The Book of Isaiah
The Sins of Religion, Politics
And The Intellect
Volume II
Chapter XII

They dedicate their lives to the service of dark prophets, they preach in places of rituals and wherever they can find an audience; nowadays, they can broadcast their voice and image to the whole world, and their writings have reached every home.

They do not do what they do out of liberty or compassion, they do what they do out of fear and passion:

The fear of the darkness of the void of their own souls, which haunts and agonises them, and the fear of the suffering which, they know, will get much worse;

And the passions of their egos which are shackled by their own physicality; their egos which can see nothing but shackles, so they desire more, and the more they desire the more they would like to resist the desire, only to be tormented.

They are as dead as death can be, from rocks life springs and water seeps, from them only death oozes.

If you are happy they sadden you, if you are content they disturb you, if you trust yourself they instil fear in you, if you can see they blind you, if you can think they numb your mind, if you have jewels in your heart they throw them away to replace them by their lies,

Your happiness, wisdom and contentment thus are captives of their institutes, and you submit your soul entirely to them.

Those who listen to them have been listening to them for thousands of years, so now they need to be told: that darkness is human nature, and ignorance is legitimate, rancour must be fuelled and desires must be satisfied, on earth and in the heavens, and wrongs are forgiven when some rituals are performed,

The listeners to lies the eaters of dross, are so entrenched in the inferno, no miracle can pull them out.

Out of envy and hatred of the world, out of vanity and conceit, they preach to drag everyone down the breaches of their hell,

The seed of snakes the litter of sows, have grudge and lust that cannot rest.

In Iblis’ crooked tower they convened, soon after mutiny was declared, the tower of filth and ugliness, where they plot their wars.

Tell them, I have an appointment with them, when they will tackle to flee, but will find nowhere to flee to,

Because the earth is in God’s angels’ hands, and no more a hiding place for them, their stars have elapsed, and their master the son of man, the prince of darkness has to abdicate, for his time is over, and the rule is now The Law.

In hell they will be remitted in bodies up-side-down, as they saw in the concavity of the black stone they worshipped to stone their brains, they will be muted.

If you think the laws of nature are harsh, remember the suffering they have caused to humanity, remember the falsehood that they have rushed, remember the blood they have shed and the destruction they have wreaked and you will say: this is too lenient a self-punishment.

The Law is Compassion and wrongs no one.

And as we recount their sins, those who followed them will jump to their defence; we feel no sorrow for them.

But we warn those who have an incandescent lamp in their minds that darkness could not put out, may they guide themselves to freedom again.

Adru was a people hunter; he was of a saintly character, faultless in behaviour, mild in demeanour, correct in every seeming way.

He was a wandering merchant, selling spices and medicines and all good things; came to community of people.

They had no places of rituals, only a few declared laws, and no grand ambitions in life.

They believed that one day all will be returned to Vishnu, the creator of all, and life was a temporary residence.

He enjoyed their hospitality and community spirit, sold them a few things, and practised a ritual in view of all,

They laughed, and of curiosity asked him: “what did you just do?” he said: “I worshipped Vishnu”.

Then he said: “let me look after your elderly people for one day.”

They said: “but we look after them ourselves, like we do our children and neighbours, we help one another.”

He said: “please I insist”.

They said: “and why do you insist?”

He said: “I want to credit Vishnu a good deed, so he returns to me in my good health and fortune, and when I die he will resurrect in a good world.”

So the weak ones of them gave in to his speech, and some became doubtful of The Law.

So God lifted up His Spirit from their community, God’s Law cannot mingle with the rot.

And they started trading with one another and with the heavens, they started counting their own and each other’s deeds; envy and competition sneaked into their hearts, they became damned and corrupt.

Sumari was the right-hand man of his god-king Haroon,

One day he said to his fellow men: “your king can make the sun rise.”

They said: “we will not believe until we have seen.”

