The Summa

O people,

Your Lord is in the Highest Highs, and He is closer to you than your aorta is to your heart, said the Mighty Book and the Sacred Philosophy.

But in a physical body, you have to deal with intellectual concepts upon observation, and with the emotions of your heart,

And this is the most enjoyable, yet most arduous journey in existence.

In China they call it the Mid Way, and the Qur’an calls it The Way (al-sabeel), blessed are those on The Way,

The Mid Way which dodges the notice of the jail guards: the beasts which frighten you to keep you in the realm of duality and linearity.

How many times have we walked it for you, to guide you;

As soon as we cross that barrier, the jail guards look us confused, and they wonder how we got there,

And they admire, and it is often that they go back to the people to tell the people,

But the jail guards cannot see beyond the barrier, testified Platon; in their world our journey translates to activity and inertia, in the world of duality and linearity,

And the human experiment perpetuates.

They give you the strongest arguments of your understanding, and they flare passions in your hearts,

And it is those arguments and passions which help you move forward and quit old ones,

And it is those arguments and passions which lock you up in a new jail.

But the Summa hang between the heavens and the earth until they are redeemed, and The Lord’s Throne encompasses all that is in the heavens and the earth and between them; testified the Grand Book;

To call the people and point them to The Way,

From the elements, of water, fire, air and earth, they reach Him and Him they become, for the barriers have been broken, and the look recognises the look, and duality is now only apparent to the physical eyes, and they speak from above:

Take my body, lay it on my Fathers Countenance, He comes looking: said Joseph and Noah,

And he who looks me looks the Truth, said the Messiah.

This is the triumph of God,

From the clay, from the fire, God becomes God, and twists the thick steel rods of physicality like a child plaits her locks,

He eats food and walks the markets, said the Qur’an,

And when He writes it is His Hand that writes, and when He speaks;

This is the triumph of God for those who want to triumph and say: I am unconquerable in Thee, and in Thee I return.

Thus your Lord manifests in His Summa to guide you,

And if they speak a language that you may find indiscernible, it is because where they speak from is above language,

But the spirit of it is what lights up your minds, and the Spirit is the Essence of all things, and it is God’s Aim.

And how many a time, in a moment of enlightenment, have you said: I have read this many times, but it is now that I truly do,

And your mind is in euphoria of existence, and there is nothing else that you want.

Your Lord manifests in His Summa, and your Lord manifests,

He manifested to The Mount, and many looked and were unable to see except a mountain,

And He manifested again to The Mount in this orb of human existence, and many looked and were unable to see except a rock,

And He manifested in a human form with His angels in arrayed arrays, as foretold the Qur’an, and many looked and thought they saw an image like themselves, and transcends He all: Needless, Self-Sufficient, He begets none and is begotten by none, Creator of the heavens and the earth, all submit to him,

And He manifests to your visions in your hearts, so you are straightened upon His Manifestation, and you return to your Eternal Abode,

His Manifestation is Ubiquitous (samadaanyy), and transcends He what He creates in place and time,

This we clarify to you, so you know Existence and Sublimeness,

And you free yourselves from observations, concepts and passions, all observations, concepts and passions are carried in duality and linearity,

We tell you no falsehood, falsehood is perceived only in your own selves,

And your Lord transcends all.


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