The Book of Isaiah

The Sins of Religion, Politics

And The Intellect


Volume III

 Chapter XVII


A sperm and an egg unite to express the life existent within them, like they are themselves an expression of the life within the bodies from which they come.

Life is thus neither created and nor destroyed, life is self-expression.

If you adopt the belief that life was an outcome of an accident of nature, remember that for an accident to occur, it would have to have been a potentiality,

So you widen your perspective; for, it is all a question of perception; and the illusion of objectivity will fade, not if you distance yourself from your perception, rather if you engulf all your perceptions, not in subjectivity, but in existential awareness.

And if you adopt the belief that life was created from nothing by the creator, you thus instate the duality of a creator and his creation; the Book calls this affixism, multiple absolutenesses cannot concur, the intellect can only pretend to perceive concurrent absolutenesses, until it perceives Absoluteness.

And you must call all potentialities as existent, otherwise we would not be talking about them; and when and if they eventuate then you call them eventualities or actualities.

Think of them as the binary code on a storage medium: they exist at once, and once expressed, images and sound spring out in a linear fashion, discernible by the intellect.

Aristotle taught this, but was by far misunderstood.

It is not easy to pierce through your mind by the very words which emerge from your mind.

So the Buddha was to make an object floating on a stream move against the current.

The movement of matter is indeed linear, also that of time, only in the mind do they implode in real existence.

And your mind must distinguish reality from accidentalness, for however solid an accident thing is, it would not have been solid had its existence not dictated its solidity.

So which one of the two deserves the attribute of reality?

And the layers of existence are not three-dimensional, but it is the seeming three-dimensional space that is an expression thereof, 

Hence the Book urges the people to look up to the heavens, for this is where the truths are.

But the “realism” of empirical science was meant to counter the fallacies of the monotheists.

Alas, it is science itself that has levelled the grounds for the fallacies of today.

And if you want to call chemistry the maker of life, remember that chemistry itself is but one natural phenomenon, ruled by the laws of nature, so there is something above chemistry:

The laws of nature, without which no physical phenomenon would have occurred, chemical or other.

: So if you say that physical laws do not exist you are repudiating your mind and deceiving your intellect.

The sophists tell you that you must free your mind from its intuition,

I tell you: your mind can only be free from their verbosity in its intuition.

The sophists have been preoccupied by measuring things, hence their confusion of estimation and intuition, resulting in the rejection of intuition, and the need for measure, in an accelerated vicious cycle,

While their systems of measure, themselves, are founded on intuitive concepts, if they looked honestly.

And why should you have to reject your intuition of your mind, and your mind is this cosmos and its law, fourteen billion years old, they say.

If anything, you ought to examine your intuition, and want to learn from it, it has to be more knowledgeable than your intellect: the acquirement of one life time.

And if they say their intellect is the new phase of human evolution, say: indeed it is and similarly to other cosmic events: it begins, it peaks and ends, remains the cosmic law, the creator of eventuality

: And if they say: it could not have been other, or: this is how it is, they are admitting an absoluteness: welcome to a glimpse of reality.

At this point you may revert to the certainty of your doubts, or decide to take your first steps as an infant on two legs.

This is a grand existential achievement, was demonstrated to humanity in Garden Dominium, where The Truth was taught and manifested,

To cross diagonally, along a straight path, on two feet wearing a pair of slippers, by The Power of The Mind, The Mind relinquishes its illusions, this is Triumph,

Nothing is because it cannot be other, and nor can anything be because no one wants it other, and nothing comes not from nothing.

Physical life thus is an occurrence; it is not a human choice,

And Pythagoras, the prayers be by him, calls the square root of two an “irrational” number, because it cannot be counted by the intellect as a ratio or as a whole number, although it exists, and exist it does.

And although mathematics has been able to approach irrational numbers as calculus limits, irrational numbers will always baffle the intellect, and hence the expansion of the usage of the words “rational” and “irrational”.