So one morning, after a celebration after victory in battle, and amidst the revel, Sumari cried to Haroon: “make the sun raise my king”.

So Haroon clapped his hands three times, and called the sun to rise.

In a few minutes, the font of dawn heaved the nightly sky, the stars shied to the heliacal blaze, the sun does rise.

So Sumari said: “did I not tell you that your king could make the sun rise?” and the people bowed to their king.

And those who were knowledgeable of them said to them: “are you fools? But the sun rises every day”; they said: “but this time it was our king who made it rise, we witnessed.”

They said: “you are convinced although you cannot prove, so what do you follow?”

Those who darkened said: “we follow our king”.

So damned they were by their conviction, and today they still listen to preachers preaching that the physical law is the miracle of a man’s and the supernatural angels’: when eventuality is in their favour, he says: “because you believed”, and when not, he says: “because you did not believe.”

The money they donate to them will not buy them intelligence; will not bail him out of hell.

Serpent is a law maker: the void of his soul begs for filler, his laws are this filler.

He says that his laws are god’s law, and if we were to agree then every law is god’s law,

For if we were to take his proof then we would have to take every proof.

Thus his law and the other laws are equal in being the laws of place and time.

Serpent does not comprehend that his being of a particular creed is an incident, and that his mind and only his mind is the reference.

And if he chooses to convert to another creed, all he realises is a move in place and time.

What his laws do: they name certain activities, define them and set the rules for carrying them out; thus vice becomes an activity carried out not according to his laws.

By jostling with the words and their literality, the material benefits of vice are highlighted, and the rules for gleaning them legitimated.

And the rewards that one receives upon abiding by his laws are themselves, material, and overlapping with the very vices from which those laws deter; and this is paradoxical to an honest discerning mind.

So we once asked him: “what is good?”

For, he often declares openly that words such as morality and humanity... are meaningless human verbosity, not in God’s Book; in God’s Book he reads only laws.

His good is his law, which requires from one to surrender one’s mind, to practise certain rituals, and to abide by the letter of his laws of activity.

The inferno in which he has thus fallen is not narrow enough, not base enough, not hot enough for his dense soul: so he promises himself and his followers of a worse one: an oven in which they will be baked many times over.

Remember he once said that if his right foot stepped in paradise, he could not yet be safe from god’s intrigue.

Thus he attributes his own base attributes to god, while he reads that the sin of affixism will not be forgiven, in the Book which he says he believes.

So one day he was on the panel of the authors of the Protocols of Zion, the next day he was preaching Sunni fundamentalism in the Middle East;

The unapologetic smear by which reality smears accidentalness: I am the Maker, take whatever you will.

His followers will jump to his defence, only to affirm their darkness,

They will say they want to guide the people who are brutish, they know no right or wrong.

We say it is them in the first place, who have led the people to the dark.

Now their lives have been reduced to recycled organic matter, they have therefore died, can the dead amend?

The servants of darkness know only darkness and darkness is their dwelling, their counsel serves only dark aims.

And we were witness: a man, whose brother died,

Being childless, his widow was invited to live with him, her brother-in-law, in an honourable gesture from him; but soon as Serpent found out, he advised him to write his marriage to her, so that her residence with him and his wife becomes legitimate.

Thus the animal in the man is awoken, and the human stifled, if Serpent’s law is to be applied;

If Serpent’s law is not applied, and if the man were to err, he would have scruples on his conscience and experience guilt and suffering; so he would abstain and beg forgiveness from his Lord; as such, a lesson in virtue would have been delivered to him by his own light; God’s Law is guidance to the people who want guidance, He knows what they secret and what they disclose;

Or he would persist on his error, and by karmic laws he would be soon exposed and shamed in his community, and hence he would have an opportunity to question his behaviour and learn his due lessons, if he is wise;

If Serpent’s law is applied, the man would learn nothing; he would indulge in his animality without qualms, and experience no virtue in his heart; not to mention the disrespect and resentment he would receive from his wife of a lifetime; such is a bad outcome by all the measures of reason.

