The Thief

Have you been told of the thief, the one-eyed? Although both his physical eyes are sound and healthy, we see the eye he lost when David shot him, to show you his true character.

From ancient times, he has been envious of the believers: “what is it that they know that I cannot know?”

He sneaks in, from every hole he can find. And when the believers’ hearts are weakened by the passions of life, and their minds dulled by dormancy, he sneaks into them.

To the good believers, he is a warning and a wakeup call; and those who lost their way: he sets them on a dark path.

He sows seeds of doubt, he diverts them of the straight path with his worldly causes, and he knows the weak ones and knows how to impress them.

He stole the bell, and he thought that we could not see him. The bell is made of a sacred alloy in Juwwyyeh. Its chime is echoed through the heavens thereto. Upon hearing it, the angels respond, and the bell resonates. And there used to be a protocol of communication.

He struck it, and heard no response. He used his failure to refute many things, and deluded weak-minded ones.

The bell is now disabled, and the technology that we master cannot be imagined.

The hand which gave him the bell will be cut off and burnt many times over. Those who betray the trust of the Muwahhideen will get the punishment they were promised.  


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