The Book of Isaiah
The Sins of Religion, Politics
And The Intellect
Volume I
Chapter I
The Downfall

Bewildered people hope that a winged man descends from the sky and carries a book which approves what they do, and disapproves what their enemies do, and tells them that they are the chosen ones,

Let it be known, that this never happened in the past, is not happening in the present, and will not happen in the future.

The Messenger who delivers The Lord’s Message is a human, he eats food and walks the market; his Lord inspires to him His Word of Compassion and Knowledge, to guide humanity to the straight path.

He is the angel Gabriel, his Lord remits him in the earth whenever He will, wherever He will, but most people hear not and see not,

They choose to follow charlatans who lure them with words they do not understand, words they learn from the messenger, they have not experienced them, they have not understood them, thus they turn to lies,

To set the people on the curved path, they ordain obscenities and deeds of evil consequences, they set the rules for committing them, and swimming in muddied waters will muddy one, no matter how one swims;

They have poisoned their chests and minds, their entire chest and brain have been sucked out and replaced by their poison, one drop of which can make the entire earth gangrenous;

They make them quaff it regularly by the bucket full, and of their stupidity they guzzle it happily, believing they are being helped.

They are not human anymore: if you saw their visages you would be horrified, if you could smell their stench you would suffocate.

They have been warned repeatedly, they can blame only themselves.

They are remitted repeatedly in the wombs of the lowest beings, and if given the choice they would not exchange their suffering for anything else,

Their model is not like a fly stuck behind a window glass: the fly does recognise the freedom beyond, and ceases not to demand it.

Deaf dump blind, they follow their fathers’ steps exactly as The Book told them not to do.

Their minds are now totally incapacitated, unable to make or comprehend simple logical arguments, except when it comes to treachery and deceit.

Their hearts harbour only the rancour they inherited from their ancestry, vain if you try to tell them anything.

They bow to stones and say: “god told us”; they say lies, God told them never to bow except to His Countenance, never to ask except for His Compassion, never to listen except to His Teaching.

But they take charlatans as their guides,

If you looked at their conduct, they are beasts disguised in a human figure, they spent their lives sunk in sensual pleasures: that only pigs and monkeys compare,

At an old age, they raped young girls, they practise incest; one of them contemplated and attempted the worst of all the evils of molesting his own young son, his followers glorify his baseness because they do not want to know, they celebrate his crime every year.

If we were to write all the evil they have perpetrated, we would fill up the world’s libraries, and more space would be needed.

And we recount not their recount in the hope of setting them on the straight path, they chose darkness a long time before, and time after time; we only recount their recount to warn those who still have an incandescent lamp in their minds, so they do not put it out and do not continue treading the curved road.


Chapter II



Evil is evil because it distances man from his radiant nature: God’s Illustration; God’s Religion is the refuge to this nature.

Virtue is virtue because it directs man to his innate light.

When evil deeds are carried out according to certain rules, or under the auspices of religious rituals: they turn not into good deeds: brine turns not to fresh potable water if served in a drinking jug;

And when good deeds are carried out with an evil motivation, they do not deliver any good, they turn evil: drinking water served from a filthy jug turns filthy.

Darkness wants that the human inside you to die, this is the mission that it took upon itself, when it disobeyed The Lord and promised its infamous promises.

The further man departs from his radiant nature the less virtuous he becomes, and hence his stronger need for rules and laws,

So tell them not to be so proud of the commandments and the shariah which were delivered to them In the Book they claim to believe,

If they truly believed their own light would have sufficed; thus Abel did not extend his arm to kill his brother in self-defence, before the commandments and the shariah were descended, it is in the Book.

But darkened people abide by their laws to disobey The Law, because darkened people do not distinguish the evil that the laws are intended to restrain; and neither they cognise the virtues that the laws are intended to point to; darkened people are sunk in their animality, while believing to be holy and pure.

Darkened people exercise their religious rituals, not to be brought closer to God, but to be distanced farther, because darkened people do not experience worship as a state of heart and mind, in the transcendence in the vision in the light in the heart and the mind, the Qur’an asked them: “who forbade God’s Ornaments upon bowing?”, but they thought it referred to some ornaments inside their houses of rituals.

Darkened people boast to the whole world that they believe in God, but they believe in nothing, and they assume that there is a god.

They believe that belief must be confirmed by rituals, and subscription to certain institutes,

But they have neither seen God, nor listened to God; and if they have there would be one and only one religion in the world: God’s Religion:

The Essence of Knowledge, and the clarity of that essence.

They could not notice the Lightening, or hear the Thunder of His Mighty Pronoun in The Book, they fell on deaf ears and blind eyes, so do you still believe we are being harsh in our address to them?