A good man would laugh at serpent’s law, and doubt not his own good nature which guides him in trying times; he follows God’s Guidance in his own heart, and His Reason in his own mind; and if he has questions about his thoughts or his actions, he seeks counsel from the good elders of his community, who have lived a life of righteousness; God’s Guidance is for all, in all, to all, gratuitously, God loves those who seek His Guidance,

And thus he will not err, or, he knows his right-hand (alpha) would not conquer (maa malakat yameenuhu) if he does.

This is something Serpent and his followers cannot comprehend, because there is very little humanity left in their hearts, if at all.

He says, we have heard him many times: “do you know better than god?” but he is really saying: “are you not an ignorant and dark soul like me?”

We warn those in whose hearts The Spirit has not died, may they return to us at the end of the millennia of the son of man, when he will have to abdicate as he was promised,

His daunting sky over the earth will pass away, as told The Christ,

And the vultures will flee because there will no more carrion be for them to feed,

And the Light of The Christ’s Countenance will shred the darkness of the son-of-man’s sky to light up the two worlds.


Chapter XIII
Original Sin

Let us educate you about death, so you understand that some of you are dead, and how your physicality dies, why The Christ dies to live, and the son of man died on the cross when was already dead.

Iblis first expressed death when he declared mutiny before God and his Master the Messiah and his four Brothers; knowledge was not communicable verbally or serially as it is now.

And before, Satan, the dark point of Adam The Whole Mind, had expressed: “I am good from him, Thou created me of hell, and of Substance Thou created him”, as recounted the Qur’an.

So Iblis expressed the oppositeness of The Mind, Satan being his Base.

The full bright joyous moon turned brown and eclipsed, the eye died in life, blinded in vision like a pig’s eye,

This was the first tragedy in Existence and the first death to be witnessed, to whose memory the angels are still bereaved and weep of immense sadness, why did their brother darken?

Those who were entertained by Iblis’ display became predisposed to darkness, and those who shunned remained radiant.

Zam Zam was frightened of her own existence and experienced sorrow for Iblis, she adopted him; her sadness was the first sunset which filled the sky with the icons of dark human ideology, all faded as darkness settled, she became dark Eve,

And Abram had exhibited before, a feminine look, of a bearded face, and a winking eye, in a distortion of virtue, he was shameless,

The angels shied of his display, we told him: “shy, you have ugliness”.

Abram and Zam Zam became the consorts of darkness and its ushers.

These are the early moves of the souls we tell you by The Law, for every soul has a first move, assigned her destiny.

Those are early days of the verb to be, for He is of no beginning that created beginning, and said: “be” and he became.

Thus the bright round of the Luminous Sun lit the skies, to which the radiant ones rejoiced, while the darkened ones stared in the dark attracted by mystery;

And out of the egg he hatched, the saviour of the world, pray for him to hatch again, God’s Law is His Compassion,

 Those are early days, we recount to you by The Law; may humanity wish to remember and redeem herself, God’s Book is remembrance for those who understand, said The Book.

The darkened ones hardened and shed off their beauty of the truth and turned into skeletons, their abidance in oppositeness is their ignorance of The Law, they became dead.

The radiant ones were anxious to help their brethren to return to the light, but all those wanted was to smear them, of envy and hatred.

The Lord gave leave for Existence to express itself in stages called days in the Book,

In the morning the creation wakes up to a novel beginning, the Seed of Existence is split, said the Ghita and the Qur’an.

When The Law first looked, he transcended in the Love of his That, also saw the potentiality eager to be expressed, so by The Lord’s leave everything eventuates, and He is Sovereign Sublime.

 And every new day, The Lord paraded His Creation to His creation, to educate them in the Knowledge, to install in them Virtue, He manifested to His creation, transcends He, and this is referred to as The Call to His Religion, The Lord’s Religion is Knowledge of The Truth of Existence of Sublimeness.