In nature as observed by man, irrational numbers do not exist, and the arts of measuring step in to settle on approximation, physics is about approximation.

Yet the sophists have to admit the existence of irrational numbers, contradicting their very understanding of existence and tangibility,

It is this dilemma that caused the split in the Pythagorean School in the past: those who denied the existence of the irrational number were trapped by whole numbers and ratios, because they could be seen and written: the others could not, hence evil,

Contrary to how the story has been passed down: those who were trapped in tangibility were considered dead, and tomb stones were set up for them while still alive.

Mathematics has been a pointer to reality, and a journey in the abstracts of the mind, the monotheists and the atheists alike turned their blindness to it, therefore saw nothing.  

Vain are their attempts to pin it down to the ink on the paper, misguided by the methods of modern mathematics of Bertrand Russell, believing he can break the mind barrier,

Mathematics is in the mind, his tricks, themselves, are in the mind, the denial of reality is the dishonesty of dark minds.

Mathematics is providence from your Lord, to remind you of The Whole Image of The Circle, the mother of all things; and the line and the point, the numbers, the planetary systems, and in the future the galaxies and the entire cosmic structures.

This is life, and a manifestation of the laws of activity, for those who discern,

As for those who have darkened, they reckon it is them who contrived it, to generate money and their technology of the machinery of death, their self-conceit has no limits, they submit only to the pagan gods of their own making,

To turn the earth into a house of horrors, and they suffer of their own doing, by the laws of nature, justice is not an arbitrary god,

 And nor can they be appeased by rituals, and nor can they be turned around by money and politics, except in the silliness of their thoughts.

And worse still, they reckon that life is created by the chemistry in their tubes, at their discretion,

One day, soon, they will see, though little do they see, when their licence will expire, and the rule is The Law, and their law and shariah and the chemistry will retire,

And no pregnant, animal or human will deliver her pregnancy, as foretold the Book, and no concoction they concoct, no ritual they perform will redeem them, and they will be surrounded by their sins.

It is not by your skill that a sperm and an egg unite, neither is it by your skill that an egg splits without the intervention of a sperm.

And if you manage to make a cell, it will be by our Law that you achieve and by our Leave.

We teach humanity what we deem beneficial for humanity’s purpose that we deem.

As for the servants of darkness, they lure the people by immediate benefit, to drive them to suffering and pain.

They believe they can rule a parallel universe of their won, since they were summoned by Iblis to his black crooked tower in the dark heavens; they want to take matter in their own hands.

They have driven humanity to a low hell, down the branches of the evil tree, even lower they are still intent to go.

Their interference with conception and countering of conception has not delivered a healthier happier humanity, but to the contrary, humanity is verging self-destruction, by its lust for multiplication and immortality.

Those who have peaked in reality will do more upon hearing our discourse, and those who are trapped in their physicality find it incoherent, as they did before.

They prefer the lies of the pagan gods which bless their indulgence, sponsor their ignorance and numb their pain.

And we teach those who admire God’s Creation and wonder and remember, to hover above the quagmires of mankind; we invite them and show them the way to return.

God taught man what man did not know.

And those who are drunk in their arrogance, we furnish their ignorance and we watch them from a distance.

Are they happy with what they got?

But they can never be happy, for the suffering of their own making comes to them from every way.

But for God’s Compassion their suffering would be much, much worse.

We send our messengers to alleviate their suffering, to show them their wrongs, to demonstrate the straight path by The Law, God wrongs no one; He wants no one to suffer, in his Compassion God loves all and encompasses all.

The journey of self-knowledge is arduous, will culminate in the joy of all the joys, as for those who desire the low world, their pleasures are termed.

Dazzled by the stimuli of their senses and the delusions of their intellect, they see the world created by what the world created in their view.

Paganism and affixism have many projections, to keep them busy and amused.

They cannot relinquish their possessions, they perceive them as themselves: their egos of flesh and its illusions of possessions.

They project their ego downward to sense it, because their minds cannot.

