The Book of Isaiah

The Sins of Religion, Politics

And The Intellect


Volume IIII


Chapter XXI

Motive, Intent and Action

When we taught in the past that deeds are in the intent, dark preachers used it to hide their dishonesty,

So one came later to preach that the intent is in the deed, but this was still hiding dishonesty.

For, in both perspectives, the same concept is viewed from opposite directions.

For, in reality, the motive, the intent and the deed are one entity; only the physical eye can be deceived to the distinction.

But language has limitations, and two words can be put in one sequence or its opposite, so we will always say that deeds are in the intents, because motive precedes intents and deeds, and when the circle of events is completed, it is the motive which eventuates, and the intent and the deed are only components of it.

And the intellect will see contradiction where it lacks and coherence where it misses.


Chapter XXII



Intelligence is of the intellect, knows the physical world and its laws of activity, in the duality of the knower and the known thing. This is intelligence that is measurable by Intelligence Quotient tests.

Emotional intelligence is oneís ability to understand oneís own and other peopleís emotions and their vague laws, and hence be able to manage them. People who are emotionally intelligent can have empathy and compassion; they can thus solve problems that intelligence alone cannot.

Wisdom is oneís ability to be the master of oneís emotions and the ego that thrives in them, and this is real control over oneís destiny, so that one floats over the wild currents of eventuality which one cannot control. Wisdom was taught by the Buddha, by the Ghita, by the Greek Philosophers and all the messengers across place and time.

Philosophy is the love of the truth. It is sad that the word is used nowadays to describe any opinion, about anything, however trivial. Philosophy is a state of awareness; it is the wake-up of the soul to her That: in philosophy everything else is insignificant.

Todayí beliefs glorify intelligence, little is it known that intelligence alone has its opposite: stupidity: encoded in it, by the laws of nature.

And little is known about emotional intelligence today, although most tensions, whether in oneís household, workplace or nation or the world for that matterÖ are exacerbated and often created by the lack of emotional intelligenceÖ

As for wisdom, it is seen today as the stuff of the ancientry; human arrogance today has given humanity a false sense of superiority, so that fallibilities are often glorified and regarded as the blessing of evolution, whence wisdom has become less relevant.  

As for Philosophy, people have forgotten what it means altogether,

He who cannot discern Godís Book cannot discern The Philosophy.


Chapter XXIII


The Call (al-da3wah)

Let it be known, The Lordís Call to humanity is never muted and the Doors to The Sacred Steps of The Philosophy are never closed.

So let us recount to you, and one day you will remember, and you will say, indeed we have been told only the truth,

And it is the interpretations that have gone wrong, even in the hands of those who are meant to be the guardians of the truth.

The Lord manifested the Creation, by His Might, to the creation, every time a new day dawned.

He, transcends He, thus installed Virtue and Light in the hearts and minds of those who recognised their Creator, The Beginner The Terminator (al-aamir wa al-naahy).

The worlds were still one, and the transport from the true world to the reflection up-side-down was doable;

In the reflection those who had darkened before The Lordís Countenance found their nature: remote and seemingly independent of The Law.

The planets were still plane, hovering in the Okeanos, like the galaxies today, and along the edges was the inferno, and of curiosity, all wanted to witness the inferno, beautiful in its own right, and the Primary Helium was still visible to the knowledgeable, although it had no physical existence.

And there was only the Five Rounds of Angels, and their right arms and assistants, guiding the people, to understand and be able to exist in harmony with The Lordís Grand Creation, by The Law, the ruler of everything.

In the inferno, dark souls thrived; they wanted to run the worlds by their power over matter, and their ability to control week minds.

They developed technology (magic) of no precedence, they felt they could rule the whole universe.

They waged wars, they caused harm, they trapped peopleís minds in the traps of darkness,

All the evils which you see today have their roots in those days: of hate, greed, lust, anger and passion, irrationality, fear Ö

At the start of the new day, The Lord rounded the worlds in His Might beyond comprehension, the planets thus became spherical, or as close as possible thereto in disobedient matter, ďthe night veils the day, demanding it persuasivelyĒ, said the Book, and the true worlds became physically separated from the inferno up-side-down, and in opposite gravities they thus have existed;

The Lord, transcends He, ruled: ďfall you all down from it, some preceding some, and you have in it leisure for a termĒ, said the Book, for the selves to try themselves,

Thus the human experiment began, as we recounted to you of Cain and Abelís first existence in this world,

 And thus the sins of before reincarnated.

The Lordís Call cannot be put in words or laws; The Lordís Call is The Truth of Knowledge of Existence of Sublimeness.

In earlier days, the message was given to the messengers sometimes in pictorial form, whereby the lines were allusions to form, could be seen only in the mind in their entirety, to hover above incumbency to the truth,

How can such knowledge be conveyed completely by any form?

And in the inferno the challenge is much harder; for the inferno is rounded over itself in a seeming self-sufficiency, until a presumed God is introduced, in the trinity of monotheism in all its shapes: God, the world, mankind.

This is the world of the opposites, and whatever the opposites believe their worshippers will follow, they are the aim (imams) of the people.