And before, when the rectilinear was bound in a round, some eyes looked straight and said: “My Eye is Thy Eye”; as for those who were jittery, they were pale, the echo of their commotion can still be heard.

Those who are radiant witness their Lord, and in their hearts and minds they transcend in the Beauty of The Truth,

They are the believers, the Zadokite, the honest ones, they are amen.

And those who darken precipitate in dense worlds fitting their remoteness, so they are covered from knowledge, and hence called the darkened ones.

In the Primary Helium there was a reflection of the light, “up-side-down”, by the law of symmetry on the quadrants of The Circle, the mother of all things.

In it was a display of visual, yet vague reflection, if they experienced it, they were tempted to turn up-side-down, a world of land, trees, ocean and skies and imagery was too beautiful and too curious to resist.

Every time they found themselves at liberty the zest of existence called them, how can this not be seen, not be experienced, not be heard, not be smelled and tasted.

And when the tree was expressed, there was the Aswata tree, the tree of Zaqqoom, branching off the heavens, down to a low existence, and upward, its fruit being the faces of dark souls and their servants, who tempted the onlookers to go down to know the low world they claimed to have created, they repudiated their Lord.

But we knew their world and before they thought it, all potentialities reside in The Law.

It is the euphoria of self-encounter of self-love that causes the effusion of the creation of one’s self.

On the branches of the evil tree Adam The Whole Mind and Eve The Whole Self and their Brothers experienced in a moment of remoteness the low existence, and discovered the projection downward of their selves in their potential existence, this was the point that they could experience upon their encounter.

The world was thus effused,

The elements, the gardens, the forms of life... and when the Lord gave leave, The Abundance gave birth to the living things manifested, to occupy the worlds, each having the nature of self-creation by the law of existence.

They were all hovering at one stage, laying down at one stage standing up...

The Lord allowed the creation to evolve according to the wishes of the creation, He, transcends He, is Noter of every living creature and every still existence, such are the whole abstracts.

The Miracle of the creation is beyond human comprehension or description, yet its dicta are the code of animation of existence, in every animate being,

Those who turned up-side-down want to believe that all that is started in dust, so in dust they precipitate. Nothing can help them, they fudge theories, conduct their scientific research; although they get results which prove nothing, they take it as proof of everything,

When dust is only the refuse of existence; we rule it by physical laws of compassion from us, but they think it is their skill and the random events that make it happen, of sheer stupidity;

When the physical laws come to us in submission, those who played god will run away to hide, but they cannot. They will be afraid.

Where the images of dispersal and activity are: reality is projected on the linear tracks of eventuality; wholeness is covered by such darkness.

And the soul has the cosmic manifestation of herself in a body, which itself is the manifestation of the soul, thus Adam and Eve and their Brothers experienced the low projection of their selves in their bodies, as recounted The Book.

So Adam and Eve and their Brothers begged their Lord forgiveness for their forgetfulness, He is the Bestower of Forgiveness The Acceptor of Repentance.

He forgave them and accepted their repentance; He commanded them to live in the Garden thus created, the world was not yet rounded, and a projection of the Hole of Light, bright in colour and beyond colour, was noticed by them in the sky, thus The Lord was bestowing His Providence on them through the distance, although He was as near to them as their own hearts, and transcends He all.

They lived in the Garden as a family, in physical bodies resembling today’s, their beauty cannot be described, although many great artists attempted to paint it from memory, which many think is imagination, they all failed.

This was a downfall from the Okeanos, so potentiality had to eventuate, and the existential experiment had to be fulfilled by The Law, and actuality wants to be witnessed by God’s messengers in the world, they are His Eyes, transcends He; and by humanity, dark and radiant.