And when they were told in the Book: “you have straightened upon His Manifestation”, they read: “you have settled on the backs of the animals”.

Thus they got their share of the Book, but the age of the pig is now nearing its end, and the lies of the dark prophets will expire in the dazzling Day Light of the Existential Sun.

Darkened people read their Book as a fairy tale; they would like to think that with their creed paganism has ended, but darkened people have substituted the stones of their ancestry by new stones, and some even kept the old stones and decorated them with new engravings:

No amount of fresh water poured in the ocean will turn brine potable, they chose darkness repeatedly in the past, and in their monotheistic creeds they reaffirmed it.

And when Abraham called out to his people: “do you worship what you carve? And it is God who created you and what you make?”: a new age started: and every religious creed takes Abraham’s rhetorical question as a foundation of monotheism.

Yet stones are still standing up today, and are still being bowed to, because rhetoric is only a façade of the truth, and God’s Creation is a ray of the truth, and if man searches for the truth in duality he will find a dual truth, and this is not the truth,

And to those who have seen the truth, rhetoric is superfluous, so Abraham’s visitors spoke not, and the prophets of darkness never run out of rhetoric; and however convinced by the truth they seem or sound, darkened people remain darkened.

They have made creeds of their interpretations of God’s Word and many sects of each creed, all in disaccord with one another: in one sect they ordain one thing, in another they forbid it; in one sect they take some irrational argument as the basis of their belief, in another they take another irrational argument, perhaps the antithesis, as the basis of their belief,

And when irrationality is the way: the doors are wide open for anyone to argue anything, for anything or against anything,

Thus religion has been reduced to a tool for inflaming enmity, shedding of blood and despoiling the earth.

And in the pretext of stopping this insanity, they created the ideologies of atheism, secularism, materialism...  they need one another to fuel one another, this is just another mask of the beast, to drive man down the breaches of hell, by all means and measures,

Because darkness sees no truth, aspires to no good, knows no virtue, and no matter how bright the light you light in the void, the void remains dark, and if the actions of darkness appear virtuous be not deceived: look deeper, you fill find an ill intent and purpose.


Chapter III

Big Bang


Know that the physical law is rounded on the physical law; this is God’s Miracle of the physical world, if you remember.

Know that the intellect recognises only the physical law and affects self-contradiction in it, and the stream of day and night continues, until the sun is surrounded and the physical law succumbs to the Might of The Law.

How can your physical eye see that trees branch from the sky, land is the froth of the water, and the three dimensions are “sphered” from a plane seeming ocean, so the skies rise on pillars that you see not, and God’s Will is The Law?

Your sciences assume logical tracks and abstracts which you deny that they exist, and in reality their existence is more preponderant than the existence of what you observe by your senses, but you deny their existence nevertheless.

Your theory of a Big Bang assumes a form of energy in a ball in some place takes a new volume: measurable things need an afflux of comparison and measure, amongst other and higher abstracts, of existence, potentiality and actuality, and of certainty, and of activity and inertia and the laws which govern them, and the Whole Mind of Existence, around which you veer, because it suits your ideologies, but your mind submits to its Sovereignty despite yourselves, even as you veer around it, nevertheless.

You send your eyes and ears to the farthest grottos of the universe in search for intelligence, and intelligence is all around and so near, some animals sing along with the Cosmos and transcend in its music, and you have trapped yourselves in a cave of darkness and utter silence.

So, do not build a house on earth, from the earth’s stones, timber and metal, and dwell in it, then shut its doors and windows and say to yourselves: “there is no earth outside this house”, think you not?

Your theory of a Big Bang is based on your ability to observe physical phenomena in a linear fashion, but remember, that before any physical phenomenon can occur, it has to have a potential existence: the laws which dictate its materialisation; those exist simultaneously, above linearity: this is what Aristotle referred to, when he spoke of the linear nature of the movement of matter,

And if you think that random escapes such an existence, think again, for random is only random because it is in the unreachable corners of your intellect, and you know that.

Take a mathematical luminous point, and spread around it a spherical mirror, the point being the centre,

Those who know their geometric optics know that the image of the point to the observer in the point is cast all around in some “infinity”, what is in that image? It is frightening.

That image is the image of the animate manifest, for everything exists at once, simultaneously, in a dot smaller than the dot.

As for time, it is the space of the observer’s mind, if the image is the space of the observer’s eye; and motion is the paste which glues space and time;

It is the space where the tracks of logic reside, also the mathematics which rule physical manifestation and animation, also the symbolism of art, also the music...
As for the motion: it is linear and physical, of matter, language, mathematical reasoning, technology, artistic expression, music...

This is a degree of certainty, which the materialists submit to when they say: “it cannot be other”, yet they miss the certainty, which is existent before.

