Zimran was the son of Abraham from his second wife,

This is not to be confused with Hagar, from whom he had Ismail,

Hagar was not his wife, but was a servant in his household,

Zimran is the one mentioned in the Qur’an without a name, when Abraham asked his Lord to bestow on him a good son, in Surah of al-Saaffaat (37).

The Jews and their cousins the Arabs differ about the name of that son, because in fact he was neither Isaac and nor Ismail.

Zimran was perhaps his eldest son,

After whom he had Isaac and then Ismail.

Isaac used to laugh loud, hence his name the Laugher. And Hagar disliked him so much and was jealous of him because she felt that Abraham perhaps treated him better than her son Ismail.

One day Abraham found Hagar and her son Ismail, who was now under ten years of age, naked in his sleep,

The boy had not reached puberty, and ordered her to leave his household and gave her some money or whatever it was in those days, to find a place for herself,

Being stranded in a desert was metaphorical, although it did happen also in actuality,

And the water which sprang out of the sand for her to drink and to serve her son was the water of earth which was served to her by the Base, the teaching of the prophets through the laws of the earth,

And in his later years, young Ismail came back to his father and brothers and lived with them,

As for Isaac, Zimran once witnessed Abraham performing on him, and was upset, and he remembered in his earlier years, Abraham once approached him about a dream, and the boy was too young to know, so Abraham was stopped and heard his Lord’s voice, he always hears it in all his lives pointing him, and He said to him this is the toughest trial, so perhaps it was his understanding that Isaac was legitimately his beloved son, and he circumcised him and he circumcised himself, and he went in depression from his condition as he felt helpless and attached to the pain.

So Zimran decided to move out of the house to a nearby hut where he lived alone and slept on a mattress of straw, and Abraham once asked him: my son why do you sleep on a mattress of straw and I am wealthy and I have a mattress of wool for you,

So he answered: discomfort of the body is comfort to the soul,

And this was meant to awaken Abraham not give in to bodily pleasure, because in it is suffering and misery for the human in the physical body,

And Abraham would see him sitting down lowering his head as if in awe, and he would ask him: my son, I can’t see anything in front of you, what are you bowing to, wherefore your awe?

And Zimran used to answer: I bow to the light.

So Zimran was very saddened to the fate of humanity, and memories of ancient lives started to come back to him, and memories of past cycles of human existence went before his eyes, and the Qur’an mentioned him as “Abraham’s guest”, the Peace be him, and mentioned Abraham as “God’s intimate one”, (ittakhatha Allahu Ibrahim khaleelan), and also did al-Munfarid,

 Although Zimran knew that he had a spiritual path to walk, he also felt that he had worldly affairs to attend to, and inspiration came to him that he had to get married and have descendants who would establish a great tribe of people, to whom Mary the mother of the Messiah would be born in a far future time,

And I often read comments from some Druze saying that Hudood do not get married, and that the stories of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle as told by historians and people who were around at that time: were fabricated,

But this is a conspiracy theory which does not add up. Those great men were not advocating celibacy, although they were encouraging philosophical inquest and shunning sensual pleasures.

And although they do live with celibacy sometimes, such as John, Joseph, Isaiah, …  they also live normal human lives sometimes, depending on the nature of their missions,

If any of the Hudood never gets married it is our master The Mind, because he is the bestower of Pleasure, from which all pleasures emerge, and as COB puts it: he twists the thick steel rods of desire like a child plaits her locks,

And in Surah of al-kahf (the cave), which tells the story of the Greek philosophers, it says that they sheltered in the cave, and that God veiled their vision for a couple of hundred years,

This has been interpreted by scholars as a miracle of some unknown bunch of prophets whom God put to sleep for two hundred years in a cave … sheer and utter nonsense,

And I’m surprised that in the last thousand years the Surah did not get the attention of any Druze, when it started by saying: “a group of young men with the Numerator sheltered in the cave”, the Numerator (al-raqeem) being the title of our master The Mind, in al-Munfarid,

So there was the connection,

And moreover, when it was posted on COB in its correct reading, they were not interested, and no comments of approval or disapproval were made about it,

And that reading turns a lot of things up-side-up, so to speak, and puts things were they belong, and thrashes the falsehood of Qur’anic interpreters, and blows away the mythological and supernatural stuff from the Qur’an and reveals its true value of philosophical and Tawheedic teaching …

So their complete indifference can be seen as either an inability to appreciate all that, or as a rejection of truth if not told by a member of the Druze, or as a lack of interest in revealing the true meaning of the Qur’an or any of the Books for that matter …

Any of which is evidence of lack of understanding of the teaching of the Hikmah, and more interest in politics and worldly affairs than anything else.