Then new Days dawned, and The Lord rounded the world in His Might beyond limits, the physical world obeyed The Law despitefully and willingly, a Gestalt of Helium, of condensation of the Primary Helium, in liquid, gas, solid and fire forms combined to form the matter known today, ruled by the physical laws, thus the sky separated from the earth, and some things separated willingly, those took forms which the intellect sees as random; and some despitefully, those took forms which the intellect can describe mathematically or by other reasoning; and the planets became spherical, or as close as can possibly be, in dense disobedient matter;

And He surmounted to the Highest Heaven on The Sabbath, said The Book.

 But long before, The Lord had demonstrated, transcends He, in The Chamber of Garden Dominium, truths; some things can be told and some cannot, and as we recount we beg His Forgiveness, as we are not but a spark of His Justice, transcends He, The Lord The Sovereign, Abode of The Spirit and The Cause;

And ruled He: “fall you all down, guidance will descend to you from Me, those who follow My Guidance are triumphant”,

Breaded with pain and suffering as it is, darkened people desire ever continuance in it, for they have forgotten that they exist.

And in it they will remain, and their paradise is a holiday resort.

Those who took dark prophets as their aim darkened to The Law, they bewilder in the mazes of Maya, and follow Satan’s crooked routes,

They are deprived from the light of The Law, so in the darkness of their minds they see whatever their convictions dictate,

They will not wake up from their sleep until the Day, when the mountains of knowledge are flattened, as said the Book, and The Truth is two cubits close, or even closer, as said the Book, this is the day when contrition helps not.

As for those who abide in The Law, they are tried in the remoteness of the low branches of the evil tree, to be the salt of the earth, the guardians of the Light, and the guides to humanity.

Thus they are given The Book and The Sacred Philosophy.

Those who fulfilled their aim returned to their Lord and were the Forerunners, and some are remitted in the earth again to serve their Lord;

“O ye equanimous self, return to your Lord content in Contentment, enter in My Abiders, enter in My Garden”, said the Book.

And those who apostatise sink in the rock bottom of hell; they have favoured their temporary residence in the earth over their station in Existence, and exchanged the treasures of their minds for the dust of nullity;

They have not discerned The Book; hence they cannot discern The Sacred Philosophy;

They break God’s Covenant and His Oath.

The Israelites who apostatised worshipped a box surmounted by a statue of a beast, believing it granted their wishes;

And the Nazareens worshipped the son of man, despite the warning delivered to them by The Christ;

And the Muslims thought that God’s messenger was a winged man who carried the book down from the three-dimensional heaven; they reverted to the rituals and the customs of their pagan fathers;

The darkened people of the Book, of the Jews, Christian and Muslims, and those who were believers and followed the calls of charlatans, have followed the calls of Satan, Iblis and their seed and servants,

No ritual will purify them, no charity they give will buy them residence in the heavens, no blood they shed or destruction they wreak will redeem them, no promise they promise themselves will heed them.

We deliver this to you by The Law, so every man and woman recognise his and her sin, for humanity was not created sinful.

Those who attribute their fallibilities to The Law are affixers,

All the errors you err and trespasses you trespass, in moments of forgetfulness of remoteness, are pardonable, when you remember and transcend in The Lord’s Compassion,

Except the sin of affixism, and the sin of misguiding the people, and  saying of lies about God, and edging the Word about its location in people’s minds,

And God’s messengers are remitted in the earth to be the glad tidings to humanity, the callers to God’s Religion, and an incandescent lamp,

Transcends He Who is Sovereign over all.


Chapter XIIII


The Cross


Let it be known, The Messiah dies not on a cross, he on whose lap Existence reposes in equilibrium, between whose hands the cosmii are pearl beads threaded on a string, dies not on a cross.

He, the Light of whose Countenance lights up the worlds and to the tunes of whose flute the galaxies waltz and the planets’ orbits synchronise, does not on a cross.

And he who carries the cross of his physical body walks the earth free, and calls on humanity to follow his steps; The Messiah is a promise of freedom and life, not a promise of death.