And thus, past, present and future exist only in the mind, and their real existence is simultaneous,

And the past that an investigative process unravels is a logical prequel of the present, and the future forecast is its sequel.

And the conclusions that the human intellect comes to are dictated by one’s convictions and belief.

This is The Lord’s Mighty Creation that the intellect cannot grasp, it can only be remembered, and knowledge is remembered, whereas information is gleaned.

And the human journey of inquisition must go on, to the joy of the observer and that is observed.

So before attempting to prove the Big Bang, and you can never prove it, strive to know who you are, not in the dust of the space, and nor in the tangles of chemistry, but in your own mind, where the dust of the space is measured, and the chemistry is untangled.

For, self-knowledge is the basis of your ethics, and if you believe you were made of clay, by clay you will measure, and clay will be your measure.

The Big Bang is indeed an intellectual luxury that humanity cannot afford, when basic food, and the peace: so it can be enjoyed: are lacking.


Chapter IIII



Do not anticipate gratitude from the heavens and the earth for your faith,

You say you are faithful, if you are honest your faith is your reward, this is a true reward.

Lives come and go, and your faith is your station.

Faith is not words said or rituals performed, and neither laws by which you abide, or institutes to which you subscribe,

Faith is not a list of convictions and assumptions, and again we say: faith is nowhere in surrendering your mind.

What matters is what your heart truly loves and what your mind can perceive, so ask yourself: “what do I want?” your answer points to your belief.

Dark prophets do not want you to believe this, but you chose your faith a long time before this life, and the Lord’s Compassion never ceases to invite you to His Peace, and some of you have lost their innate light, and some of you still have an incandescent lamp in their selves which darkness cannot put out, and God’s Law is Compassion.

They tell you that faith is what you do and say, to divert you from honesty; honesty is the self-knowledge of Existence, honesty guides you to what you should do and say, faith is this guidance.

Eye looks eye in mutual recognition, this is all that eye wants.

And I tell you, in this time and age, it is easier for man to stand a needle, on a flat and soft rock, on a dark and windy night, on its head, than it is to abide in God only Him, without any affixes, so where are you headed?

Those who love the light love only the light, and if the low lives and their glamour, and paradise and its pleasures, were weighed on their balance of choice against a spark of the Existential Light, the balance would flip from the heft of the Light, hurling its loads in the space, so they cannot be retrieved.

So do not boast to us that you are faithful, if you are it is for yourself, and you would not want to tell the world, for you would know that the world already knows.


Chapter V

À Priori


No matter what manipulation you do to the words and their definitions, in a attempt to prove otherwise: you only deceive yourselves: when you deny that knowledge is à priori.

We find it hard to believe that you find it hard to believe; and according to your theories of the Big Bang and the evolution of life in matter: you are the product of the cosmos, the cosmos which is ruled by its physical laws, physical laws which have shaped you and given you physical capabilities, sense organs and a brain, whose functions are too many to summarise, to interact with the cosmos; so as you are built by these laws, you interact with them, you perceive them by them, you think them, you are fit to be them and only them, even your imagination and creativity: you bring the scene from the unseen corridors of your mind, so cosmic potentiality eventuates...

It is a shame that you prefer to precipitate in nothingness, and mind your mind as an illusion, when the entire cosmos, from the Big Bang to the present, is in it very present.

And why is it hard for you to accept that existence does not have to impact your senses, but your mind only, and only your mind? After all, is it not the mind that is impacted by the impact on the senses?

It is your mind, and only your mind which sets the discriminants of existence and null; the senses are only tools, amongst other tools, which serve it.

Here is this universe before your eyes, each particle and galaxy in it performs its duties according to the cosmic laws of physics, invariably, and in perfect order; but where are these laws? How are they called upon to act? Look them: everything you see is them, everything you hear is them, everything you think is them, and much so the abstracts of your mind: is it not the mathematics and the philosophy that guide you to an understanding of the universe and its physical laws?

Physical laws are only tangible in their rough manifestation in physical phenomena, but their weightiest presence and the clearest is in your mind, as abstracts, intangible abstracts; this is their weightiest presence, and this is why you perceive the world the way you perceive it, and this is why your love of its beauty and awe of its majesty.

So if you follow the track of science honestly, you will find an exit from the cave of nothingness of the materialists’, and the senselessness of the monotheists’, and come to the realisation that Existence is cognition of existence, and this is only the start of your eventful and joyful journey of discovering the treasures of your mind, for your mind is existence: the true spirit, and the spirit of the truth.


Chapter VI

A Plea


O people of the world lay down your arms.

Will the bloody death of more mothers or the maiming of more children make the world a better place?