We have furnished them with a physique that decoys their ego constantly, not because we want them bewildered, but because eye is every shoot of eye; or else, eye is not.

So this grandiose physique will bewilder them, if they know the cosmos they know it,

In an existential journey that we bestowed on them, may they know and flourish.

So Abraham came to us for help, crying out: “I am sick”, said the Book.

We say: look your Lord, and healed will ye be.

The Christ heals the soul from blindness and leprosy, and those in readiness for flying he inspires in them, so they fly, said the Book.

The son of man healed the bodies, they say.

The bodies are sound, even when ill; the bodies exhibit the laws of nature.

And the bodies are ill, even when sound: the bodies grow, age and die:

Do tell the son of man.

This message we deliver to you by The Law, because you are the believing ones.

As for those who have darkened, they will be derisive, like they were before, they will habit their stones.

Nothing can wake them, until death takes them, unexpectedly.

They will be res-structured in a new structure fitting their form: dust to dust, ashes to ashes, bones to bones.

We deliver our message to all, may they be guided.

Your Lord touches The Glow of The Dome of His Mighty Throne, not by a gesture of His Hand, but to the looking eye, to re-establish equilibrium in the worlds.

Attired in work attire, He looks human to those who do not look.

Those who denied their witness of God their witness now is only a say.

He tells His messenger words, if we were to convey all, and we cannot, the whole world’s paper would be spent, and twice as much would not suffice, and God’s Hand is above your hand.

He looks in the Highest Heaven, to effulge in His Sabbath; God’s Might is beyond the comprehension of man,

He splits The Seed, He holds the cosmii between His Fingers, He spreads them He folds them, not by a gesture of His Hand, but to the looking eye; God’s Might is beyond the comprehension of man.

Everything hymns to The Glory of The Lord, proud to be His Glorious Creation,

Nothing can equal Him, so it has to be Him, The Lord of all the worlds,

His Voice is Voices in Concert, to those who can peek to the Highest Heaven in Mere Existence.

As for those who prefer the distractions of hell, therein they dwell forever,

Their prophet once asked us: how do we enter hell?

We said: if you enter you penetrate, if I enter I burn.

So he turned it up-side-down, thus his followers’ paradise is a holiday resort,

And they spend their lives sunk in their animality, their bodies are so dense now, in flesh, blood and bones, God’s mind cannot dwell in them, they cannot understand anything we say, they cannot understand except their own deception.

The seasons recycle the life of the earth, the birds migrate to celebrate the Power that God bestowed on them, the whales sing to the majesty of the cosmos, and darkened people’s rituals are lawlessness.

We demonstrate the way to freedom, but the people of the Book do not want to be free, they believe their shackles are blessings from their god; they are the shackles of Satan and Iblis.

So they took the Sabbath, the abstinence and the fasting as a ritual, which, by some supernatural method buys them residence in the heavens.

Their life, their religion, their worship and everything they do is a trade, a trade that profits them not, said the Book.

And in the East, they teach technical spirituality, as though by some chanting and meditation techniques the laws of nature can be reversed; they fool only themselves, and torture the dweller of their body, said the Ghita.

This was teaching we taught the believers in those places at those times, and has been usurped by darkness, hence taken as rules of activity and inertia, its spirit has quit in their hands;

Tell them, the believers can see the spirit, wherever whenever and whatever they do, the believers do only correct things.

As for the non-believers, we give them a glass of water, lo! They drown in it.

Can they do on the mountainous swell of the ravenous ocean?

Only God’s Ship of Knowledge can reach the safe land.

They come to us for counsel, and when we give it they are derisive.

We witnessed them when they darkened with Iblis and the night befell.

Their followers believe they are ghosts in some unreachable heaven, but they are ordinary, but not so ordinary people here on the earth.

They see them but cannot recognise them, and one day they will say to them: “are you the people we worshipped before?” The smear of reality on incidentalness: I am the maker take whatever you will.

They will answer the people: “we led you astray by your own ignorance and your own passions, and you followed us, and you were warned, blame only yourselves”, said the Book.