Only he who can reach the reality of his mind and the truth of his heart is free from the cross of his physicality, and blessed in eternal life;

And those who have been crucified in their physical bodies are dead, and the dead hear not and see not,

The Messiah’s words are confined to their literality in the dark minds, the Buddha Dhamma, the Ghita, the Torah, the Gospel, the Qur’an, and the Tablets of the Bab... across place and time.

The son of man is their guide, despite the warning that the Christ gave them, to confuse The Creator with the things that He Created, and to eulogise his physical death,

In punishment of their own guilt of their original sin, and a demonstration of the helplessness of their forsaken spirit.

And God created sacrifice for man, so that he relinquish his attachments in return of his purity,

But the dark minds demand from their god to beget a child, to sacrifice him for their salvation, and as though their darkness is his fault; their god has to abide by their law;

Gods made of man’s convictions pagan gods.

Whatever happened to your discerning minds? Your discerning minds which God bestowed on you so you can understand His Teaching and admire His Glorious Creation.

Dark prophets have told you that you have to surrender your mind to accept faith and be accepted in faith,

I tell you: only in your conscious mind can you have faith,

Or God’s message had better be sent to the cattle.

And if you surrender your minds to one creed, you should have to surrender your minds to all the creeds,

For, irrational arguments equal, they are not the stuff of the mind.

They tell you: it is your human weakness, of pride and darkness, which stand between you and their arguments;

I tell you: it is the power of your mind which protects you from surrendering to irrationality,

The power of your mind that God has bestowed on you, and by which He blessed you, and of which you ought to be very proud.

This is the fight you were commanded to fight in the Torah and the Ghita and the Qur’an,

Alas, it translated to bloodshed and ruin in the evil minds.


Chapter XV



Systems of governments are as good as the rulers who govern by them, and as bad as those rulers may be.

A good ruler rules justly and compassionately, sets the laws to uphold justice, and educates his people so they can distinguish between good and bad governors.

A bad ruler impresses his people by his rhetoric, of void slogans and false promises; he spreads fear and creates false causes; he sets laws which narrow the world to fit in his own narrow view; he clings to his rule, commonly called “power”, even in the modern democracies of today.

A good ruler takes the rulership as a trust, frightened from carrying the mountainous moral responsibility.

A bad ruler runs to it, and often has to be pushed away.

A good ruler resolves differences, eases tensions, and diffuses animosities.

A bad ruler exacerbates differences, creates tensions, fuels animosities and creates them if there are none.

A good ruler rules with only one purpose in his mind, and that is to help his subjects to fulfil their lives, to realise themselves, as a group and as individuals, to enjoy and admire the world, each his own way.

A bad ruler has no purpose in life except material power, the material power which numbs the desires and insecurities of his ego and satisfies his physical needs. He hence rules his people by his ego. He has learned a lesson from history: inside man is a genie, if unleashed it is dangerous, unruly and unpredictable; so he measures the success of his rulership by the degree of control he has over his people’s passions, and their submission to his rule.

Good rulers cannot rule corrupt peoples, and corrupt rulers cannot rule good peoples.

And all this sounds self-contradictory, naive and simplistic to many,

Those who have founded political parties and wrote and spoke volumes: all dedicated to the art of deception and selfishness, commonly called politics.

 Dark minds have no other means, darkness is dishonest by nature.

They do not know what honesty is; therefore the definitions they set, in their legal systems and traditions.

And when the words are believed to be on the print on paper, any word can be made to point to anything and anything can be pointed to by any word.

Sophism is still alive, despite the warning of the Greek Masters

And the highly publicised debates between politicians, in the media or in the houses of parliament, are nothing but displays of rhetorical skill, bearing no virtue, no value, and no truth.

So Bertrand Russell cannot be certain that Mr Smith is mortal, because man’s mortality is not provable by induction, and the dictionary does not define man as a mortal being,

And that is because Russell confuses reality with actuality,

In his mind actuality takes the seat of reality because it is tangible, and the reality that is man’s mind is repudiated.