Why would a man gifted with a thinking mind want to kill other men like him? Wars have never resolved differences in the past: all your conflicts of today’s have roots in some past: when some warriors filled a battle field with dead bodies and drenched it with blood, and now those remains have arisen to avenge; the cycle of victory and defeat never ends, so long as there are barbarians who do not stop fuelling its fires.

Say: victory is when you turn your enemy into a friend, and defeat is when a new enemy is made, of otherwise a friend.

Evil prophets tell you that wars are natural, even necessary, by their principle of survival of the fittest.

Say: man’s fitness is measured by his capability to build the world, not to destroy it.

Man’s destructive power is a materialisation of his paranoia, and proportional to his irrationality.

Nature ruins to begin a new phase, animals fight to maintain an ecological balance, men war because they have failed their humanity.

Evil prophets tell you that it is a form of worship, and to carry out God’s Will.

Say: holy wars ended a long time ago, wars which God’s messengers fought to spread God’s Message; those were wars ordained By God, waged by God and fought by God, as said the Book.

Say: your wars are the wars of heathen people, you fight and on either side of the battle-field you claim to carry out god’s commands, if you had a grain of intelligence, you would think: had you been on the other side, you would have been fighting yourselves, with the same, yet opposite, convictions.

Religion is not compellable, the Books are open for everyone to read them, those who want to embrace a certain religion have done so; holy wars have ended, a long time ago.

The diversity of your colours and tongues, cultures and beliefs, is of God’s Paragons, if viewed wisely it helps you know yourselves, and see the truth that is above its low projections, and the good that is above conditional good.

But darkness wants you to take it as a basis for animosity, by the animal’s instinct: different therefore predator;

Darkness understands nothing, knows no truth, seeks only bewilderment, they spread their ideologies of nationalism, racism, religious bigotry: god’s-chosen-peopleism... in various names and colours to fuel rancour and perpetuate strife.

And the sunlight, the wind and the clouds which drop rain, recognise not the borders that you draw on your maps, God’s earth is vast and plentiful, and is for all to share, so no matter how mighty you believe you are fear God’s Justice, God’s Justice is regardless of your belief, fear God’s Justice, God wrongs no one, ignorant people wrong themselves.


Chapter VII

The Promise


Let it be known, God did not promise any race or group of people, any land or any piece of the earth,

The earth and its bounties are for all to share, greed breeds hatred and hatred brings destruction, many times you have witnessed it, and many times you have been warned in God’s Book and in all His messages, past and present.

Had there been such a promise, it would have been delivered in all the descents of The Book, God’s message is one message, He sends one messenger to deliver one message.

So do not promise yourselves promises and say this is from God, the consequence of such falsehood is disastrous, in the low life and the hereafter, when Judgement Day is due.

God promised the believers that they will inherit the earth and all that is on it,

The believers in God are now spread in the world, those who have not been shackled by their physicality and its ideologies of monotheism and atheism and their laws,

They do not abide in the dust of nullity, or bow to stones, symbols, places and images, of any kind, or in anything, except in God,

They have witnessed Him in their hearts, and in His Manifestus Ubiquitous,

They have grasped the Golden Thread of God’s Messages across place and time, they believe God’s messengers in all their comings, and all His Books, in all their descents, they differentiate not between them, said The Book.

Those are the believers, who have been restrained from showing their radiance during the long age of darkness,

But the day you have been promised is coming soon: the day when the radiance of the believers’ faces and the darkness of the darkened ones will be exposed, as said The Book, and darkened ones will not be able to hide behind their falsehood anymore.

And everyone will be called to gather in the group in which they belong: God’s Promise in The Book, God’s Promise is true.

Chapter VIII

Incidental Image


Let all be reminded, God created The Cause of all the causes, The Beginner of the heavens and the earth, encompassing them above them He transcends them, all the images are His, and not an image Is He, accidentalness is below The Cause, and transcends He all.

Images are comparable, and comparability resides in duality, and God created duality,

Those who know Him by comparison, whether by the metaphor or by an image, are affixers,

He is The Uncounted Oneness, His Chair encompasses the heavens and the earth, Capable of all things is He.

Wherever you look is His Countenance, His Eye looks in the eye close, His Light effulges in the skies of those: He loves them and they love Him.

And darkened people are deprived from the encounter of God, said The Book;

And when the mountains of knowledge are flattened, said The Book, and the Truth is one cubit, or two, close, and even closer, those who repudiated their Lord will be contrite,

The encounter of The Truth is a privilege of those who cognise The Truth and submit to His Compassion.

For, He does manifest to His Creation, of Love of Him and Compassion, those who recognise His Glorious Manifestation remember and are taken by Love, in the Elevation in The Truth.

And those who have darkened are distanced; their dark prophets set the example for them, did not God manifest to the Mount? Said The Book; did He not come with the angels in arrayed arrays?

