The Fibre Optic Tree

I'm thankful to your question, and happy to see that I've managed to tickle your interest my friend,

I was able to sense that some readers were saying: so if the cosmos is not its matter, what is it exactly? because if you say it is its laws, how/where does this exist?

Which is a valid question.

But your question questions our perception of it, and this also is a complex story.

Bear in mind, that the intellectualisation of these 'existential' realities does not provide answers as such. All it does, it points your intellect in certain directions, it draws it to some models, and in your own mind, you have to make the effort to witness their realities,

Their reality is above words and concepts.

And when you do, it is euphoria of existence, and that's all  you want.

In euphoria of existence, your mind visions clearly, it has relinquished intellectual concepts, language and everything attached to them,

And your heart - which we have not mentioned yet, simply because modern sciences do not see it except as a blood pump - will be racing, and you experience love,

And what would you be seeing then?  

Eyes, gushes of light, skies with clouds in colours, sun, stars, moon, trees, geometric patterns, fire, surface of still water from underneath the water ...

Because, my friend, these are only models of mind, and you are now looking in your mind, not at the physical world,

And you will be so convinced by the brightness of that light, which sometimes can be so bright you wish you could take your sunglasses there, ha ha,

You will be convinced that this is real, so real,

But wait, this is just the beginning, and a new stage of the journey has just begun.

This is projected onto your vision, from inside your brain, to your...   retina also.

I'm being careful with the choice of words, because the scientific facts have not been established about such visions.

I believe that if you could look at the retina of a dreaming person, you will be able to see what he/she is seeing in his/her dream. One day technology will be able to prove this.

So it becomes fact that our minds project vision into our brain for us to experience them in the physical sense.

Hence, let me tell you the model of the fiber optic tree.

Firstly, please go to wikipedia or anywhere on the web where you can see a photo of an optic fiber. It looks like a luminous hose, and bright light comes out of its end.

Communication technology today uses fiber optics instead of electricity to transmit huge amounts of information, for telephone lines, internet etc.

Secondly, if you have a magnifying mirror, or if you had one in the past, remember that at some distance from your eyes, your image in it becomes so enlarged, and as if it is cast in a vast distance, and it looks a bit frightening.

So now imagine the cosmos being a source of light. You can imagine it to be a small dot, or just a ball of bright light.

Imagine that the optic fibers spread from this dot in all direction and in different lengths, carrying its light,

Imagine that at the end of each of these optic fibers, which is a luminous dot, imagine that more optic fibers are spread in all directions and in different lengths,

Imagine that this happens a few times, so what you have now is just a tree of fiber optics, spreading in all directions,

Imagine, that around the end of each optic fiber, and around the "mother dot", imagine that you spread a spherical mirror,

Imagine that each of those dots is an observer, looking at its own image in the spherical mirror that is spread around it,

As we said before, the image of the dot will be magnified, and cast in some space and distance, all around,

The light that comes down to each of those dots, this light is originated from the mother dot,

So in theory, the images in the mirrors at the 'lowest' ends of the fibers, should be a part of the image of the mother dot,

Isn't it?

Thus, the observer can look at its own reflection and be distracted by it, not knowing that it really comes from the top, through the branches of the tree,

Or, the observer is aware that the image that it sees is transmitted down from the mother dot,

Thus, this is a two-way street,

Not only that,

Think about those many observers in many many points,

Each of them is seeing something different, because it is only a ray of the mother dot,

So those individual observations can be totally different, or overlapping, or totally coincidental...

This is a fun game.

The aim of it is to be aware of all that, and to make your vision coincide with the mother dot,

When this happens, you have won the game, ha ha.

So the other question I wanted to answer is: what is the cosmos?

If it is not its manifestation, what is it?

We ask this question because we are so accustomed with physical things, and today's ideologies, religious or scientific, admit only physical things as "existent".

The religious ones say: well, there must be a spiritual world that we cannot perceive.

Thus they kind of surrender to an assumption that cannot be proven or disproven,

This allows them to attribute anything to it, this is why you see so many ideologies of spirituality, which claim different claims and disagree with one another,

And worse, there is no way you can get them to resolve their differences rationally, because what you are dealing with is irrationality.

And although those spiritual ideologies claim to love the spirit more that the matter, they in fact see only matter as existent,

That's why the rewards of believing or following their systems are material,

And for them to be "convinced" of "spirit" they need to see material evidence, such as a miracle of conjuring stuff, or some other form of breaking the physical laws,

And rational arguments are the last thing on their minds,

That's why my friend, they will never understand themselves or one another. Run from such a spirituality.

So how does anything exist if it is not material?

This is an effort that you have to make yourself, because there is no way to describe it.

If you see that your mind exists, and if you see that all the thoughts that you have exist, and if you feel that your "I" goes beyond your physical body, in your mind that is,.. then you are on the right track.

Some Hindu yoga systems tell you to sit in a meditation position and tell yourself repeatedly, and over a few minutes every day: "I am not the body".

I don't know how helpful this can be if your philosophical basis are not correct.

Every exercise that you do, every prayer that you pray, every intellectual argument that you adopt... is to no avail, if you cannot relinquish everything and let your heart love only the truth,

And when you love only the truth, you will need no intellectual arguments or any spiritual system to convince you that it is only the Truth that exists.



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