Gone are both the leader and the led, in the low world they love they will dwell.

And the Imams of the believers are the five rounds of angels, said the Book, the bringers of the Book and The Sacred Philosophy to the believers, and The Carriers of The Lord’s Throne.

We have alluded to The Way in all our discourses, we have hinted to its milestones and landmarks, if you believe you should be able to follow it, trust your mind and doubt your passions, your passions can divert too quickly;

So your right-hand can rein your left-hand, and when you look him in your mirror he will give you a farewell and hand you over to your Lord, and you have laid your dead ego, and you do not throw when you throw, but it is God Who throws,

And as you stand by, the Okeanos is two cubits close or even closer, let the piercing meteor shoot from your chest, this is where you belong,

This is a long and arduous journey, blessed are those who attempt it, blessed are those who contemplate it, blessed are those who want it.

It takes the Might of God, His Religion and The Sacred Philosophy, it is not for the weak-minded, the faint-hearted; it is for those who suffixed a radiant suffix a very long time ago.

And the laws and the traditions are set to help all live a virtuous and fulfilling life, to rise above their physicality, so their entanglements are loosened, and the suffering on the wheels of karma is absolved.

So we command the believers in all the world to adhere to the law of marriage, family and abstinence if they choose it, as promulgated in the Qur’an in its correct reading we projected to you in English, may all be guided to the Highest Standard (al-ma3roof), that is God’s Virtue as taught to humanity across place and time.

And if you err remember the lesson of your error, and teach and counsel one another, errors have karmic consequences that you will have to bear.

And condemn not one another and defame not one another, and if someone diverts from your Standard be lenient with them and counsel them, unless they insist, the council of the elders decides if they will ask them to quit your community, and will help them establish their livelihoods elsewhere, and in the future the council of the elders will decide if they will accept them if they wish to return.

Your community does not have to be a geographic land, and wherever you settle you must assimilate without sacrificing your Standard.

God has called all the believers in the world to remember Him, and to recognise one another in your various colours, cultures, languages and traditions.

And those of you who are not capable of marriage, for whatever reason, they should attempt celibacy, and if they cannot they should try again, and if they cannot they should not indulge, then they should try again.

As for the atheists and the people of the Book, they each have their own cultures, creeds and traditions, and you can only pretend to be like them if you have to.

Heavenly laws were given to them in the past; they clung to heathenry, believing they were guided.

They take the laws to rein the demon inside themselves, not realising a reined demon is demon, however tight the harnesses may be.

Soon as they discover an activity unclassified by their definitions, the demon is unleashed to wreak havoc and harm himself as well.

The people of the Book take their commandments and shariah as some supernatural authority, so they want to freeze place and time for their laws to work.

Even their ritual of prayer and the fasting cannot be exercised all around the globe,

And their ancestors, the fish came ashore, breaching before their eyes on their Sabbath, told the Book,

Conspicuous signs to them, that the world does not run by their laws, and wake up calls,

 But their dormancy is too deep, they are dead.

The monotheists, in all their sects and creeds, and the atheists, can see each other’s sins, but cannot their own; each party believing they are morally superior, but they only compete is baseness as far as we can see.

This time no laws will be given to them,

A fast changing world constantly challenges them, yet they do not recognise the challenge that is their humanity they have failed to live up to.

So worry not about them, and debate not with them, they appear to win every debate, because you cannot make them see what they cannot see.

Their paradise is a holiday resort, the monotheists and the atheists alike, they seek immortality of their death, and little do they discern.


Chapter XVIII



Whose will is man’s will? They ask, as though they have lost their will.

So what they have now is a jumble of intellectual arguments, their likes and their opposites, and an entanglement of wires and nerves... time will end before it can be untangled.

And we sit back and watch them in action, and we laugh of our free will, and we say: indeed God’s Creation is an amazing thing.

For, this is an issue that cannot be helped much, although we shall give it a try.

For, searching for your will in the books, or in the organic matter of your body is one exercise.