So the Greek Philosophers, after meeting with Pythagoras, were spread in Greece and Italy, and lived many lives, during which they were made to forget who they were, and they started their great journey of inquisition,

And this is how truths are revealed to the people in place and time, they have to be unveiled in place and time, and the inspiration has to take shape in place and time, and the eternal truth can thus be conceived in place and time,

Otherwise, the teaching of the Books and the Hikmah would be the ruling of a third party, in the trinity of: God, the world, mankind,

And this is not in Union, but indeed in far bewilderment, as it follows the tracks of those who take their understanding of the Ghita, the Qur’an and the Bible as god.

So Zimran was now married, and his half-brother Isaac was married,

Isaac had a son who was named Jacob, but his mother died during the delivery, so Zimran took the baby Jacob, by Isaac’s consent, and gave him to his wife to look after him,

This caused tension in his relationship, because Zimran did not have children of his own yet, and the little boy grew up lacking motherly love,

So he left his uncle Zimran’s house and went back to his father Isaac to settle with him,

And by telling those stories, I hope that the supernatural and mythological aspect of the prophets dark and radiant, and the Hudood, which has been created by interpreters of the Books and the Hikmah across the ages: is completely falsified and forgotten,

So that a rational approach is taken for identifying them when they are sent to the world, and the signs that identify them are understood logically and philosophically, and humans have no means other their minds and the faith in and of their minds for approaching the truth,

 The double angel who visited Abraham, or the angels, as the Qur’an puts it, were our master the Mind and two of his Brothers,

And Abraham slaughtered a sheep and barbecued it in their honour and offered it to them, but they declined from eating, and Zimran had told him not to do that and that the Commandment which was given to the people of before: “thou shalt not kill”, was meant for everything, not just humans,

And Abraham had been known for opposing his father Azara’s views on using statues to address god, that’s why that visit, and Azara was born in the days of Islam as Othman, and Abraham as Omar,

So Abraham was encouraged by “the angels” to spread his views and to stop the worship of statues,

However, there was one reality which he was unable to conceive and that was the reality of reincarnation,

So Zimran used to tell him that what he perceived was only images, and that those images had eternal truths above them, and that, by this reasoning, human life and animal life and all life was a continuous cycle, and that everything that died was remitted somewhere else,

But Abraham’s failure to understand that was due to his identifying things by their matter, rather than essences, and this is the mistake that monotheists and atheists alike still make,

And a few wild birds came around his house, and he fed them, he was compassionate to animals,  so they used to come back to him every day to eat their food and they perched on the trees around the house, and he was able to identify them and he gave them names,

And it was shown to Zimran that those birds would reincarnate and would come back and recognise their owner and show signs of having been there before;

So one day Abraham saw the body of one of them dead, so Zimran told him to take it and burry it in a spot that he could identify later,

And a few others also died and Abraham buried them in different spots,

And a few months later, the birds started to come back, one after another, and they acted as though this was the continuation of the past: they perched on the same branches of those trees and they were not afraid of Abraham and ate their food as usual, and so on …

So Zimran said to him: these are your birds, they have come back to you in new bodies to show you that God remits the dead,

So Abraham went back to the places where he buried them to dig out their remains, because he was convinced that those living birds were made from the dead stuff!

So he was able to find some of them and could not find some, which cast doubt in his mind about Zimran’s theory,

Hence, he taught his people that god reassembled the bones and remains of dead things and gave them life again, and that he would do this at the end of days to all the dead people,

And this belief has survived till today and all monotheists still believe that their remains will be reassembled and that they will rise from the graves at the end of days,

And if you ask them: how can dust turn into a living being?