Those who repudiate their Lord have only fear, they want a god in an image, or they cannot look.

What they describe is only their doubts, for God created description and describableness, and transcends He everything they say.

 God has the Radiant Summa, said The Book; He inspires His Word to them, they are His Dimensions in world, He makes The Truth known by them, and by them He guides those who abide in Him to His Straight Path, they are His Connection to Him, and the Callers to His Religion.

And when He descends to the darkened people’s battle-fields, bad will be their morning, said The Book, and worse will be their night, for His Arms are invincible, His Will is above all, His Will is The Law.


Chapter VIIII



It is not for nothing that the Greek Masters considered self-knowledge to be the mother of all the virtues.

And if we say it again we do not say it often enough, that self-knowledge is the basis of ethics, and a logical mind has no difficulty in accepting such a reality.

But when the mind asks itself: who am I? It needs directions, as to where to look for an answer, and as though the quest for self-knowledge, itself, has to start with preliminary self-knowledge.

It is this starting point that people cannot change, radically, in their selves, it is their birthright.

For humanity has been asked quite a few times: “who am I”, and some did recognise the inquisitor, and some did not,

Those have been looking in the wrong direction since.

So the atheists are happy with their theory of evolution, although it does not point them to “who am I”, but rather to “what I am not”.

It tells them that they do not exist, except as an illusion, created by the wiring, the chemistry and the anatomy of their brains.

And this is really a pathetic outcome of a Big Bang, plus fourteen billion years of hard labour.

At least, if they give themselves some credit and say: “thank you and well done, it is amazing that we are capable of looking and admiring”.

Those who sincerely believe that they do not exist: one wonders why do they cling frantically to their lives, and are so greedy to protect them and prolong them, sometimes at the expense of other people’s lives and wellbeing, and as though the entire world is their proprietary.

So if such a desire, the desire that drives humanity to strive, to contrive, to explore, to enjoy, to know, to build, to destroy... is nothing, what is the thing? We ask.

Or is their say just a say to conveyance their base morality?

Indeed, some people deserve not the organic matter from which they are made; it is too good to carry void minds.

As for the monotheists: they have jailed their minds inside the walls of their houses of rituals, and gagged their selves by their physical needs; self-knowledge is not an issue in their ideology, their ideology, they believe, has all the answers.

They say: “if it were not for God’s Providence, how would we survive? If it were not for the legs which He made for us how would we walk?” ... believing that their arguments are faith.

In reality, their rhetorical questions which are based on assumptions and convictions are blatant affixism.

And little wonder, the world sits in their minds separately and piece-wise, so no matter how many times per day they utter: “we believe that God created the world”, it is only in their say, and hence the many overlapping absolutenesses they perceive.

Their god sits in their minds separately: a third party in a far unreachable place, he is indiscernible, thus he is only an assumption and a conviction: run from such a god.

Such a god makes man from earthly clay, and blows in him an invisible spirit, enforces the morality of the carrot and the stick, by the laws of place and time.


Chapter X



O people, this is the age of information, and more is yet to come.

But be warned, information does not necessarily increase your knowledge: information is about actualities, and knowledge is remembrance, knowledge is an experience, it is about The Truth; knowledge is the summing of all information and all experiences.

If information can guide your vision to The Law, it has achieved a good purpose, but darkness generates information incessantly, to distract you and convince you that actuality is truth.

Actuality is incidental, impermanent, variable and relative, and the truth is constant and ubiquitous.

Actuality is needy of the truth to express itself, and the truth is self-sufficient.

Actuality is complex and the truth is simple.

Science has exposed the misconceptions of religion; science examines physical phenomena and presents them in scientific terms, thus is cannot identify The Cause.

Science is a tool of man’s intellect, which is a projection of The Law, but in both religion and science: darkness has had mankind believe that The Cause must be sought outside man’s mind, because man’s mind does not know the tree around the corner; in fact, man’s mind does know the tree and the unknown, and this is the setting of the scene, and the tree around the corner is incidental, also is the unknown, and the linear procession of time is the miracle of the creation, and so are the iterations of eventuality.

Mathematics, philosophy, music and the arts, health sciences... are gateways to reality, but darkness has usurped those kingdoms and closed the gateways, to trap you in actuality.

O people, be not deluded by dark prophets and their agents coming with dazzling information about the world and life, the creation and the unseen, history of mankind and the universe: information is wrong by its very nature of incidentalness, even if correct, because it is incomplete, completeness is only in reality.

Information cannot free your shackled self, so take it and put it where it belongs, and seek the truth in yourself; in the light of the truth all known and unknowns are insignificant.

God’s Book and The Sacred Philosophy do not bring information, God’s Book and The Sacred Philosophy are a remembrance, said The Book,

But the word remembrance (dhikr) refers to the present life in the dark minds, which they have narrowed down to their flesh and bone, which they value so much: they believe it is them which will be resurrected on Judgement Day.

