The Book of Hasshaam

The Sand Dunes



The Summum

By his Lordís Summum, the abider in his Lord and His servant, Abrahamís guest,

The reader of the Qurían, the destroyer of the two laws, the bringer of glad tidings and the incandescent lamp,

The peaks of their mounts oversee mankindís knowledge, by their Lordís Leave,

Not a dot escapes His Encompassment, hail, to Him the creation and The Aim, Bountiful is He The Lord of the two worlds.

He remits them in the distance and by them He witnesses the world, testified The Book.

And God witnessed that there is no god but He, the Lord of the two worlds,

To call on the people to return to Him, before the heaven falls down on the earth, and comes two cubits close and even closer, and those who have seen a spark of its light before will be elevated, and those who preferred darkness will sink in the holes of their animal.

And The Lord begins the creation and iterates it, a promise due on us, in the Torah, in the Gospel and in the Qurían.


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