It is those statements which sound innocent, made by highly regarded persons, which are the road signs of the mind.

It is man’s mind which determines reality, even if you are taught to think that reality is outside man’s mind.

So Russell locks up the words in the ink on the paper, hoping to break the mind barrier, unaware that the words and their ink and the paper are his mind, and by his mind and within his mind.

Such lack of awareness is dishonesty proper.

While Benedict Spinoza takes his conscious I, and the elementary abstracts of his mind, and builds on them, step by step, his theorem, by irrefutable logical reasoning, in the mind;

Such realism is honesty proper.

And such lack of awareness is a jail sentence inside the unsurmountable walls of actuality.

Only those who have retained their wings can attempt freedom, while the dense ones sift the dust of the earth, never to find what they do not want.

For, actuality is but a projection of reality in place and time, hence incomplete.

An honest ruler rules with reality in his mind, and a dishonest ruler rules within his perspective of actuality, and falls in the traps of conditional good and definitional morality.

Rulers are guided by philosophers, thinkers and prophets, in a partnership that is commendable, and ought to be disclosed.

And Western peoples have to accede that their rulers have beliefs and convictions – beliefs and convictions which shape their rulership and direct them, especially in difficult times – they should require knowing, as assertively as they require knowing their plans for managing their wealth, public services and amenities.

The discreteness of Western countries’ rulers’ beliefs and convictions is contrary to the spirit of freedom which most those countries say they stand for.

Rulers who have beliefs and convictions set their laws in accordance therewith, and rulers who believe rule with The Law in mind.

The truth does not descend onto man from the three-dimensional heaven on the hands of a winged man, or god’s son, or an immortal man, such things exist not.

And neither is the truth a defined intellectual concept, verifiable by observation, it has, encoded within it, its antithesis, by the laws of nature.

Man’s truthfulness is his closeness to the truth that is his mind, the spirit of existence, such truthfulness is heavenly authority.

And the bee feeds the essence to aggrandise and reign, by the laws of nature, nature repairs: a model is drawn to humanity.

For, heavenly authority is not an institute, nor is it selectiveness, and neither lineage to the prophets, radiant or dark, and nor a birthright,

And is not demonstrable by an ability to break natural laws,

Heavenly authority is the privilege of those who die in the natural law; you recognise what is descended to them, if you have discerning minds,

As for those who are trapped in place in time, they wait forever for their criteria never to be met,

The challenge was announced before: bring one chapter similar.

And when your Lord manifested the Summa to the believers, they did not recognise them, until Adam The Mind was called to name them, as recounted the Book.

This set the model, eventuates in place and time and as we write this discourse to the discontent of those who love you and have an urge to help you.

As for the darkened ones, feel no sorrow for them, they will not be guided, rather in a novel bewilderment they hanker, and The Law is the creator of eventuality.

So we say, run from the rulers who run to rule in the world, and run to those who run from the world to the truth of the world.


Chapter XVI


Deus Money

There is one deity whom all the people worship, the monotheists and the atheists alike, faithfully and equally: Deus Money.

Money is meant to be a provision which the receiver of a good or a service gives to the supplier, when the receiver is unable to provide a good or a service in return.

The mentality of profit, in multiples upon multiples, and of hoarding was introduced to the Israelites by Goliath, recounted the Book.

They were told: “those who follow Goliath are cast out, except those who scoop with their hands”, keeping their hearts pure from attachment.

For, Goliath had introduced to a people in crisis a system of making, hoarding and investing of money, unheard of in those days, and of which today’s pyramid structures are an offshoot.

The six-headed star was used for counting in the heximal (base six) counting system.

Goliath’s schemes were cursed by Prophet David who is named Nathan in the Bible, and that is not David the concubinary; but those who were weak in the mind apostatised and followed Goliath, the Philistines who were named Pharisees later, who influenced many Jews, and after the exodus the six-headed star became their symbol.