Thus the Forerunner and the Follower, as recounted the Book and The Sacred Philosophy, are the incandescent lamps in the niche, the lamp that is fuelled by the oil of an oily tree, a tree that rises not and nor does it set, its oil lights, although no fire has touched it, light upon light, said the Mighty Book.

They deliver The Lordís message to all humanity, dark and radiant, and dark prophets are the imams of the dark humanity: they have a share of every message;

And when Prophet Josef encountered the alpha of the opposite, he saw a conspicuous serpent; and when he removed his hand, it was white to the looking eyes, recounted the Mighty Book,

For The Lordís Will is in all, around all and above all,

And thus the calls of the dark prophets became an obligation to radiant souls as well as the dark ones,

Last of which was the call of Ismail al-Darazy, who was given a glorious Muss-haf he could not discern,

If the Qurían is the crown of the Book, the Muss-haf is the Jewel of that crown; in it a correct reading of the Qurían was initiated, and the ambiguities elucidated, and falsehood discredited;

And Abraham al-Luddy, was invited to The Philosophy, we knew what his self coveted, he repudiated it, he said: it is not possible.

He thought he could reconcile the religions of the world, old and new, by the kissing of beards and feasting at social gatherings,

Unaware that such façades would be blown away by the mildest wind;

His servants rampaged and invaded the homes of those who wanted to accept the new Call, in treachery and perfidy never seen except in pagans, and while we were guests at their homes and friends supposedly,

The wolves shy before their crimes; the blood they spilled can still be seen on their criminal hands, while they read Godís Book in their daily rituals;

And nowadays, his descendants of older times are intent to destroy one another and the entire world;

So those who accepted the last Call were brave people indeed, they suffered persecution and neared annihilation, in a world that chose darkness, despite a lucid message, and despite the The Proof;

And those whose hearts have been sealed by a Seal, they are trapped by the laws of place and time, they repudiate their Lord, they reject His Message, their hearts are sealed by the Seal (khatam), said the Mighty Book;

Every time there was a Call, he and his servants told the world that it was the last, to give themselves a political advantage, and to bar Godís Call from the people;

We tell the believers not to follow their steps, look around you, and you see the example of those who have covered their hearts, the suffering comes to them from themselves and from every direction, their bewilderment is far, they cannot return, the inferno is their eternal abode, the suffering is their pleasure;  

 And wherever you are, in whichever direction you look, and when you shut your eyes, your Lordís Countenance is there longing to be seen, He Calls you across the tract of becoming, His Call cannot be muted, the Sacred Doors to His House cannot be closed;

And the two oceans of humanity are now mixing, some believers have drifted away, and some of the people of the Book have been guided, and this is not the first time that this has happened;

What we closed in the past will remain closed, because most people repudiated their Lord and rejected his message;

Those who followed the Call of al-Darazy and the Call of al-Hakim bi Amr Allah and are believers: no fear takes them and they grieve not;

And those who have sealed their hearts follow the footsteps of the ancient ones, of the Israelites and the Christians and the Muslims who reverted;

Your Lord manifested to the believers, on his side was the Seal, those who were darkened saw but the Seal,

The Angels bowed to His Glory, they looked once, they looked twice, but the vision returned of awe of The Truth,

And al-Darazy denied his Lord, like he denied before, and we witnessed him darken once again, and he was led to his Lord with his oath in his hand, he broke down before His Lordís Might, he was humiliated, and al-Hakim bi Amr Allah ordered his execution;

Your Lord dressed in the cosmii, He wore two slippers, He walked His Straight Path across, He taught man what man could not have learned,

He appeared, transcends He, with His Army in arrayed arrays, as said the Book,

He gathered His Angels in Garden Dominium, transcends He, He manifested amongst them,

But those who had darkened saw the human only and many worshipped the human, the Base who ruled them, thus your Lord, The Sovereign, manifests His Might;

And sometimes, His Okeanos appeared in the image of the Seal, transcends He, and only believers could recognise Him, transcends He, and those who did not were confused;

He is The Numberless Oneness, is not conceived, neither does He conceive anything, there is no equal to Him, said the Book; He has The Manifestus Ubiquitos, said The Sacred Philosophy;

The Witness of The Lord is an existential, spiritual, cognizant rank,

It cannot be achieved by study or labour of any kind, those who try to convince you by logical reasoning have suspicions only, so we only allude to it, so those who are radiant wake up to their existence,

And they remember the Might of their Lordís, in the early Days of Existence.

And what we open today is the Book and The Sacred Philosophy, so those who have drifted come back to us;

And those of the people who are attracted to us, they want to be guided, and they will be, and though they might not have witnessed their Lord before, and when the Day comes, and He is two cubits close and even closer, they will look Him and He will look them, said the Book, and transcends He all,

This is a Call from Him, to those who discern.


Chapter XXIIII

Ark of the Covenant

The history that we tell you: they do not want to hear, and the lies they have told you, now have to expire: every lie has an expiry date stamped on it.

Or do they think the worlds submit to their self-proclaimed authority?

The world cannot be a stage for their blunders forever, their time will be over soon, let it be known.