For, it is your will which does the search.

And, not surprisingly, they reach the same conclusion, only their nomenclature makes things differ grossly to the physical eye,

The physical eye which has been trained by your will.

So, if you convince yourself that your will is not in you, but in some agent, be it a supernatural power or some molecular activity in your brain, it is because you choose self-deception over self-acknowledgement.

For, even if your finding is convincing, you should be saying: “this thing is in me”,

Unless you choose to reduce your perception of “me” to non-existence, or to a helpless ghost,

At this point it is entirely your choice, and nothing but your choice.

If you continue to perceive me as non-existent or as a ghost, you will continue to suffer in your jail sentence of your choice,

And if you admit that you are, you will leave the remains of your brain and the invisible ghost to burn in hell, and you are a free and content consciousness.

Those who believe that something that is not them makes the choices for them, will believe so, whatever choice they make, and this is by their own choice.

They are like those who believe that actuality is certainty, whatever it may be, because it is a chain of events that lead to one another, from the beginning of time.

The intellect creates these questions for humanity to instil ignorance in people’s minds, and not to enhance knowledge,

The intellect creates problems then pretends to solve them,

And this is a fine game, if the player is aware.

But darkness has usurped the intellect to jail humanity in utter darkness.

And if you see yourself as a programmed entity from the beginning of time, it is by your choice that you came to that conviction,

And before you had this conviction you had similar different convictions.

So worry not about the mechanics of your will, delve in yourself, where such questions are a total irrelevance, and your free will is your liberation of your being in God’s Will.

Chapter XVIIII



Technology is the art of creating physical phenomena, and machine is a theatre of physical laws.

A living body is the best machine there is, the entire cosmos is it, it is the theatre of life.

It expresses its dweller so well, you are convinced it is you; and the dweller expresses it so well, it becomes him.

When it ceases to be a theatre for your life, it is said to be dead.

Scientists would like to think that they understand this process, but they know that they do not, and they do not admit it openly.

There is a lot of dishonesty in the scientific circles, and no one is prepared to discuss it, because they are all involved in it.

And when the clergy step in, their alternative to scientific theories of life and death is the reversion to the fallacies of old times.

They oppose one another to fuel one another: an argument and its antithesis.

Science is not wrong per se; what is wrong is the interpretation of scientific findings at the philosophical level, and the ideologies born in such interpretations.

As for religion, we say it outright, religion is wrong, as we have proven by the very books which religious institutes claim to adopt.

The Books teach God’s Religion and The Philosophy, the road to self-knowledge and the peace eternal, and to virtue and the ethic of humanity.

Religion as taught by the institutes and the interpreters of the books is politics, irrationality, money, war, passions, and the morality of the carrot and the stick: evil in various forms and colours, dressed up by the supernatural.

And your brain, this cloud-like grey and white gelatinous matter, is the condensation of your heavens, and the theatre of their activity.

Your brain resonates with the many levels of the cosmos of your self, to be the communication between your existence in place and time, and the cosmos that is yourself,

Through corridors and gateways down to your physical body, and its organs of sense and activity,

Many corridors you choose not to use, dictated by your beliefs and convictions,

Many corridors will frighten you, if you took one step in them; the monotheists and the atheists alike have instilled this fear in you,

They lead you to an encounter with yourself, with all its projections, physical and existential, and your beliefs and convictions, and your knowledge and memories, and many, many manifestations in place and time.

Thinking, feeling, remembering, sensing, acting... are processes not explicable by the current scientific knowledge; scientists, however, pontificate on such matters, as though their theories are sure.

The danger is that they have convinced the masses of false theories.

The radiant messengers and many sages of old times knew where to look for knowledge: inside themselves.

Some of them had full encounters with their “That”, came back and hinted to their experiences, such experiences cannot be described; describableness is a low projection thereof.

Memory has many more levels than you can readily perceive, going back to your eternal being, accessible via their appropriate corridors;

Sometimes you are forcibly or accidentally thrown into them, and if your belief contradicts what you see you will panic, or you will block-off your vision completely, or you will miss-interpret your vision to suit your belief.