And now they are desperate to prove that scientific information originated in the Book, to backup their ideologies; little do they understand, that by doing so they give science a station above the Book, and as though it is science that proves the Book;

They have come with lies and distorted facts; do they not read in the Book that one day they will be asked to provide a proof?

The Book is a warning and remembrance, those who take it as a source of information are in a great doubt of it, they reckon that man’s intellect can measure it, hence their many interpretations of it.

Dark prophets were given The Book and The Sacred Philosophy but were unable to attain knowledge, recounts The Book; in their dark minds The Word was dwarfed in information and a law, this is its low projection; so they differed between one another, and their followers continue fighting their differences.



Chapter XI



Enough has been said about the sins of the political system other than democracy, but very little, if any, about those of democracy itself.

What does the word “democracy” mean today? Its scope of usage has expanded; we hear it being used in arts, media, business, technology, entertainment...

In its casual usage it point perhaps to accommodativeness.

As for political democracy, it seems to mean different things to different people.

The original meaning of the word is: the rule of the people: worded simply. Lengthy definitions given to intuitive concepts serve particular purposes, and veer the mind from their virtue, and are often self-contradictory.

So, intuitively, one can say there is democracy when the people are able to choose their rulers from themselves, the rulers who will govern according to their ideas, and aspirations, and this last possessive pronoun can refer to either of the people or their rulers, as the distinction fades in democracy.

But in countries which consider themselves as democracies today, there is a handful of people who want to be rulers, and it is them who deem the issues of governance, and it is them who make the decisions about addressing these issues, and all the people can do is to vote for them.

What we see therefore is ameliorated autocracy and a far cry from democracy.

The fact that, in those countries, there are several candidates for rulership, with perhaps different “lists” of issues and agendas for the people to choose from: does not necessarily guarantee that the people’s ideas and aspirations are represented, and their needs regarded.

So let us remind you how those candidates acquire their candidateship, and how they conduct their elections campaigns.

They have climbed up the echelons of their political parties, and they want “the job” badly.

They have at their disposal a machinery of services, and batteries of experts and consultants in all fields, to draw up a list of issues they believe they can “market”, to attract the votes of the voters.

Not to mention the training they get in public speaking and perhaps acting, public relations and dressing and hair styling.

Then comes the elections campaigns and the funds have poured onto them from interested corporations and wealthy individuals: their lists of issues must attract those entities too, so their financial assistance and moral support are granted,

Funds, which are used to “campaign”, or shall we say: to advertise, commercial style: whereby, by the clever wording of their inflammatory speeches and their visual impact... the aim is to reach the corridors of passion, anxiety and fear in people’s hearts and minds, to paint the candidate as the sapient saviour who is capable of rescuing them from the incompetence and recklessness of his opponent.

Then comes the day when the voters cast their votes, and there are “winners” and “losers”, and to our horror, these are the words used to describe the outcome of elections.

The winners set out to do their job of governing, the major part of which is to ward off the relentless attempts of the losers’ to obstruct their work and to bring on their complete break-up.

So the relentless attacks and counter-attacks: the distortion of facts and often the lies and fabrications, baseless statements and miss-representation of information, and the match-sticks magnified to look like the pillars which hold the skies... go on, to the pleasure of the media, and the boredom of the majority of the public.

And in those countries: in all industries: there are performance standards and professional ethics to which an employee has to adhere,

But they do not all apply to politics, so when questioned about their performance, whether the government or the opposition, whether by the media or in the houses of parliament: politicians unashamedly lie, evade answering questions and beat about the bush: tactics, which, if used by any person in any situation would make sufficient reason to sever all relations with them: professional or personal.

So one wonders: how have Western democracies been able to develop public services and amenities that are the envy of the world, and how did they progress in science and technology?

And most importantly: how did they foster and promote a spirit of civility and social cooperation and respect of the equal rights of all members of their own community?

We say: what makes any political system work is the honest will of the people,

It is the good will of the people that drives them to abide by their laws, to foster a cohesive and fair society.

It is the good will of the people that sets the laws and implements them in place and time.

Western democracies have built their civilisation on the teaching of the Greek Philosophy, Judeo-Christian values and scientific disciplines.

This is the spirit which has guided Western peoples to righteousness and rationality,

The spirit which was conveyed to them by the martyrdom of Sir Thomas Moore, the faith of Isaac Newton, the images of The Law as painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, the music of the cosmos as composed by John Sebastian Bach and Ludwig Van Beethoven, the ethic of humanity as taught by Benedict Spinoza and Immanuel Kant, the equality of all men, as ruled by the Magna Charta and Abraham Lincoln...

