and death are the sins of humanity, from which only humanity can free herself.

Those who have made of reproduction a religion and a cause of their existence have sunk in the bottom of hell, where only the apes and the pigs can revel,

The Book truly tells them: amused you have been by multiplication, until you visit the grave;

The Book truly tells them: we have created man of the best genesis, then we rendered him the basest of the base ones.

O people, life is suffering, birth is suffering, death is suffering, illness is suffering and old age is suffering,

And how much tears do you shed upon separation from loved ones?

O people, which are more, the waters of the mighty rivers of the world or the tears we shed?

: thus spoke the Buddha.


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