And when you dream, you step into those worlds of yours, which could be past, present or future ones that have not materialised “yet”.

Charlatans have woven fallacies about the non-physical visions of our mind,

And the Darwinists want you to believe that the grey and white gelatinous matter of your brain is capable of creating worlds that it has never seen;

It manages their bodies, it actualises their will, it translates sensory data, it performs their reasoning, imagination and thinking, it recalls their memories, it gives them pleasure and other feelings, it loves beauty and the music... yet, it is not them they say;

 And that is because they cannot find a spot in their brains labelled as “Me”.

If they cannot see me in the entire cosmos, and around it and above, they will continue to crash on their stones, and the grey and white matter of their brains; this is a bad choice and a bad destiny.

And now, by embracing the religions of New Age prophets they think they have made a step forward,

All they have done: they have pushed the boundaries of their jail out a bit.

They teach them falsehood: they tell them that they should control their destiny and the events of their lives,

When things accord with their wishes they say: because you have believed; when they do not, they say: because you have not believed.

And as though controlling one’s destiny is the purpose of one’s having in a destiny.

The control one can assign to one’s destiny – and humanity has been doing this for a long time now - does not free one from destiny, does not teach them except little,

It is a mere new trap in physicality, and a new maze in which to bewilder.

They teach them that happiness is by fulfilling one’s desires,

Thus they are entrenched deeper is an endless vicious cycle of self consumption.

Not unlike the pagans and the monotheists of the past and the present: irrationality in a new garment will insure their dwelling in hell forever; the believers are warned of following New Age prophets and their servants,

Their rhetoric appeals to the believers; it is aimed at trapping them.

The believers want to live a virtuous life, to tread the road of self-knowledge, and shed off their attachments to their physicality, and to guide those who want to be guided,

Only then may they be allowed to the sacred door-steps of The Philosophy and the life eternal.


Chapter XX



Observation is achieved by models, and those who develop their theories on their observations use the models to observe these observations; yet they deny their existence, or pretend that it is them who induced them, this is heresy and a major sin for those who understand; its consequence is misery and bewilderment.

The early existence manifests in nature and your stages of development, from conception to childhood and adulthood, all reflective of your early becoming, also the various forms of life, all swim in the Okeanos of Existence.

What man is today is not an outcome of evolution of life in matter, rather devolution of life and precipitation in matter.

Evolution is said to have occurred when physical capabilities have developed: as though physicality is the measure.

To perceive life as a bi-product of random events and chemical chaos is a very narrow perception indeed,

One should say: life has been a potentiality in Time, since the spread of the universe.

Time that is the physical laws which brought about life: without which life could not have evolved, or even started for that matter.

Thus, life as a self-expression of the universe has a quality of ingenuity, rather than accidentalness and aimlessness.

For, it is a question of perception in the mind:

The evolutionists cannot verify all their arguments by scientific means, and moreover, the evidence they have managed to gather: that existing life forms are selected according to their fitness for survival in their changing environment:

Firstly, is not news to the logical mind, the Buddha noticed it thousands of years ago;

Secondly, it is not evidence that random events and the principle of natural selection are the starters and the drivers of life in matter:

Firstly, randomness is a concept of intellect, necessitated by the lack of information on all the components of an actuality; were all these components known, then the actuality becomes a self-evident outcome thereof, ceasing to be random;

Secondly, the principle of natural selection is a concept of intellect, based on observation; what it is in reality: it is a demonstration of the sovereignty of the physical laws in the physical world, like all physical phenomena; and if the intellect wants to perceive this as a struggle of life against the physical laws, it is its own choice.

The evolutionists do not believe that physical laws can be said to exist, in the same manner that matter can be; because they cannot detect their existence... enciphered in a particle or as a field of some radiation... they see the universe made up of energy and forces only, all of which have material presence.