They answer: god is capable of all things!

And many fairytales and horror stories have been told about the dead in the grave, and many people are so frightened of having to dwell in the grave for … god knows how long … perhaps millions of years … before they are “resurrected” at the end of days!

Thus a supernatural belief in resurrection has dominated monotheist religions, and one might ask: and what harm is in this?

The answer is: those beliefs one has about one’s birth, life and death … are one’s road map, or road signs if you like, of one’s consciousness,

They direct one in certain directions, and shape one’s character and morality, and determine hence one’s destiny,

And this is something neuroscience and psychology are yet to recognise, because they still think that our memories, thoughts and emotions are in the wiring in our brains or some chemicals therein, ha ha ha …

Trust me, one day we will be laughing at this as much as we laugh today at the concept of a statue being a god to be worshipped …

Abraham had always had sincere curiosity about the world and life and human life, and he does question everything he perceives, yet he fails to reach any conclusions by logical means, and he jumps quickly to conclusions, and has little patience to pursue a proper philosophical inquest,

And although logical reasoning might lead to dead ends or wrong conclusions sometimes, this happens when the vision is not clear, and not enough knowledge about the issue in question has been gleaned,

And the clever inquisitor always keeps his/her mind open to corrections and advancement; and by patience and perseverance things will crystallise in time and a better conclusion can be reached, and there are no dead ends, and nothing stops, and the Truth is not a stepping stone, but indeed, it is the Cause of all, but most people dwell on stepping stones and think that they have found the meaning of their lives.

 Now that you’ve asked the question I, I’ll put out this post, which I wasn’t planning to do,

Only because it is difficult to express and does not make much sense, and it goes back to memories of beginning:

It seems that when the souls were liberated, they first looked the Self, because her image was “closest” to their hearts, and at that time there were no “thoughts” but pretty much only feelings, or ambiances, if you like,

The Image of the Mind was too perfect and too good for the souls, and the Mind cannot be cast in an image, and the Mind has the Complete Image, that is the Circle, and when the Mind manifests in an Image, it is too powerful for the souls to look, and it comes with sounds of music and aromas and heavenly objects surrounding it, and it is indiscernible for most of them,

Whereas the Self had the human image: that was hers: the eyes, the mouth, the hair, the cheeks … just look at the Mona Lisa ha ha ha, but think of it as being neither masculine nor feminine, this is the forbidden beauty in our world, where masculinity and femininity are the rule, and the eye wants to know, and today’s gay community in the world are trying to break this rule, I don’t know where this will end up, but that’s another subject and I don’t want to drift too far away,

And the souls loved that image, and wanted it to be theirs, each according to their perception,

And Abraham, like many, was the soul which fell in love with the Self, consequently he took on an image that was ugly, because his vision of the Self was incomplete,

So he displayed himself as a feminine face with a kind of beard, and the Self told him that it was ugliness and that he shouldn’t show it again, but he was infatuated, and could not think except of the pleasure of nearness to the Self,

And the winking eye was something that he perhaps created, and it was an imitation of the blinking eye(s),

The blinking eye means to communicate and show animation/affection, and it is not because we have to keep our eyes moist that we blink them automatically every few seconds, but it is because the eye has to blink so often to communicate with the world that the eyes have to be moist to need the blinking ha ha  ha …

So the Self “sat” in the Mind’s arms as a child, and enjoyed the existential love, and Abraham suffered from deprivation, and the Self had empathy to Abraham,

 But again I don’t want to drift too far,

So that “event” was a pattern which generated a pattern of consciousness, destiny and events,

And the same can be said about all the souls, when they looked their Lord and the Hudood when the Lord paraded them, their reaction created a mode of consciousness and a pattern of behaviour and destiny,

And before that, the Hudood had to set a model for the potential creation, now self-conscious but not at liberty yet,

The Hudood fell in love with one another and experienced one another, as in a mind going into a mind kind of experience, and the pleasure that this generates is the pleasure that they long for all the time, and this is the pleasure from which the cosmii and the souls are created, and our Master the Mind liberates what is existent by his Lord’s Leave.