And the star of Prophet David, and of Samuel, the prayers be by him, is the pentagram (the five-headed star) of Pythagoras, the prayers be by him.

It used to head the secret houses where the believers used to meet secretly, where they psalmodised when the stars were right.

So if money is taken by the hand, it is a tool for the material purpose, incurring no sin on the person who handles it.

And if taken as a source of power, security and happiness, then indeed it becomes a deity, worshipped and glorified.

This is a fine line in man’s mind that has to be well-lit and recognised,

And if it is not, man is cast out, to take the matter in his own hands, by the conceivable laws set by man, and the inconceivable laws of karma.

And it is the fight to resist the temptation of being dragged down the breaches of hell that the believers were commanded to fight repeatedly in God’s Book, to retain their faith in The Law and His Providence.

Providence is not material gifts dangling from the heavens; Providence is The Law, the bestower of life and joy, the protector of the believers from the darkness of matter.

And the Israelites who were asking: “so what does the oath and the covenant provide?” exchanged their station in Existence for petty gain.

They have become the wealthiest peoples in the earth, in Arabia and the state of Israel, and wherever they have spread in the world, as they wished, and this is all they will get.

And the meek will inherit the earth and all that is no it, as promised in the Book.

Those in whose hearts the spirit is still alive, and in their minds is a light which darkness cannot put out.

Ideologies have been thought out, academic institutes have been set up, and laws profane and heavenly, have been drawn up, all dedicated to the service of Deus Money, all professing to have the correct beliefs and understanding to appease a temperamental god, and enjoy his blessings,

All claiming to uphold justice and defend equality,

Yet, they all forget one important thing, and that is money is a man-made thing, and not a thing existing naturally; hence it is lawless.

Money is the embodiment of man’s passions of greed and fear: the greed for matter, and the fear of losing matter, when matter is thought to be all that is.

There is no law, mundane or heavenly that can rein Deus Money, and those who believe there is fool only themselves, sooner or later they will be disappointed,

The financial crisis that have gripped the world are a taste of what is yet to come,

And the self-proclaimed experts and the theologians of all religions and denominations point their fingers at everything else: except Deus Money, for they all worship Deus Money.

The communists and the capitalists can see each other’s faults, yet they do not admit their own, although they continue to lean discretely towards each other; will they both meet on a middle ground? Perhaps they are getting close, but so long as their leaders can rule only amidst fear and jeopardy, their rhetoric and action will magnify their differences to overshadow the common ground.

Lest we forget, both build their arguments on the basis that economics is the maker and the driver of human civilisation, hence its integral role in their ideology and politics.

It is human civilisation that creates money, also the accountancy and the arts of managing it; for, money does not have an absolute presence in man’s mind, such as mathematics and geometry, for example.

And the Muslims believe that by banning usury and speculation, while turning a blind eye to the vice of greed and inequality, they have the perfect remedy for today’s problems,

They read the “layers” (tabaqaat) in the Book, in which humanity was created, as a mandate of financial and social inequality.

And not unlike the Hindus who read the “four castes” in the Ghita as a mandate of financial and social inequality.

Money is born in necessity, not in absoluteness.

As an incarnation of passion, it can take any shape, and be cast over any shape, by virtue of its lawlessness.

Introduced to trade, it assumes the logical tracks of trade, the accounting of trade and the psychology of trade.

Thus it becomes the embodiment of all these things, and an actuality that cannot be dismissed.

And those who are affixed to it are too quick to forget that it is not these things, rather their perception, giving it an undue status.

Their Deus Money first took goods and services, now it has usurped life and love, knowledge and wisdom, safety and happiness, religion and science, parenthood and childhood, the earth and its produce... all these and more on the way, are measured by money to be bought and sold on its alters, to make the wealthy wealthier and the needy needier.

This is how Deus Money now enslaves the world; it can build it or ruin it capriciously.

Money does not give value to anything; nothing can give what it lacks,

Money steals the value of things.


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