So when the subject of physical laws and the mathematics expressing them is bought up, they say: it cannot be other; or better still: this is how it is.

This is a huge logical gap in their theory, for it is an admission and an acceptance of an absoluteness, which must have preceded logically and “practically” the Big Bang for the Big Bang to occur and spread the way it did, and for life on earth to emerge and develop the way it emerged and developed;

An absoluteness which continues on, to drive every movement of every dot in the entire universe, and indeed man’s own intellect and mind.

This absoluteness can be called anything except non-existent, for it is indeed everything to the discerning mind.

Thirdly, when nature constructs a new chemical compound, for example, it is by existing physical laws that it does that, and much so if this is done by the intermediation of a living being, such as a man’s stomach or a brain, or even a tube in a laboratory;

This calls on potentiality eventuating, rather than an emergence of something;

For, if the physical laws can conjure something which is not inherent in them, will they be able to manage it? This is a dilemma to the logical mind, created by the intellect’s assumption that the attribute of existence can be given only to matter.

It is easy for the intellect to imagine pairs of symmetrical legs or wings, for example, develop over time to perfection, guided by the immanent laws of mechanics and aerodynamics; laws which are immediately conspicuous to the observing intellect,

But if eyesight, for example, is to be backtracked, it is impossible for the intellect to come up with a scenario of development, unless a “law of vision” is assumed, to drive and perfect such development, similarly to the laws of mechanics and aerodynamics, in the case of the legs and the wings.

Laws have to be one step ahead of eventuality; else, there has to be an “agent” generating laws on demand by some universal law to manage emerging phenomena:

There is no escape for the honest intellect from the reality that laws precede logically, and hence practically, every eventuality.

And despite the thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, science has not a clue how vision happens, so they think they can tell the world how vision evolved?

The theory of evolution has huge logical holes and scientific dishonesty, yet they continue to promote it as the rational alternative to creationism; we see it as fallacious as creationism, and so they would if they were honest.

 Fourthly, and perhaps not lastly, all forms of biological life which existed in the past were fit for the conditions by which they were surrounded, and all the forms of biological life which exist in the present are fit for the conditions surrounding them at the present, so the term “evolution” is hardly accurate.

The concept of evolution is a concept of intellect based on observation in place and time, and the human need and desire for permanence; to attribute “evolution” to life in the universe is a grave intellectual error.

The cosmos is one gestalt pulsating life, every phenomenon is an expression of life, however minute or majestic; it is an ever going dance between the laws of nature and their manifestation.

So, to see biological life in the universe as an accident of natural laws, working against the natural laws, to survive in the natural laws: is a narrow vision: it reduces the cosmic eventuality to human politics and economics.

It makes life look like an alien invasion of nature, and human civilisation and other animals’ activity: a competition between life and nature.

What mankind perceives as a competition is not so, except in man’s intellect.

There is an ever going activity and a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, engulfing everything that exists, and nothing has to compete with anything, and everything knows its role that it has to play.

Competition is a human concept, created by the intellect, necessitated by fear and the desire for permanence.

Man’s beliefs and convictions shape his view of the world, it is not for nothing that it is said in the Ghita that man is made of his belief.

When his belief is not in harmony with The Law, man’s thoughts, and hence activity, trigger correction by The Law,

This is the ethic of humanity that humanity has failed again to understand.

Self-knowledge is the foundation of morality, if you believe you are made of matter, matter will by your measure and by matter you will measure; and if you believe you are made of a supernatural spirit you will precipitate in null and vanity.

The evolutionists reckon that human intelligence has been the best thing that accidental eventuality has yielded;

If they widened their scope of vision slightly, they would see intelligence all around them: in the orbits of the planets, in the vibrations of the particles, in the phases of the moon...

And if they relinquish their complex of superiority and look other creatures: look the ants and the bees, for example: can a human community become one in nature, one with nature, that the line separating will and accidentalness fades?

Intelligence is a nature of nature, and when today’s scientists point their listening devices and lenses to the far grottos of the universe in search for intelligence, they are in fact searching for stupidity like their own.