 It must’ve been a religious occasion, when Abraham took Zimran and perhaps Ismail and others, to what is known today as Mecca,

They were living not too far any way, perhaps to the south of Jordan,

They travelled, and they walked on that ground, and it was not as dry and sandy as it is today,

Abraham wanted perhaps to be seen by those people, who used to gather there for rituals and ceremonies, and … political and tribal decisions … with an intent to challenge them, and he took every opportunity to make fun of their deity and their stones, and he would ask them for example: so have you asked it and it answered you? I really would like to hear from it too ... take me to it and let me hear it talk …

And his behaviour raised eyebrows, but later the situation became more perilous, when some people threatened to kill him to offer him as a prey … and they … captured him in a kind of room and threatened to burn him …

And his children’s presence was not helping, there was only Zimran and Ismail and I’m not sure who else …, and Isaac had stayed at home as Abraham didn’t want to expose him to danger,

Perhaps one of his motives to go there was political, as he saw that the religious authorities were playing politics, and he felt that he and his tribe and cousins were left out, and perhaps since he argued with his father about religion,

And he became convinced that the future of his tribe did not lie in the hands of those people, and that he should be in control of his own tribe’s future,

So, where he was detained, they attempted to set a fire with the intent to burn the place where he was, and soon Zimran and Ismail found out and rushed to that spot, and managed to grab whatever they could … sand, water … and they miraculously put the fire out.

Abraham was very angry, and being a man of a high stature, no one dared to charge at him … his loud voice and big body, and his personality … intimidated them all, so they all tucked their tails between their legs and walked away,

And he swore that he would come back to build a memorial for himself in that place, in the middle of their holy place, in defiance to their deity and religion,

And his escape from the fire was seen by many that god was on his side,

And Zimran warned him not to do that, and told him that his memorial could become itself a place of worship in the future,

But Abraham was adamant, he wanted to erect that thing to feel victorious, especially that he had started gathering some supporters,

And this became an issue between him and his son Zimran, which became a straw which broke the camel’s back,

When Zimran decided to leave that tribe completely and travelled as far as he could away from his father and his brothers,

The tribe who are known in the Qur’an as the Imrans were his descendants, they perhaps spread in several parts, and the Midianites were mainly Imrans, also the people to whom Mary the mother of the Messiah was born was an Imran according to the Qur’an, and today the people of Hawran in Syria, who are Druze, must also be remanent Imrans, mentioned in the Qur’an as al-Hawaryyoon.

 And to elaborate more on that point, M, here is another perspective of the same “concept”:

When we walk, say, in a place,

We come to different paths, which could be narrow, or wide … and there could be a hall … or a much bigger thing which stops us to look around, as if everything branches off that or merges into it …

The same can be said about time: although the watch ticks exactly at the same speed, and all the seconds and minutes are same, the time line has different aspects, like space,

So one moment could be of no significance and it might be experienced as blank or very close to being so, while other moments feel very significant, and leave a major impact on our memory …

I call this latter type: a magnamoment,

In history, great events which have left their marks in books and works of art and so forth … are events which have happened in mangamoments,

Sometimes the elements of the event in itself look petty and insignificant upon examination, and people wonder: why has such a small thing left such a mark on our history, psyche, memory, values, beliefs …..?

The way I see it, it is because those events happened in magnamoments, from which or towards which time line(s) emerge/spread out.

And I see that whenever a magnamoment occurs, it impacts our consciousness, so much so that we want to immortalise the memory of it,

And one way of doing that in the past was the writing or telling of legends and supernatural stuff …  and people do see those moments as “supernatural”, because they are overwhelmed by their “power”.

I don’t know how that sounds to you …

 Perhaps the most significant event of Zimran’s life was when his nephew Jacob came to stay with him for a while, seeking knowledge and advice,

By that time Zimran was a middle-aged man, or perhaps over sixty, and two of his sons were his Brothers, and they grew up in his household to learn Hikmah and to spread it to the known world then, and to thrash pagan beliefs, whether ancient or monotheist,

As for Jacob, he was a young man, full of enthusiasm and determination to establish a kingdom for his people and descendants, to stand up to the kingdoms of the time,

The kings of the time, not unlike today’s, promised their people, promises about which land is whose, and, and not unlike today’s, they backed up their promises by saying that it was given to them by their gods,

The Middle East has always been a battle field for tribal wars, and as the Qur’an puts it: every time a nation came she cursed her sister (predecessor),

And thus the rise and demise of nations in that part of the world never ends, and identity crises and religious bigotry are the fuel of its wars.