And the list can go on, of the builders of Western civilisation: the conveyors of The Spirit.

The spirit which dark prophets and their servants want to cover by the supernatural and the fallacies, by the surrender of man’s mind in irrationality, by the equations of politics and war, chemistry and money...

And the political institutes and religious institutes – appropriately named The Tyranny in the Qur’an – want to claim credit for the achievement of Western civilisation? And it is them who have impeded its progress, and are now pursuing its demise.

Political systems cannot create civilisation, but conversely, it is civilisation which requires a political system.

Western civilisation has been a renaissance, long before Western democracy became the political system of Europe and America.

Political systems are not the aim of human civilisation, but only a tool for self-expression, and an embodiment of a spirit.

And when they become an aim by themselves their spirit quits, thus they turn destructive.

And it is the nature of everything on earth to have its inherent code of self-destruction, and when Socrates alluded to this reality, it was taken as superstition.

The wise regard the cycle of life and death with admiration; while the ignorant weep.

But Western civilisation will not vanish; it will give birth to a new civilisation.

The woes of humanity today cannot be relieved by democracy or any other political system. The peoples of the world are being miss-led by their political, religious and academic leaders and self-proclaimed experts, because they have become philosophically and hence morally bankrupt.

They have not a clue of what is going on in the world, and more is yet to come, to turn the hair of an infant grey.

The world cannot be governed by the laws of its peoples; the world is governed by The Law, the creator of man’s laws, mundane or heavenly.

And history does not submit to the plans of any of the warring tribes of the world, their plans will disappear as quickly as the writing on the surface of still water.

And the physical law and its projection in politics, religion and science: will fade, like a photograph overexposed.

And during the time of the extremes, the sins of human ideology are magnified, and its absurdity is prominent.

These are reminders we have to deliver to you, may you remember.

You have seen despots, megalomaniacs, insane individuals, thugs, fools and clowns... become rulers by democratic processes.

You have seen also the clever ones: those who know how to present themselves as wise and self-controlled, passionate about serving their country,

Those are only a well-dressed cast of the former, and as soon as their territorial claim is invaded the hooligan inside them is awakened.

And with their composure, charm and speaking skills, they often manage to “win” the backing of their people, to get away with awful wrongs and crime.

Their view of their country and the world is taken through the lenses of their egos: with all its passions of greed and lust, and all its insecurities and fears; and if their country or the world does not conform to their view it deserves to be punished.

They do good deeds, to use as a sweetener, to serve poison to their people’s minds, the poison they have brewed in their own dark minds.

The democratic system can be an effective immunisation against such parasites, only if the people are well-informed and have high moral standards.

The religious institutes of the world have failed to grasp the golden thread of God’s Religion across place and time; they fell in the traps of definitional morality and conditional good, and have hence been unable to convey any guidance or any spirit.

It is their failure that has left the world with religious bigotry as old as history; it is their failure the major crisis of the world, and their failure the vacuum of people’s lives, the vacuum which has been seized by politicians, commercial advertisers, entertainers and megalomaniacs of all sizes and shapes.

And when Darwinian ideology is the weightiest in people’s minds, man’s morality is a mere necessity for survival,

Thus man’s morality is just an equation of politics, money, chemistry... balanced to serve an immediate material need.

So legality takes the seat of morality, and the laws that of the ethics: virtue is non-existent and the spirit is supernatural,

On the outskirts of humanity everything and anything is doable, so long as it suits the agendas of the politicians, the corporations and the clergy, and so long as public opinion has been swayed favourably by their rhetoric and commercial advertising.

And even when public opinion cannot be swayed, politicians in democratic countries do carry out their agendas against the will of the people, so where can the line, separating democracy from autocracy, be drawn?

Should the democratic process be an on-going process of voting in the democratic institutes and directly in the populace?

This stipulates that the populace and their representatives be sufficiently and accurately informed, and this is a big ask from ordinary people, who, themselves, are in need of guidance to manage their own ordinary lives.

And most importantly, it stipulates that the rulers are honest and their intent and motive is an open book.

And this is a big ask from politicians, of all countries, of all systems, of all times.

So whichever process or legislation is introduced to better existing democracies, there is one ingredient without which they will not deliver the required result: it is honesty.

So tell Winston Churchill, that yes there is something better than democracy, it is honesty; it is the thing without which democracy is not what it claims to be.

People and their leaders can continue arguing that man’s nature is dark: the monotheists believe god created them dark and gave them the laws and the rituals to cleanse themselves; and the atheists go to the extent of saying that man’s darkness is the outcome of an evolutionary process and a survival technique.

By so believing, both have instated dishonesty in their minds and glorified it, as this good bad thing which triggers laughter, a duck of the head, jumping eyes and a crooked mouth... all remnants of the ugliness that Iblis first displayed when he declared mutiny.