The universe is crowded with human civilisations, the universe is for humanity to enjoy and learn; only in the dark minds is it void, dark violent, chaotic, frightening, competitive, absurd.. and cannot be trusted: reflecting their own dark minds.

Many orbs of human existence flourished on this very earth, and one day archaeological evidence will be uncovered to stun human narrow-mindedness,

Their memories are accessible to people’s minds, if they train themselves to read them, and one day, not in a very far future, the corridors of the human mind will be blown into, and their memories of past existences will be an open book, and those who think they are made of matter or a supernatural spirit will be shocked to the core of their consciousness.

The theory of evolution has not provided humanity with a better understanding of herself; the morality that is built on such belief is self-destructive:

It is shameful, and indeed sinful, that humanity searches for herself in the dust of the universe and the refuse of the earth;

The wisdom of the Buddha, thousands of years ago, went far beyond observation that is based on the senses alone, probed the human mind, and hence arrived to eternal truths;

Humanity has to learn to deal with the challenges of the moment, which indeed threaten her very survival; and the discovery of a chemical compound which triggered this chain of events in some past will not help humanity deal with her problems of the present;

If anything, the desperate attempt of scientists to discover such a compound somewhere in the universe will lead to deeper rooting a belief that is already deeply rooted in many people’s minds: that reality is only matter: and the doors are hence wide open to extreme ideologies, by the principle of survival-of-the-fittest: for extremists to licence themselves to destroy everything that stands in their way of self-glorification;

They will all be disappointed, when they discover that such ideologies are self-destructive by the very laws of nature, of which they know very little;

Humanity today is on a major cross-road: will she be able to see light in the highs, in the abyss in which she has trapped herself? Or will she sink deeper by desperate irrationality?

The advance of technology has given humanity a false sense of security: technology cannot salvage an ailing humanity, and today’s problems, whether political, economic or environmental, cannot be solved by the magic of technology,

Those who believe otherwise will be disappointed, and today, no sooner that a new political, economic or technological solution is applied to some problem, than it is proven to be a patch of tissue paper, stuck by spit, to prevent a badly built dam from bursting;

Humanity has today to re-examine her beliefs and convictions: religious, scientific, ideological, political, economic... starting in the core: honestly, openly, sincerely, diligently...  this ought to be her highest priority;

Those beliefs and convictions which have brought humanity to where she is now: they served a certain purpose in a certain place at a certain time, but now the world is changing, and the planets are taking new positions, and the discus of human knowledge is being turned, and those who are not fit for the new world will fall down deeper;

This is natural selection: the form expresses consciousness.

And they have been looking for the missing link to glorify Darwin, but the missing link is here, and Darwin himself was one,

For humanity does devolve in the ape and other lower forms of life akin, not the other way around, at certain points of time, not by accident or randomly, and neither by divine intervention, but because form fits consciousness.

Major leaps of devolution and evolution occur universally at certain points of time, for time is not as uniform as it looks to the physical eye;

Not accidentally, and neither by divine intervention: accident and divine intervention are stuff of the intellect that is created by the laws of nature.

In the future orb, radiant humanity will live in highly civilised worlds: the planets of the wise, each fitting each station of awareness; and Earth Interior, and the gardens of Europa will become known, to the amazement of all, the days and the rivers stream underneath them, as told the Book, and the gravity is reversed;

And in the East, Newton will come back to set the principles of Q-mathematics, to shed light on the structure of the space, to make space travel across the galaxy and to other galaxies possible,

And man will encounter man of other planets, and it will be proven thus that it is life that creates the chemistry, and chemistry is only a vehicle of life; and the life in Mars will be known, to the amazement of all;

It is the heavens of the planets that make the planet hospitable to biological life, not the chemistry or the physical condition of the planet; and the human body, as it is, can potentially survive in other environments, where the heavens allow biological life to exist, the adaptability will be proven at various points in the not so far future;

When humanity’s philosophical grounds and moral standards are right.


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