And the great Property which was given to Abraham was the Books of Hikmah which were given to him by his son and his other guests.

So Jacob and Zimran spent a lot of time discussing all kinds of issues, from religion to politics, and Jacob in all his lives listens to Zimran attentively and seriously, although he often ends up doing whatever is on his own mind,

So in the course of their discussions, Zimran was made to see a kingdom which would claim to be descendant of Jacob, in a far future time, and which will bring destruction to itself and to a great part of the world, by its own deeds and beliefs.

And perhaps you will start asking, if Zimran is made to see those things often, isn’t this divine intervention?

The best answer is no. Because in people’s minds divine intervention means that there is a discretionary god, sitting far in the heavens, and he has a big panel of buttons and control switches and things, and when he decides to do what he will he presses a button and makes it happen,

And this metaphorical description will upset many believers in such a god, and they will jump up and say: but no, he judges justly,

You can’t help laughing at such a statement,

So where did justice come from? You should ask them,

And they will say: of course he created justice,

So you will say: so there must’ve been injustice before he made justice,

And they will come up with more answers, to continue beating around the bush, because their arguments are born in the standpoint of duality and therefore divorced from Reality,

 This is affixism, ishraak, bewilderment, polytheism, mosaicism (as an abstract noun from mosaic) … call it whatever you will, because it is not in Union (tawheed), and those who say that they believe in one god and therefore they are muahhideen are as far as can be from tawheed.

Monotheism is a mental trap, from which there is no exit. Hence all monotheists resort to what they call faith, which in fact means: to accept irrational arguments without any questioning.

So how come that Zimran saw these things, and was warned about future events?

The answer is simple: those things exist in potentiality,

So when you train your mind to see a rounded event you will see glimpses of its potentialities in a future time, and in the past time,

The time line is like a spiral, draw a straight line from its starting point to intersect its arcs, all those points are pretty much one event, projected to eventuate in different places and times,

And it is on these points that the two-way or multi-way memory can occur.

So Zimran was able to see the level of passion and energy that Jacob was able to invest in his idea of the Chosen People, and this was a warning to him to warn his nephew,

And the debate went on between the two for days upon days, during which it got to a heated level a few times,

Until they actually got to the point when a physical fight became inevitable,

When Zimran said to him: you think you can beat me? Try if you can,

So  Jacob charged at him and they engaged in a fight, and Zimran realised that he was not up to the challenge, and that the power of his nephew was enormous, but he kept on defending himself nevertheless,

And although the fight was pretty much even, Jacob managed to push his uncle who landed on something … in a critical position, which broke his hipbone,

Hence the legends, and the fairytale of Jacob fighting god and fighting an angel, and the prohibition of the meat around the hipbone,

As for the prohibition of the meat on the back of a carcase, this was the surface level of a commandment concerning fasting during certain times of the lunar cycle, and I suggest to the scholars of ancient Hebrew to go back to those old documents to confirm this theory.

So Jacob felt victorious at the end, and this was a sign to him, in his thinking, to go ahead with his plan,

And he married perhaps a few wives, from whom he had many children, and he taught them the belief of his grandfather Abraham, and what he had learned from his uncle Zimran,

 And he told all his descendants that they were a special people chosen by god to become a great nation to rule the whole world, by justice and righteousness,

And they named themselves the people of Israel, and at its true level the name means: the people who strive in the way of God,

Not unlike the Muslims of today who call their military activity jihad, which means struggle or endeavour,

And for a long time, the name of Israel referred to all the believers who set themselves on the way of knowledge, self-development and ethical excellence,

And the Dead Sea Scrolls are a testimony,

But the name was usurped later by the Pharisees to serve a national cause, and the Book of David of COB tells their story briefly.





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