We have patience because we pass time; they have no patience because time passes them.

The Israelites mixed with the people of Moses, were given The Tablets by Godís messenger to guide them to Godís Religion, and the Covenant and the Oath, which they took to covenant God that they would worship Him only, follow His messengersí teaching only, dedicate their lives to His service only, to renounce the ideologies of the dark prophets old and new, and to be content in all circumstances and conditions, whether agreeable or not, and be thankful for the Providence of faith that God bestowed on them, for this was how they became the chosen ones, the guardians of the Light and the guides of humanity, the abiders by God, the Israelites.

They said to Moses: and what does the covenant bring us? We need food and produce; so Moses was angry with them and said: do you exchange what is good for what is bad? Go down in Egypt; thus told the Book.

So Aaron collected from them their gold, and had the Pharaohís best craftsmen make a beast of that gold, with two horns and two wings, mounted it on a wooden box, put the tablets inside it, and said to them: the power of the covenant is in this box and the angel atop, it grants your wishes.

And Moses was angry of what he saw upon his return from his retreat with Godís messenger, and found the tablets in the box, as said the Book.

But legends continued to weave around the power of the box and the statue atop, in the feeble minds, and those who were knowledgeable often said: are you fools? This is just a man-made thing; they answered: because you do not believe.

A temple was built in Elephantine dedicated to its worship, paganism was back in the name of monotheism, and the temple was bombarded by a shower of meteors, told the Qurían.

Even that was not taken as a signal of Godís Anger, but rather a demonstration of the power of the box, in the dark minds.

And it was inspired to us to tell them to move the box across a stretch of sea to what is now known as Mecca, where Abraham and Ismail had built their memorials, contrary to our warning and advice.

And we witnessed that they did, and the box, empty of the Tablets, surmounted by the golden beast was put there, later covered to become oblivion and a hidden secret.

This is the forbidden house that the believers were commanded not to approach or even face, and if oneís parents visited it, then oneís belief was doubtful.

Neither the Jews and nor the Muslims will like what we have told them: the Muslims have been bowing to the statue they say the Jews bowed to, and the Jews have their holiest totem in the shrine they have thought is worlds below their self-proclaimed stature.

Had the Jews read the Torah correctly, and had they kept their covenant, they would not have reduced their faith to a man-made thing, and they are the abiders in Yahweh The Lord of the worlds, Hu taught them to be the beacon and the guides to humanity.

And had the Muslims read the Qurían correctly, they would not have bowed to the stones to which their pagan ancestors bowed, Allah told them in the Qurían that He bestowed on them the thinking mind, may they reason and reflect.

This is a declaration to them both from God, so listen you who have ears which hear: they are one people, they have one religion, their holy places are theirs and their wars are their self-inflicted punishment, we lift them up from one side to remit them in the other so they continue to bleed, if they do not stop they will find themselves in a blood-bath the like of which the earth has never seen, until they are exterminated by themselves, and the earth will be cleansed from the filth of mankind.

Many times have they been warned, and so were their prophets every time they spurned, and every self bears the burdens of her own deeds.

Falsehood is like an oblique tower, as soon as its height exceeds its limit it breaks down.

Or like a dam, it can keep back some water, but cannot turn the stream around.

Or like face paint, will help people to pretend to be what they are not, only for a short term.

Physical phenomena are examples for those who have discerning minds, they observe, they admire, they contemplate.

They can see The Law encompassing all, this is Godís Miracle.

As for the darkened ones, it is Godís Miracle too, that they perceive the world as a mosaic structure, it they were honest.

And we do not say things to them the way we say them in order to confuse them, but on the contrary, we say things the way we say them in order to awaken them to train and try their minds.

Manís mind is vast and plentiful, the entire cosmos is in it, may they want to wander and enjoy.

And lawlessness is that hole of it that they know and believe it is everything, and their hopes and their inquisitiveness are within it, within they believe they are free,

Free from The Law, from their humanity, because they cannot see any purpose for their existence apart from their activity, in their illusion only.

This is dire straits and a bad predicament, we are tired of telling, and they are tired of not listening.

They listen to the liars; they have put up huge road-signs to veer them from reality to keep within their holes.

They have promised them promises they cannot keep, and frightened the people of dangers which do not exist except in their delusion.

The only danger in the world is their falsehood, for when we flood the worlds with our light, their holes of ignorance will vanish, and the mountains of knowledge will be flattened.

But the eyes which have never seen a gleam will be glared, they will lower their heads of shame, this is the time when contrition helps not, and the doors are closed before them.

The people of the Book, of all their sects and creeds, and the religions which came after, each have promised themselves their own promises, and have set for themselves their own plans for the end-of-days, now they are desperate to see their plans materialise.

So why do they not call their masters and the supernatural beings and the aliens to come to their support?

Day after day they will see their hopes falling apart, they will blame the evil on the other side, and as though their evil is mightier than their gods.

Nothing will rescue them, until death takes them unexpectedly, so their illusions are wiped out, of Compassion of Him, and God begins the creation and iterates it, this is our promise to all.


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