So to say it is man’s nature: it is darkened people’s nature.

 And God’s messengers and prophets all of which are humans will not cease reminding you of the consequences of taking evil routes.

Not because The Law is a policeman, and not because The Creator is an arbitrary ruler, transcends He man’s reckoning which He created;

And because virtue is thus too far to dark people’s minds reach, laws are delivered; but in the dark minds laws are delivered by their wording, so they have been jostling with the definitions of dishonesty, theft, crime... evils plainly damned in the Book, bluntly exercised by the peoples of the Book.

So if democracy is the panacea of humanity’s well-being, why is not exercised in the United Nations’ Security Council, we have asked?

Or is it the case that “globalisation” has not been “democratised” yet?

One would think, if there is one place where “globalisation” should start, it is in the United Nations’ Security Council, run democratically.

Or is democracy a blessing that only heavily armed nations and the nations which submit to them can have, and hell is the rest of the world?

And one would imagine that the weight of a nation’s vote should be proportional to its population, and not to the range of its ballistic missiles and their destructive power,

But in today’s world of giant empires, this would just transfer the power from one group of nations to another, to institute a new form of injustice and global dictatorship.

In international affairs today democracy is just a convenient slogan, not unlike religion, and litmus to taint the nations of the world as black or white: if you have this take it, or be warned, as said the Book.

And many of the nations in the protectorate of Western democratic nations are not democratic, and some which are outside it do have a form of democracy, but it is their allegiance that in fact matters.

And of course, any criticism of democracy is blasphemous and deserves appropriate punishment.

So if Western democracies are the champions of freedom and democracy, why do they not let the peoples of the world rule themselves by themselves, according to whatever political system they choose, to learn from their own mistakes – like all nations do – to develop the rule that fits best their beliefs and culture?

But no, the powerful nations of the world see their destructive power as a mandate to be the dictators of the world, contrary to the democratic spirit, contrary to the freedom they believe.

The powerful nations of the world are driven by the animal instinct: “different, therefore predator”.

Will the lions and the hyenas live in peace one day? Perhaps never; but at least their canines and claws have not evolved to a size that is so big that it  puts life on the entire planet at risk, and this is the intelligence of wild life, that mankind is yet to acquire.

And are they surprised that their military arsenals create panic in smaller nations? And why would those smaller nations not be fearful? Two world wars, plus sporadic ones all around, at the discretion of the superpowers... make anyone very anxious.

And do not ask: what do they do to appease the fear they create in the world, because every time fear is created by their action, more of the same action is acted, and hence more fear,

By being, themselves, paranoid from dwarf nations and the mobs...

And of course, from their own allies, who, in a change of circumstances, might flip sides: treachery and perfidy are approved in the nature of darkness,

And the notion of “my country’s interest above all” opens the doors wide to all avenues, some of which lead to disaster: in a world that is global, as they have recently acknowledged.

And if the size of a nation’s arsenal is proportional to her paranoias, we know which nations are the most paranoid nations of the world.

They are also driven by the animal instinct: “what I want is right because I want it, what you want is wrong because I will not give it”,

International politics today is a parody: it entertains the wealthy peoples and those who submit to them, and frightens the less fortunate ones and the less conformist.

They were told to love their enemies; they took it as an excuse to disobey God.

And as though we do not know that it is a big ask, if they were honest, they could give their enemies the rights they believe they have, were they not told all people equal in God?

That would have been a true expression of love if they were honest; but the love they know is not love: it is egoism, therefore their misunderstanding of God’s Command.

In their dark minds, God’s Word is edged about its location in the mind, so it points not to virtue, but to more darkness.

They have edged The Torah, The Gospel, The Qur’an, so they find themselves left with no choice but to war.

The nations of world, big and small, in the east and the west, which are warring and harming one another, are warring and harming one another because they have failed their humanity, they disobeyed God therefore failed their humanity.

There has always been one and only one challenge for humanity: and that is to live up to her humanity.

Circumstances change and the challenge takes different forms; yet the ethic of humanity is constant:

One day it is about trade and trade routes, the next day it is about land and natural resources; yet the value of equality of right is same and overrides place and time.

It is dark minds which require laws for the trade-winds, but the trade-winds are circulated by the laws of nature.

And The Master dropped all the laws and taught humanity that there is one law only, and that is to love all and wish all the same good one wishes to oneself.

This is the ethic of humanity which humanity has failed to live up to.

This is Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’ism, and Sikhism...

This is also rational thinking that subscribes to no particular mainstream religion.

No political system, democratic or other, can heal an ailing humanity, and no dentist magician can fix a tooth, decayed so much: it is eroded by cavities.


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